FT-20 Fire Training
Fog Machine User Manual
© 2017 Antari Lighting and Effects Ltd.
User Manual - English
Safety Information
Please read the following safety information carefully before operating the
machine. This information includes important safeguards about installation,
usage, and maintenance. Pay attention to all warning labels and instructions in
this manual and printed on the machine.
If you have questions about how to operate the machine safely, please contact your local
Antari dealer for help.
Keep this device dry.
Always connect to a grounded circuit to avoid risk of electrocution.
Remove machine from battery or power adaptor before servicing and when not in use.
This product is for indoor use only! Do not expose to rain or moisture. If fluid is spilled,
remove machine from battery or power adaptor and clean with a damp cloth. If fluid is
spilled onto electronic parts, immediately unplug the machine and contact your local
Antari dealer for advice.
No user serviceable and modifiable parts inside. Never try to repair this product, an
unauthorized technician may cause damage or malfunction to the machine.
For adult use only. Never leave the machine running unattended.
Installed the machine in a well-ventilated area. Provide at least 50 cm space around the
Never add flammable liquid of any kind to the machine.
Make sure there are no flammable materials close to the machine while operating.
Only use Antari fluid. Other fluid may lead to heater clog and malfunction.
If the machine fails to work, unplug the machine and stop operation immediately.
Contact your local Antari dealer for advise.
Before transporting the machine, make sure the fluid tank is completely drained.
Fog fluid may present health risks if swallowed. Do not drink fog fluid. Store it securely.
In case of eye contact or if fluid is swallowed, immediately look for medical advice.
Unpacking and Inspection
Immediately upon receiving the machine, carefully unpack the carton, check the content to
ensure that all parts are present and have been received in good condition. If any parts
appear damaged or mishandled from shipping, notify the shipper immediately and retrain the
packing material for inspection.
What is included:
1 x FT-20 Fog Machine
1 x Battery base
1 x Battery charger
1 x FLM water-based liquid
1 x User Manual
1 x Flightcase
Product Dimensions
238 mm
293 mm
108 mm
Product Overview
ON / OFF Switch Control
Fog Output Nozzle
Dip Switch
Wire Remote Socket
Wireless Receiver Socket
Output Level Adjustment
Main Power Switch
XLR 3-Pin DMX Connector
Lock lever
Charger Input
FT-20S Power Base (Optional)
Power Input
Setting Up
Step 1: Place the machine on a flat surface and in a suitable large area with at least 50 cm
open space around the machine.
Step 2: Fill the fluid tank with Antari approved fluid.
Step 3: Charge the battery by plug the charger adaptor into a grounded electrical outlet.
Yellow light on the adaptor indicates charging, when it turn green indicate charge complete.
Please note the battery require 15 hours charge time.
Plug in charger
Yellow indicates charging
Green indicates charging
Always connect the machine to a protected circuit and ensure it is properly
grounded to avoid risk of electrocution.
Step 4: Connect the battery base or power base to the machine. Turn on the machine to
start operation.
Pull to release locking lever
Align and insert head unit to base
Step 5: To start making fog, locate the rotary knob on the back for output level adjustment,
and press the button to start making fog, release to stop.
Step 6: To turn off the machine, disconnect machine from battery base or power base.
Control Panel Operation
The machine can be operated with the On/Off button and output level control knob located
on the rear. When using On/Off Mode press and hold the button to make fog, release to stop.
In Continuous Mode, press button once to make fog press again to stop.
Dip Switch 1
On/Off Mode
Continuous Mode
Rotary Knob
Turn haze on/off, adjust output volume from 0~100%
DMX Connector Pin Assignment
The machine provides 3-pin XLR connectors for DMX connection. The diagram below
indicates pin assignment information.
DMX Operation
Making the DMX Connection – Connect machine to a DMX controller or to one of the
machines in the DMX chain. The machine uses an 3-pin XLR connector for DMX connection,
the connector is located on the rear of the machine.
Address Setup – Use the DIP switch located on the rear of the machine to set the DMX
address. The machine occupies 1 control channels. The starting address is defined as the
first channel from which the machine will respond to the controller. Always double check to
make sure there are no overlapping channles in order to control the machine correctly.
DMX Channel Function
Channel 1
DMX Value Range
Fog Off
5 – 255
Output 1-100%
Z-3 Remote Control Operation (Optional)
To operate the machine by remote control, connect the remote to the microphone jack
located on the rear of machine. Use the switch to turn fog on/off, and use the rotary knob to
adjust the output volume from 0~100%.
WTR-20 Wireless Operation (Optional)
Wireless remote control system W-2 consists of a transmitter equipped with four buttons to
activate, deactivate, increase and decrease fog output and an onboard receiver attached to the
rear panel of FT-20 fog machine.
W-2 Wireless Transmitter
Press [A] button to emit fog.
Press [B] button to stop.
Press [C] button to increase output volume.
Press [D] button to decrease output volume.
In a free open space the effective distance is 50 meters, actual usage depending on obstacle
level the effective distance is 10-25 meters.
Wireless Receiver
Registering a transmitter
Transmitters can be paired or deleted from the receiver. Each receiver can pair up to 5
transmitters. Follow the steps below to pair or delete a transmitter from a receiver.
To Pair
Step 1: Put Dip switch 11 to ON position
Step 1: LED indicator will start blinking, press and hold [A] to pair
Step 2: Once pairing complete LED indicator will be constant on for 3 seconds
Step 3: Put Dip switch 11 back to OFF position to start operation.
To Delete
Step 1: Put Dip switch 10 to ON position
Step 2: LED indicator will start blinking, press and hold [A] to delete
Step 3: Delete process will take approximately 10 seconds
Step 2: Once deleting is completed LED indicator will be constant on for 3 seconds
Step 3: Put Dip switch 10 back to OFF position to start operation
Transmitter battery replacement
If the effective distance seems to decrease, it is possible the battery level is low and requires
replacement. In order to replace the battery, undo the three screws on the back of
transmitter to release the cover. Replace with same type and specification of battery which is
27A 12V
Only use Antari FLM water-based liquid for the FT-20 Fire Training Fog
Machine. The machine is tested and calibrated with this liquid to get
the best output performance. Warranty will be void if any other type of
liquid is used, improper use of liquid may lead to machine failure and
Service and Maintenance
Do not allow the machine to become contaminated.
Remove dust from air vents with air compressor, vacuum or a soft brush.
Only use a damp cloth to clean the casing.
Before storing run distilled water through the system to help avoid condensing the pump
or heater.
It is recommended to run the machine on a monthly basis in order to achieve best
performance and output condition.
Excessive dust, liquid and dirt built up will degrade performance and cause overheating.
LED Status Indicator
LED Indicator
Constant on
Producing fog
Slow flash
Producing fog via DMX
Alternate quick and slow flash
Low battery
Quick flash
Machine error
Fast flash
Technical Specifications
DC 12V (Battery)
AC 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz (Battery Charger)
Warm-up time
1 sec
Max. operating time
11 min. at 100% output with battery
Fluid tank capacity
0.4 L
Fluid consumption
16 ml/min
Compatible fluid
Antari FLM water-based fluid
Control option
DMX 512
Wireless remote (optional)
Cable remote (optional)
DMX channels
1 channel
DMX data connection
3-pin XLR
Optional accessories
WTR-20 Wireless remote
Z-3 Remote
FT-20S Power Base
L 293 x W 108 x H 238 mm
Dry weight
8.53 kg