ZC-DNT8312NHA-IR Manual
ZC-DT8312NHA-IR(Digital DN)
* Unscrew the 4 fixing screws with the L-type tool provided before removing the Top
Cover to open the unit for adjustments. Once adjusted, fix the dome cover to the Bottom
Cover until it seals tightly using the 4 fixing screws, and refrain from opening and closing
frequently to ensure the best water-proof and condensation free performance.
1. Bottom Cover
2. Top Cover
3. Video Output Connector
4. Power Input Jack
5. Elastic Band for Easy installation
6. Middle Cover
7. Focus and View Angle Adjust Lever
8. Service Jack Socket
10. DC Iris Level Adjustment Volume
11. Breakable hole for UTP Cable
12. Breakable 4 Holes for Gang box
- 1/3” SONY Super HAD-II CCD
- Single Model for Surface/In-ceiling Mount
- True or Digital Day/Night Models
- Built-in”COMPUTAR ” 3.3~12mm Varifocal Lens
- 12VDC or 24VAC operation, auto-sensing
- Photocell Activate IR Lights at Night
- IP67 rating for all weather performance
- Back Light Compensation
- Low Power consumption
- Dip SW control
1. UTP Board
2. Pendant Mount
3. Mounting Adaptor Ring
4. Lens Variations
(Please contact your dealers for more details)
Digital Day & Night
True Day & Night
Thank you for your purchase of this product. Before operating the product, please read this instruction manual
carefully to ensure proper use of the product. Please store this instruction manual in a safe place for future
TV System
Scanning System
2 : 1 Interlace
Image Sensor
1/3” Type Inter line transfer CCD(Sony HAD II CCD)
Effective Elements
768(H) x 494(V)
Scanning Frequency
15.734kHz(H) x 59.94Hz(V)
Video Output
Horizontal Resolution
Minimum Illumination
High resolution
S/N Ratio
More than 50dB(at minimum AGC gain)
Gamma Characteristic
Sync. System
Internal only
Electronic Shutter
White Balance
1/60 sec.(FL OFF), 1/100sec.(FL ON)
Power Supply
AC24V±10% 60Hz±1Hz, DC12V±10%
5.5 Watt(AC24V), 6.2 Watt(DC12V)
This symbol indicates that there is a possibility of death or damage to operator or others.
To prevent fire or electric shock, do not expose this product to rain or moisture.
This symbol indicates that there is a possibility of injury or damage to equipment.
Ambient Temperature
Operation : -10°C to +50°C / Storage : -20°C to +60°C
Ambient Humidity
Operation : Max. 85%RH / Storage : Max. 95%RH
148mm (W) X 128 mm (H)
Approx. 1kg
Adjustment Volumes
DC Iris Adjustment
The installation should be made by a qualified service person and should conform to all local codes.
More than 540 TVL
0lx (B/W Mode/LED On)
Digital or True Day/ Night
External Dimensions
4P Dip Switches(ELC/ALC , AGC, BLC ,FL )
Self-tapping Screw : 3ea, Template : 1ea, Instruction Manual : 1ea,
Wrench : 1ea, Additional Power Connector: 1ea, SMO cable : 1ea
Lens Specifications
Focal length
Aperture Ratio
View angle
89.80 ~ 23.90
※The specifications and/or appearance of the product may change without a prior notice
The CE Marking is a Directive Conformity mark of the European Union(EU)
Surface mount
Flush mount
(embedding in ceiling or wall)
* Mounting
Adaptor Ring
CONNECTING the cables
1. Direction and Lens
The camera body is set in a tri-axial mounting allowing movement in the
pan, tilt and rotational planes.
1) Adjust the direction of the lens so it faces the subject
2) Move the lever to adjust focus and angle of view
3) When you finished adjusting the direction of the lens, tighten the locking
screw with a screwdriver.
Connect the power and video cables
Connect the video cable from the monitor and the coaxial video cable attached to
the camera body
In case of using DC 12V, connect DC jack from camera with power supply
(CLASS 2 ONLY) If necessary, after connecting DC jack from Camera
to “ Additional power connector(Accessory)” connect it with power supply.
In case of using AC 24V, after connecting DC jack from camera to
“Additional power connector(accessory)” connect it with power supply
* Camera Unit
Specification below is recommended as an Output rated capacity of Power supply
that is connected to camera
(Attaching to a gang box)
* Use the elastic band to
hang the camera unit
upon necessity for the
the lens is leaned toward ceiling or wall
to view through the circled vertical area
and the effect may depending on the
view angles.
It is not recommended to view through the circledd vertical
area especiallly witth LED light trurned on as the picture
image is subject to a LED light reflection.
Since these image deterionration is normal, installers are
encouraged to check the image under LED-ON environment
at the time of installation in order to avoid unexpected image
Please use fixing screws suitable for the material of the ceiling or wall when
attaching the camera body. The mounting screws provided are not recommended
to use at a conditionns.
2. Dip Switch Mode
1 2
3 4
* Flush mount
- Attaching to gangbox
1. Remove the surface mount cover from the camera body.
2. Attaching the camera body : Attach the camera body to the gangbox.
Please use screws that are suitable for the gang box.
(Use breakable holes on the camera body bottom)
Be sure to check that the cables are connected correctly before turning on
the power.
Turning on the power when the cables are connected with incorrect polarity
may damage the camera .
* Surface mount
- Embedding in the ceiling or wall
Be sure to use the Mouting Adaptor Ring when embedding the unit in the ceiling or wall
1. Drilling holes in the ceiling or wall : Use the template included to mark out
the position on the ceiling or wall where you want to install the unit.* Use the template,
drill 4 holes for screw used to attache the Mounting Adaptor Ring. Then, follow the
perforations on the template and cut out a hole to embed the camera body.
2. Attaching the Mounting Adaptor ring : Attach the adaptor ring to the ceiling or wall to
which you want to attach the camera body. Please use fixing screws suitable for the
material of the ceiling or wall when attaching the camera body. We recommend using
screws with a 4mm diameter.
3. Attaching the camera body : Remove the surface mount cover from the camera
body. Remove the body cover and attached camera body to the Mounting Adapter Ring.
12V DC±10%
24V AC±10%
The picture image may deteriorate when
WARNING : Do not
release your hands
from the camera
unit until securing it.
This section explains how to install the unit where cables are running through the
interior of the ceiling or wall.
1. Drilling holes in the ceiling or wall: Use the template included to mark out the
position on the ceiling or wall where you want to install the unit.
2. When running cables through the interior of the ceiling or wall : Use the template,
and drill two or three holes for screws used to attach the camera body and one hole
for the cables (Cables).
Input power
12V DC
24V AC
(Auto Gain Control)
BLC (Back Light
FL (Flicker less)
Easy back focus adjustment to maximize the best focusing(refer to attention 1 below)
Factory set position
Depending on Video signal, Gain is controlled automatically(Factory set position)
Apply when adjusting the DC Iris Level
Select this position when a strong light is in the back ground.
Factory set position
Shutter speed to be fixed at 1/100.(NTSC) 1/120(PAL)(refer to below Attention 2 below)
(Factory set * Caution : Never set to ON" in ordinary locations except special mode
position) location like Tokyo area in Japan etc.
☞Attention 1
ELC Mode : This mode helps make the focus adjustment easier in the field of
installation. Simply conduct the adjustment in the order of:
- Select ELC mode -Adjust lens focus well - After adjusting, select ALC mode.
* Caution: Never leave ELC ON. Ensure to return to ALC mode after making focus
☞Attention 2
Setting the Flickerless function to "ON" under low light conditions may reduce the
Disposal of your old appliance
1. When this crossed-out wheeled bin symbol is attached to a product it means the products covered by the European
Directive 2002/96/EC. 2. All electrical and electronic products should be disposed of separately from the municipal waste
stream via designated collection facilities appointed by the government or the local authorities. 3. The correct disposal of
your old appliance will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health. 4. For more
detailed information
About disposal of your old appliance, please contact your city office, waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the product.
Élimination de votre ancien appareil
1. Ce symbole, représentant une poubelle sur roulettes barrée d'une croix, signifie que le produit est couvert par la directive européenne
2002/96/EC. 2. Tous les produits électriques et électroniques doivent être éliminés séparément de la chaîne de collecte municipale des
ordures, par l’ intermédiaire des installations de collecte prescrites et désignées par le gouvernement ou les autorités locales. 3. Une
élimination conforme aux instructions aidera à réduire les conséquences negatives et risques éventuels pour ironnement et la santé
humaine. 4. Pour plus d'informations concernant l'élimination de votre ancien appareil, veuillez contacter votre mairie, le service des
ordures ménagères ou encore le magasin où vous avez acheté ce produit.
Entsorgung von Altgeräten
1. Wenn dieses Symbol eines durchgestrichenen Abfalleimers auf einem Produkt angebracht ist, unterliegt dieses Produkt der
europäischen Richtlinie 2002/96/EC. 2. Alle Elektro- und Elektronik-Altgeräte müssen getrennt vom Hausmüll über die dafür staatlich
vorgesehenen Stellen entsorgt werden. 3. Mit der ordnungsgemäßen Entsorgung des alten Geräts vermeiden Sie Umweltschäden und
eine Gefährdung der rsönlichen Gesundheit. 4. Weitere Informationen zur Entsorgung des alten Geräts erhalten Sie bei der Stadtverwaltung, beim Entsorgungsamt oder in dem Geschäft, wo Sie das Produkt erworben haben.
1. Quando il simbolo del “Cassonetto Barrato” è apposto su un prodotto, significa che lo stesso può ricadere nei termini previsti dalla
Direttiva Europea nr. 2002/96/EC in funzione dell’attuazione definita dalla Legislazione dei singoli stati membri dell’Unione Europea. 2.
Tutti i prodotti elettrici ed elettronici dovrebbero essere smaltiti separatamente dai rifiuti municipali, tramite appositi ontenitori, approvati
dall’Amministrazione Comunale o dalle Autorità Locali.
3. Il corretto smaltimento delle vostre vecchie apparecchiature, contribuirà a prevenire possibili conseguenze di impatto egativo sull’
ambiente e per la salute dell’uomo. 4. Per maggiori informazioni circa lo smaltimento delle vostre vecchie apparecchiature, siete pregati di
contattare l’ufficio municipale della vostra città, il servizio di smaltimento rifiuti o il punto vendita nel quale avete acquistato il prodotto.
Utylizacja starych urządzeń
1. Kiedy do produktu dołączony jest niniejszy przekreślony symbol kołowego pojemnika na śmieci, oznacza to, że produkt jest objęty
europejską dyrektywą 2002/96/EC. 2. Wszystkie elektryczne i elektroniczne produkty powinny być utylizowane niezależnie od odpadów
miejskich, zwykorzystaniem przeznaczonych do tego miejsc składowaniawskazanych przez rząd lub miejscowe władze. 3. Właściwy
sposób utylizacji starego urządzenia pomoże zapobiec potencjalnie negatywnemu wpływowi na zdrowie i środowisko. 4. Aby uzyskać
więcej informacji o sposobach utylizacji starych urządzeń, należy skontaktować się z władzami lokalnymi, przedsiębiorstwem zajmującym
się utylizacją odpadów lub sklepem, w którym produkt zostałkupiony.
Eliminação do seu antigo aparelho
1. Quando este símbolo de latão cruzado estiver afixado a um produto, significa que o produto é abrangido pela Directiva Europeia
002/96/EC. 2. Todos os produtos eléctricos e electrónicos devem ser eliminados separadamente da coleta de lixo municipal através de
pontos de recolha designados, facilitados pelo governo ou autoridades locais. 3. A eliminação correcta do seu aparelho antigo ajuda a
evitar potenciais onsequências negativas para o ambiente e para a saúde humana. 4. Para obter informaçõs mais detalhadas acerca da
eliminação do seu aparelho antigo, contacte as autoridades locais, um service de eliminação de resíduos ou a loja onde comprou o
Cómo deshacerse de aparatos eléctricos y electrónicos viejos
1. Si en un producto aparece el símbolo de un contenedor de basura tachado, significa que éste se acoge a la Directiva 2002/96/EC.2.
Todos los aparatos eléctricos o electrónicos se deben desechar de forma distinta del servicio municipal de recogida de basura, a través
de puntos de recogida designados por el gobierno o las autoridades locales. 3. La correcta recogida y tratamiento de los dispositivos
inservibles contribuye a evitar riesgos potenciales para el medio ambiente y la salud pública. 4. Para obtener más información sobre
cómo deshacerse de sus aparatos eléctricos y electrónicos viejos, póngase en contacto con su ayuntamiento, el servicio de recogida de
basuras o el establecimiento donde adquirió el producto.
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