Webroot SecureAnywhere® Business Endpoint Protection

Webroot SecureAnywhere® Business Endpoint Protection
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Webroot SecureAnywhere
Business Endpoint Protection
Multi-vector protection that secures
endpoints and users across all stages
of a cyberattack
Modern threats use multiple vectors to attack, from malicious email attachments
to infected web ads to phishing sites. Criminals combine a range of threat
technologies, deployed in numerous stages to infect computers and networks.
This blended approach increases the likelihood of success, the speed of
contagion, and the severity of damage.
Multi-vector attacks are designed to exploit the blind spots of signature-based
security, allowing malware to infiltrate systems undetected. Unfortunately, even
modern endpoint solutions still rely—at least in part—on signature-based
detection models. This approach only protects end users once the threat is
known, and after the vendor has created a signature and it has been updated on
the endpoint, which is often too late.
Even newer, so-called “next-generation” endpoint solutions, which are typically
more effective than their traditional competitors, are ill-equipped to fight modern
attacks, as many only protect endpoints at the infection stage, and only across a
single vector.
The only way to stop zero-day threats is with multi-vector endpoint protection
that can secure users and their devices at every stage of an attack, across every
possible attack vector.
The SecureAnywhere® Difference
Webroot SecureAnywhere® Business Endpoint Protection offers a unique security
approach that protects against threats across numerous vectors; including email,
web browsing, file attachments, hyperlinks, display ads, social media apps, and
connected devices like USB drives, as well as other blended threats with the
potential to deliver malicious payloads.
Powered by the industry-leading cloud-based Webroot Threat
Intelligence Platform, Webroot solutions combine the latest
real-time intelligence from Webroot BrightCloud® services with
advanced machine learning and behavior-based heuristics. Using
our always up-to-date, cloud-based technology, Webroot is able
to detect, analyze, categorize, score, and highly accurately predict
the threats each endpoint is experiencing in real time.
By combining SecureAnywhere file pattern and predictive
behavior recognition technology with cutting edge machine
learning and the processing power of cloud computing, Webroot
effectively stops malware and zero-day threats at the moment of
attack. The Webroot approach is more effective and accountable
than single-vector competitors. You no longer need to rely on
an outmoded detection model that is easily overwhelmed by
today’s malware—a model that yields unknown dwell times,
can’t protect users until after malware has already infiltrated
the system, and doesn’t alert on attacks until long after the
infiltration has occurred.
Because SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection is fully
cloud-based, there are no definitions or signatures to deploy
and manage. Malware detection occurs continuously in real
time, so performance issues fade away. Scheduled systems
scans are normally around 18 seconds and never impact device
performance, even on virtual desktop and server environments,
as well as embedded operating systems. The software agent
itself happily coexists with other antivirus solutions, so there’s no
need to rip and replace an existing solution.
The world’s smallest, fastest endpoint security client
offers unique protection against multi-vector threats.
Uncovering zero-day malware
Visible Efficacy
Flexible Cloud-Based Management
SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection is the first malware
prevention technology to report on its own efficacy at detecting infections
and stopping malware. Dwell time reporting gives you visibility into any
infection on any endpoint within your network, showing you when the
infection began and how long it was contained by Webroot before being
automatically remediated.
Webroot SecureAnywhere solutions use cloud-based management, which
means no on-premises hardware or software is needed and the console
is always up to date. The Webroot Global Site Manager console makes
it straightforward to manage up to 100,000 endpoints, and, through its
hierarchical management architecture, you can easily control multiple sites
and locations, as best suited to your organization’s needs. The Global Site
Manager also supports policies at the global and individual site level, plus
local site administration access rights and permissions that are easily
managed alongside central administration of all sites.
A major factor contributing to the efficacy of SecureAnywhere Business
Endpoint Protection is its continuous infection monitoring, journaling, and
auto-remediation. If it cannot immediately categorize new or changed
files and processes as ‘known’ good or ‘known’ bad, then the agent
begins monitoring and journaling all events. If an observed process is
categorized as malicious, then any system changes are reversed and the
endpoint is auto-remediated to its last known good state. This extra layer
ensures minimal false positives. On the rare occasion that a false positive
does occur, admins can easily white list files as needed within their
management console.
This makes Global Site Manager ideal for businesses of all sizes, including
those with global or multi-location organizations, as well as Managed
Services Providers (MSPs) administering numerous customer sites. Cloudbased management with full remote endpoint administration also makes
delivering global management extraordinarily cost-effective compared to
conventional antivirus.
Infection Dwell Time: Visibility into Containment and Remediation
First seen globally
First date determined malicious
First/last seen on this endpoint
First/last seen in your network
Interactive drill down
malware information
Any other endpoint(s) infected
with this unique therat
Dwell time calculation
Powering Predictive Prevention
Key Security Features
All Webroot SecureAnywhere solutions and BrightCloud threat
intelligence services are powered by the Webroot® Threat Intelligence
Platform. Leveraging big data analytics, machine learning, and threat
intelligence from customers and technology partners worldwide, the
Webroot Threat Intelligence Platform identifies infections as they occur.
This big data architecture continuously processes, analyzes, correlates
and contextualizes vast amounts of disparate information while also
applying a patented, fifth-generation machine learning and malicious
code identification system to create predictive behavioral determinations
on malware instantly—with impressive accuracy.
Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection offers highly
accurate and effective endpoint malware prevention with a range of
additional security shield capabilities that keep both the user and the
device safe.
Big data processing allows SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection
to uncover malware as it attempts to infect an individual user’s endpoint,
while simultaneously protecting all other SecureAnywhere endpoints
against the same attacks. This collective approach to threat intelligence
creates a massive real-time malware detection net that has intimate
knowledge of more than 300 million executables, including their runtime
behavioral characteristics and interactions. This, coupled with hundreds
of terabytes of threat data, ensures that Webroot customers are
continuously protected from both existing and new threats.
Identity Shield
This shields protects users by assuming the endpoint is already infected
by as-yet undetected malware. It protects user and transactional data that
could be exposed during online transactions from phishing, DNS poisoning,
keystroke logging, screen grabbing, cookie scraping, clipboard grabbing,
and browser and session hijacking by malicious software mounting manin-the-middle attacks. The shields lock down the OS and browser to protect
all user information and credentials, even shared passwords. Aside from
securing browser activities, the Identity Shield may be extended under user
policy to secure other endpoint applications as well.
Infrared is a multi-layer defense that incorporates several aspects
of Webroot Threat Intelligence to help thwart threats early on in their
lifecycle—often before a threat researcher sees a single sample.
It examines the reputation of the websites an individual visits and
uses Webroot Threat Intelligence to determine their risk level. If the
user commonly visits low-reputation websites, the agent goes into a
The Webroot® Threat Intelligence Platform – the most powerful real-time threat analysis engine in the world
Webroot Multi-Vector Protection
heightened state of awareness and closely interrogates any new files or
processes that are introduced into the system. Infrared also interprets
user behaviors and their overall safety level. If a user is classified as
“high risk”, Webroot then dynamically tailors malware prevention to that
user, while preventing false positives for less risky users.
Web Threat Shield
The Web Threat Shield leverages Webroot anti-phishing technology to offer
unique real-time protection against polymorphic phishing URLs, as well as
malicious and high-risk websites and domains.
Intelligent Outbound Firewall
In addition to its shields, SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection
includes an intelligent system-monitoring and application-aware outbound
firewall that augments the Microsoft Windows® firewall to protect users
on and off the corporate network. It monitors all outbound traffic to
protect against “phone-home” threats, ensures only approved applications
communicate with the network, and automatically recognizes known good
and bad programs. Users aren’t pestered with pop-ups or forced to make
uninformed judgments, and resources aren’t drained.
Powerful Heuristics
Heuristic settings can be adjusted based on risk tolerance for file execution.
Heuristic settings include:
»» Advanced
Analyzes new programs for suspicious actions that are typical of malware
»» Age
Analyzes new programs based on the time a similar file has existed
within Webroot Threat Intelligence
»» Popularity
Analyzes new programs based on how often a file is used or changed
within Webroot Threat Intelligence
Offline Protection
Stops attacks when an endpoint is offline with separate file execution
policies applicable to local disk, USB, CD, and DVD drives.
Virtualization, Terminal Server & Citrix Support
In addition to supporting Windows PC environments, SecureAnywhere
Business Endpoint Protection also supports Windows Server, Virtualization,
Terminal Server, and Citrix environments.
Mobile Smartphone and Tablet Support
Webroot SecureAnywhere® Business Mobile Protection is available for
Android® and iOS® smartphones and tablets.
Resilient Distributed Cloud Architecture
Consists of multiple secure global data centers to support local offices
and roaming users through their nearest data center, providing full service
resilience and redundancy.
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