Asus | G74SX | Asus G74 G74Sx disassembly

Asus G74 G74Sx disassembly
In this guide we will show you how to disassemble the Asus G74Sx notebook.
You can use this to repair or modify Asus G74Sx laptop. Though this disassembly guide is
not fully complete we are here to help.
Be careful when removing ribbons and cables and panels. They all have ribbon
locks. Locks must be open when removing ribbons.
Be careful when removing cables. Pulling by the wire may
the wire or pulling out the leads. It is good practice to
connector first gently.
result in breaking
loosen the plastic
The best way to remove the hinge cover is to simple use your hands, no tool
is required. It simply flips over towards the back.
Removing the top cover is the hardest part here. It will not want to come
off. The best way to do this is to pull up from the middle while spreading with
finger nails on the sides from top to bottom. The left and right side has 4
clips on each side. In order to remove the panel without breaking the clips you
have to pull up on the panel while spreading very slightly the gap between the
top cover and the bottom. The gap between the covers runs from the top to bottom
on the far left and right on the top cover.
Once the top cover is off there are still 5 cables connected to the top side
of the mainboard. These need to be removed. The pictures below show you how to
remove parts of the top cover. This does not need to be done if you are just
trying to get to the G74Sx motherboard.
It is important to remember the cables positions, how many and the positions
of the tape. The tape will need to be reused. it is good practice to use a
tweezers instead of fingers as they can leave oils.
Here comes the tricky part. Removing the main board is not easy. Makes sure
to disconnect the 2 fan cables. Also remove the black vinyl tape that is
covering the top part of the fans and the bottom of the radiator. This will
later be reused. The battery charging pins are blocked by a piece of plastic.
Flipping over the motherboard is easier said than done. The radiator is jammed
between the rear exhaust and the fans. To loosen it you physically have to push
back the plastic behind the radiator while pushing back the plastic on the far
right to allow the motherboard to flip over from the right side up. At this
point all cables on the top side of the motherboard should be out of the way and
3 screws shown in the below pictures out. While prying the plastic on the far
right and pushing the plastic on the top covering the radiator exhaust you need
to flip the motherboard over from the right side. The USB ports and other ports
must have clearance in order to move. This means the plastic must be pushed back
roughly a quarter inch. The plastic behind the radiators also must be pushed out
roughly a quarter inch.
You do not have to fully dismount the motherboard. You can improvise a way to
simply flip the board over inside the chassis and gently work on it without
removing the motherboard.
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