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Safety and warning information.........2
Installing your new appliance............8
Description of the appliance............12
Display controls...............................13
Using your appliance.......................17
Cleaning and care...........................21
Helpful hints and tips.......................23
Disposal of the appliance................27
This appliance is produced in accordance with the following EU
guidelines: 2 014/35/EU, 2 014/30/EU, 2009/125/EC,
EC.643/2009 and 2002/96/EC.
Safety and warning information
For your safety, before installing
and first using the appliance,
read this user manual carefully,
including its hints and warnings.
To avoid unnecessary mistakes
and accidents, it is important to
make sure that all people using
the appliance are thoroughly
familiar with its operation and
safety features. Save these
instructions and be sure that
they remain with the appliance if
it is moved or sold, so that
anyone using it, throughout its
life, will be properly informed on
its usage and safety notices.
For the safety of life and
property, keep the warnings
contained within these user's
instructions as the manufacturer
is not responsible for damages
caused by omission.
Safety for children and
others who are vulnerable
This appliance can be used
by children aged from 8 years
and above and persons with
reduced physical, sensory or
mental capabilities or lack of
experience and knowledge if
they have been given
supervision or instruction
concerning use of the
appliance in a safe way and
understand the hazards
involved. Children shall not
play with the appliance.
Cleaning and user
maintenance should not be
carried out by children without
Keep all packaging away
from children as there is risk of
If you are discarding the
appliance, pull the plug out of
the socket, cut the connection
cable (as close to the appliance
as you can) and remove the
door to prevent children playing
from suffering an electric shock
or from closing themselves
inside the unit.
General safety
appliance is intended
to be used to be used in
domestic households and not
intended for use in retail or
commercial environments;
WARNING — The water
supply line should only be
connected to a potable water
WARNING — Do not store
explosive substances such as
aerosol cans with a flammable
propellant in this appliance.
WARNING — If the supply
cord is damaged, it must be
replaced by a qualified
electrician in order to avoid the
risk of electric shock.
ventilation openings, in the
appliance enclosure or in any
built-in structure clear of
WARNING — Do not use
mechanical devices or other
means to accelerate the
defrosting process, other than
those recommended by the
WARNING — Do not damage
the refrigerant circuit.
WARNING — Do not use
electrical appliances inside the
food storage compartments of
the appliance, unless they are
of the type recommended by
the manufacturer.
WARNING — The refrigerant
and insulation are flammable.
When disposing of the
appliance, do so only at an
authorized waste disposal
center. Do not expose to flame.
The refrigerant isobutene
(R600a) is contained within the
refrigerant circuit of the
appliance. This is a natural gas
with a high level of
environmental compatibility,
which is nevertheless
flammable. During
transportation and installation
of the appliance, ensure that
none of the components of the
refrigerant circuit becomes
damaged. The refrigerant
(R600a) is flammable.
If the refrigerant circuit is
3. Make sure that you can
access the main plug of the
4. Do not pull the main cable.
5. If your wall socket is loose,
do not insert the power plug.
There is a risk of electric shock
or fire.
6. You must not operate the
appliance without the interior
lighting lamp cover.
-Avoid naked flames and
sources of ignition.
-Thoroughly ventilate the room
in which the appliance is
situated. It is dangerous to alter
specifications or modify this
product in any way. Any
damage to the cord may cause
a shortcircuit, fire, and/or
electric shock.
7. The fridge should only be
supplied with single phase
alternating current of
220~240V/50Hz. If the supply
fluctuates outside this range an
automatic A.C. voltage
regulator of more than 350W
should be used. The fridge
should be plugged into an
adequately earthed supply.
Caution:risk of fire
Electrical safety
1. The power cord must not be
2. Make sure that the power
plug is not crushed or
damaged. A crushed or
damaged power plug may
overheat and cause a fire.
Daily use
Do not store flammable gas
or liquids in the appliance,
There is a risk of an explosion.
Do not operate any electrical
appliances in the appliance
(e.g. electric ice cream makers,
mixers etc.).
When unplugging always pull
the plug from the mains socket.
Do not pull on the cable.
Do not place hot items near
the plastic components of this
Do not place food products
directly against the air outlet on
the rear wall.
Store pre-packed frozen food
in accordance with the frozen
food manufacture’s instructions.
The manufactures storage
recommendations should be
strictly adhered to. Refer to
relevant instructions for
Do not place carbonated or
fizzy drinks in the freezer
compartment as it creates
pressure on the container,
which may cause it to explode,
resulting in damage to the
Do not place food directly
against the air outlet on the rear
wall cause it to explode,
resulting in damage to the
Frozen food can cause frost
burns if consumed straight from
the freezer compartment.
Do not place the appliance in
direct sunlight.
Keep burning candles, lamps
and other items with naked
flames away from the
The appliance is only
intended for keeping food stuff
and/or beverages for normal
household consumption as
explained in this instruction
The appliance is heavy. Care
should be taken when moving it
Do not remove nor touch
items from the freezer
compartment if your hands are
damp/wet, as this could cause
skin abrasions or frost/freezer
Never use the base, drawers,
doors etc. to stand on or as
Frozen food must not be
refrozen once it has been
thawed out.
To avoid items falling and
causing injury or damage to the
appliance, do not overload the
door racks or put too much food
in the crisper drawers.
Care and cleaning
Before performing
maintenance, switch off the
appliance and disconnect the
mains plug from the mains
Do not clean the appliance
with metal objects, steam
cleaner, ethereal oils, organic
solvents or abrasive cleansers.
Do not use sharp objects to
remove frost from the
appliance. Use a plastic
Installation Important!
For electrical connection
carefully, follow the instructions
given in this manual.
Unpack the appliance and
check for damage. Do not
connect the appliance if it is
damaged. Report possible
damage immediately to your
retailer. In this case retain
It is advisable to wait at least
four hours before connecting
the appliance to avoid
damaging the compressor.
Adequate air circulation
should be provided around the
appliance. To achieve sufficient
ventilation, please follow the
instructions relevant to
Wherever possible the back
of the product should not be too
close flammable materials as
some components are hot in
normal operation.
The appliance must not be
locate close to radiators or
Make sure that the mains
plug is accessible following
installation of the appliance.
This product must be serviced
by an authorized Service
Center or Service Agent, and
only genuine spare parts must
be used.
Installing your new appliance
908 417.5
600 1142.5
≥7 5
≥1 0 0
≥1 0 0
Ventilation of appliance
In order to improve efficiency of
the cooling system and save
energy, it is necessary to maintain
good ventilation around the appliance
for the dissipation of heat. For this
reason, sufficient clear space should
be available around the refrigerator.
Suggest: It is advisable for there to
be 75mm of space from the back to
the wall, at least 100mm from its top,
at least 100mm from its side to the
wall and a clear space upfront to allow
the freezer door to open 130°and the
refrigerator door to open 140°. See
in follow diagrams. Please refer to the
diagrams below.
Relevant information (mm)
Before using the appliance for the first
time, you should be aware of the
following tips.
This appliance performs well in the
climate class from SN to T. It may not
work properly if being left at a
temperature above or below the
indicated range for a long period.
Stand your appliance in a dry place
to avoid high moisture damage.
Keep the appliance out of direct
sunlight, rain or frost. Stand the
appliance away from heat sources
such as stoves, fires or heaters.
Leveling of appliance
For sufficient leveling and air
circulating in the lower rear section of
the appliance, the bottom feet may
need to be adjusted. Please use a
suitable spanner.
To allow the doors to self-close, tilt
back the top backwards at about
15mm or 0.5°by turning the
adjustable feet.
Whenever you want to move the
appliance, remember to turn the feet
back up, so that the appliance can roll
freely. Reinstall the appliance when
For proper installation, this refrigerator
must be placed on a level surface of
hard material that is the same height
as the rest of the flooring. This surface
should be strong enough to support a
fully loaded refrigerator.
The rollers, which are not castors,
should be only used for forward or
backward movement. Moving the
refrigerator sideways may damage
your floor and the rollers.
adjustable bottom feet
adjustable bottom feet
Fixing the handle
Before you use the product, please
check the handle of the refrigerator. If
the handle is loose, you should fix it
with the hexangular screwdriver in the
clockwise direction, then it can be
used normally.
Installing the water lines and filter
Installing the water filter
To fit the water filter, follow the
installing steps below.
First, take out the water filter and
water lines from the fridge room.
Second, determine the location to
mount the external filter. (Note: The
water filter should be mount on the
wall where it is convenient to be
replaced, and do not mount on the
wall behind the refrigerator.)
Third, determine the distance
between the filter and the tap, and the
distance from the filter to the fridge.
Prepare lines as required lengths.
(Cut the proper lengths of water lines
which you determine to connect with
the filter inlet or outlet.)
Fourth, mount the filter holder onto
the wall by using a screwdriver and
attach the water filter.
Filter Holder
The line length should be less than
5m. If the water line is too long(>5m),
the ice and cold water content may be
affected due to insufficient water
Cut the water line as required length
and avoid overbending the water
It is recommended to have a
suitably qualified person to install the
The water filter must be held upright
as shown in the figure above. It is
critical to connect the water inlet and
outlet hoses on the filter correctly.
Never mount the filter onto the
refrigerator. Coolant pipes might be
Installing the water lines of the filter
To install the water lines of the filter,
follow the instructions of installing
steps below that referring to the
figures supplied.
Filter Holder
The water lines must be fully
inserted into the filter to prevent water
First, take the 2 clips out, then pull out
the 2 stopper of the water filter.
Water Filter
Second, fully insert the water lines
into the Inlet and Outlet of the water
Water line
Water line
After installed the filter, please open
the water valve to flush the filter for 5
minutes before use.
Water Filter
Third, insert the 2 clips in the proper
position as the figure shown below,
and confirm that each clip holds the
water line firmly.
Water line
Water line
Connecting the filter inlet line to
the water supplier
The connector and the check valve is
provided as one part. You should use
the new connector incidentally but not
the old one you have.
Screw the adaptor onto a suitable 3/4”
BSP connector water outlet, and use
the spanner to tighten it. Fully insert
the water line into the check valve.
Then insert the clip in the install pack
as the figure shown below.
Water valve
The initial dark discoloration of
water is normal.
The water lines must be connected
with the potable water only.
To operate properly, the ice maker
requires a water pressure of 207~689
Connect filter outlet line to the fridge
The outlet line of the water filter
should be connected with the inlet line
of the refrigerator by a Two-Way
The water lines must be fully inserted
into the center of the connector to
prevent water leaking.
Insert the 2 clips in the install pack as
shown in the diagram, and then
confirm that each clip holds the line
Water line
Water line
Check valve
Filter inlet line
Open the water valve to flush the
lines, and check leakage in the water
connectors. If any leak, please check
that if the lines are fully inserted
where the connector leaked. If not,
please install them again, and make
sure that the lines are fully inserted.
After connect the filter outlet line
with the refrigerator(as shown in the
diagram below), please dispense
several cups of water to flush the lines
before use.
The water lines should not be
pressed by heavy things and should
not bend too much.
After turning on the water valve,
make sure that there is no leakage at
all connection points of the water
lines. If there is a leakage, turn off the
valve immediately and tighten the
water connector or make the lines
fully inserted into the connector.
Description of the appliance
View of the appliance
1. Freezer zone LED light
2. Ice-Maker Front Cover Assembly
3. Ice Bucket Assembly
4. Wind channel cover in freezer
5. Freezer shelf
6. Freezer door Rack
7. Freezer upper drawer
8. Freezer lower drawer
9. Left adjustable bottom feet
10. Fridge zone LED light
11. Adjustable odor equipment
12. Fridge door Rack
13. Wind channel cover in fridge
14. Fridge shelf
15. Bottle Rack
16. Fridge upper drawer
17. Fridge lower drawer
18. Right adjustable bottom feet
Note: Due to constant development of our products, your refrigerator may be
slightly different from this Instruction Manual, but its functions and usage
remain the same.
Display controls
Use your appliance according to the following control guidelines, your product
has a control panel as shown in the diagram below.
Child Lock 3"
Super Freeze 3"
When the appliance is powered on for
the first time, the backlighting of the
icons on the display panel starts
working. If no buttons have been
touched and the doors are closed, the
backlighting will turn off after 60
The control panel consists of two
areas about temperature, and one
area about different modes.
Super Cool 3"
Filter Reset 3"
Caution! When you set a
temperature, you set an average
temperature for the whole refrigerator
cabinet. Temperatures inside each
compartment may vary from the
temperatures displayed on the panel,
depending on how much food you
store and where you place it. High or
low room temperature may also affect
the actual temperature inside the
“Child Lock and Door Alarm”
Child Lock 3"
This button serves two purposes:
1.Child Lock
Press and hold “Alarm” for 3 seconds
to lock the all the Control Panel
including dispenser function. If
Control panel is locked, the icon “ ”
will be illuminated, and none of the
buttons on the Control panel work.
To unlock the Control panel, please
press and hold “Alarm” for 3 seconds
2.Door Alarm
In case of alarm, “
” icon will be on
and a buzzing sound will be heard.
Touch “Alarm” key to clear alarm then
the “
” icon will turn off and the
buzzing will stop.
When the door of fridge or freezer is
open over 2 minutes, the door alarm
will come on. In case of alarm, “
icon will be on and will be buzzing
sound. The buzzer will sound 3 times
per minute and will stop after 10
minutes. Also it can be stoped by
closing the door.
When Child Lock is off, and the doors
are open, you can turn alarm off by
touching “Alarm” .
To save energy, please avoid keeping
doors open for along time when
using refrigerator.
“Ice Control”
This button controls the ice maker.
You can touch “Ice Off” button to
control the ice maker. When the Child
Lock is off, and the ice function is on,
you can touch the “Ice Off” icon to
lock the ice maker, and the icon “ ”
will be illuminated. If you want to
unlock the ice maker, please touch
the “Ice Off” icon again, and the icon
“ ” will be off.
Note: When the “Ice Off” is on, it only
lock the ice maker not the dispenser.
If you are going to be away for a long
period of time such as a long holiday
or business trip, you can activate this
function by touching the “Holiday”
button, and the icon “
” will be
When the holiday function is
activated, the temperature of the
fridge is automatically switched to
15℃ and the freezer to -18℃ to
minimize the energy consumption.
The fridge temperature seting
displays “—” and the freezer
compartment remains on.
When the holiday function is on, you
can switch off it by touching “Holiday”
again, and the icon “
” will be off.
When the holiday function is on, the
ice maker will automatically turn off.
The refrigerator will retain the setting
when powered off.
Note: Do not store any food in the
fridge during the “Holiday” time, or it
will quickly deteriorate.
“Fridge temperature control”
following sequence.
Super Cool 3"
You can touch the “Fridge” icon to
activate the mode to control the fridge
temperature. When you touch the
button continuously, the temperature
will be set in the following sequence.
If you want to decrease the time
needed to cool products in the Fridge,
please touch and hold this button for
3 seconds, the super cool icon “ ”
will be illuminated, the fridge
temperature setting displays 2℃.
Super cool automatically switches off
after 3 hours, and the refrigerator
temperature setting will revert back to
the previous setting.
When super cool function is on, you
can touch the “Fridge” to switch it off
and it will revert to previous
temperature setting. The fridge will
not retain the Super Cool function
when power off.
Note: On the Super Cool function,
when you touch the “Holiday” or “Eco”
button, “Holiday” or “Eco” function will
be activated, and “Super Cool” mode
will be off.
“Freezer temperature control”
Super Freeze 3"
You can touch the “Freezer” button to
activate the mode to control the
freezer temperature. When you press
the button continuously, the
temperature will be set in the
Press and hold the “Freezer” button
for 3 seconds, the icon “ ”will be
illuminated, the freezer temperature
setting displays -24℃.
Super Freezer can quickly lower the
temperature and freeze your food
faster than usual. This can retain
more of the vitamins and nutrition in
fresh food and keep your food longer.
The super freeze option allows you to
freeze the maximum amount of
possible. We recommend that you let
the appliance operates for 6 hours
first. Super freeze automatically
switches off after 26 hours, and the
freezer temperature setting will revert
back to the previous setting.
When the super freeze function is on,
you can touch “Freezer” for to switch
off the Super Freeze function, and it
will revert to previous temperature
setting. And it will not retain the Super
Freeze function when power off.
Note: On the Super Freezer function,
when you touch the “Holiday” or “Eco”
button, “Holiday” or “Eco” function will
be activated, and “Super Freezer”
mode will be off.
“Dispenser control”
When the freezer door is opened or
the Child Lock is on, the dispenser will
not work.
The Icy Type button includes “Cubed”
and “Crushed” options.
You can press the "Cubed" or
“Eco” for 3 seconds to reset the filter.
"Crushed" option to choose the type
When you replace the water filter,
of Ice to be dispensed. You can touch
some water may leak from the filter
the "Water" button to activate the
water mode.
When you touch the Ice Type button,
the cubed or crushed ice mode which
you choose will be activated, and the
Cubed “ ” or Crushed “ ” ice icon
lights up.
and lines. Please let the water flow in
If you don’t need ice, turn the function
off to save on water and energy
consumption.(See Ice Off above.)
If you need water, please touch the
“Water” button, and the water icon
“ ” will light up. The mode is then
“Changing the Water Filter”
In general, you should change the
water filter every 6 months to ensure
the highest possible water quality.
After the refrigerator has dispensed
about 1000 gallons of water(used the
water filter for about 6 months), the
filter icon “ ” will blink, and the
buzzer will sound 3 times, that remind
you need to replace the water filter.
First of all, you need to purchase a
new water filer. You can purchase the
new filter from the retailer where you
purchased your refrigerator or the
after-sales service system. Before that
please check that the new filter is the
same filter type as before that can be
correctly used in your refrigerator.
After you change a new water filter,
ensure to touch and hold the button
a pan, and wipe up any leakage that
may have occurred.
If water is not dispensed or
dispensing slowly, you need to
replace the water filter because it may
become clogged.
Some areas have large amounts of
lime in their water, which causes the
water filter to clog more quickly.
“Energy Save”
Filter Reset 3"
You can touch this button to turn
Energy Saver mode on and off .
When you turn Energy Saver on, the
Energy Saver icon “ ” lights.
The temperature of the fridge is
automatically switched to 8℃ and the
freezer to -15℃. If Energy Saver is off
and the icon goes off.
The control panel will light up when
the door is open or you touch any
The light will go off without touching
any button or the doors have been
closed for one minutes.
When the refrigerator is powered
on, all the icons of the control panel
will light up for 3 seconds, and a
buzzer sounds. The Child Lock is off.
And the temperature setting reverts
back to the previous setting.
Using your appliance
This section tells you how to use most
of the useful features. We recommend
that you read through them carefully
before using the appliance.
1. Adjust the door
When you found the doors are not at
the same level, you can use a
screwdriver to adjust the fridge door.
Only the fridge door can be adjusted.
When the freezer door is higher than
the fridge door. First, you can use the
spanner to turn the bolt anticlockwise
on the lower hinge that can raise the
fridge door. Once in position use the
spanner to lock the nut.
When the freezer door is lower than
the fridge door. You should use the
spanner to turn the bolt clockwise to
make the fridge door go down. Once
in position lock in place.
2. Using your refrigerator compartment
The refrigerator compartment is
suitable for storage of vegetables and
fruit. Food inside should be packed to
store in order to avoid losing moisture
or flavor permeating into other foods.
Caution! Never close the refrigerator
door while the shelves, crisper and/or
telescopic slides are extended. It may
damage both them and the
Glass shelves and Door racks
The refrigerator compartment is
provided with several glass shelves
and several different door racks,
which are suitable for the storage of
eggs, canned liquid, bottled drinks
and packed food. They can be placed
a different heights according to your
need. But do not place too many
heavy things in racks. Before you lift
up the door shelf vertically, please
take the food out.
Note: All the door racks and shelves
can be taken out to be cleaned.
When you remove the shelves, gently
pull them forward until the shelf
comes clear of the shelf guides.
When you return the shelves, make
sure there is no obstacle behind and
gently push the shelf back into the
Bottle rack
It is for storing bottled wine or drinks.
Note: Please use gently when you
removed the bottled wine or drinks.
The shelf can be taken out to be
cleared or you can adjust to save the
shelf space.
Bottled or canned liquid are at risk of
exploding caused by volume
expansion and so should not be
stored in the freezer compartment.
4. Using the dispenser
You can choose the type of ice or
water by touching the “Cubed” or
“Crushed” or “Water” button.
When you choose ice type, push the
dispenser gently with your cup. Ice
will be released from the dispenser.
Make sure the cup is in line with the
dispenser, and the ice exactly fall into
the cup.
Child Lock 3"
Child Lock 3
Super Freeze 3"
Filter Reset
Super Cool 3"
Super Freeze
These are suitable for storage of fruits
and vegetable. And it can be taken
out to be cleaned.
3. Using your freezer compartment
The freezer compartment is suitable
for storage of foods required to be
frozen, such as meat, fish, ice cream
and other perishable items.
Caution! Ensure that bottles are not
left in the freezer for longer than
needed as freezing may cause the
bottle break.
Super Cool 3
Filter Reset 3"
If you select Cubed Ice after using
the Crushed Ice feature, a small
amount of residual crushed ice might
fall into your cup.
Do not immediately removing your
cup or glass from under the dispenser
after dispensing water or ice you
need. You should be wait for 2 or 3
seconds to prevent spills.
Do not pull the lever out as this could
damage or break the lever’s spring.
Do not dispense ice continually more
than one minute during normal use to
avoid the excessive temperature on
the ice crusher motor.
The dispensed water is cool, not icy
cold. When you want colder water with
ice, dispense ice to your glass first,
then fill with water from the dispenser.
5. Using the Ice Bucket
If you want to remove the Ice Bucket:
Please hold the handle as shown in
the figure below. Then lift up and pull
the Ice Bucket out slowly to prevent
Removing Steps:
①Lift up the Ice Bucket
②Pull the Ice Bucket out slowly
Pull out
When you put it back, please make
sure the two side(B&B’) of Ice Bucket
is wedged into the buckles(A&A’).
Push up
When the ice maker dumps ice into
the bucket, any sounds you hear are
part of normal operation.
If you do not dispense ice for a long
periods of time, Ice may clump in the
Ice Bucket. If this occurs, please
remove all the ice and empty the
If you are going on a long vacation
or business trip and won’t be using
the ice dispensers for period of time,
please close the water valve to
prevent leaks.
If ice doesn’t come out, please
check for any ice stuck in the chute
and remove it. Or pull out the Ice
Bucket and check for any ice cubes
clump, then remove them.
Ice Maker Cover
Installing Steps:
①Push the Ice Bucket up, and make
the two side(B&B’) of Ice Bucket
wedge into the buckles(A&A’).
②Pull the Ice Bucket down, and make
sure the Ice Bucket is held the bracket
Ice Bucket
Ice chute
The first batch of ice cubes after
installation may be small, because air
has entered the water line. Any air will
be purged during normal use. If the
ice cubes is still small, please check
the water is circulated in line, or water
valve is opened large enough, or the
water is at a high pressure properly.
To clean the Ice Bucket, wash with a
mild detergent, rinse well, and dry
thoroughly it. Do not use harsh or
abrasive cleaners or solvents.
Before replacing back the Ice
Bucket, please check the two couplers
are at a suitable angle to connect
correctly. If not, please turn the Ice
bucket coupler to the right angle to
match the motor coupler.
Motor Coupler
Ice Bucket Coupler
If you want more space to store
foods, you can replace the Ice Bucket
with the storage box. The “Ice Off”
should be set on to make sure that
the ice maker is off.
Ice Bucket
Storage Box
Do not put your fingers, hands, or
any other unsuitable objects in the ice
chute or ice bucket. This can cause
personal injury or material damage.
Do not allow your children to hang
off the dispenser or pluck the ice
storage bin. This could cause injury.
Child Lock 3"
Super Freeze 3"
Super Cool 3"
Filter Reset 3"
The ice maker requires a water line
connection. Outside the refrigerator,
the water line should be connected
with a water filter and the tap. It is
recommended that a suitably qualified
person do this.
Do not use excessive force to open
or close the door, or the water may
spill out off the ice maker.
To operate properly, the ice maker
requires a water pressure of 207~689
Cleaning and care
For hygienic reasons the appliance
(including exterior and interior
accessories) should be cleaned
regularly (at least every two months).
The appliance must not be connected
to the mains during cleaning. Danger
of electrical shock! Before cleaning
switch the appliance off and remove
the plug from the mains socket.
Exterior cleaning
To maintain good appearance of your
appliance, you should clean it
Wipe the digital panel and display
panel with a clean, soft cloth.
Spray water onto the cleaning cloth
instead of spraying directly on the
surface of the appliance. This helps
ensure an even distribution of
moisture to the surface.
Clean the doors, handles and
cabinet surfaces with a mild detergent
and then wiped dry with a soft cloth.
Do not use sharp objects as they
are likely to scratch the surface.
Do not use Thinner, Car detergent,
Clorox, ethereal oil, abrasive
cleansers or organic solvent such as
Benzene for cleaning. They may
damage the surface of the appliance
and may cause fire.
Interior cleaning
You should clean the appliance
interior regularly. It will be easier to
clean when food stocks are low. You
can remove the drawers and shelves
for a more thorough clean. Wipe the
inside of the freezer with a weak
solution of bicarbonate of soda, and
then rinse with warm water using a
wrung-out sponge or cloth. Wipe
completely dry before replacing the
shelves and baskets.
Thoroughly dry all surfaces and
removable parts before putting them
back into place.
Although this appliance automatically
defrosts, a layer of frost may occur on
the freezer compartment’s interior
walls if the freezer door is opened
frequently or kept open too long. If the
frost is too thick, choose a time when
the freezer is nearly empty and
proceed as follow:
1. Remove existing food and
accessories baskets, unplug the
appliance from the mains power and
leave the doors open. Ventilate the
room thoroughly to accelerate the
2. When defrosting is completed,
clean your freezer as described
Do not use sharp objects to remove
frost from the freezer compartment.
Only after the interior is completely
dry should the appliance be switched
back on and plugged back into the
mains socket.
Door seals cleaning
Take care to keep door seals clean.
Sticky food and drinks can cause
seals to stick to the cabinet and tear
when you open the door. Wash the
seals with a mild detergent and warm
water. Rinse and dry them thoroughly
after cleaning.
Only after the door seals are
completely dry should the appliance
be powered on.
Replacing the LED light
Warning: The LED light must be
replaced by a competent person. If
the LED light is damaged, follow the
steps below:
1. Unplug your appliance.
2. Remove light cover by rising up
and puling out the LED light.
3. Hold the LED light with one hand
and pull it with the other hand while
pressing the connector latch.
4.Replace LED light and snap it
correctly in place and recover the light
Helpful hints and tips
Energy saving tips
We recommend that you follow the
tips to save energy.
Try to avoid keeping the door open
for long periods in order to conserve
Ensure the appliance is away from
any sources of heat (Direct sunlight,
electric oven or cooker etc.)
Don’t set the temperature colder
than necessary.
Don’t store warm food or
evaporating liquid in the appliance.
Place the appliance in a well
ventilated, humidity free room. Please
refer to the installing your new
appliance chapter.
The description of appliance
diagram shows the correct
combination for the drawers, crisper
and shelves, do not adjust the
combination as this is designed to be
the most energy efficient
Hints for fresh food refrigeration
Do not place hot food directly into
the refrigerator or freezer, the internal
temperature will increase resulting in
the compressor having to work harder
and will consume more energy.
Do cover or wrap the food,
particularly if it has a strong flavor.
Place food properly so that air can
circulate freely around it.
Hints for refrigeration
Meat (All Types) Wrap in polythene
food: wrap and place on the glass
shelf above the vegetable drawer.
Always follow food storage times and
use by dates suggested by
Cooked food, cold dishes, etc.:
They should be covered and may be
placed on any shelf.
Fruit and vegetables:
They should be stored in the special
drawer provided.
Butter and cheese:
Should be wrapped in airtight foil or
plastic film wrap.
Milk bottles:
Should have a lid and be stored in the
door racks.
Hints for freezing
When first starting-up or after a
period out of use, let the appliance
run at least 2 hours on the higher
settings before putting food in the
Prepare food in small portions to
enable it to be rapidly and completely
frozen and make it possible to
subsequently thaw only the quantity
Wrap up the food in aluminum foil or
polyethylene food wraps which are
Do not allow fresh, unfrozen food to
touch the food which is already frozen
to avoid patrial defrosting.
It is recommended to label and date
each frozen package in order to keep
track of the storage time.
Hints for the storage of frozen food
Ensure that frozen food has been
stored correctly by the food retailer
Once defrosted, food will deteriorate
rapidly and should not be re-frozen.
Do not exceed the storage period
indicated by the food manufacturer.
Switching off your appliance
If the appliance needs to be switched
off for an extended period, the
following steps should be taken to
prevent mould on the appliance.
1. Remove all food.
2. Remove the power plug from the
mains socket.
3. Clean and dry the interior
4. Ensure that all the doors are
wedged open slightly to allow air to
If you experience a problem with your appliance or are concerned that the
appliance is not functioning correctly, you can carry out some easy checks
before calling for service, please see below. You can carry out some easy
checks according to this section before calling for service.
Warning! Don't try to repair the appliance yourself. If the problem persists after
you have made the checks mentioned below, contact a qualified electrician,
authorized service engineer or the shop where you purchased the product.
Possible cause & Solution
Check whether the power cord is plugged into the power outlet
Appliance is not
working correctly
Check the fuse or circuit of your power supply, replace if
The ambient temperature is too low. Try setting the chamber
temperature to a colder level to solve this problem.
It is normal that the freezer is not operating during the automatic
defrost cycle, or for a short time after the appliance is switched on to
protect the compressor.
Odours from the
Noise from the
The interior may need to be cleaned.
Some food, containers or wrapping cause odours.
The sounds below are quite normal:
Compressor running noises.
Air movement noise from the small fan motor in the freezer
compartment or other compartments.
Gurgling sound similar to water boiling.
Popping noise during automatic defrosting.
Clicking noise before the compressor starts.
Other unusual noises are due to the reasons below and may need
you to check and take action:
The cabinet is not level.
The back of appliance touches the wall.
Bottles or containers knocking against each other.
The motor runs
A layer of frost
occurs in the
It is normal to frequently hear the sound of the motor, it will need to
run more during following circumstances:
Temperature setting is set colder than necessary.
Large quantity of warm food has recently been stored within the
The temperature outside the appliance is too high.
Doors are kept open too long or too often.
After your installing the appliance or it has been switched off for a
long time.
Check that the air outlets are not blocked by food and ensure food
is placed within the appliance to allow sufficient ventilation. Ensure
the door can be fully closed. To remove the frost, please refer to the
cleaning and care chapter.
You may have left the doors open too long or too frequently; or the
doors are kept open by some obstacle; or the appliance is located
inside is too warm
with insufficient clearance at the sides, back and top.
inside is too cold
Increase the temperature by following the”Display controls” chapter.
Doors can’t be
closed easily
Check whether the top of the refrigerator is tilted back by 10-15mm
to allow the doors to self close, or if something inside is preventing
the doors from closing.
Water drips on
the floor
The light is not
Ice is not
The water pan (located at the rear bottom of the cabinet) may not
be properly leveled, or the draining spout underneath the top of the
compressor depot may not be properly positioned to direct water
into this pan, or the water spout is blocked, or the water is not fully
inserted into the connector. You may need to pull the refrigerator
away from the wall to check the pan and spout and connector.
The LED light may be damaged. Refer to replace LED lights in
cleaning and care chapter.
The control system has disabled the lights due to the door being
kept open too long, close and reopen the door to reactivate the
Did you wait for 4 hours after installation of the water supply line
before making ice? if it is not sufficiently cool, it may take longer to
make ice, such as when first installed.
Is the water line connected and the water valve open?
Did you manually stop the ice making function? Make sure you
have set the Cubed or Crushed mode on.
Is there any ice blocked within the ice maker bucket or ice chute?
Is the freezer temperature too warm? Try setting the freezer
temperature lower.
Is the water line connected and the water valve open?
Has the water line been crushed or kinked? Make sure the water
Water dispenser line is free and clear of any obstruction.
Is the water tank frozen because the refrigerator temperature is
is not functioning
too low? Try selecting a warmer setting on the display panel.
Check if the filter is properly installed. If it is not properly installed,
the water dispenser may not work.
You can hear
This is normal. The bubbling comes from the refrigerant coolant
water bubbling in
liquid circulating through the refrigerator.
the refrigerator
Disposal of the appliance
It is prohibited to dispose of this appliance as household waste.
Packaging materials
Packaging materials with the recycle symbol are recyclable. Dispose of the
packaging into a suitable waste collection container to recycle it.
Before disposal of the appliance
1. Pull out the mains plug from the mains socket.
2. Cut off the power cord and discard with the mains plug
Warning! Refrigerators contain refrigerant and gases in the insulation.
Refrigerant and gases must be disposed of professionally as they may cause
eye injuries or ignition. Ensure that tubing of the refrigerant circuit is not damage
prior to proper disposal.
Correct Disposal of this product
This marking indicates that this product should not be disposed with
other household wastes throughout the EU. To prevent possible
harm to the environment or human health from uncontrolled waste
disposal, recycle it responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of
material resources. To return your used device, please use the
return and collection systems or contact the retailer where the
product was purchased. They can take this product for
environmental safe recycling.
220-240V~, 50Hz, R600a ;
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