SEP Software
About SEP
SEP is an enterprise backup and disaster recovery solution
for today’s discerning computer environments. Supporting the
widest range of operating systems and databases, SEP offers
a single solution to manage heterogeneous environments of
any size.
SEP is the perfect solution for IT professionals tasked with
managing enterprise-wide backup and recovery processes.
Its ease of use allows for complete control of all data in
the most complex of IT environments. SEP‘s small footprint
lends itself to an incredibly simple installation and can be
integrated into any system in a matter of hours.
With SEP‘s Bare Metal Recovery module, disk drive and
system failures need no longer be a devastating occurrence.
Bare Metal Recovery restores damaged systems to their
previous state in the easiest manner and shortest time
possible. The entire system, settings, and user data are
quickly restored to a new server.
SEP ensures that data security for both physical and virtual
environments can be easily and cost-effectively achieved.
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Key Features
• Platform-Independent
Supported operating system platforms: Windows, Linux & UNIX
derivatives, Solaris, HP/UX, Tr64, BSD (also OpenVMS), MacOS and
many more.
• Incredibly Fast Backup Speed
SEP’s patented Multi-Streaming Technology simultaneously backs up
multiple servers, reducing backup windows by 50-98%.
• Centralized Administration
SEP’s GUI can quickly and easily manage the entire enterprise from a
central location or remote workstation.
• Back Up Virtual Environments
Agentless solution includes image-level backups and single-file restore
options, CBT and SEP’s instant restore feature. Supported platforms:
VMware ESX/ESXi, V-Sphere (VCB and VADP), Microsoft Hyper-V, Red
Hat Virtualization (RHV), Citrix XenServer, and Xen.
• Deduplication
SEP deduplication is a scalable, high performance, inline, global solution
that optimizes disc capacity.
• Disaster Recovery
Bare metal restore capabilities for Windows & Linux to similar or
dissimilar hardware.
• Full Cluster Support
Windows, Linux, Unix, and NetWare cluster support with node failover.
• Fast Installation
SEP’s small footprint allows a simple installation and configuration. Entire
data centers, including remote locations, can be up and running in hours.
Backup &
Disaster Recovery
SEP is certified for every major operating system, database and Groupware
application. From Microsoft to Linux; from Oracle to MS SQL; from Exchange to
GroupWise, SEP can quickly and efficiently back up and granularly restore missioncritical data for businesses of any size.
SEP meets or exceeds all European security standards, as well as US data security
requirements. The solution also complies with all EU privacy requirements and
follows the more stringent German legal requirements for data backup and recovery.
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Operating Systems
Multi-Platform Data Availability
SEP is highly scalable and designed to back up heterogeneous client
and server architectures, regardless of size. This eliminates the need
for multiple backup solutions and allows for an entire IT infrastructure
to be managed under one umbrella.
SEP’s patented Multi-Streaming Technology leverages full network
capabilities to provide multiple simultaneous backup streams. This
functionality provides the fastest transfer rates and the most efficient
backups possible. In optimized systems, backups exceed 2.5 TB per
hour per server/media agent.
Ideal for Company Expansion and Data Growth
SEP is easy to implement and flexible to any growing or changing
The main SEP console can be installed on either a Microsoft, Linux, or
Solaris server. Then, either à la carte or capacity based licensing can be
selected to adapt to any enterprise environment, which reduces costs
and allows for complete customization. With à la carte licensing, add
online databases, Groupware modules, disaster recovery, and virtual
backup capabilities as company needs expand and budgets allow or
choose the flexibility of an all-inclusive capacity base license model.
SEP and Virtualization
Key Features
When designing a virtual environment, a comprehensive
backup and recovery strategy must be considered before
implementation. Utilize best practices that centralize
management and process controls to ensure easy monitoring
and the security of the environment.
• Agentless technology
SEP offers outstanding backup options for virtual platforms,
including VMware, Hyper-V, RHV, Citrix XenServer, and XEN.
SEP virtual solutions are fully integrated, are easily installed
enterprise-wide and allow for the maximum flexibility when
designing backup strategies.
• Single-file restore for VSS on Windows, Linux and Unix guests
• VM snapshots, image level backups for all supported operating systems
• Automatically or manually restore to other hosts, HA clusters, or pools
• Easily create automated warm standbys onsite or offsite for DR or QA
• Convert between virtual and physical servers
[P2V and V2P]
“ Since installing SEP, the time we spend
working on backup related issues has
shrunk by a factor of 90%. In addition,
the acquisition cost of SEP was less
than the maintenance fee of our old
backup software. ”
John Carpenter
Georgetown University
• Restart VMs directly from a backup copy, completely
eliminating any downtime
• Full or incremental backups with Change Block Tracking (CBT)
• Full support of ESX backups through a VCB proxy, VADP or
direct access to the hypervisor
Citrix XenServer
• Online hot and warm backup and restore options using
the XenServer API
• Restores all VMs with activated O/S product code as well as
all third party licenses (Activation Loss Prevention)
• Backs up host-specific info and metadata
• Full integration and support for XenDesktop and XenApp
Microsoft Hyper-V
• File consistency with VSS
• Exchange/SQL/SharePoint aware
Red Hat Virtualization
• Agentless, native API, uninterrupted snapshot backups
• SEP communicates directly with the RHV hypervisor. VMs are
backed up via direct communication with the hypervisor.
Deduplication & Replication
SEP Si3 Deduplication
SEP Si3 Replication
SEP Si3 Deduplication is a scalable, high-performance,
inline, global dedupe solution that optimizes disc capacity
and provides data access for both deduplicated and nondeduplicated DataStores. It delivers extremely fast restores
due to the deduplication repository’s direct block-level access
with zero file system overhead, eliminating any performance
degradation during read operations. By using variable block
sizes, users can compress more data into smaller footprints
and maximize limited disk space.
SEP Si3 Replication is an easy and secure way to consistently
replicate data between a main data center, a disaster
recovery site, remote locations, or to the cloud, providing
redundancy for disaster recovery as well as reducing overall
disk and tape storage requirements.
Deduplication processes can be set by the main SEP
management console to start during a backup or can be
scheduled to occur at a set time on a regular basis. This
flexibility allows the end user to accommodate different use
cases for both deduplicated and raw data.
SEP’s software-based deduplication runs on any hardware
and consolidates data, eliminating the need for expensive,
hardware-based, deduplication appliances.
Utilize disk space more efficiently and reduce storage costs
with SEP’s highly efficient deduplication solution.
Users can maximize their existing infrastructure by creating
off-site warm standbys and/or replicating data from any
node to any other node. Since SEP is completely hardware
agnostic, users can replicate to dissimilar hardware among
as many nodes as desired.
Used in conjunction with SEP Si3 Deduplication, this feature
will ensure faster backup windows, improved performance
and additional data security.
“ I can definitively say that SEP backs
up our environment at least twice as
fast, uses only one server instead of
two, and our backups complete well
within our backup window, so it is
much faster than our old solution. ”
Clint Scott
Mount Aloysius College
Deduplication + Replication
• Maximizes existing infrastructure by creating
off-site warm standbys and/or replicating data
from any node to any other node
• Provides a space-efficient repository for SEP DataStores
• Reduces disk storage needs and data center power
• Achieves longer retention periods on backup media
• Supports any type of disk storage
Key Features
Deduplication Technology
Direct Block-Level Access (Restore)
Multi-Stream Backup Integration
Replication Bandwidth Savings
Unique Data Transferred only once
from Remote Sites to Data Center
Maximum Dedupe DataStore size
Disk Storage Savings
SEP Management Interface
Storage Attachment
Variable Block-Size
Installation Base
Supported Architectures
Global, Inline
Up to 97%
4 PB
Up to 300:1
Real-Time (Inline)
Server, Remote Device
Down to 2K Block Size
Physical, Virtual
64 bit
Download SEP Today!
Download the fully-functional backup solution,
which includes full support, for a free 30-day trial at:
SEP Easy Archive
Archiving Made Simple and Efficient
SEP Easy Archive stores data in an unchangeable format
and uses Write Once, Read Many (WORM) Technology to
prevent unauthorized and unintentional loss or deletion
of data. SEP Easy Archive writes to NTFS formatted
disk drives and RAID arrays and is able to easily cluster
multiple systems and disk drives.
This solution can be directly installed on Windows
physical servers or a virtual machine running on any
Hypervisor, including VMware, Citrix XenServer,
Microsoft Hyper-V, or XEN.
Document management software solutions can also
easily utilize SEP Easy Archive to find and utilize protected
data on secured disk drives.
SEP Easy Archive is a valuable addition to backup
architectures, providing enterprise-level backups with
a fully-featured archiving solution to meet or exceed all
legal and government requirements.
“ The performance of SEP went above and
beyond what we expected of the product.
The time it takes to complete a full backup
has decreased by 235%! ”
Dustin Hurshman
City of Thousand Oaks
SEP Easy Archive Quick Facts
• Enterprise-level backups with fully-featured archiving solution
• Stores data in unchangeable format
• Prevents unintentional loss or deletion of data
• Install on Windows or any virtual machine
• Meets or exceeds all legal and government requirements
Key Features
Write Once, Read Many
(WORM) Technology
Audit Compliant - Conforms to
SOX / HIPPA / GdPdU / GoBs
SnapLock Interface
Storage Replication to Cloud
Archiving Set Manually
Directory or
Manage Access to the Data via
Operating System
Archive Every NTFS File System
RAID & Cluster Support
Hypervisor Support
Archiving of File Systems
Edit Archival Periods
Simple Installation and
Data Erased After Archive Date
Supported Architectures
32 & 64 Bit
Bare Metal
Disaster Recovery
By utilizing SEP’s Bare Metal Recovery, users can restore
entire servers, operating systems, and databases quickly
and easily using a universal boot medium. This recovery
method can be achieved within minutes, regardless of the
type of hardware in use.
The SEP Bare Metal Recovery module guarantees a fast and
secure recovery of all company data. SEP ensures that in the
event of a disaster, all data and information can be recovered
to completely recreate the original environment.
System administrators managing company infrastructures
know that server storage devices frequently fail. According
to Google System Labs, approximately 140,000 hard drives
abruptly fail every week, destroying petabytes of data. With
SEP Bare Metal Recovery, disk and system failures are no
longer a devastating occurrence.
SEP’s Bare Metal Recovery module is fully integrated into
the SEP interface to ensure a fast and complete system
recovery. The data flow for the entire enterprise can be
controlled from a single management console.
Select Data
Recovery Saveset
Backup Server
Bare Metal Recovery
by SEP Software
Start Dissimilar
Hardware Wizard
Backup Med
“ The result was just astonishing! SEP
was able to do a full backup within 3
to 4 hours when our previous solution
took 4 days to perform the same tasks
on exactly the same hardware. ”
Frank Uittenbosch
Netherlands Institute for Space Research
How it Works
SEP’s Bare Metal Recovery module provides
snapshot backups and can be restored to any
media. The data repository can be selected
using a disk-to-disk or disk-to-disk-to-tape
After a system disaster or drive failure, the
media is inserted into the new server. The
computer is then connected to the network to
establish a connection with the SEP backup
server. Next, the desired saveset is selected
and the automated recovery begins.
Resurrect Your System, Fast!
• Available for Windows and Linux servers and Windows
• Fully integrated into the SEP GUI for a single point of administration
• Quickly and comprehensively restore clients without prior partitioning or installing operating systems
• Servers/workstations are bootable in minutes
Backup to
• Disaster recovery processes using SEP Bare Metal Recovery solutions are nearly automatic
Download SEP Today!
Download the fully-functional backup solution,
which includes full support, for a free 30-day trial at:
SEP Software is a premier technology leader providing
high-performance backup and disaster recovery
solutions for professional IT environments of all sizes.
SEP delivers a single solution with one central interface
to easily manage backups for both physical and virtual,
heterogeneous environments.