Hoover Hoover AirFlow Steam Iron TIF2600 Instruction Manual

Dear customer,
First of all, we would like to congratulate you for purchasing this Hoover iron and to thank you for the confidence
you have in Hoover brand.
This appliance has been manufactured with great care, respecting all of our quality criteria and has been tested
several times. We hope its use will fulfil your expectations. We are strongly convinced that it will make your
ironing much faster and better.
Before using your new Hoover appliance, please read carefully this user’s manual. If you need further information
or if you encounter any trouble which are not noticed in this manual, please contact the after-sales service or your
standard dealer.
Important Safety Instructions
Read this user manual carefully before you first use and save it for future reference.
This appliance can be used by children aged from 8
years and above and persons with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience
and knowledge if they have been given supervision or
instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe
way and understand the hazards involved. Children
shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user
maintenance shall not be made by children without
• This product has been designed for domestic use only.
In case of any commercial use, inappropriate use or
failure to comply with the instructions, the manufacturer
is not responsible and the guarantee will not apply.
• Before connecting your appliance, check if the
mains voltage is the same as the voltage indicated
on your appliance and that the power outlet is
connected to the earth.
• Ensure before each use that the electric cord or any
other important part is not damaged.
• Keep the iron and its cord out of reach of children less
than 8 years of age when it is energized or cooling down.
1 - GB
Important Safety Instructions
• Never direct the steam towards persons or animals.
Never direct the steam jet towards any other electrical or/
and electronic appliances.
• The iron is not to be used if it has been dropped, if
there are visible signs of damage or if it is leaking.
• If the appliance shows evidence of breakdown,
malfunction, leakages. Please make sure it is checked by
an authorized Service Centre to avoid any danger.
• Always make sure the appliance is switched
off, unplugged and cooled down before doing any
maintenance work.
• The iron must not be left unattended while it is
connected to the supply mains and before it has
cooled down.
• Do not unplug the appliance by pulling on the cord or
on the appliance.
• Never immerse the iron, the stand, the cable or the
plugs in water. Never hold them under the water tap.
• The sole-plate of the iron can become extremely
hot and may cause burns if touched. Never touch the
electric cords with the sole-plate.
• If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by
the manufacturer, service agent or similarly qualified
persons in order to avoid a hazard.
• When placing the iron on its heel, ensure that the
surface on which the heel is placed is stable.
• The plug must be removed from the socket-outlet
before the water reservoir is filled with water.
2 - GB
Important Safety Instructions
• The surfaces with
are liable to get hot during
• To have a electronic copy of the instruction manual
contact the after sales service in guarantee card.
• The iron must be used and rested on a stable
Parts Description
Spray Nozzle
Lamp Cover
Water Fill Cover
Temperature Dial
Steam Control
Water Tank
Spray Button
Self Clean
Steam Boost Button
Max filling level
3 - GB
Chapter 1: Preparation for Use
Place the iron on a stable and level surface, for example on the hard part of an ironing board or on a heat
resistant surface.
Chapter 1.1 : What Kind of Water May be Used?
The Hoover iron has been designed to be used with tap water only.
There is no need to use distilled or pure distilled water.
Nevertheless, if you live in a hard water area, you can mix 50% of distilled water with 50% of tap water.
Do not use any other kind of water or do not add any other contents to water tank as it can damage your appliance.
Chapter 1.2 : Filling the Water Tank
Remove the mains plug from the wall socket before filling the iron.
Set the steam control button to position “
” and open the water fill cover.
Please fill your iron with normal tap water before using for the first time.
Use the water beaker supplied to fill clean tap water into water tank until “MAX” filling level.
Push the water fill cover firmly to close and dry any spilt water around the enclosure of the appliance, do not overfill.
Warning: Do not add vinegar, hot water, perfume, or any other kind of chemical agents or any other contents in
the water tank. It could damage the steam generator and shorten its life.
Chapter 2: Using Your Iron
Plug the appliance into an earthed socket and switch the power on. Stand the iron in the vertical position, turn
the temperature dial to your desired setting, the power light on the tank will illuminate red indicating that the sole
plate is heating up to the required temperature.
When the red light switches off, your appliance is ready for use.
1) The first time you use your appliance you may find some dust and smell of fumes , this is quite normal and they
will quickly disappear.
Chapter 2.1: Regulating the Sole-plate Temperature
Select the temperature of the sole-plate by turning the temperature dial on the iron to the desired position.
Wait a few moments until the temperature indicator lamp switches off , this indicated that the sole plate has
reached the requested temperature.
While ironing the temperature indicator lamp will switch on and off to control the temperature, this will not
interrupt your ironing .
To know the best suitable temperature for each textile, check the laundry care label of the article to be ironed.
Please note that during use, the temperature light goes on from time to time. It signifies that the iron is heating up
to the set temperature.
If a fabric is made with various kinds of fibres always select the sole-plate temperature to suit the most delicate one.
If you select a lower temperature while ironing, wait until the iron has cooled down to the set temperature before
you continue ironing.
If the temperature is too low, some drops of water could escape from the sole-plate. Please increase the
temperature above the 2 dots (••) to avoid this issue.
4 - GB
Chapter 2.2 - Ironing
Dry Ironing
For dry ironing, turn the steam control to “
” . This will cut off the steam flow if water is in the water tank.
Turn the temperature dial to select the desired fabric/temperature setting. The indicator power lamp will illuminate.
Ensure the iron is on a smooth and stable surface vertically.
After the indicator power light goes out, you can begin to iron.
Steam Ironing
As indicated on the temperature control and the table on the rear of the iron, steam-ironing is only possible at
higher ironing temperatures (between “•••” to “MAX”).
Ensure that there is enough water in the water tank.
Stand the iron on its end; Insert the mains plug into the wall socket.
Set the temperature control at the required position within the steam area.
After the indicator power light has gone out and has come on again, you may start ironing.
ATTENTION: Never direct the steam towards people. Burns or serious injury may occur.
Chapter 2.3 - How to Choose the Correct Sole-plate Temperature
To obtain the best results, it is important to set the correct temperature of the sole-plate.
Soleplate T°C
Starched Clothes
When steam ironing clothes on which shiny patches may occur, we recommend you to set the sole-plate temperature
to a lower temperature or to iron the garment on the reverse.
Start with the fabrics that need to be ironed at a lower temperature (•) and finish with those that needed to be
ironed at the higher temperature (•••/Max).
5 - GB
Chapter 2.4 - Shot of Steam
Ensure that there is enough water in the water tank.
When the temperature dial is set to steam setting (between “●●” to “MAX”) a shot of steam can be produced.
Press the steam boost button, the sole-plate will emit a strong flow of steam.
Only use the steam boost button when the steam iron has reached the steam or maximum temperature.
Do not press the steam boost button more than 3 times repeatedly. For optimum steam output , leave an
interval of at least 5 seconds between pressing the steam boost button.
The steam boost button feature can be used with Dry or Steam ironing as desired.
ATTENTION: Never direct the steam towards people. Burns or serious injury may occur.
Chapter 2.5 - Spraying
Ensure there is enough water in the water tank.
Press the spray button to produce a fine spray of water from the nozzle and continue ironing.
NOTE: Do not spray silk.
Chapter 2.6 - Vertical Shot Of Steam
When the temperature dial is set to a steam setting (between “●●” to “MAX”) vertical steam can be used.
Simply hold the iron vertically, positioned in front with a slight distance from the item to be steamed, and
press the steam boost button.
ATTENTION: Never direct the steam towards people. Burns or serious injury may occur.
NOTE: This is especially useful for getting wrinkles out of hanging clothes, curtains, wall hangings etc.
Chapter 2.7 - Automatic Anti-Calc Function
Your iron contains an anti-calc cartridge to reduce scale deposits. This considerably prolongs the operational
life of your iron.
The anti-calc cartridge is an integral part of the water tank and does not need to be replaced.
Chapter 2.8 - Automatic Anti-Drip Function
Your iron has an anti-drip function. The iron automatically stops generating steam when the temperature is
too low to prevent water from dripping out of the sole-plate.
NOTE: When using the steam function, your appliance may stop generating steam for several seconds, this is
Chapter 2.9 - Self-Clean Function
Use the self clean function once every two weeks. If the water in your area is very hard, the self clean function
should be used more frequently.
Make sure the iron is unplugged.
Set the steam control knob to OFF position.
Fill the water tank to the maximum level.
6 - GB
Put the plug in the wall socket.
Select the maximum ironing temperature.
Unplug the iron when the temperature power light has gone out.
Hold the iron over the sink, press and hold the self clean button and gently shake the iron to and fro.
Release the self clean button after 5-10 seconds.
Repeat the self clean process if the iron still contains a lot of impurities.
Steam and boiling water will come out of the sole-plate, impurities and flakes(if any)will be flushed out.
ATTENTION: Keep hands and body away from hot water.
Do not push and hold the self clean button while ironing.
Chapter 3: Maintenance and Cleaning
To prevent any risk of burns, all maintenance and cleaning operations should only be
carried out when the unplugged appliance has cooled down for at least 2 hours.
Before cleaning, set the steam control to the “ ”, unplug the iron from wall socket, and allow the appliance to
completely cool down, and then clean with a damp cloth, do not immerse the unit into water or other liquids.
Clean and empty the water tank after every use.
If ironing clothes with high temperature, which is not recommended on the garment table, this will cause burns
to your clothes and residue left on the sole-plate of the unit, it is recommended that you iron over an old cloth to
remove any residue from the sole-plate.
After use, set the steam control to the “
”, disconnect the unit from mains socket, empty remaining water from
water tank and then store the iron after it has been completely cooled down.
Never use scouring pads, abrasive or chemical cleaners, or solvents
Chapter 4: Storage
Empty the water tank.
Roll up the power cord with cable ties.
Put the iron in the upright position on it’s back cover.
Wait at least 30 minutes allowing the sole plate to cool down.
Then you can take away your appliance in order to store it safely and easily.
Important Information
Hoover spares and Consumables
Always replace parts with genuine Hoover spares. These are available from your local Hoover dealer or direct
from Hoover. When ordering spare parts, always check your model number.
Hoover Service
Should you require service at any time, please contact your local Hoover Service Office. Please see all the
contact details below.
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Printed in P.R.C.
PART No. :48018278/03
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