Overlap Weld
Hem Weld
U.S. Patent No. 5,865,942
For the bonding of thermoplastic textiles, the Triad Wedge Welding System is ideal
for your in-house fabrication needs to produce tents, tarps, awnings, flags, banners,
liners, covers, curtains, bags, tubes, etc. The Triad can weld PVC, PE, PP, Urethane and
many other weldable, flexible membranes. It can also weld supported and nonsupported material in thicknesses of 5 to 100 oz. and is
designed to be portable, versatile and user friendly.
Smokeless and Noiseless Operation
Because it’s a wedge, the Triad will not produce any hazardous smoke during the welding process, as hot air welders
do. The Triad is noiseless, for a more pleasant working
Fin Weld
The Standard Triad can Achieve the Following Welds:
(specify wedge size)
Increase Productivity
The Triad is fast! It can weld 12 to 14 oz. material at approximately 20 feet per minute. With thinner materials, the
maximum speed of the Triad is approximately 30 feet per
Overlap Weld -1/2” to 2” weld width
Reduce Labor Costs
Fin Weld - 1/2” to 2” weld width
By utilizing the built-in tracking system and available Track
Sections, the Triad can be operated by a single person.
Set-up is easy on the floor, or a table surface, and the guides
provide accurate results.
Tube Weld - 1-1/2” diameter and up
#33-010: Triad Wedge Welder, 120V, 1” Wedge (25mm)
#33-015: Triad Wedge Welder, 120V, 1.5” Wedge (38mm)
#33-020: Triad Wedge Welder, 120V, 2” Wedge (51mm)
#33-030: Triad Wedge Welder, 240V, 25mm Wedge (1”)
#33-035: Triad Wedge Welder, 240V, 38mm Wedge (1.5”)
#33-040: Triad Wedge Welder, 240V, 51mm Wedge (2”)
Create Additional Welding
Styles with your imagination!
Hem Weld - Adjustable pocket size
Sleeve Weld - 1” diameter and up
Insert Cable Weld - Insert cable into
hem while welding, 7/8” max.
Tape Weld - Up to 2” weld width
Channel Weld - Using split wedge
How does it work?
The welding of various thermoplastics occurs by a combination
of wedge temperature, material speed passing over the wedge,
and pressure of the pinch rollers. The material is placed between
the pinch rollers and the hot wedge is inserted. Contact is made
between the top and bottom of the material and a melting of the
coating occurs with a certain speed of the material crossing the hot
wedge surface. The pinch rollers then apply pressure to the melted
coating to create the lasting bond.
The Triad can be used as a stationary unit for short weld lengths, or as a self-propelled unit for
long run welding where the Triad automatically begins moving when the wedge is inserted.
Patented Self-Centering Wedge
The wedge will self-center with change in material thickness
automatically, or it can be manually adjusted for welding two
materials of different thicknesses.
Patented Suspended Wedge
This allows the operator to pass material through the Triad in
many different ways to achieve various weld styles.
Exclusive Wedge Housing
A unique feature that allows the hot wedge to be stored out of
the way, to help minimize heat distortion of product and provides operator protection while setting up material.
Hem Guide
Standard Guides
The standard Triad includes the three guides to
perform the basic weld styles: Lower Lap Guide, Hem Guide,
and Fin Guide. These guides work alone or in conjunction to
accomplish the basic weld styles and more.
Fin Guide
Lower Lap Guide
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