ES-11 Premium Stand
Auto Meter Products Inc.
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Sycamore, IL 60178
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Assembly Instructions
The ES-11 Stand is designed to hold securely the equipment
shipped with your order. If you have purchased this stand for
equipment not designed for mounting to the shelf you will have to
secure it by some other means.
• No. 2 Phillips screw driver
Tools Needed:
• Hammer
Assembly pieces include the following:
A. 10" Wheel kit:
• 1 - axle
• 2 - wheels
• 2 - wheel caps
• 2 - wheel washers
• 4 - 2 ½" long bolts with nuts
for mounting side brackets
• 4 - 2" hex head bolts with
nuts for mounting back side
• 2 - ¾" long bolts to secure
Casters Assembly
• Align the 2 holes with 2 thread
shafts on the bottom 2 holes in
the stand.
• Insert the thread shaft as
illustrated and attach the flat
and lock washer nuts.
• Tighten with wrench until
Bracket Assembly On Left & Back Sides
A.Left side brackets:
Check Contents
B. 4" Caster kit:
• 2 - casters
• 2 - bushings
• 2 sets - 1/2-13 nuts, lock
washers and flat washers
C. Hook kit:
• 1 hook with adhesive pad
• 1 self tapping screw
• Adjustable wrench
Wheel Assembly
Install axle through drilled holes.
(A soft hammer will help installing
the axle through the drilled holes).
Slide one wheel washer on each
end of the axle.
Slide one wheel over each end of
the axle followed by the wheel cap.
Place wheel cap squarely and tap
with a hammer until seated.
•Align the 2 holes in the bracket with
the top 2 holes in the left side of stand.
•Insert 2 ½" long PHILLIPS HEAD
screws as illustrated and attach nuts.
•Tighten with a #2 Phillips screw driver
and wrench until secure.
•Repeat procedure for the left bottom 2
hole locations.
B. Back side brackets:
•Align the 2 holes in the bracket with
the 2 holes in the back side of stand.
•Insert 2" long HEX HEAD bolts as
illustrated and attach nuts.
•Tighten with wrenches until secure.
•Repeat procedure for another 2 hole
Hook Assembly
• Peel off the paper of the stick pad
on the hook and align the hole in
the bracket with the top hole in the
right side of the stand.
• Keep the hook horizontal when
sticking the pad.
• Insert self tapping Phillips head screw as illustrated.
• Tighten with a #2 Phillips screw driver until secure.
Mounting the
Equipment to the Stand
Your equipment should have two
internal mounting (1/4-20)
threaded nuts located on the
bottom of the unit. If your
equipment does not have internal
mounting nuts you will have to
secure the equipment by some
other means.
Use the space displaced by the
rubber feet, align the ¾" long bolts
with the equipment mounting nuts.
Tighten with a wrench. Do not over
tighten as this will cause the shelf
to deform.