Compressed air grinder JOKE® AirMAX 80

Compressed-air grinder
AirMAX 80
Instrucion manual
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List of contents .................................................................................... Page 02
Tips on using the manual................................................................... Page 03
Safety instructions ............................................................................... Page 04
Warranty/Identification ..................................................................... Page 07
Device overview................................................................................. Page 08
Technical data.................................................................................... Page 09
Operation/ Maintenance/Care....................................................... Page 10
Troubleshooting .................................................................................. Page 14
Care and maintenance.................................................................... Page 15
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J O KE ® I n s t r u c t i o n m a n u a l , C o m p r e s s e d - a i r g r i n d e r A i r M A X 8 0
Tips on using the manual
This manual has been written for the device user to ensure a problem-free
operation, care and maintenance.
Important instructions and information concerning safety and operational
reliability have been highlighted.
The symbols used in the manual have the following meanings:
Working and operating processes which must be observed to the letter to
exclude any risk to persons.
Working and operating processes which must be observed to the letter to
avoid any damage to the device.
Technical information to which the device operator must give special attention.
The illustrations and diagrams are numbered in sequence within each
chapter. Some of these illustrations have keys. References to illustrations
within the text e. g. (5.1/2) have the following meaning:
Figure 5.1
= Position 2 in the key to the figure.
Please feel free to call our customer service department at any time should
you encounter technical problems which are not dealt with in this manual:
+49 (0) 22 04 / 8 39 - 0
+49 (0) 22 04 / 8 39 - 86
Spare parts lists and instruction manuals for our products are to be found at
J O KE ® I n s t r u c t i o n m a n u a l , C o m p r e s s e d - a i r g r i n d e r A i r M A X 8 0
Safety instructions
This device has been built according to the latest technical standards and
generally accepted safety regulations. Nevertheless, it can constitute danger to life and limb for operator or third parties and a hazard to the device
itself or other equipment during use.
(1) Only use the device if in perfect working order and for its intended purpose. You must always pay attention to the instruction manual and safety instructions therein and be aware of the risks! Repair any faults
which could affect the device’s safety immediately by yourself or have
these repaired.
The unit is designed exclusively for grinding, milling and brushing work
with the tools listed and approved in the JOKE® catalogue „Surface
Finishing“. Any other use will be deemed to be contrary to its intended
purpose. The manufacturer cannot be held liable for any resulting
damages. The risk is borne solely by the user.
Correct use also includes compliance with the instruction manual and
an observation of the care and maintenance conditions.
Keep the instruction manual handy at the device’s place of use.
(2) Pay attention to and observe generally applicable statutory and otherwise binding regulations relating to accident prevention and environmental protection in addition to the information provided in the instruction manual!
(3) All personnel commissioned to work on or with the device must have
read this instruction manual, and particularly the safety instructions
chapter, before starting work. This applies especially for personnel who
only work with the device occasionally.
Stop the device immediately should you notice changes to the device or its operating behaviour that are relevant to its safety. Have these remedied before restarting work.
(5) Do not carry out any modifications, additions or conversions to the deIMPORTANT!
vice! This also applies to the installation and adjustment of safety equipment.
(6) Spare parts must meet the technical requirements specified by the
manufacturer. This can only be guaranteed with original JOKE spare
J O KE ® I n s t r u c t i o n m a n u a l , C o m p r e s s e d - a i r g r i n d e r A i r M A X 8 0
Safety instructions
Any work on/with the device may only be carried out by qualified,
appropriately trained and authorised personnel. Pay attention to minimum statutory age limits!
(8) Wear protective goggles, protective gloves and hearing protection
when working with the handpiece. If noise generation (sound pressure
level) at the workplace exceeds 85dB (A), sound protection and hearing protection measures for the user are required.
(9) Personnel undergoing training or in a general apprenticeship should
only be allowed to work with the machine under the constant supervision of an experienced operator!
(10) Restrain from any type of work that could jeopardise your safety.
(11) The device may only be used if all protective and safety equipment is
in place and in proper working order.
(12) Do not under any circumstances exceed the maximum permissible
speed of the tool and clamping device.
(13) Before clamping in a new tool and adjustment, the compressed-air
grinder must be switched off. Take care that the tools are fixed according to instructions. Allow the machine to run at idling speed for a
few seconds. Change vibrating tools immediately; protect grinding
points against impact, jarring and grease.
(14) Secure or firmly clamp the workpiece to be processed against slipping.
(15) Do not leave the device unattended when switched on!
(16) Stop and secure the device immediately in the event of malfunctions!
Faults must remedied at once.
(17) The compressed-air grinder is designed for an air pressure of 6 bars. If
the device is driven with greater air pressure, undesirable vibrations
may occur that do not necessarily damage the device, but place
stress on the user. The air pressure should not exceed 8 bars, since
damage can no longer be ruled out in this case.
(18) Use a pressure control valve that can be adjusted to 6 bars.
J O KE ® I n s t r u c t i o n m a n u a l , C o m p r e s s e d - a i r g r i n d e r A i r M A X 8 0
Safety instructions
(19) Before beginning work, check all lines for condensation water and soiling. The compressed-air should be dry and clean. it is advisable to
place a filter upstream.
(20) The compressed-air grinder is generally not earthed. Take care during
contact with other sources of current.
(21) The compressed-air grinder should not be used in the vicinity of explosive substances/gases.
(22) Dammed up compressed-air may result in damage to the filing machine.
(23) Long hair or loose clothing may get caught in or drawn into the filing
(24) Always keep the compressed-air grinder such that grinding sparks
cannot cause any damage.
(25) Watch out with the pulsating pressure line.
J O KE ® I n s t r u c t i o n m a n u a l , C o m p r e s s e d - a i r g r i n d e r A i r M A X 8 0
Waranty / identification
Joisten & Kettenbaum warrant the correct manufacture of every JOKE®product which is delivered in accordance with the terms of contract and
This warranty does not cover damages caused by normal wear and tear,
incorrect handling, negligent use, the fitting of non-original spare parts, inadequate care and/or a failure to comply with this technical manual.
The device may only be used by appropriately trained personnel. If
it is not, all warranty claims will be forfeited according to the terms of
The compressed-air grinder is a pioneering tool owing to its active vibration
damping. The slightest natural oscillations offer excellent properties for precision work, which rule out fatigue even during lengthy working processes. If
the following simple instructions for use of the device are observed, we
guarantee a long service life under the best working conditions.
Claims under the warranty are rendered void by opening the compressed-
air grinder. Complaints can only be recognised if the machine is returned
without being dismantled.
Device identification
The series number can be found on the handle sleeve.
J O KE ® I n s t r u c t i o n m a n u a l , C o m p r e s s e d - a i r g r i n d e r A i r M A X 8 0
Device overview
Scope of supply:
Collet Ø 3 mm
Chuck key
Air line, 1.5 m
¼“ connection bush incl. filter
Slide valve
Air line, air supply
Order no.: 0 750 821
Air line, exhaust air
Order no.: 0 750 822
Collet Ø 3 mm
Order no.: 0 750 823
Collet Ø 2,35 mm
Order no.: 0 750 824
J O KE ® I n s t r u c t i o n m a n u a l , C o m p r e s s e d - a i r g r i n d e r A i r M A X 8 0
Technical data
Compressed-air grinder AirMAX 80:
80.000 1/min
75 W
Air pressure:
6 bar
Air consumption:
200 l/min, exhaust air rearwards
Noise level:
< 76 dB (A)
Ø 19,3 x 154 mm
310 g
continuous by oil mist
J O KE ® I n s t r u c t i o n m a n u a l , C o m p r e s s e d - a i r g r i n d e r A i r M A X 8 0
Control / operation
Notes on operation
The recommended air pressure for operating the compressed-air
grinder is 6 bars. An air pressure greater than 8 bars may result in
damage to the compressed-air grinder.
The spindle must be treated particularly carefully when immobile.
Under no circumstances must the spindle be knocked, since the
high precision bearings which are important for function will be
damaged. Impact stress with the spindle in the resting state will result in lasting deformation of the bearing races.
Pay attention to the permissible cutting speeds and the tool manufacturer’s guidelines before using the tools.
Check that the tool is firmly seated and safely tighten.
Pay attention to even stock removal when milling. It is essential to
avoid a chattering method of work.
Materials containing asbestos must not be processed.
Check the maintenance unit regularly. If condensation water and dirt are
present, drain the condensation water and clean the filter (refer to section
on Care/Maintenance).
Wear protective goggles, protective gloves and hearing protection!
Pay attention to proper handling of the device. Do not exert any pressure
on the tools. The tools should only be guided over the surfaces. Correct
clamping of the tools is indispensable.
J O KE ® I n s t r u c t i o n m a n u a l , C o m p r e s s e d - a i r g r i n d e r A i r M A X 8 0
Control / operation
Connecting the compressed-air grinder
1. Connect the air supply line of the pneumatic compressed-air grinder
to the maintenance unit.
In order to ensure optimum lubrication and the lowest loss of pressure,
it is preferable not to use any line extensions.
With a line length exceeding 2 m, continuous lubrication of the hand
grinder is not guaranteed, since the oil already deposits itself inside the
2. Set a pressure of 6 bars on the maintenance unit.
The compressed-air grinder is now ready for operation. The oiler should
be set to the smallest possible dispensing quantity.
3. Insert the tool in the collet and tighten with the chuck keys and locking
pin supplied.
4. Valve operation: the machine can be switched on and off using a
slide valve.
Tool receptacles
The compressed-air grinder is only intended for manual use.
The tool receptacle is designed such that tools with a shaft Ø up to
3 mm can be received by the collets.
Tool change
Use the chuck keys to loosen the collet. Do not use any tools with greater
shaft diameters (max. Ø 3 mm) and insert the tools according to their dimensions. Place the tools in the desired position, tighten the collect and
check correct tool locking.
See the current JOKE® catalogue for usable, permissible tools.
J O KE ® I n s t r u c t i o n m a n u a l , C o m p r e s s e d - a i r g r i n d e r A i r M A X 8 0
Control / operation
Maintenance unit and air connection
The compressed-air required in order to drive the compressed-air grinder
must be supplied through a maintenance unit.
The maintenance unit must consist of the following functional units:
water and dirt separator
pressure gauge
oil mister (micromister)
Optimum function of the compressed-air grinder is guaranteed by using
the JOKE® Oiljet maintenance unit (order no. 0 004 050).
Fig. 7.1
JOKE® Oiljet maintenance unit (order no. 0 004 050)
The JOKE® Oiljet maintenance unit consists of:
an automatic water separator, a pressure reducer, an oil
mister, pressure gauge and wall fixing.
J O KE ® I n s t r u c t i o n m a n u a l , C o m p r e s s e d - a i r g r i n d e r A i r M A X 8 0
Control / operation
Technical data, JOKE® Oiljet maintenance unit:
max. volumetric flow:
1,200 l/min
max. input pressure:
adjustment range:
16 bars
0 – 12 bars
See the current JOKE® catalogue for further accessories and the installation package.
Mechanism of action of the oil mister
The micro oil mister guarantees an even, rapid and precisely dispensable
lubrication of the hand grinder.
The oil mister is adjusted to approx. 2-3 drops per minute. Only a fraction of
the falling drops are misted and partly flow back into the reservoir.
Owing to the special air supply, it is possible to reduce the size of the oil
particles. The latter can be transported over long distances as micromist in
the air flow. They are hardly deposited. All surfaces with which they come
into contact are intensively and very uniformly wetted. An even, stable oil
film forms immediately at the bearing sites, the thickness of which can be
rapidly and precisely adjusted.
Setting up and connecting the maintenance unit
1. Check on the maintenance unit whether
- the condensation-water bleed screw is closed; closing is performed
by turning clockwise.
- the pressure controller screw is open; opening is performed by turning
2. Fill the oil container up to the mark with JOKE® high performance lubricant X 73012.
The oil level must not rise higher than the baffle plate of the micro oiler.
See the current JOKE® catalogue for the order no. for the lubricant in various container sizes.
3. Connect the line of the external air supply to the maintenance unit.
4. Take care that the air flows through the housing in the direction indicated by the arrow.
J O KE ® I n s t r u c t i o n m a n u a l , C o m p r e s s e d - a i r g r i n d e r A i r M A X 8 0
• Tool does not work.
Possible cause
Close the slide
grinder switched on
at the slide valve.
Hose line kinked.
Eliminate the kink.
Air pressure controller
Set air pressure
on the maintenance
controller to 6 bars.
unit not opened.
Maintenance unit
Change the main-
tenance unit.
J O KE ® I n s t r u c t i o n m a n u a l , C o m p r e s s e d - a i r g r i n d e r A i r M A X 8 0
Care and maintenance
Clean the compressed-air grinder if necessary with a soft brush/paintbrush
or a dry cloth. Store the machine in a clean, dry place.
The compressed-air grinder is maintenance free.
Emptying condensate from the air filter of the maintenance
Render the maintenance unit free of pressure
Unscrew the condensate container
Screw out the air filter and change or clean.
Take care that the filter frame and the loose seal are reinstalled with their
position unchanged.
Screw in the condensate container again and perform a functional
Supply the maintenance unit with pressure.
J O KE ® I n s t r u c t i o n m a n u a l , C o m p r e s s e d - a i r g r i n d e r A i r M A X 8 0
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Compressed-air grinder AirMAX 80
Order no. 0 750 820
Maintenenance unit JOKE® Oiljet
Order no. 0 004 050
Air line, supply air
Order no. 0 750 821
Air line, exhaust air
Order no. 0 750 822
Collet, Ø 3 mm
Order no. 0 750 823
Collet, Ø 2,35 mm
Order no. 0 750 824
High performance lubricant X 73012, 0,1L bottle
Order no. 0 580 601
High performance lubricant X 73012, 1,0 L bottle
Order no. 0 580 602
High performance lubricant X 73012, 5,0 L bottle
Order no. 0 580 603
High performance lubricant X 73012, 10,0 L bottle
Order no. 0 580 604
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