HD5405/60 Philips Coffee maker
Philips Café Gourmet
Coffee maker
• With glass jug
• Boil and brew system
• Black
Designed to brew the best tasting filter coffee
Superior Boil & Brew system
This elegant Philips coffeemaker allows you to enjoy a rich aroma and a full flavor thanks
to its unique Boil & Brew system.
Great taste and aroma
• Boil & Brew system for ultimate aroma and taste
Easy to experience
• Drip stop to pour a cup of coffee whenever you like
• Swing filter holder for easy filling of coffee
• LED power switch lights up when the coffee maker is switched
• Cable storage for easy placement in your kitchen
• Dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleaning
Coffee maker
With glass jug Boil and brew system, Black
Ultimate taste and aroma
• Boil and brew system
Good filter coffee made easily
• Water level indication
General specifications
• Boil and brew system
• Ease of cleaning & maintenance: Dishwasher-safe
• Unique design architecture
• Illuminated power switch
• Dishwasher proof swing filter and jug
• Drip-stop
• Non slip feet
• Translucent water tank
Technical specifications
Power: 1300 W
Voltage: 220/240 V
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Cord length: 0.88 m
Brewing time: 11 minute(s)
Capacity: 1.0/8-12 Litres / cups
Boil & Brew
Design specifications
• Bowl, cover, pusher: Plastic (polypropylene),
chromium plated steel, glass jug
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 210*210*490 mm
• Weight (incl. packaging): 3 kg
• Weight appliance: 2.3 kg
• Color(s): Black/chrome
• Jug: HD7919
• Supported coffee types: Ground coffee
The Philips coffeemaker has a unique Boil & Brew
system. Water is boiled first and then flows through
ground coffee. Thanks to high brewing temperature
reaching 93°C or higher, this ensures the richest
flavor and superior aroma for your filter coffee.
Drip stop
The drip stop allows you to pour a cup of coffee
before the full brewing cycle is finished.
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