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–Embrace the “Extraordinary”
Right Out There
an Occasion to
Gather Around
Exquisite Quality
and Design for Effortless Pouring
Cold Brew Carafe,
New Styles to Enjoy
the Flavors of Simple
and Slow Extraction
–Embrace the "Extraordinary"
Right Out There
See the clouds, feel the breeze, “extraordinary"
moments are just a step outside... ALFRESCO
is a tableware collection that makes dining in
the open air a casual, yet special experience.
Made of material that combines bamboo fiber
and plastic, ALFRESCO has a down to earth
yet elegant look perfect for carefree gatherings
and complimenting dishes beautifully. The matt
texture is soft to touch and the colors integrate
naturally into the landscape. They are also
durable and can be stacked and carried around
easily. Where would you go with ALFRESCO?
Shin Azumi
Established ‘a studio’ in 2005.
Working with a variety of clients
on consumer products and
electronics, his works have
gained worldwide recognition.
Awards include several Good
Design Awards, Classic Innovation
Award, and Restaurant & Bar
Design Awards.
Visit ALFRESCO website
and check out LOOKBOOK
for inspirations to enjoy
"extraordinary" moments.
ALFRESCO tumbler, mug, bowl, plate 190mm,
plate 250mm, spoon, fork
KAKOMI, an Occasion
to Gather Around
Bring together vibrant ingredients
carefully cultivated by farmers.
Welcome the season with an
entertaining meal. Enjoy good food
and converse around one table.
Donabe, the traditional Japanese clay pot, has long
been what calls people to gather and connect with its
style of ‘cooking at the table as you eat’. Traditionally
in Japan, clay pot dishes are a seasonal favorite for
the autumn and winter. To introduce clay pot cooking
to diverse lifestyles and make it enjoyable throughout
the year, KAKOMI was developed with a fresh design
suitable in both form and function for a modern and
eclectic lifestyle. Find joy in sharing delicious moments
with KAKOMI.
Interview with Fumie Shibata
KINTO collaborated with designer Fumie Shibata to
achieve a user-friendly design that integrates into the
modern daily life.
“Since home dining these days in Japan is influenced
by many different cultures, I wanted to design a clay
pot that goes well with any menu. I worked towards
something that blends in well with people's daily lives
today rather than a traditional style clay pot. For the rice
cooker, I designed the surface of the lid flat in contrast
to the round shape of the pot. This gives it a degree
of sharpness and a modern look. For the donabe, I
Fumie Shibata
incorporated trapezoid shapes to ensure functionality
in 1994. Focusing on industrial
and usability. As the pots are intended to be presented
design, her fields of work include
on the table, I had many tests done with the glaze to
electronics, household and
healthcare products, as well
seek the texture and color that blends well with diverse
creative direction of hotel.
table scenes. I hope that people have fun trying out
all kinds of recipes not only in the cold seasons but
throughout the year.”
KAKOMI IH donabe 1.2L
KAKOMI IH donabe 2.5L
KAKOMI rice cooker
For Spring
Steamed recipes with
fresh vegetables
KAKOMI IH donabe comes with
a steam plate. Steaming allows
you to enclose the rich taste and
nutrients of ingredients without
using oil. Make a satisfying meal
with vibrant spring vegetables
and add citrus or herbs for extra
flavor and aroma.
For Summer
Ethnic inspired pot
dishes full of flavor
The pot has a low water
absorption rate, so moisture
that can cause odors and stains
do not seep in. Ethnic inspired
recipes give you energy in the
summer with flavorful spices and
refreshing seasonings.
See various recipes on
KAKOMI website.
Exquisite Quality and Design for Effortless Pouring
Experience coffee brewing with all your senses. KINTO introduces the POUR
OVER KETTLE to elevate the joy and comfort of making a cup of coffee with
a slow, thoughtful process. It is designed with meticulous attention to detail
to achieve the pleasant balance between aesthetics and usability. The spout,
lid, handle... every element is designed to make the user's experience stressfree and pleasurable. With a rich texture and poised form, its presence is
understated yet captivating in any space.
―Compact and Well-Balanced
surface is enhanced by diligent
Optimized for use in minimal space,
polishing by skilled craftsmen.
the spout and the handle achieve
a fine balance between function
―Comfortably Fitting Handle
and beauty. Simple yet elegant,
Handle draws a large curve
the kettle integrates harmoniously
on the inside and is flat on the
into any space
outside. Made of nylon material
―Hinged Lid for Fluid Movement
and comfortable grip are ensured.
Hinged lid stays in place when
Users can easily adjust the position
pouring, and makes opening
of their hand, which reduces stress
and closing effortless with one
on the wrist for easy pouring.
that contains glass fiber, durability
hand. Slightly concave in form,its
appearance is simple yet bold.
―Well-Constructed Body
Hinge part is made of material that
Gently curving contour of the kettle
will not get hot for safe handling.
allows smooth pouring until the
very last drip. With no weld lines
―Spout for Precise Pour Control
between the bottom and side
Narrow and gently curving spout
surface, and the opening of the pot
allows precise control over the pour
being wide enough, it is easy to
position, volume, and speed of
maintain clean. Spout and handle
water. It is perfect for making pour
also connect smoothly to the body,
over coffee with slow and steady
demonstrating careful attention
stream of water.
given to the details.
―High Quality Stainless Steel
―Rich textures
Durability and resistance to rust are
3 types of finishes are available:
features of the high quality stainless
mirror finish highlights the natural
steel material. Texture, strength,
brilliance of the material, matt finish
and ease of use were carefully
evokes calmness and gentleness,
considered in reaching its adequate
and black conveys silent elegance.
thickness. The smooth, flowing
POUR OVER KETTLE 900ml black / mirror / matt
Impressions from
Coffee Shops
We asked coffee shops
from around the world
about their impressions
of the POUR OVER
See more on BARISTA NOTES on
Glitch Coffee & Roasters
Prufrock Coffee
Kiyokazu Suzuki
Carlos Zavala
Jeremy Challender
“The kettle goes great with our
"I love the balance of the kettle
“Lovely ergonomic design and
shop style and interior. Besides
especially when it’s full with water.
a smart hinging lid we can't
the quality of the beans, roasting,
I can easily manage to pour
possibly lose. It's super strong
and brewing, the shop space
the water with great precision
and there are no visible weld lines
and equipments are important
according to the method I’m
so it appears to be cast, which
to us. When we use the kettle,
using. A 900ml capacity makes
promises a lot more durability
it often draws the attention of
it look a little bit small in the
and rust resistance. I'm a big
customers. The quality is great
beginning, but when you feel that
fan of the subtly brushed steel
and it doesn't get scratched
the size fits perfectly in one hand,
finish which conceals steaks and
even with frequent use.”
you don’t miss other kettles with
fingerprints in busy service.”
more capacity.”
Nylon Coffee Roasters
Bonanza Coffee Roasters
Lot Sixty One
Dennis Tang
Adrian Anton
"Very easy to control the water
"Beautifully polished steel
"The kettle immediately felt well
flow when dripping. I am currently
with delicate spout. In coffee
balanced in the hand which
using the kettle with mirror finish
equipments, I look for great
allowed me to have excellent
but would like to try out the black
functionality and easiness of use.
control over water flow. A big plus
as well."
I compared KINTO's kettle with
was that I could use one hand
some others and I think it is the
to open and close the flap of
Adam Craig
best modern design, with the
the kettle, thus saved time filling
biggest comfort of use during
kettle with water and keeping the
fast service and easy going
temperature stable.”
brew at home."
Photography by Baptiste Rutko (Wer-haus), Jacob Thue (Prufrock Coffee)
CAPSULE Cold Brew Carafe,
New Styles to Enjoy the Flavors of
Simple and Slow Extraction
CAPSULE is perfect for everyday use and adds a distinguished touch to
the table with its functional and beautiful design. Explore delicious flavors
of cold brew drinks with the new cold brew carafe.
Pour out from any direction
without turning the lid
The lid of the carafe opens automatically when
the bottle is tipped, allowing you to pour out from
any direction. With the new carafe, you can make
cold brew coffee or tea easily in simple steps;
CAPSULE cold brew carafe
place grounded coffee beans or tea leaves into
the attached filter, fix the inner and outer lids, add
water, and let it steep. The fine mesh filter keeps
Light roast beans for floral and
fine powders from passing through. As it is made
fruity cold brew coffee
of heat-resistant glass, odors and stains do not
remain and it is easy to maintain clean.
Enjoy a milder taste of coffee
and tea with cold brew
Cold brew coffee is often made with dark roast
beans, but light roast beans carefully roasted
to highlight the unique character of the bean is
also great for this method of brewing. While more
body and richness is noticeable with dark roast,
Toshihiro Aya
Founded 'o-lab' in 2011 and
Cold brew is a method of brewing coffee beans
fruity and citrus notes along with a bright color
or tea leaves with cold water over several hours.
of the extracted coffee can be enjoyed with light
Compared to brewing with hot water, oxidization
roast. You can choose your beans depending on
degrees from Kyoto University
occurs more slowly in cold water, and less tannin
your mood and preference.
and Yale University, worked at a
and caffeine are extracted that usually gives the
established 'o-lab Inc.' in
2016. After receiving Master's
pharmaceutical company and at
a design studio in the USA. He
bitter taste. Even though it takes longer to brew,
Directions: Pour 55 g of ground coffee into the
is involved in product design,
many people enjoy the milder and sweeter taste
filter, slowly pour 50 ml of water to cover coffee,
branding, and creative direction
of cold brew coffee and tea. It is easy to make
and steep for 1 minute. Slowly pour 800ml of
and perfect for the summer.
water and brew for 8 hours in the refrigerator.
of a variety of projects ranging
from household products to
advanced medical equipments.
Fresh Ideas to Enjoy Cold Brew Tea
By brewing slowly with cold water over several
hours, the unique flavors of tea leaves can be
extracted. Black, green, white, oolong... Tea
leaves with different degrees of fermentation
have distinct flavors. You can also add herbs,
citrus, and spices to elevate the aroma, taste,
and color of your tea.
White tea + Lime
Green tea + Mint
Black tea + Orange + Soda
Herb tea + Rosemary
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SLOW COFFEE STYLE, a coffeeware
ATELIER TETE, a tableware collection
KAKOMI, a donabe (clay pot) collection to
REMIX DON, a donburi (bowl) collection to
collection to enjoy the richness of
featuring the subtle traces of handwork.
create occasions to gather around.
let you enjoy mixing, arranging and making
going slow.
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