Solar Data Logger enclosure hookup instructions

Solar Data Logger enclosure hookup instructions
Solar Powered, Self Contained Data Logger
Revised 2008-09-04
Cable Installation
Install sensor and solar panel cables through weatherproof cord grips. The large grips are
suitable for passing an RJ-45 connector. When cables are installed you should hand
tighten the outer nut to force the gland to seal around the cable. This will provide a
weatherproof connection into the enclosure and relieve strain on the cable.
Ground Hookup
The system incorporates internal lightning protection. To be effective the system must be
grounded well. The ¼”-20 bolt and wing nut provide a connection point for your system
Sensor Connections
(for RJ-45)
Solar Panel Electrical Hookup
The solar panel is sent disconnected and needs to be wired to the solar charge controller.
The connection is located on the back of the black plastic panel. Remove the yellow
thumb screws and flip the black panel over to expose the circuit board.
The solar panel will have a red or white wire to indicate positive and a black wire for
negative. These wires are connected with the three position screw terminal in the lower
right corner of the wiring circuit board. The positive wire goes to the left most terminal of
the connector and the negative wire to the right most terminal. The middle terminal is left
Correct polarity MUST be observed when hooking up the solar panel. Reverse
polarity can DESTROY the electronics! This will void your warranty.
Battery Hookup
The battery is the large rectangular object on the bottom of the yellow case. It has a red
and black terminal on one side. The red terminal should have the red wire and connector
inserted over it and the black terminal the black wire and connector.
Correct polarity MUST be observed when hooking up the battery. Reverse
polarity can DESTROY the electronics! This will void your warranty.
Be sure the connectors are firmly seated on the battery terminals.
Solar Panel Installation
The solar panel should be installed in a location free from daytime shadows. Orient the
solar panel facing the equator and set it to an angle equal to your latitude plus 10 degrees.
For more accurate tilt angles you can visit:
Solar Panel Grounding
The frame of your solar module should be connected to earth ground using one of the
unused mounting holes provided on the module frame. When connecting to the module
frame, a star lock washer must be used to ensure a solid electrical connection. Consult the
National Electric Code (NEC) for grounding requirements.
Solar Panel Maintenance
Module surface may be cleaned as needed using soap and water. Abrasive materials and
chemicals should not be used.
Solar Panel Warranty
Panels are covered by manufacturer warranty. Look for manufacturer label on the front or
back of solar panel. Contact manufacturer directly or contact APRS World.
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