Wireless QuickStart Setup Guide

Wireless QuickStart
Setup Guide
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Step 1:
Home Network Setup
Step 2:
Nanny Cam “Away” Setup
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Step 1:
Home Network Setup
1. Install included CD-ROM setup software on your Mac or PC. You can also
download the setup software at WIFIBABY.NET > HOME > SIDEBAR
2. Remove plastic film from camera lens, attach stand, use screwdriver or coin
to tighten stand. Connect AC adapter and Ethernet cable to back of camera.
(Cable used for setup only)
3. Plug camera into power and other end of Ethernet cable TO YOUR WIRELESS
ROUTER NOT your Mac or PC. Camera’s green power light will soon blink amber
to indicate an Ethernet connection has been made for setup.
4. Click the WiFi Baby setup software icon. It will find your camera on your
network. Click REFRESH if it doesn’t appear right away. It will show “WiFi Baby”
as the model and the camera’s IP address.
Click to highlight, then click OPEN.
You will be prompted for a username and password.
Username: admin
Password 1234
5. The screen below will appear and the program will automatically assign an
open IP address to your camera. Click OK. **Use all populated settings. Any
custom changes such as a static IP or other adjustments can be done later **
6. Your default web browser will now open to the sign in screen. Bookmark this
page, and note your camera’s IP for your mobile apps. (IP below an example,
yours will vary) Click SETTINGS.
If prompted for username / server name and password:
User: admin
Password: 1234
7. Click WIZARD. Please follow onscreen steps to give your camera a name,
time zone for the clock and scan for available networks. Select yours from the
numbered dropdown menu and enter your network’s wireless password (the
same you use for your laptop, devices to join your network). Choose AUTOMATIC
for IP.
8. Click FINISH and wait 30 seconds for the camera to reboot. Unplug camera
from power and Ethernet and plug it back into power only, no Ethernet
Go back to your bookmarked IP address on your browser. Click LIVE VIEW.
When prompted enter:
Username: admin
Password: 1234
You can now connect wirelessly on your home network via your computer or
mobile devices. Please continue for camera mounting options and setup guides
for mobile device apps and the Nanny Cam feature.
App Quickstart Guides:
Please visit WIFIBABY.NET for links to our recommended iOS and Android apps
and the latest quickstart screen shot setup guides.
Safety Warning:
Keep cord out of baby’s reach. NEVER place camera or cords within 3 feet
of crib or playing area. Only use the AC Adapter provided - www.cpsc.gov
Never cover camera with curtain when wall mounted or any other cloth.
For more information about general baby monitor safety please watch the
Consumer Product Safety Commission video on our site at wifibaby.net/techsupport/safety or visit CPSC.gov or babymonitorsafety.org
Changing Your Password:
WiFi Baby strongly recommends that the default username and password
of “admin” “1234” on the camera be changed after setup.
At a minimum this password should 8 characters in length with 3 out of 4 of the
following: Upper and lower case letter, number, special character ($, %, &, etc.)
Camera Mounting Options:
Included in the box: 2 Screws & Wall Anchors, Attachable Rubber Feet, Power
Cable Clips
1. Wall or Ceiling: Use 2 included screws and anchors with the mounting stand.
Use the adhesive power cable clips to guide the power cords down the wall.
2. Shelf: Use the Attachable Rubber Feet on the bottom of stand to help with
3. Free Standing. Use camera without stand, attachable rubber feet on bottom
of camera
For additional accessories including a thin, white, 10 foot power cord perfect for
ceiling installs, please visit STORE.WIFIBABY.NET/ACCESSORIES
* If you are not connecting wirelessly it is most likely an incorrect WiFi network
password or typo. Please confirm you are using the same password you use to
authenticate your laptop and mobile devices on your network.
* If you have confirmed that you are using the correct password, you may
have selected the wrong password encryption type. In this case even if you are
entering the correct password it still won’t work but this is quickly fixed using the
info below.
Routers use password encryption types - WEP, WPA and WPA2. If you have
a newer router it is most likely WPA or WPA2 and the WIZARD automatically
determines the security mode so you can dismiss this troubleshooting step
However, if you have WEP a prompt will appear during the WIZARD setup follow
this guide to select the right type of WEP from the dropdown menu options.
Password is 5 Characters = WEP 64-bit, ASCII
Password is 10 characters = WEP 64-bit, HEX
Password is 13 characters = WEP 128-bit ASCII
Password is 26 characters = WEP 128-bit HEX
* If you still can’t connect wirelessly, your router may be assigning your camera a
different IP every time it is unplugged from power. (Quick explanation: If the IP
changed, your apps and browser is being directed towards an IP that is no longer exists.)
You will need to assign your camera a static, non-changing IP. This is done in just a
few steps by following the guide at WIFIBABY.NET > SUPPORT > STATIC IP SETUP.
Step 2:
Nanny Cam “Away” Setup
Devices on External WiFi or Data Plan
WiFi Baby 3 (WFB2014) ships ready to play with a preconfigured MyWiFiBaby
URL to connect anywhere.
With the MyWiFiBaby URL you are making a direct connection from Device
to Camera while “away” on any data plan or external WiFi connection.
You are not uploading and accessing your video and audio from a cloud server.
The following screen shot guide will you how to enter your secure URL (example.
mywifibaby.com) into the mobile apps or using a browser on Mac or PC.
Prior to this, you need to complete the Wireless QuickStart Setup Guide:
Home Network in the first section of of this guide. Your WiFi Baby will have an
IP address to connect to locally when you are on the same WiFi network via the
apps or just using a browser.
1. On your browser go to the WiFi Baby login screen and click SETTINGS.
You will then be taken to this homepage.
2. On the right sidebar use this path: NETWORK > REMOTE VIEWING.
You will then see the following screen.
3. Depending on when your WiFi Baby 3 shipped, the URL will end with dtdns.
net or mywifibaby.com. Both URLs work the same. Your unique URL is listed at
the bottom and will start with wb. Please read the setup steps on the REMOTE
VIEWING page (above screenshot).
4. Click SYSTEM to verify your URL is active. Scroll down to the REMOTE
VIEWING section and you will see this screen. If it’s active it will say SUCCESS.
5. After verifying, enter your unique URL in your browser, iOS or Android apps
using the following examples and screen shots as reference. Also make sure that
you are entering your username and password for your camera correctly.
Mac or PC Desktop Browser:
dtdns.net ex: wbxxxxxx.dtdns.net:8150
mywifibaby.com ex: wbxxxxxx.mywifibaby.com:8150
iOS or Android apps:
dtdns.net ex: AWAY FIELD: wbxxxxxx.dtdns.net PORT FIELD: 8150
mywifibaby.com ex: AWAY FIELD: wbxxxxxx.mywifibaby.com PORT FIELD: 8150
6. To test on iOS or Android, switch off the WiFi on your device. Now that you
are connected to a data plan (LTE, 4G, etc) open the app.
For Mac or PC, test using any computer NOT ON YOUR WIFI NETWORK and enter
the URL and port 8150. (example: wbxxxxxx.dtdns.net:8150). The following sign
in screen will appear. Then just bookmark and enter your username | password
to access.
You are now connected and can securely access your WiFi Baby 3 anywhere.
Is your username and password is entered correctly in your apps or browser?
Is your URL is entered correctly? It begins with “wb” then 6 characters and
ends with either mywifibaby.com or dtdns.net.
Did you enter 8150 as the port in the apps or end the URL in your browser
with :8150?
Did you cut & paste the URL vs. typing it in? You may have grabbed a space
in the beginning or end of the URL.
Are you sure you are connecting externally when testing, not on your home
WiFi network?
Is your URL active under the SYSTEM page? Does the message No UPnP
gateway appear under the REMOTE VIEWING section as shown below?
If No UPnP Gateway appears please visit SUPPORT at wifibaby.net for additional
setup guides for your specific router or please fill out a support ticket so our US
based support team can assist.
Visit WIFIBABY.NET > SUPPORT for additional video guides and troubleshooting.
Need Help? Please reach out to schedule free US based phone support.
support@wifibaby.net | 855.943.4367
Visit WIFIBABY.NET > SUPPORT for additional video guides and troubleshooting.
Need Help? Please reach out to schedule free US based phone support.
support@wifibaby.net | 855.943.4367