Attaching documents to Requisitions
Attaching documents to Requisitions:
After you have filled out the Requestor/Delivery Information tab and
The Vendor Information Tab, you will be at the Commodity/Accounting tab, this is
where you can attach your document
Step 1: On the navigation bar, you will see a GREEN plus sign. Click on this. The system will
automatically open a new browser. If you don’t see this open, check your internet explorer and you
should see another box to click on.
Step 2: Click on the book icon circled below
Step 3: When you click on the book icon, it’s a drop down menu. Follow the steps listed.
New Page
Import File
Step 4: you can choose a PDF Only from your computer to load into BDM. Once you choose the file you
want to upload
Step 5: click on the Orange flower to get to the screen for indexing
Step 6: you may be directed to this log on page. If you are, use the same User ID and password you
used to log into Banner INB
Step 7: This screen shows you the document you uploaded and is should have the requisition number
you are working on listed on the left side.
Click the save button and the image will load.
If the document contains more than one page click on icon with green plus and two pages in the
Once you are finished, close the Appxtender session created in Internet Explorer.
You can now go back to the coffee cup icon and your back into the requisition creation screens
Next to the Green plus sign is a search icon, or a magnifying glass. Click on this to see you attached
document. (if you don’t see this, check your task bar for a downsized window on internet explorer)
If you forget to attach the document while creating your requisition, you can go into
FPIREQN, this is the requisition inquiry screen. Go to the Commodity/Accounting tab and follow the
same directions above.
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