Portable Antenna Set CG31 B210687EN-F

Portable Antenna Set CG31
• Easy set up with captive parts
• Long telemetry range - 150 km
(93.2 mi) using the RS41 series
GPS radiosondes
Vaisala Portable Antenna Set CG31 is a portable antenna designed to be used with
GPS wind-finding systems.
The antenna set consists of a Helix UHF
antenna with antenna amplifier and GPS
antenna on a tripod. The antenna set is
painted green as standard. One person
can handle and assemble the antenna
set. CG31 receives radiosonde signals in
400 MHz meteorological UHF band.
The tripod and the antennas fold
compactly for transportation.
The transport case is made of
polypropene and equipped with wheels
for ease of transportation. The transport
case also holds an equipment bag, which
contains foot pads, pegs, and a hammer.
Technical Data
Technical Specifications
Mechanical Specifications
UHF Antenna
Footprint 1133 mm (44.61 in)
Full-wave Quadrifilar Helix
Total height assembled
1695 mm (66.73 in)
400 … 406 MHz
Transportation case dimensions
Gain (Elevation angle 25°)
3.5 dBic
1380 × 355 × 385 mm
(54.33 × 13.98 × 15.16 mm)
Right-Hand Circular
Standard cable length
20 m (65 ft)
Horizontal pattern
Telemetry Range
With RS41 series GPS radiosondes
150 km (93.2 mi)
UHF Antenna
Coaxial N-type female
GPS Antenna
Coaxial TNC-type female
20 dB typical
With cables
10.5 kg (23.15 lb)
Noise figure
< 2 dB
With accessories and transport case
23 kg (50.71 lb)
Power input
+10 … 12 VDC, typically 130 mA
through RF cable
Output impedance
50 Ω, VSWR < 1.5
Operating Environment
GPS Antenna
Operating temperature range
-40 ... +55 °C (-40 ... +131 °F)
Primary power
+5 VDC (±10 %)
Operating humidity range
0 ... 100 %RH
22 mA, 0.11 W (nominal)
Operating precipitation
50 Ω
Maximum wind speed
65 m/s (145 mph)
L1 (1575 MHz)
Storage temperature
-50 ... +71 °C (-58 ... +159.8 °F)
Right-Hand Circular Polarization
Storage humidity
0 ... 100 %RH
Axial ratio
2 dB at zenith, 10 dB above
10° elevation
35 dB (nominal)
2.75 dB (nominal)
Pass-band width
50 MHz
Azimuth coverage
360° (omni-directional)
Elevation coverage
0° to 90° elevation (hemispherical)
Power consumption
Output impedance
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