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The limited warranty coverage described below is provided by Valuepart Europe Spa, Valuepart will replace or
repair, at its option, any parts (except those specified below) that are defective in material or workmanship.
Performance of this warranty will be free of charge for parts, except as otherwise stated below.
VALUEPART UNDERCARRIAGE COMPONENTS are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship
under normal use and service for a period of 12 months / 1500 hours, on a pro-rata basis from date of delivery.
Frames, sprockets, segments, track shoes and GET are covered against breakage only
Gear Box and motor are warranted to be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use and
service for a period of 18 months or 1800 working hours
PRO-RATA WARRANTY BASIS: Warranty adjustments are based on our calculated portion of the remaining service
life for those parts we find to be defective in material or workmanship, provided the parts were properly installed
and used in normal operation. If a product is found to be defective, Valuepart will apply a credit against the
purchase of a new Valuepart replacement part for the unused portion of the original product. The pro-rata
adjustment is based on the measurement of the main components and measurements are at Valuepart's sole
determination. For example If the defective product's service life measurement is 25% worn, then replacement
value is 75% of the original invoiced product amount. Tracks with wider shoes have the normal warranty credit
reduced by 50%. All warranty replacement items must be Valuepart products. Transportation costs & labor are not
covered by this warranty.
Any external damage occurring to the Frames; Gear Box or Motor, Undercarriage Components assemblies which
result extreme or abusive service conditions or a lack of routine accepted maintenance procedures will
immediately void this warranty.
VALUEPART RUBBER TRACK ASSEMBLIES are warranted by the track manufacturer from defects in material or
workmanship, under recommended use, "Standard Tracks" are warranted for a period of up to 12 months / 1000
Valuepart is NOT responsible for the following:
1. Labour charges.
2. Transporting the product to and from the place where the service is performed or service calls made by the repairing dealer.
3. Depreciation or damage caused by normal wear, lack of reasonable and proper maintenance, failure to follow operating instructions,
misuse, lack of proper protection during storage, vandalism, the elements, collision or other accident.
4. Normal maintenance and replacement of maintenance and wear items, such as filters, coolants, and conditioners, belts, dry brakes and
dry clutch linings.
5. Any defect in a non-covered component, or damage to or failure of a covered component caused by a defect in a non-covered
6. Damage caused by improper service or installation.
Valuepart is relieved of its obligation under this limited warranty if:
1. Service (other than normal maintenance and replacement of service items) is performed by someone other than the selling Valuepart
dealer; or
2. The product is modified or altered in ways not approved by Valuepart.
3. Any product that has been disassembled prior to return to Valuepart for warranty inspection.
Only new or remanufactured parts or components furnished or approved by Valuepart, will be used if Valuepart elects to repair the
product. If any such part or component is defective in material or workmanship when installed in the product, Valuepart will replace or
repair, as it elects, such defective part or component, provided the defect is reported to an authorized Valuepart dealer within 90 days
after installation or before expiration of the applicable machine warranty, whichever is later.
To obtain warranty, the purchaser must request warranty from a Valuepart. When making such a request, the purchaser must present
evidence of the product’s delivery date, make the product available, and inform Valuepart in what way the purchaser believes the product
to be defective.
Travel time and mileage charges are the responsibility of the purchaser.