The Two-Pocket JetScanTM

Easy To
Use Display
Big, bright and easy to understand,
this touch panel display is great
for full time and occasional users.
Information is clearly presented.
Control keys are large and clearly
marked. Operator training is fast
and even occasional users are
The pivoting JetScan display (shown
actual size) is easy to read in any light.
Custom Screens and Keyboards for each operation.
Illuminated, touch screen technology greatly enhances operation. The screen changes for each function
to show everything you need - no more and no less. The only keys shown are those that can be used.
Screens are simple, information is presented in large easy to read formats, and there is no complicated
keyboard. Shown below are some sample screens (smaller than actual).
Strap (Batch) Stops
This screen shows adjustable
settings for each denomination.
It is also used to change these
Day Totals
Shown are the unit counts and the
value counts of all currency that
has been processed for the day.
No Call
A note that cannot be identified.
Inspect the TOP note and simply press
the appropriate denomination key to
add the note to the count.
JetScan Catches More Counterfeits!
Using Cummins patented denominating and authenticating systems, this JetScan can
greatly reduce losses to counterfeit notes. A combination of four different standard and
optional detection systems provide fast and highly effective Suspect Note Detection.
Magnetic Sensing
Metal Thread
Ultraviolet Sensing
Each magnetic sensor
measures magnetic
characteristics and
compares them to
different pre-set
characteristics for
each denomination.
JetScan confirms the
presence of metal security
threads in notes. Since
JetScan identifies every
note, it can stop on notes
that should have a thread
but do not.
Each note’s paper is
tested and JetScan stops
when a note fluoresces
differently than real
JetScan microprocessors
and patented technologies
challenge sophisticated
counterfeit notes that many
other scanning techniques
Sensitivity of each sensor is adjustable by denomination.
The Two-Pocket JetScan
For Speed and Volume
Like all JetScans,TM this unit can be used to count
mixed currency, to sort mixed currency, to find
“strangers” and more (see the back for details).
With two pockets, this model allows two or
more currency processing functions with
easy access to be combined for maximum
For example, you can face and bundle
10 notes in quantities of 100. JetScan
counts front-side notes into the top hopper
and back-side notes are counted into the
bottom hopper. When their total reaches
100, JetScan stops and tells you.
If a 5 note is detected while you are
processing these 10 notes, JetScan
stops exactly on this 5 note and tells
you where it is located. You remove it
and continue processing.
Two pockets make it fast.
The illuminated touch screen makes
it easy to use. And, Cummins JetScan
technology makes it accurate
and reliable.
JetScanTM Features
Basic Fitness
Two Full
Capacity Pockets
Can Stop Precisely
on Challenged Notes
Basic Fitness detects holes,
tears, folded or missing
corners, and soil. Five
user- selectable levels
make it easy to fitness-sort
currency into ATM, Fit and
Unfit quality notes.
The touch panel display
can be tilted forward for
easier access and visibility.
Whether the operator is
sitting or standing the
display can be adjusted
for comfortable operation.
Two 150 note capacity
pockets make currency
sorting, counting and
batching fast and easy.
You can designate what
you want to go into each
JetScan can stop exactly
on each challenged note.
This speeds handling of
these problem notes.
It also makes both pockets
available for good
JetScan Two-Pocket Currency Scanners
Far more useful than currency counters
Sorts Mixed
Counts Mixed
While counting
one denomination,
JetScan stops when
any other note is
processed. A 100
note is not counted as
a 500 note. This
eliminates errors,
speeds processing and
frees operators to focus
on other activities.
JetScan speeds money
sorting. It tracks
individual counts
and values for every
denomination. If
desired, different strap
(batch) stops can be set
for each denomination.
JetScan stops when
each strap (batch) limit
is reached.
JetScan processes mixed
denominations of the same
country currency without
presorting. It provides the
total count and value plus
individual counts and values
if desired.
This printout (from optional
printer) is for a bundle of 66
mixed notes processed by
JetScan without stopping.
With the Basic Fitness
model, JetScan
detects holes, tears,
folded or missing
corners and soil. The
five user-selectable
levels make it easy to
fitness sort your
currency into ATM,
Fit and Unfit quality
JetScan can be used
to “face” money so
all notes have the
same colored side
up. Notes can also
be “oriented” notes
so that all the
pictures are right
side up.
For non-currency
items, JetScan
currency sensors
are turned off.
Enhanced Denominating Sensors — Provides high speed denomination
recognition of faced or unfaced notes.
Basic Fitness Detection — This model provides five user-selectable
levels of basic fitness detection of holes, tears, folded or missing corners,
and soil.
Four Levels of Memory — Keeps separate totals for: Sub-Batches,
Batches, Day Totals and Strap (Batch) Limits. All four are maintained
during brownouts and power failures.
Unit/Value Display — Totals can be shown as value or unit counts.
Verification — Allows currency to be counted or recounted without
changing day totals.
Add Function — For cumulative counting when desired.
Counterfeit Detection Sensors — Magnetic ink, metal thread,
fluorescence and UV sensors are available for detection of suspect notes.
Full Graphics & Text Touch Panel Display —
Illuminated display and controls are easy to see and use.
Adjustable Display Angle — Assures optimal viewing angle.
Easily changed for each user.
Two Full Capacity Pockets — Two fully functioning pockets each hold
up to 150 circulated notes.
Exact Note Stopping — JetScan can be set up to stop precisely on a
challenged note.
Adjustable Strap (Batch) Stops — Separate strap (batch) stop limits can
be established for each denomination.
Communications — Four ports are available for connection to printers,
computers, JetSort® coin sorters and other devices.
Software and currency upgrades are available through flashcard technology.
852 Feehanville Drive
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056 USA
847-299-9550 Fax 847-299-4940
Form 023-6018 Rev.1
and Orients
Printed in U.S.A.
Speed: 1,000 notes per minute
Top Hopper Capacity: 700 circulated notes
Pockets 1 & 2: 150 circulated notes (each)
Display: Illuminated, touch panel display
Size: 43cm D x 38cm H x 27cm W
(17" D x 15" H x 10.5" W)
Weight: 16 kg (35 lbs.)
Document Size: Height: 61-96.5mm (2.4" - 3.8")
Length: 114-178mm (4.5" - 7")
Power: Voltage operating ranges are either 198-253v or
105-130v. Frequency is 50/60Hz. Customer must provide
an electrical supply properly grounded and protected
by a circuit breaker in accordance with applicable electrical
code. This equipment must be plugged into a properly
grounded outlet.
Power consumption (full load amps) at nominal voltage:
0.75 Amps (220v); 1.5 Amps (120v).
Power disruptions that result in input voltage other than
the power requirements listed can lead to improper operation
of this device or result in failure/damage to electrical
components. (Power disruptions are not covered under
machine warranty or preventative maintenance agreement.)
Power conditioning/stabilizing devices are available
through Cummins.
Detects &
Sorts Unfit
* Specifications provided above and throughout this document are
approximate and subject to change without notice.