Adaptive. Scalable. Efficient.

Adaptive. Scalable. Efficient.
Web-based document capture and processing.
Successful businesses need to capture large numbers of documents,
whether paper or digital, process those documents accurately and
send them swiftly into their unique business workflows.
Enter PaperStream Server: a web-based document processing platform — the cornerstone for any capture
solution — that enables organizations to scan, import, process, tag and route business critical content into
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.
With PaperStream Server, any size organization can implement a powerful, flexible and efficient document
processing solution that can grow, change and adapt to specific needs. As the organization grows and organizational processes change and evolve, so can PaperStream Server with minimal cost impact to the bottom line.
Benefits for IT/ Administrators:
Benefits for end-users:
• An affordable solution that works with, and
• Easy to learn and navigate
enhances your organization’s existing DMS
• Easy to deploy and manage centrally
• No need for IT to install local software to users
• Reduces time spent scanning and processing
• Minimizes human error
• Requires minimal effort and resources to support
Capture from Multiple Sources
This web-based feature provides users with a rich scanning application
that can collect images from any TWAIN or PaperStream IP scanner and
run at full rated speeds. This lets customers capture anytime, from
anywhere, at no additional cost
PaperStream Server is able to ingest from multiple sources such as
document scanners, multi-function peripherals, mobile devices, or
import electronic documents, at anytime and from anywhere. In
addition to batch processing, PaperStream Server can pull in existing
digital documents from directory watch folders, emails, CSV / XML
files or other client applications, such as PaperStream Capture Pro.
Point and Shoot (rubber band) OCR
Lets users manually draw zones around an image and automatically
populate a metadata value with the data. Now customers can capture
the critical data they need, simply and quickly!
Upload App
Upload any electronic file into PaperStream Server, from anywhere,
from any device with a browser. Mobile Capture – using a mobile device,
customers can capture, process and route instantly.
Adaptive Processes
Designed so each organization can customize its process,
PaperStream Server can integrate with any existing document
capture or ECM application. Configurable features include:
• Visual Workflow Process Designer: Simple drag-and-drop allows easy
process design
• Conditional routing within the capture process
• Image cleanup using PaperStream IP: auto rotate pages, reorder pages, remove
Deployment and Maintenance
PaperStream Server is web-based, which translates to centralized
management that enables easier deployment and maintenance,
reducing the impact on IT resources. No local or desktop installation
required. Users can access anytime from anywhere.
background noise, remove hole punch marks
• Barcode recognition for tagging metadata and document separation
• Images released in desired formats such as TIF, searchable PDF, and PDF/A
• Images transfer easily to LOB or ECM systems for additional processing, visibility,
workflow and storage
Adaptive Processes
Integration with Multiple Repositories
Web-based indexing allows rapid and intuitive processing of documents, as PaperStream Server can acclimate to any number of users
and any number of documents. The software also allows for document
manipulation such as page separation and page reordering, all through
an HTML 5 enabled browser. It allows for indexing to be streamlined
using various methods including database lookups, default values
and validation rules.
Organizations can release documents and metadata to the filesystem,
document management systems, cloud sync, share solutions and
Enterprise Content Management systems. PaperStream Server integrates
through file transfer or direct connectors. The connectors inherit taxonomy from the ECM creating a two-way communication ―No complicated
mapping is required.
Logs and Batch Status Displays
Monitor performance with standard and/or customized displays.
PaperStream Server adapts for any size business. As needed,
organizations can add new capture processes and a higher volume of
documents. It is fault tolerant, features auto-failover and redundancy
to maintain information integrity and to keep the system running. Extensibility
PaperStream Server includes many out-of-the-box features but also
provides the ability to create customized steps and to connect to existing
ECM systems. This is critical for organizations with unique needs.
PaperStream Server simplifies and accelerates the process of capturing, processing
and routing business documents and data. It provides customers with:
• Web-based scanning and indexing
• Tag important metadata
• Integration into multiple repositories
• Adaptive process design
• Scalable for any organization
• Scan, import and process documents
• Extensible for simplified customization
Use Case
Employee Recruiting
Automatically ingest emailed resumes and applications
Employee Files
Store employee files in each employee’s folder with meaningful filenames
Accounts Payable
Scan AP invoices leveraging the ERP transaction data
Accounts Receivable
Bulk load AR invoices generated by the Accounting system
Convert boxes of paper documents into fully searchable electronic files
Historical Records
Clean up hard to read historical documents, even if they are already digital
Use Case
Patient Records
Send barcoded documents to patient records
Financial Services
New Account Opening
Route applications to the appropriate branch based on the document information
Import emailed supporting documentation for claims
Process student records faxed or scanned at a multi-functional peripheral
Branch Offices
Upload files from any location using a mobile device
Human Resources
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