Operation Manual HY-KART
*Images used in this manual may vary slightly from
the product and are for reference purposes only.
Even if you have ridden a scooter for years, it is important for you
and every rider to read this manual before using this product.
Always wear a properly fitted helmet that complies with CPSC or CE safety standards
when you ride your scooter.
Incorrect Fitting:
Forehead is exposed
and vulnerable to
serious injury.
Correct Fitting:
Make sure your helmet
covers your forehead.
This manual is designed to give you the information you need for the safe operation and maintenance of your
new Hover-1 Go-Kart. Please read it thoroughly before riding your Hover-1 Go-Kart.
Make sure you read this complete manual before riding
your Hover-1 Go-Kart. Failure to do so, or failure to follow its
guidelines could lead to serious injury or death.
Section One of this manual involves safety and Hover-1 Go-Kart care. Understanding and following this
Information will help you and your Hover-1 Go-Kart avoid injury or damage.
Section Two of this manual gives assembly and installation instructions for your Hover-1 Go-Kart.
Section Three of this manual covers specific safety and operating instructions for your Hover-1 Go-Kart. Even
if you are an experienced rider, you should review this section before your first ride.
Section Four of this manual covers warranty specifications of your Hover-1 Kart.
1. Seat
2. Handle Bars
3. Pedal Mounts
4. Elastic Strap
5. Seat Frame
6. Locker
7. Frame Extension
8. Foot Rests
9. Front Wheel
Max Load:
Tire Size:
Seat Material:
Most self-balancing scooters & hoverboards
See max load of your self-balancing scooter
3” swivel caster
(4) EVA Foam
(4) Spare Part
(1) Seat
(1) Wrench
(1) Seat Frame
(1) Allen Wrench
(1) Frame extension
(4) 8*25 Screw
(1) Right Handle Bar
(1) Spare Part
(2) M10*15 Screw
(1) Spare Part
(1) Left Handle Bar
(2) Elastic strap
(4) Spare Elastic straps
(2) EVA Handle Cover
(4) 8mm Nut
(1) Spare Part
If you have questions or concerns about any of these steps, please feel free to contact our Customer Service
Team at support@Hover-1.com. Someone will be in touch to walk you through these steps.
Carefully follow the steps shown on the following pages for assembling the Hover-1 Go-Kart.
Remove all Hover-1 Go-Kart contents from the box. Ensure all contents from the “Parts List” section are
accounted for.
1. Using the two large screws and washers. Attach the handle bars to the appropriate sides of the seat frame as
shown below. Tight with included Allen wrench.
2. Insert the frame extension into the seat frame. Adjust to preferred length. Secure the frame extension in place
using the locker.
4. Your Hover-1 Go-Kart is now completely
assembled and should look like the below
3. Align the holes of the seat with the seat frame.
Secure the seat in place using the included Allen
wrench, 4 small screws and 4 nuts.
If you have questions or concerns about any of these steps, please feel free to contact our Customer Service
Team at support@Hover-1.com. Someone will be in touch to walk you through these steps.
Carefully follow the steps shown on the following pages for installing the Hover-1 Go-Kart onto your electric
scooter. Read the remainder of this manual before riding your Hover-1 Go-Kart.
Your Hover-1 Go-Kart should be completely assembled prior to installing it onto your electric scooter. Please
refer to the “Assembling your Hover-1 Go-Kart” section for assembling procedures.
1. Place the pedal mounts onto the foot pedals of your self-balancing scooter with the front wheel facing
forward. Ensure the pedal mounts are centered on the foot pedals of your scooter as much as possible.
2. Using two elastic straps. Attach one end of each strap to the hooks on back of each pedal mount.
3. Wrap both elastic straps under your self-balancing scooter and attach the ends to the hooks on front of
each pedal mount.
4. Adjust both elastic straps so that there is an even amount of pressure on the pedals.
5. Your Hover-1 Go-Kart should be properly installed onto your scooter as shown below.
Any scooter that does not work properly can cause you to
lose control and fall. Inspect the entire device thoroughly
before every ride, and do not ride it until any problems have
been corrected.
It is important that you fully understand all elements of your Hover-1 Go-Kart. If these elements are not used
correctly, you will not have full control of your Hover-1 Go-Kart. Before you ride fast, or outside of a controlled
environment, learn the functions of the various mechanisms on your Hover-1 Go-Kart.
Practice using the elements of your Hover-1 Go-Kart at slower speeds in a flat, open area before taking the
Hover-1 Go-Kart to unfamiliar areas.
Do not ride a Hover-1 Go-Kart with a part that is damaged;
replace the damaged part before riding.
Ensure that your Hover-1 Go-Kart and scooter are in proper working order each and every time you ride. If a part
of the Hover-1 Go-Kart does not function correctly, please contact our Customer Support Center.
• Ensure your tire pressure is at the suggested PSI level for your scooter before riding.
• Ensure the battery of your scooter is fully charged before riding your Hover-1 Go-Kart.
• Ensure that the screws on the Hover-1 Go-Kart are locked firmly before each ride.
• Check to ensure the tires of your scooter are not worn.
• Check to ensure all connections are maintained on your scooter.
The first rule in safe riding is to use common sense. A Hover-1 Go-Kart is vulnerable; it cannot protect you in a crash,
against impact, or loss of control the way driving a car can. A Hover-1 Go-Kart can tip over sideways or pitch you
over the front wheel. It moves faster than a typical scooter. It does not have bumpers or airbags as a car does. This
section is a guide of safe riding practices for operation. Make sure you are using your Hover-1 Go-Kart properly.
Different localities and countries have different laws governing riding on public roads, and you should check with
local officials to ensure you are complying with these laws.
Hover-1 is not liable for tickets or violations given to riders who do not follow these regulations.
• For your safety, always wear a helmet that meets CPSC or CE safety standards. In the event of an accident, a
helmet can protect you from serious injury and in some cases, even death.
• Obey all local laws, stop signs, pedestrian crosswalks, etc.
• If riding with friends and multiple Hover-1 Go-Karts, ride single file in a straight line.
• Have a satisfactory signaling device (bell, horn, etc.) to warn drivers and pedestrians of your approach.
• Ride defensively; expect the unexpected.
• Give pedestrians the right-of-way.
• Do not ride too close to pedestrians and alert them if you intend to pass them from behind.
• Slow down at all street intersections and look to the left and right before crossing.
•Obey all traffic signals.
• Always use proper hand signals for turning and stopping. Give signals 100ft before stopping or turning and
always return both hands to the handle bars before stopping or turning.
• Watch for cars pulling out into traffic and for the sudden opening of car doors.
• Avoid potholes, drainage grates or other hazards.
• Be careful when riding on soft road edges, gravel, sand and uneven surfaces. Ride slowly and avoid quick turns
when riding on these surfaces.
• Never hitch onto other vehicles.
• Do not “stunt” ride or race in traffic.
• Do not weave in and out of traffic or swerve from side to side.
• A crash can put extraordinary stress on Hover-1 Go-Kart components, possibly causing them to fatigue
prematurely. Components suffering from stress fatigue can fail suddenly, causing loss of control or serious injury.
Brakes do not work as well under wet conditions as they do when dry. It is recommended that you do not ride your
Hover-1 Go-Kart in wet weather, as there are electronic components of scooter that may be damaged if
exposed to water.
1. This product is strictly forbidden to use on roads and highways, unless your local laws state otherwise. You must
wear a safety helmet, knee and elbow pads and other necessary protective gear when riding your Hover-1
2. Due to the particularity of the product, the assembly pieces are to be checked before every ride to avoid an
accident while riding.
3. Do not make a sharp turns as you may drift and overturn the Hover-1 Go-Kart which can result in injury to yourself
and/or damage the unit.
Ensure your Hover-1 Go-Kart is fully assembled and correctly installed onto your scooter with all straps and
screws secured in place. Ensure your scooter is properly maintained as well. Failure to do so may result in
serious bodily harm or death and damage to the unit.
After reviewing the pre-ride checklist, follow the steps below to begin riding your Hover-1 Go-Kart.
1. Turn on your scooter.
2. Sit comfortably in the Hover-1 Go-Kart seat.
2. Place your feet onto the foot rests.
3. Firmly grip both handle bars and slowly push them downward simultaneously to move forward.
4. When riding, slowly pull both handle bars upwards simultaneously to brake.
5. To reverse, slowly pull both handle bars upwards simultaneously.
6. To turn left, push the right handle bar down while holding the left handle bar in neutral position.
7. To turn right, push the left handle bar down while holding the right handle bar in neutral position.
This product comes with a 30 day limited replacement warranty for manufacturer’s defects. This includes
defects to the seat, wheel, etc.
This product comes with a 120 day parts and labor warranty. Shipping & handling costs are not included.
The condition of this warranty and our responsibilities under this warranty are as follows:
Manufacturer's warranty is non-transferable. And this warranty is limited to the original purchaser only.
* You must be able to prove the date of original purchase of the Go-Kart with a dated receipt.
* Warranty period begins on date of purchase, not date of first use.
* The warranty is not applicable if the product has been subject to physical abuse, improper installation,
modification or repair by unauthorized third party.
* The responsibility of manufacturer's products shall be limited to the repair or replacement of the product at
its sole discretion.
* Specifically exempt from any warranty are limited-life consumable components subject to normal wear
and tear such as tires, decorates and other accessories.
*The manufacturer will not take any responsibility if the failure of the unit has resulted from accident, abuse,
misuse, or any unauthorized repair, modification or disassembly.
* Modification and repair of the Go-Kart should be done by authorized and qualified service personnel or
* This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary under local laws.
The following conditions comprise the requirements and scope of our warranty conditions and do not affect
our legal and contractual warranty obligations.
We offer a warranty on our products in accordance with the following conditions:
1) The warranty does not cover tires and other parts, which are considered consumables, parts that break
easily such as glass or plastic or defects based on normal wear and tear. There is not warranty obligation in
the event of marginal differences compared to the target appearance and workmanship provided these
have a negligible effect on the product’s fitness for use, in the event of damage caused by chemical or
electrochemical effects, by water or generally from abnormal conditions.
2) The warranty will be performed in such a way that we shall decide whether to repair the defective parts
or to replace them with working parts free of charge. Hover-1 reserves the right to exchange the product for
a replacement product of equal value if the product sent in cannot be repaired within a reasonable time or
at a reasonable cost. All repairs are performed at a Hover-1 facility. Parts that have been replaced or
exchanged become property of Hover-1.
3) The warranty claim does not apply if repairs or other work is carried out by unauthorized persons or if our
products are equipped with additional parts or accessories that are not approved for the Go-Kart.
4) Warranties that have been activated do not cause the warranty period to be extended, nor do they
trigger a new warranty period. The warranty period for any replacement parts installed ends with the
warranty period for the entire product.
5) Any other further claims are excluded, especially those for replacement due to damage caused to the
outside of the product, provided there is no obligatory legal liability.
We therefore accept no liability for accidental, indirect or other consequential damage of any kind, which
leads to usage restrictions, data loss, and loss of earnings or interruption to business.
Asserting a warranty claim:
1) To make use of the warranty services, you must contact the Hover-1 Service Center by visiting
www.Hover-1.com or emailing support@hover-1.com
2) Hover-1 will try to diagnose and solve your problem. If it is determined that a warranty claim exists, you will
be given an RMA number (Return Material Authorization) and will be asked to send the product to Hover-1.
IMPORTANT: Hover-1 will only accept parcels that have an RMA number.
Please observe the following when sending the product:
1) Send the product suitably packaged with carriage and insurance paid. Use only a carrier that provides
2) Mark the RMA number on the outside of the package in such a way that is visible and clearly legible.
3) You must enclose a copy of the receipt as proof of purchase.
4) Once Hover-1 has received the product, it will meet its warranty obligations in accordance with the
warranty conditions and will return the product to the sender. Outbound return shipping will be paid by
Hover-1 can refuse any service claim made that is not covered by the warranty. Please contact
support@hover-1.com for pricing and availability of repairs, outside of warranty.
If Hover-1 agrees to provide a service outside the warranty, the customer will be invoiced for all repair and
transport costs. Hover-1 will not accept any packages that have not first been approved by Hover-1 by
means of an RMA (Return Material Authorization).
Contact us with questions at:
Edison, NJ 08837