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Recessed spot light
Create your ambiance with
a directional light
With Philips Hue White Ambiance spot Pillar included in your Philips Hue system you
can enjoy natural white light that helps you to wake up, energize, concentrate, read and
relax. A high quality spot, build to last with attention to detail
Turn on your moments
• Warm white to cool bright daylight
• Energize, concentrate, read and relax with light
• Wake up gently to your personal sunrise
Turn on your peace of mind
• Control your lights from anywhere
• Set light schedules for easy home automation
• Guaranteed smooth wireless dimming
• Control your lights, your way
• Get ready for the day
• Enjoy a perfect read
• Unwind with warm white light
• Stay focussed
Recessed spot light
Create your ambiance
Wake-up naturally
simplifying your life and giving you peace of
mind in smart and useful ways.
Comfort dimming
Set the right ambience for any moment with a
range of beautiful, natural white light. Use the
app to set any shade of white light, from cool
energizing daylight to relaxing warm white
light. Take control and set the ambiance. Not
too bright. Not too dark. Just right.
Ease your sleeping routine and wake up gently
for a fresh start of each day. Philips Hue will
help get you out of bed in a nice way. The
gradually increasing light intensity gives you the
feeling you are waking up naturally with
sunlight - rather than the rude awakening of an
alarm ringing.
Experience guaranteed smooth dimming with
Philips Hue. Not too bright. Not too dark. Just
right. No need for wires, an electrician or
Away-from-home control
Set light schedules
You can control your lights remotely wherever
you are. Check if you have forgotten to switch
your lights off before you left your home, and
switch them on if you are working late. With
geofencing technology, your lights can even
welcome you home or switch off automatically
when you leave your home. It’s all about
Philips Hue can make it seem like you're home
when you're not, using the schedule function in
the Philips Hue app. Set the lights to come on
at a pre-set time, so the lights are on when you
arrive home. You can even set rooms to light
up at different times. And of course, you can let
the lights turn off gradually in the night, so you
never have to worry whether you've left any
lights on.
Light for your well-being
Light influences our mood, behavior, alertness
and routines. Through the app, you can set the
light that is optimal for your moment. Philips
Hue helps you to energize, concentrate, read
and relax. Customize your daily routines into
moments you can enjoy. Feel different. Feel
Recessed spot light
Design and finishing
• Material: synthetics
• Color: white
Extra feature/accessory incl.
Dimmable with remote control: YES
Hue Switch: YES
LED lamp(s) included: YES
Adjustable spot head: YES
Product dimensions & weight
Length: 9.0 cm
Width: 9.0 cm
Net weight: 0.198 kg
Recessed distance: 10 cm
Cut out length: 7.0 cm
Cut out width: 7.0 cm
Beam angle: 45°
Fixture dimmable: Yes
LED: Yes
Built in LED: NO
Energy class included light source: A
Fixture is compatible with bulb(s) of class: A+ to E
Lifetime up to: 15,000 hrs
IP code: IP20, protection against objects bigger
than 12.5 mm, no protection against water
• Class of protection: II - double insulated
• Light source equivalent to traditional bulb of: 25 W
• Lumen output bulb included: 250 lm
• Warranty: 2 year(s)
Packaging dimensions & weight
Technical specifications
Mains power: Range 220 V - 240 V, 50-60 Hz
Bulb technology: 230 V
Number of bulbs: 1
Fitting/cap: GU10
Wattage bulb included: 5.5 W
Maximum wattage replacement bulb: 6.5 W
Light color: cool white
Height: 14.4 cm
Length: 14.2 cm
Width: 7.7 cm
Weight: 0.260 kg
• Especially designed for: Living- & Bedroom
• Style: Functional
• Type: Recessed spot light
Owner: Steffie van der
12 NC: 9150 054 25501
EAN: 87 18696 16109 8
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