VOIP3211S/05 Philips Internet/DECT phone

Internet/DECT phone
Call for free
With the VOIP 321 you can make free Skype calls as well as normal landline calls. You
can make and receive calls on both networks from a single handset, and you can see who
is online without going to the PC, just by looking at the display.
Use Skype freely
• Free calls worldwide
• Direct Skype key to access your contacts list
• Skype conference calls with several friends
Universal telephone
• Make or receive calls via Skype
• Make or receive calls via landline
Use Skype easily
• Low-rate call cost on standard phone numbers via SkypeOut
• Skype contacts list accessible anywhere at home
• As easy to use as a standard cordless phone
Internet/DECT phone
• Call Management: Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call on
Hold, Message Waiting, Call Transfer
• Handset Keys: Line, Dialling keypad, Phonebook,
Call log, Redial, Skype, Loudspeaker
• Base Station keys: Paging key
• User Interface: Skype on LED
• Backlit keypad: Yes (Amber)
• Speakerphone-Talk hands-free
• Backlight colour: Amber
System Requirements
• USB: Free USB port
• Processor: Pentium-based PC with 400 MHz CPU
or better
• RAM memory: 128 MB
• Hard disk space: 30 MB or more
• Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP,
Microsoft Windows 2000
• Internet connection: 33.6 kbps or faster
(Broadband preferred)
• CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive
Memory Capacity
• Call log entries: 15 missed & 5 received
• Redial List Capacity: 10 calls
• Phonebook: 50 names and numbers
• Handset Volume Control: 5-level earpiece and
loudspeaker volume control
• Ringer type: polyphonic
• Number of melodies: 10
• Ring profiles: Landline/Internet distinction,
• Mains power: Charger: 230VAC to 9V/150 mA Base: 230VAC to 9V/300 mA
• Power LED indicator: Green
• Battery type: AAA NiMH
• Number of batteries: 2
• Talk time: 10 hours
• Standby time: > 100 hours
• Radio RF power: <250 mW
Technical specifications
Softphone compatibility
• Display contacts list status
• Edit user status on the phone
• Direct call from contacts list
• Relative humidity range: Operation & Storage: Up
to 95% at 40°C
• Temperature measurement range: Operation: 0 to
+50°C Storage: -25°C to +70°C
• EMC standards: EN 301489-1 and EN 301489-17
• Safety standards: EN 60950
• Complies with: EN 300176 (radio)
VoIP Client Compatibility
Package contents
• Fully Integrated with Skype
• PC Functionality: Use all PC functions to establish
your phone calls
USB Compatibility
• Speed: Full 12 Mbps
• USB Specification: USB 1.1 specification
Power supply: 2
Analogue line cable
Quick start guide
Issue date 2009-05-31
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Free calls worldwide
Use your VOIP phone to call via Skype wherever you
are. With Skype you can enjoy making free calls all
over the world to any other Skype users. Skype and
SkypeOut are trademarks of Skype Limited.
Direct Skype key
With a single press of the Skype key, you can access
your Skype contacts list directly. The list of users
currently logged on to Skype is displayed and you can
see their online status. This Skype key also enables
you to take the line (once the contact is selected)
and to make a Skype call (Skype & SkypeOut).
Universal telephone
This dual phone enables you to make calls via the
Internet and/or** via a normal landline with the
mobility, voice quality & ease of use of a cordless
phone. ** If you have two handsets, you can make an
Internet call while the other handset makes a landline
Low call cost via SkypeOut
SkypeOut is a low-cost way to make calls from Skype
to friends who still use a traditional landline or
mobile phone. Skype and SkypeOut are trademarks
of Skype Limited. Windows XP/2000 through
Broadband. PC should be switched on and Skype
Skype contacts list anywhere
Enjoy making free calls over the Internet without
sitting in front of your computer. You can see your
Skype contacts list directly on your handset.