25U SmartRack Standard-Depth Server Rack Enclosure

25U SmartRack Standard-Depth Server Rack
Enclosure Cabinet with doors & side panels
Ships fully assembledStandard
24" width (600mm)
Standard 42" depth (1050mm)
4 interior vertical posts with nonthreaded square hole openings
3000 lb stationary / 2250 lb
rolling load capacity
Locking, removable, reversible
front and rear doors
Locking, removable side panels
Includes equipment mounting
Meets all enclosure
requirements towards PCI DSS
(Payment Card Industry Data
Security Standard) compliance
Tripp Lite’s SR25UB premium SmartRack Enclosure Cabinet is packed with features designed to simplify
rack equipment installations and rack equipment maintenance: top and bottom cable routing ports,
perforated door and side panels to promote efficient airflow, adjustable vertical mounting rails and more.
Package Includes
SR25UB Rackmount Enclosure
(2) Side panels
(2) Side panel locks
(50) M6 screws
The SR25UB has 25U of capacity and is compatible with all standard 19-inch rack equipment. The front
(50) M6 cage nuts
and rear pairs of vertical rails feature square mounting holes and are numbered by rack space for easy
(50) M6 washers
reference. The rails are adjustable in quarter-inch increments to accommodate equipment depths from 4
(2) Door & side panels
Owner's Manual
And as part of the SmartRack family, the SR25UB is compatible with Tripp Lite’s extensive range of
rackmount accessories, enabling you to customize your solution to meet any requirement. The SR25UB
ships fully assembled for quick installation and comes with a 5-year warranty.
to 37 inches. Adjustment is quick and convenient: simply unscrew the rails, slide them to the desired
depth and restore the screws. The rails feature square mounting holes and are capable of supporting up
to 3000 lb of equipment with included installation hardware (2250-lb rolling capacity).
With a locking, reversible front door and locking, removable side panels, SR25UB provides safe, secure
installation for all equipment. This prevents unauthorized access to installed equipment while making it
easy for authorized personnel to perform inspections, maintenance and equipment replacement. The
enclosure meets all requirements toward PCI DSS compliance.
The top and bottom panels of the SR25UB are furnished with vents designed to help remove warm air
from the enclosure and draw in cool air by convection. They also support installation of standard usersupplied case fans (Tripp Lite SRFANROOF). The top and bottom panels are also provided with ports for
cable routing.
To simplify deployment, the SR25UB comes with casters that enable it to be maneuvered into to desired
location, and then secured in place by adjusting the unit’s levelers. Note: the casters are intended for
minor position adjustments within the final installation area only and are not designed for moving the
enclosure over long distances.
Ships fully assembled for rapid deployment and roll into place on heavy-duty pre-installed casters
(casters are removable)
Front and rear sets of equipment mounting rails adjust in 1/4" increments. The easy-view depth index
ensures consistent rail placement without requiring time-consuming measurements
Tool-less accessory mounting rails (2 rails per enclosure) include slots for quick installation of
compatible PDUs and vertical cable managers. Mounting slots are arranged in an industry-standard
pattern compatible with a wide variety of accessories. Each rail can accommodate two vertical PDUs or
cable managers side-by-side (four items per enclosure)
Enclosure includes mounting hardware of 50 pieces of M6 cage nuts and 50 pieces of M6 screws
Textured powder coat finish for tough resistance to environmental concerns such as deployment in
Massive front to rear ventilation capacity. 65+% open space in door perforation pattern meets or
exceeds server manufacturer requirements
Maximum usable internal depth of 37 inches/94 cm (front to rear rail)
Weight ratings of 3000 lb stationary and 2250 lb rolling
Front door is locking, reversible and removable
Rear doors are locking and reversible. Split rear door design reduces clearance requirements for
service entry allowing the enclosure to be placed closer to a wall
Locking removable side panels are 'half size' to make them smaller and lighter improving ease of
installation and servicing. Side panels are keyed alike to the front and rear doors
Built in baying tabs allow enclosures to be combined securely in rows. Center-to-center width can be set
at 600mm or 24" to match standard data center floor tiles
Leveling feet extend to allow enclosure to be positioned on uneven floors. Levelers are removable
Convenient grounding system. All components are grounded to the enclosure frame which includes
multiple connections for facility ground. Front and rear doors include quick-release ground wires
Open bottom for cable access
Top panel has generous cable access holes. Panel can be removed without the use of tools in seconds
without having to disconnect cables first
Included stabilizing brackets are used for shipment and can be reattached at the bottom of the
enclosure frame on the inside or outside of the rack
Compatibility with airflow optimization accessories as well as cable management accessories
Meets all enclosure requirements towards PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)
Rack Height (U Spaces)
Maximum Device Depth (in.)
Maximum Device Depth (cm)
Minimum Device Depth (in.)
Minimum Device Depth (cm)
Shipping Dimensions (hwd / in.)
55 x 27.75 x 47
Shipping Dimensions (hwd / cm)
139.7 x 70.48 x 119.38
Shipping Weight (lbs.)
Shipping Weight (kg)
Unit Dimensions (hwd / in.)
49 x 23.63 x 43
Unit Dimensions (hwd / cm)
124.46 x 60.02 x 109.22
Unit Weight (lbs.)
Unit Weight (kg)
Weight Capacity - Stationary (lbs.)
Weight Capacity - Rolling (lbs.)
Weight Capacity - Stationary (kg)
Weight Capacity - Rolling (kg)
Factory Preset Rack Depth (in.)
Factory Preset Rack Depth (cm)
Factory Preset Rack Depth (mm)
Maximum Device Depth (mm)
Minimum Device Depth (mm)
Grounding Lug
Front and back door frames
UL60950; RoHS; CE
Product Warranty Period
5-year limited warranty
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