HD8836/18 Philips Automatic espresso machine

Philips Saeco Syntia
Automatic espresso
Live the pleasure of Italian espresso at home
• Classic Milk Frother
• Stainless steel
compact and stylish bean-to-cup system
the perfect synthesis of compactness, performance, design and premium materials
Authentic Italian coffee perfection
• Classic milk frother for creamy foam
• Quick-heat boiler
• No more burnt coffee thanks to our 100% ceramic grinders
Set the beverages to suit your taste
• Memo function thanks to an intuitive display interface
• Adjustable grinder to play with the richness of the coffee
• Adjustable spout height for a perfect fit for all cups
Easy to clean and maintain
• Always a clean machine thanks to auto-clean and descaling
• One-click removable brewing group
• Dishwasher-safe drip tray and integrated carafe
Automatic espresso machine
Classic Milk Frother Stainless steel
100% Ceramic Grinders
Memo function
Dishwasher-safe drip tray
Our ceramic grinders never overheat, ensuring
perfect grinding, long-lasting performance and
totally silent operation
You will always get a perfect cup brewed just
for you, according to your personal
preference, thanks to our Memo function with
adjustable length, strength and temperature.
Pressing a button is all you'll need to do to
enjoy a superb beverage in your favourite cup.
You can safely put the drip tray and integrated
carafe in your dishwasher, giving them a
perfect time-saving clean.
Quick-heat boiler
Adjustable grinder
Adjustable spout height
Our heating boiler technology is super-fast,
allowing immediate brewing of each cup of
coffee, one after the other.
Classic milk frother
Unleash your inner barista, preparing your
delicious milk specialities the traditional way
guaranteeing a gorgeous foam.
5 adjustable grinding preferences, from the
finest for a full-bodied espresso to the coarsest
for a lighter coffee.
The right temperature and no splashing thanks
to our adjustable spouts, which always
guarantee the perfect distance between them
and your cup.
One-click removable group
The brewing group – a Saeco invention - is the
heart of our machines, ensuring that the
machine makes everything on its own. Thanks
to its easy access, you can effortlessly remove
it for regular cleaning with just one click.
Automatic espresso machine
Classic Milk Frother Stainless steel
Perfect Espresso
• Espresso technology: Saeco adapting system,
Aroma-system: pre-brewing
• Milk Variations: Pannarello: milk frothing
Easy to use
• Cleaning and maintenance: Automatic coffee
circuit rinse
• Usage: Adjustable coffee dispenser, Bypass for
grinded coffee, Frontal access to all functions,
Rapid steam, Removable brewing group,
Removable water tank
Technical data
• Boiler: Stainless steel
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power: 1400 W
Voltage: 240 V
Pump Pressure: 15 Bar
Weight and dimensions
• Product dimensions (L x D x H): 256 x 315 x
415 mm
• Coffee bean capacity: 250 gr
• Dump box capacity: 8 servings
• Water tank capacity: 1.2 l
Categorisation Coffee
• Saeco.com - Coffees: Café Crème / Espresso
Lungo, Cappuccino, Espresso, Espresso macchiato,
Frothed milk, Hot water, Latte macchiato
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