Selector Cover
Mute Button
Handset / Headset Switch Button
Headset Jack
Volume Control
TEL Line Jack
Handset Jack
Thank you for purchasing your JPL Microamp.
Please read the enclosed instructions carefully before
attempting to operate the equipment.
Once connected slide back the selector
cover to reveal the setup switches which
are unique to your individual telephone.
Slide the top switch marked “1 2 3 4” to a
position where you get clear sound and
speech on a test call. The bottom switch
marked “A B” is for the microphone type.
Most headsets use the “A” setting but
simply switch to “A or B” to turn on the
headset microphone. Once you have
reached the correct set up slide over the
cover to conceal the switches.
Figure 1
• Do ensure that all electrical connections are properly made and
in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
• Do not continue to operate the equipment if you are in any
doubt about it working normally, or if it is damaged in any way –
switch off, withdraw the mains plug and consult your dealer.
• Do not allow electrical equipment to be exposed to rain or
• Never push anything into holes, slots or any other opening as
this could result in fatal electrical shock.
• Never guess or take chances with electrical equipment.
• Do not open the amplifier housing (excluding the battery box)
as by doing so will void your warranty.
Connecting Cord
Do not listen to headphones at high volume as such use can
permanently damage your hearing.
JPL headsets are designed to produce a specific audio output level
at maximum rated power. Many countries now have regulations
defining the amount of noise that an individual can be subjected
to during a normal workday. The duration of exposure, the level
of ambient noise will affect compliance to these regulations.
Compliance is application dependent and standards vary. It is the
SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the end user to determine applicability of
and compliance to local hearing protection regulations.
In addition if purchasing any JPL accessory which use earphone
kits, it is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the end user to determine
proper fit. Always use caution when inserting any of the products
into your ear.
Consequential and incidental damages, including without
limitation, loss of property and those arising from breach of any
express or implied warranty, are not the responsibility of JPL
and to the extent permitted by law, are excluded.
Compatible with most telephone systems including PBX
Easy to install
Select switch (under the selector cover) see Fig 1
Handset/headset switch and mute switch
RJ11 modular
For a full range of headsets visit our website at www.jpltele.com
Use the handset to talk as normal making sure the switch
is in handset mode.
Damaged caused by, or performance problems resulting from,
accident, misuse, or an act of God are not covered. Implied
warranties, including those of merchantability, fitness for a
particular purpose and non-infringement shall (a) have no
duration greater than two years from the date of purchase, (b)
terminate automatically at the end of that period, and (c ) to the
extent permitted by law, be excluded.
To use the headset:
1. Some modern phones can be programmed to accept a headset
without lifting the handset. These are phone specific and we
recommend you contact your phone provider to see if your
phone has this function available. If it does not you will need to
follow these instructions:
a) Remove the telephone handset from the cradle of the
telephone and dial as usual.
b) Press the switch marked handset/headset to headset mode.
c) To receive a call using the headset, lift the handset and the
call will come straight through to the headset.
d) To disconnect a call just hang up/replace the handset on the
• Whilst pressing the mute button your voice cannot be heard by
the person on the other end of the line.
• The amplifier has an independent volume control so you can
control the listening volume to your desired level.
• Always check that the handset/headset switch button is pushed
in correctly. All cords are connected and the selector channel is
settled correctly.
The following suggestions will help you care for your headset.
• Keep the headset dry. If it gets wet, wipe it dry immediately.
• Use and store the headset in normal temperature. Temperature
extremes can shorten the life of electronic devices and distort or
melt plastic parts.
• Keep the headset away from dust and dirt which can cause
premature wear of parts.
We do not expect you to have any problems with your headset/
amplifier but if you do these suggestions might help.
I cannot hear the caller
• Verify that the quick release connectors are connected (If your
headset has this option).
• Make sure the headset is positioned properly.
• Make sure the amplifier is installed correctly.
• Turn up the volume control on the amplifier
• Change the amplifiers configuration switch to a different position
(See Fig 1 overleaf)
• Ensure the phone and phone lines are operating correctly.
The caller cannot hear you
• Make sure SELECT switch is correctly set to headset and not
handset on the amplifier.
• Make sure the headsets cord is properly connected to the