Miraclean - the environmentally friendly writing board cleaning

Miraclean - the environmentally friendly writing board cleaning system
Miraclean system
The Miracle System cleans your writing board in depth.
With just plain water!
Miraclean Cleaning System
Eraser, Silver
Miraclean surfaces, 5-pack
Miraclean Spray bottle
Clean the writing board
with just water!
Miraclean - the environmentally friendly cleaning
system for whiteboards. Pencil, eraser and water is all
that is needed for a perfect result.
The pen is without unnecessary solvents, completely
Xylen free, odourless and quick drying.
Under this heading there are standard accessories for
writing boards, flip charts, etc. Other accessories can
be found under the respective product range.
AA 16310
AA 16010
AA 16066
AA 16022
Starting kit - Writing Board
Starting kit - Big
An easy way to always be completely equipped and
ready to work with your writing board in the meeting
Starting kit - for writing board. Complete with flip chart
Eco friendly pen for writing board and flip charts. The
cap is designed according to BS 7272-2: 2000 and
ISO 11540: 1993. For best function use Miraclean
cleaning system.
Magnets for different applications.
Starting kit - Writing Board
Pens, 4-pack, 4 colours
Pen holder universal
Board eraser, Silver
Miraclean surfaces, 5-pack
Telescopic pointer
Miraclean Spray bottle
Magnets, 10-pack
AA 16300
AA 20020
AA 16021
AA 16010
AA 16066
AA 16110
AA 16022
AA 16090
Starting kit - Big
Starting kit - Writing Board
Flip chart pads 5-pack
AA 16320
For glass enamel writing boards:
4-pack, 4 colours
10-pack, Black
10-pack, Blue
10-pack, Red
10-pack, Green
100-pack, of any of the above colours
For glass writing boards:
10-pack, White
AA 16300
AA 16105
AA 20020
AA 20021
AA 20022
AA 20023
AA 20024
AA 20025
A 20026
X-Line magnets - extra powerful magnet for AV
rails with magnetic paper holder:
White, 10-pack
A 16083
Grey, 10-pack
A 16084
Blue, 10-pack
A 16086
Writing board magnets:
Green, 10-pack
AA 16087
Yellow, 10-pack
AA 16088
Red, 10-pack
AA 16089
Blue, 10-pack
AA 16090
Small magnets:
Blue, 10-pack
AA 16096
Green, 10-pack
AA 16097
Yellow, 10-pack
AA 16098
Red, 10-pack
AA 16099
Hook magnets - Extra powerful magnets for
suspension of accessories such as pointer,
slanting of projection etc.
Small hook magnet
A 16091
Large hook magnet
A 16092
Flip Chart pads
AV rail - Hooks and Clamps
Accessory parking
Pen shelf
Our paper is processed and fitted with standard holes.
Weight: 50 gr / sheet. Size: 550x750mm.
Hooks and clamps that fit our AV rails. For more
information, see section AV Rail Systems
The pen shelf is attached with magnets on the writing
board or on the back of the accessory parking.
Flip Chart pad, 1 pc.
Flip Chart pads, 5 pcs.
Flip Chart pads, pallet (270 pcs.)
Hook, 1 styck
Clamp, 1 styck
The accessory parking is the place for your
accessories if you have a glass board or wallpaper
writing board. Nicely designed to keep the wall clean.
The picture is completed with pen tray, pens and
A 16106
A 16105
A 16107
A 11015
A 11020
Accessory parking
A 16055
Pen shelf
A 16050
Pen holder
The universal pen holder is attached with the
integrated magnets directly to the writing board or can
be screwed to the back of the flip chart pad stand,
directly on the wall, etc.
Pen holder - Universal
A 16021
The Miraclean system is not just a perfect way to
clean the writing boards. It’s also the best way to
take care of touch screens that get very dirty with
fingerprints over time.
Make the touch screen as new again by moving a
slightly moistened Miraclean in small circles over the