Generator Maintenance Checklist
This handy checklist has been provided to you free of charge from While it is intended to be helpful, it
is not meant to replace or supersede the owners manual for a particular generator. Always follow the exact recommendations
that are provided in the manual.
Procedure To Be Performed
Thoroughly inspect generator for any signs of visual damage. Look for things like broken or
frayed wires, loose or missing bolts, and broken plastic or metal pieces. Replace or repair any
problems that are found.
Give the outside of the generator a good cleaning with shop towels and degreaser if necessary
paying close attention to any oil leaks that you find. Have any leaks that you find repaired.
Change the oil filter if equipped.
Remove the sparkplug and inspect it for signs of fouling. Replace if necessary. If it hasn't
been very long since you last replaced the plug, consider having your generator tuned up.
Check the electrolyte level of the battery and add fresh distilled water if any cells are low
Note: This isn't required on sealed "no maintenance batteries".
Inspect the pull cord on the recoil starter and replace if necessary.
If the generator will be put into storage, add fuel stabilizer and run the engine to get the
stabilizer into the fuel lines and carburetor.