November 2008 - Volume 34
backlash-free and available in two versions - either with metal bellows or with elastomeric spiders. The couplings guarantee productive and efficient work processes.
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PP. 12 – 19
provides system management and Ethernet switching for
up to 12 AdvancedMC modules. Unlike the telecommunication segment, where advanced feature sets require managed switches with complex control software, such features are not required in most industrial applications.
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offer possibility of various functions to choose from, i.e. :
measuring one set time value "T" or seven different relays
- each with different function having the possibility of setting two independent times T1:T2. Such solution is rather
rare in similar products.
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Intelligent motor control
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IEN meets: Waldemar Loboda
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offers sub-nanometre resolution, temperature
stability and rapid changeover of sensors without any re-calibration required. It is available as
a benchtop or 19-inch rack-mounted unit. Modular in design, the system can accept up to
eight measuring channels to suit individual customer requirements.
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applicable to the measurement of pressure or differential
pressure of gases, vapours and liquids in industrial condition. The active element is a piezoresistant silicon sensor
separated from the medium by diaphragms. The casing is
made of aluminium alloy cast, degree of protection is IP66.
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Issue N°11 • November 2008
DauthKaun Werbeagentur
Liquid Tight Flexible Conduit
highly corrosion resistant
The range of liquid tight flexible conduit for the processing industry has high corrosion resistance. It has a
stainless steel core and a high temperature pvc coating.
With an IP rating of up to IP68, the LTPSS range has a
smooth, wipe clean outer cover making it ideal for
applications that need a wash down or for outdoor applications. It is also resistant to oils and greases, UV light
for external applications and is suitable for applications
with a temperature range of between -20 to 105°C. The
flexible conduit has a high mechanical strength, good
flexibility and the pvc cover does not wrinkle when bent.
It can be used with a wide range of compression stainless steel fittings, which maintain the product's IP rating and corrosion resistance.
Tel. +44-1675-466900 • Fax +44 1675-466901
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Capillary Rheometers
compact and powerful testing instrument
The Smart RHEO 5000 bench-top
capillary rheometers aim to meet
the needs of those looking for a
compact yet powerful testing instrument. It is designed to reach
an impressive maximum force
range of 50 kN, matching the
performance of comparable floorstanding units yet all within a
compact instrument. Available
with single- or twin-bore barrels, it comes equipped with reinforced frame, brushless servomotor-driven pistons
that reach a speed range ratio of 500'000:1, multiple Pt100
sensors to guarantee accurate regulation of the working temperature, fume extract circuit and see-through
Plexiglas panel for monitoring safety. A wide range of
available force/pressure transducers and dies cover
many different testing conditions - including pvT, Thermal Conductivity and Die Swell - necessary for complete
rheological characterization of polymers, elastomers and
composites, while the VisualRHEO software suite permits full test monitoring and management.
Tel. +39-011-9664038 • Fax +39-011-9662902
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Tri-Channel Switch
with remote contact control
The 7353 Tri-Channel RJ45 Cat 5 A/B/Off-Line Switch with
exclusive Remote Contact Control allows access to two
separate devices through a device connected to the Common port for each of the switch's three channels. The
switch with Cat 5 Compliance uses contact control to switch
the position of each individual channel. There is no front
panel pushbutton control. Each channel is an individual switch that is commanded separately from the other switches in the unit, and each will switch to Off-Line
upon power loss. All pins of the RJ45 interface are
switched and switch ports are transparent to all data.
The manufacturer provides custom length and color RJ45
Cat5 cables that are suitable for use with the Model 7353.
Tel. +1-401-9431164 • Fax +1-401-9465790
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Issue N°11 • November 2008
Your On-Line Manufacturing Super Store!
Parker Hannifin acquires Hoerbiger-Origa
Parker Hannifin has acquired Hoerbiger-Origa
Holding (Origa Group) from Hoerbiger Holding AG of Zug, Switzerland. Origa Group is a
manufacturer of rodless pneumatic actuators,
electric actuators, FRLs (filter regulator lubricator), pneumatic cylinders, and valves used in
the transportation, semiconductor, packaging and conveying markets. The Group has
major operations in Filderstadt, Germany,
Wiener Neustadt, Austria, Glendale Heights, Illinois in the United States and smaller facilities
in several other international locations. Origa
will continue to serve its customers globally, now
as a division of Parker Hannifin's Automation Group. "We are pleased that Origa is
now a unit of the world's leading motion and
control technology company," said Dieter
Friedemann for Origa Group. "Parker has a reputation for leveraging the capabilities of the
businesses it acquires yielding accelerated
growth and profitability. That is good news for
Origa customers, suppliers and employees."
• Toggle Clamps
• Alignment Pins
• Chuck Jaws
• Modular Fixturing
• Hoist Rings
• Handles, Knobs
• Screw Clamps
• Locators
• Supports, Rests
• Spring-Loaded
• Bolts, Washers
• Wood Clamps
• Hydraulic Clamps
See our new on-line web catalog!
Carr Lane offers standard components to help you
increase quality and productivity.
ISO 9001-2000
Double digit growth for semis in drives
Industrial drives will be a solid growth market
for semiconductors and components, according to a report by IMS Research. This market will
grow from about $2.5BN in 2007 to well over
$3BN in 2011. The growth is due to an increasing number of drives shipped rather than
an increase in semiconductor value in each
drive. Record high energy prices have led
many companies to install drives with motors
for the first time, as the resulting energy savings now mean that the payback period is
shorter than ever. Detailed data reported by leading motor drives vendors suggested that the market grew 15-16% from 2005 to 2006, with
double digit growth again in 2007, and further
growth to follow.
NEW! Toggle Clamps
With Safety Lock
4200 Carr Lane Ct., P.O. Box 191970
St. Louis, Missouri 63119-7970
Phone: 314-647-6200, FAX: 314-647-5736
Web Site:
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Moxa opens branch office in Paris
Moxa Europe announces the opening of a
branch office in Paris, France, in October 2008.
Moxa is a global manufacturer of industrial networking solutions based in Taipei, Taiwan.
Since the opening of the European headquarters in Unterschleissheim, North of Munich,
in April 2006, Moxa has enjoyed consecutive
growth. Moxa Europe´s share of the business
was at 41 % of the global revenue, with 35 %
revenue growth compared to 2006. "With our
branch office in Paris we want to further improve our customer service and ensure even more
proximity to our customers, which results in an
improved customer liaison and support", says
Justin Kao, General Manager of Moxa Europe.
"France is an important market for us with the
fourth biggest GDP in the industrial sector in
Europe. Moreover, some of our key customers
in the focus vertical markets power and transportation automation have their offices in
and around Paris".
Timken will supply steel for Antenna
Tower on Freedom Tower
Timken has supplied special bar quality steel for
use in constructing the antenna tower for the
Freedom Tower at the World Trade Center
site in New York City. Timken steel will be
used to build the supporting legs of the 450foot-antenna tower on top of the building.
Timken was selected as a supplier for the project by DCM Erectors of Toronto, Canada, which
is the project's steel erector and will build the
tower's 12-sided antenna. Tishman Construction Corporation of New York is serving as
Construction Manager for the Freedom Tower. The Freedom Tower, being built by the
Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, will
stand 541 meter tall, and will serve as an inspirational and enduring beacon in the New York
City skyline.
International Headquarters: Tel: +972 3 977 88 88, Fax: +972 3 977 8877
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Issue N°11 • November 2008
Control System
t 23,000 flat washer sizes with
no tooling charges
t Over 2,000 material choices
t Most orders shipped in
2 weeks or less!
FREE 2009
for retractable fittings
Combined with sensors, retractable fittings and
process analysis systems,
Uniclean 900 control system for retractable fittings
ensures fully automatic,
precise pH measuring even
in challenging process environments, e.g. in highpressure and high-temperature applications or in applications with heavily polluted media. The control system
immerses the sensors in the medium for short periods
in freely configurable intervals. Afterwards, the system
cleans and rinses the sensors, automatically pumping
cleaning liquid or water into the rinsing chamber. This
feature considerably extends the lifespan of sensors in
highly aggressive process media. In applications, sensors
do not need to be removed for manual cleaning, making complex bypass solutions and process interruptions unnecessary. Measuring can take place in the
pressure tank or main pipe, thus increasing measuring
accuracy. The pump operates with minimal wear and maintenance requirements.
Tel. +49-30-801910 • Fax +49-30-80191200
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You Can’t Buy
A Better Reel.
✓ Heavy gauge steel spun disks
✓ Heavy gauge welded frames
✓ Heavy duty ribbed construction
✓ Sturdy one-piece hub assembly
✓ Steel drum with fully welded seam
✓ Heavy duty chain drive
✓ High performance swivel joints
✓ Full custom capabilities
smaller connector provides compact sensors
This reduction in size gives the HS130 accelerometer a much smaller footprint making it suitable for
monitoring vibration levels on
smaller machinery and allowing
them to be used where space is
limited. The connectors are robust
and secure, simple to install and
offer easy manipulation, curving around those awkward places
in typical processing plant areas. A wide choice of mounting
options offers solutions to meet
factory requirements. Sealed to
IP67, the M8 connector is a part
of a well-proven industry standard and can be supplied in a wide variety of tailored assemblies of differing lengths, enabling cost effective installation. The model is constructed in robust welded stainless steel and offer either top or side entry for the electrical connection.
Typical applications for the HS-130 include pharmaceutical, food, marine and printing installations, plus intricate packaging and handling machinery.
Tel. +44-845-6801957 • Fax +44-845-6801958
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Copper Cable Assemblies
alternative to fiber optic modules
Download or call for your FREE
Hose and Cable Reels catalogs
The GORE SFP+ Copper
Cable Assemblies for the
high-performance computing (HPC), enterprise
networking and network
storage markets offer a
more reliable, efficient and economical alternative to
fiber optic modules for transmitting 10 Gbps data at distances up to 25 meters. The assemblies comply with the
SFF-8431 standard while providing reduced jitter, a
very low latency, and a maximum signal eye opening.
They provide the highest performance with a lower dielectric constant, lower loss, tighter impedance control,
and a wider bandwidth. Through the use of a proprietary expanded PTFE dielectric, the manufacturer
achieves a smaller cable size for a given conductor or
a larger conductor in a specific twinax diameter. These
cables are completely RoHS-compliant, even with some
exemptions that have been recently eliminated. The connector is made with a high-performance, low-loss RF material to reduce dielectric loss and provide a higher
degree of impedance control through the link as well
as reduced crosstalk compared to lossy FR-4 designs.
Tel. +1-410-5064569
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Industrial Engineering News
Europe, Marcel Santy
Issue N°11 • November 2008
Power Supply
Colour Scopemeters
convection cooled
for anti-icing systems
with large colour displays
This precision hygrometer was developed for anti-icing systems for use
with gas turbines. Applying the fundamental cooled-mirror measurement principle, it delivers a repeatable, drift-free dew point or relative
humidity measurement. The hygrometer has a dynamic measurement range from –50 to 90°C dew
point over a temperature range of
–10 to 90 °C and was successfully tested in the extreme atmospheric conditions. It provides two 4-20 mA output signals, configurable through the instrument’s interfacing software.
The Fluke 225C and 215C are aimed at
maintenance specialists who deal with industrial buses, networks and general
electronics. They verify electrical signal
quality on industrial buses including
Profi, Foundation, Modbus, CAN-bus,
RS-485 and more. The instruments feature easy signal validation of all the signal parameters, and floating and fully isolated inputs for true differential signal
measurements. They allow users to verify the electrical integrity of bus and network, performing ‘physical layer tests’ and getting answers quickly and easily.
Tel. +44-1353-658000 • Fax +44-1353-658199
Tel. +31-40-2675212 • Fax +31-40-2675210
The GT(M)9110P series delivers up to
240W of continuous output power
with 20CFM of airflow (150W convection cooled) with output voltages
ranging from 3.3 to 48V in 0.1V increments. The high efficiency, 85%
typ., family of Open-Frame/PCB Mount
Style power supplies are available
in various Input/Output configurations.
For SLI: enter 25497 at
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Tel. +1-201-7841000
Fax +1-201-7840111
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Signal Generator
<0.9db level accuracy
Multicolour LED
Lights Indicators
• Robust Industrial housing styles,
sealed to IP67 and IP69K
The SMC100A signal generator integrates all important functions such as
AM/FM/fM and pulse modulation so
that no additional options are required. It sports short frequencyand level-setting times of <5 ms. The
SMC100A is available from 9kHz to
1.1 or 3.2GHz.
Tel. +49-89-412913779
Fax +49-89-412913777
• Use of LED technology ensures
long life of the light source
(estimated 10 years)
A Bright
For SLI: enter 25499
• Low power consumption
compatible with AS-i modules
(also with specific pin assignment)
• Up to 5 different colours in a
single device
• Up to 31 possible combinations
including steady, flashing or
alternating colours
• Some models with integrated
buzzer, steady or pulsed tone,
75 dB or 95 dB @ 1m
RF Amplifiers
• Standard M22 (K30L) or M30
(K50L) threaded base for easy
for EMC tests
• Three different connection styles;
M12 integrated connector, 2m
cable or pigtail with M12 connector
• Wide range of mounting brackets
and accessories
These radio frequency amplifiers
feature frequency bands from 1 to
2GHz and from 2 to 4GHz, as well as
500W output power at 1dB of compression of gain. The amplifiers are
adapted to amplify any modulated
Tel. +33-1-60926100
Fax +33-1-69072101
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Banner Engineering Europe
Park Lane, Cullinganlaan 2F
1831 Diegem, Belgium
Tel: +32 2 456 07 80
Fax: +32 2 456 07 89
Issue N°11 • November 2008
Pressure Transmitters
Bus Terminal I/O
with ATEX and PED certificates
with digital multimeter terminals inside
Smart pressure and differential pressure transmitters are applicable to the
measurement of pressure or
differential pressure of gases, vapours and liquids in industrial condition. The active element is a piezoresistant silicon sensor separated from the medium by diaphragms. The casing is
made of aluminium alloy
cast, degree of protection
is IP66. The communication
standard for data interchange with the transmitter is
the Hart protocol or Profibus. The data interchange with
the transmitter enables the users to identify the transmitter, configure the output parameters and transmitter diagnostics. Typical areas of use are power industry,
chemical industry, oil and gas industry, paper industry,
heavy industry, sugar industry, water industry etc. Transmitters are available with the following certificates: ATEX
certificate (Ex d, Ex ia), PED certificate.
The use of the new Beckhoff KL3681 (Bus Terminal) and EL3681 (EtherCAT Terminal) increases
flexibility thanks to the
wide input range and automated measuring range
selection. High precision
and simple, high-resistance measurement from 30 mV
to 300 V allows the Bus Terminal to be used like a
modernised digital multimeter. In measuring applications
in particular, the expected voltage is often not known
during the planning phase. Automatic adjustment of the
measurement range simplifies use and reduces stock levels. The digital multimeter terminals measure DC and
AC voltages; in the case of AC voltage, the effective (RMS)
value is determined. Good immunity to interference is
achieved via the complete galvanic isolation of the
electronic measuring system and a measurement interval of typically 200 ms. The measured result is equivalent to that of a good hand-held multimeter, but the Bus
Terminal also has an interface to all common fieldbuses via which it can be read out and parameterised.
Tel. +48-22-8140777 • Fax +48-22-8140778
Tel. +49-5246-9630 • Fax +49-5246-963198
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Measure yourself with one of us
Lika. Measure made to measure.
Steady research, design and production, performed wholly inside the
company, guarantee to Lika Electronic performance, functionality,
and customer specific solutions. Thus optical
encoders, magnetic measurement systems and
positioning units come to life, capable of measuring
themselves with the leading European companies.
Fingerprint/Smartcard Reader Motorised Zoom Lens
protects from unauthorized access
for high definition imaging
TouchChip Fingerprint/Smartcard reader opens the biometric computer access.
Consisting of a UPEK fingerprint/smartcard reader unit and
Siemens ID software
TouchChip Fingerprint/Smartcard reader incorporates a topmounted fingerprint reader which allows secure password-free access to Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP systems
by matching the authorized user's fingerprint with
templates stored on the computer. The system also integrates with password-enabled Windows programmes
and even has the ability to "lock down" individual MS
Office documents so they can only be accessed by fingerprint, protecting sensitive data from prying eyes. The
Smartcard reader/writer is side-mounted, saving space
on this small, light and very easy-to-use unit.
The Model 304 delivers true high definition images (720line progressive and
1080-line interlaced)
in a compact 10x
zoom lens measuring only 84 x 70 x
70 millimetres. A
novel design camera mount cleverly
incorporates topside and back focus adjustment so
that the lens can easily and quickly be set-up on any 1/3inch 3-chip high definition camera. The high performance f/2.2, 4-40mm mechanical tracking zoom on the Model 304 ensures the image stays in focus throughout
the zoom travel. As well as offering continuous image
focus throughout the zoom tracking range a thread on
the front of the 4-40mm HD Zoom enables a standard
filter to be simply fitted without clipping or vignetting
images. Focus, Zoom and Iris functions are motorised with
Swiss DC motors to provide smooth and precise movements.
Tel. +49-9643-180 • Fax +49-9643-181720
Tel. +44-1494-777100 • Fax +44-1494-775201
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Full Scale Accelerometers
Electromagnetic Flow Sensors
for measurement of low-g acceleration
for assembly with other devices
Closed loop,
servo balance
confers these
sensors with
high precision
measurements in lowg applications. Despite
their low
measuring range, the A320 series of accelerometers are
very robust and can withstand shocks of 1500g and vibrations of 35g rms and operate in temperatures ranging from -18 °C to +70 °C. The new sensors are suited
to geo-physical and civil engineering studies and the predicative monitoring of large structures, something that
is becoming increasingly important in many parts of the
world. They are also suitable for a range of other applications in sectors including transport, industrial, military and aerospace.
The VNS05, VNS10,
VNS20 electromagnetic flow sensors
are light-weighted,
compact, suitable
for assembly with
other devices and
can measure even a
low flow. The electromagnetic type has high measurement accuracy and
repeatability. It is highly durable as it has no moving parts.
The influences of the measured fluid such as the viscosity, density, and foreign substances are low, and its
feature is that the pressure loss is small. The sensor is
assembled to various devices such as water treatment
devices or semiconductors for measurement or monitoring of the flow rate. The sensor can be used instead
of the electromagnetic flow meter in various devices.
Typically, the sensor is used for the sterilization system of the water treatment plant or sewage plant,
flow rate control such as the chemical injection system
of plant makers, or monitoring of gas lock of electromagnetic constant rate pumps.
Tel. +44-870-4440728 • Fax +44-870-4440729
Tel. +81-52-6615150 • Fax +81-52-6616418
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MultiMessage advertisement
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SLI: 25588
Issue N°11 • November 2008
Issue N°11 • November 2008
New personality
for the roof unit
Monitoring Tool
Pressure Transmitter
handheld, colour display
with parylene coating
Based around
an ultra rugged
and waterproof
handheld unit
with a high
quality colour
display, PocketVibrA takes
signals from an
easily positioned
by the user using a magnet
mount, processes them based on ISO
and pre-loaded interpretation algorithms
and presents the data separated into
categories indicating bearing, balance
and alignment faults. Historical test data is presented graphically by the included FreeTrend software to predict when
machine readings are likely to go out
of acceptable range.
For the use in seawater or with aggressive
media, these pressure transmitters feature
a parylene coating protecting against
corrosion and increasing the life cycle of
the measuring devices. The abrasionproof coating is rugged at a continuous
operation temperature of up to 150°C, resistant against fungal decay and chemicals and persistent to radiation. Additionally, it provides an excellent electrical
insulation with high disruptive strength.
From a coating thickness of only 0.2µm,
the material is completely free of pores.
Tel. +44-1256-895050
Fax +44-1256-896486
Tel. +41-31-7649955
Fax +41-31-7649966
Enter 25506 at
The new roof exhaust unit belonging to Virdis line,
has been re-designed and engineered in plastic
construction, with a careful rounded shape restyling.
Thanks to its building features, the product offers
an aesthetical and functional solution to suck heat
from the electrical enclosures.
Rely on Fandis air moving solutions.
Enter 25511 at
MLC Capacitors
25 to 500VDC
with GPS receiver
With capacitance values of up to 27uF, the
SMC Series of stacked Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors offers high capacitance levels similar to tantalum products, but
with the advantage of extremely low
ESR. The SMC series has an operating
voltage range of 25 to 500VDC with an
operating temperature range of –55 to
125ºC. Both EIA code 1825 and 2225
sizes are offered in J, L, and N lead configurations. The series are available as
RoHS-compliant or as Lead (Pb) solder attachment.
This professional PDA integrates a GPS receiver with an internal antenna. Datalogic JET GPS technology guarantees fast
connection, quick positioning calculation and high accuracy, without the addition of external antenna in order to save
the great ergonomics and the same high
robustness level of the other models.
The GPS-feature is provided together
with Bluetooth, 802.11 b/g Cisco CCX V4
certified and GSM/GPRS module, miniaturised laser as engine option.
Tel. +44-1603-251780
Fax +44-1603-251785
Tel. +39-051-3147011
Fax +39-051-3147205
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Enter 25519 at
SPG Europe Oy, Co., Ltd,, webshop:, Tel +358 2 431 2733, Fax +358 2 431 2739
Display Module
Thermal Panel Printer
UXGA resolution
with housing
This color TFT LCD module offers luminance
of 900cd/m2 using proprietary UA-SFT
technology and a high-intensity direct
backlight system. Moreover, optimisation of the optical design inhibits a
washed-out black phenomenon that occurs when the viewing angle is enlarged;
a common issue with in-plane switching-type LCD-modules. The UA-SFT technology enables an ultra-wide viewing
angle of 176 degrees by reducing color
shift, expanding viewing options and
suitability for multi-screen use.
Compact and resistant, the MTH-2723 printer can be easily integrated into a workshop thanks to its industrial box DIN 96x96
equipped with removable connectors. Paper
width is 58mm, speed is 50mm/s for 203
dpi. This printer allows pre-registrated logos
and can have optional real-time clock. Programming is simple through RS232 and TTL
interfaces with power supply 5VDC or 9 to
40VDC. Easy loading system and small sizes
are the main assets.
Tel. +49-211-65030
Fax +49-211-65031327
Tel. +33-4-50705454
Fax +33-4-50705656
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MultiMessage advertisement
Issue N°11 • November 2008
Temposonics® R-Series Position Sensors
High precision for industrial applications
high performance sensors
offer precise,
dynamic position measurement for the
most demanding
applications. With < ± 0.01% F.S. linearity,
a repeatability better ± 0.001% F.S.
and an outstanding resolution
they are well known for their accuracy. The R-Series is available with
flexible (RF) sensing element housing, in addition to rod (RH) and
profile (RP) housings and measures
position as well as velocity.
Extremely compact construction, visualisation via diagnosis LEDs and
easy calibration
from outside
without opening the sensor
facilitate the installation. The
R-Series sensors are available with
a full line of analogue and digital
outputs and offer multiple magnets sensing with up to 30 positions simultaneously. The magnetostrictive sensing technology is
non-contact and maintenancefree.
MTS Sensors
Non-Contact Position and Level Sensors
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Temposonics® M-Series Position Sensors
Reliability and stability for mobile hydraulics
The Temposonics®
M-Series is designed
for absolute position measurement
in agricultural, construction, handling
or other mobile
machinery to increase safety, quality
and productivity. It combines the
advantages of non-contact, wear-free
and high-accuracy displacement and
velocity measurement to meet all
demands on the
harsh environment
of mobile hydraulic
applications. With its
high shock and
vibration resistance and electromagnetic immunity the M-Series is the
perfect solution for use inside compact hydraulic cylinders.
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Temposonics® C-Series Position Sensors
Compact, flexible design for smallest space
Recently MTS has
Temposonics® CSeries - the world’s
smallest magnetostrictive position
sensor. Designed
for use in high-volume
with constrained
space and budgets the electronics fit
inside a 36 mm x 23 mm cylindrical
package. When housing is required
the modular CSeries provides a
standardized IP67
housing, a float for
level measurement
housings that can
be added to the
core sensor. The
allows precise curvilinear measurements where less than 270° of rotation needs to be monitored.
Designed for your Needs!
• Magnetostriction by its Specialist
• Innovative Technology based on 30 Years of Experience
• High-Performance by Concentration on one Technology
SPS / IPC / DRIVES 2008 - Nuremberg (D)
Hall 7A, Stand 510
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SCS Automation & Control 2008 - Paris (F)
Hall 6, Stand L070
Level Plus®
Wearless gauges for liquid level measurement
MTS liquid level
sensors are the
and reliable solution for tank
level measurement and processing level controls. Level Plus®
gives you the
ability to measure product level,
temperature all from one sensor
up to 18 m. It is not affected by
changes in dielectric constant or
temperature, foam or steam. Level
Plus® sensors provide a full complement of housing
meet global standards for hazardous locations
( F M / C S A / AT E X /
NEPSI/JIS) and sanitary 3A standards. The output
signals are 420mA with Multidrop HART communication or EIA485 Communication with DDA
Protocol or MODBUS.
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The Measurable Difference
Issue N°11 • November 2008
Logging Thermohygrometer
Programmable Digital Indicator
small size and easy routine maintenance
4 different standard input types
The microprocessor based, small in
size thermohygrometer model THM2008MMC is designed to precise
measurement and recording temperature and humidity. Its easy routine maintenance, small size and
battery supply provides a comfort of
recording and wide application in scientific research, environment measurement, food industry and many
others. The logger is also equipped
with internal non-volatile memory enabling to record
up to 50,000 records at intervals ranging from 1 minute
to 99 hours. Results recorded in the internal memory might
be transferred to the computer PC directly connected
to the RS-232 output. Also, internal memory can be copied
on the Multi Media Card (MMC) inserted directly to the
housing. Than the MMC can be read-out through a standard memory card reader connected to the computer
PC. In the field operation a portable, battery powered
printer can be directly connected to the thermohygrometer. The user can select chart or graphs printout
using the keyboard.
The ENDA EI 141 is
a programmable
digital indicator
based on a microcontroller which
accepts electrical
signals and converts these inputs
into whichever
process value is required. The unit handles 4 different
standard input types and user can also calibrate the device according to the specified input type. Maximum and
minimum values can be read out on 4 digits display by
pressing up/down keys. Maximum and minimum values
can be held on the display by pre-programming the indicator. This feature can also be switched off. For a more
stable read-out of the process values, the indicator
can be set at varying sampling times. Selecting the parameter access protection on 3 levels is made easy via
the front panel keypad. To provide environmentally safe
products, the manufacturer applied RoHs standards
and currently all ENDA brand products carry RoHs mark
on the label of products.
Tel. +48-601-511198 • Fax +48-12-6476174
Tel. +90-216-4994664 • Fax +90-216-3657401
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Mobile Operator Control
Block Spray Nozzles
visualization in 10-inch format
cooling for continuous casting
The SIMATIC Mobile Panel
277 features a 10.4 inch touchscreen with a high resolution
of 800 x 600 pixels. This makes
it possible to show images of
the complex processes that
go on in large-scale plants.
Coming from the 270 family
of products, the device has a
high degree of protection, namely IP65, and is equipped
with a touchscreen, a stop button and an enabling
button in the standard version. A USB interface which
is accessible from the outside means that project transfers and backup of recipe data can be carried out very
quickly. A touch pen for precise control is provided in
a stable holder on the rear of the device. The new
mobile panel is configured by means of the "SIMATIC
WinCC flexible 2008" engineering software. All additional components such as connection boxes or cables
are the same as those of the mobile panel that is already
available. Depending on requirements, the user can therefore combine different SIMATIC mobile panels for use
in a particular plant.
The Cool-Cast nozzle assemblies provide an even spray
distribution for effective quenching
and higher quality
yield. The robust
nozzles use a
patented block body configuration and a precisely
aligned spray tip to create and maintain the ideal nozzle alignment, despite harsh steel industry site conditions. The two-fluid design nozzle uses both air and water. The desired spray pattern is maintained at different flow rates by varying air pressure to give a good turn
down ratio for the production of different grades of steel.
The block design nozzle assembly permits parallel inlet
connections without the requirement for elbows and
allows for simple yet accurate installation. Blocks can be
securely fixed to create a rigid assembly ensuring nozzles remain at optimum spacing and alignment to
guarantee consistent cooling performance. The need for
engineering maintenance on the cooling system is minimised by this reliable design.
Tel. +49-911-9783273 • Fax +49-911-9783321
Tel. +44-151-4246821 • Fax +44-151-4951043
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ETA’s been developing
high quality enclosure
solutions for over 30 years
and is fast becoming the
preferred choice amongst
Specifiers and installers
looking for quality products
with innovative features.
Call ETA now and put your enclosure requirements in the
hands of a professional organisation always striving to exceed
expectations now and in the future.
innovative enclosure solutions for
industrial & electronic applications
ETA SpA Via Monte Barzaghino 6, 22035 Canzo (CO) Italy
Tel. 0039 031 673611 Fax. 0039 031 670525
Mail. Web.
Soldering and Rework Systems
Strain Gauge Amplifier
increase production throughput
for a strain gauge signal
The Metcal MX-5000 series Soldering and Rework System combines increased power and an
enhanced hand-piece with energy and tip-saving features.
Patented SmartHeat technology is coupled with 80 watts of
power to enable instantaneous
response to load conditions
with high levels of control. In
practice, this design ensures
that the system will not overshoot while recovering in seconds resulting in high productivity soldering and rework processes. The microprocessor-controlled system also incorporates a built-in digital power indication display, providing users with continuous feedback for a repeatable process creating
high quality solder joints. The ease-of-use associated with
this pioneering technology also significantly reduces required training investment. The series is composed of
different system configurations which users can choose
from to address specific applications.
The SG-2K-Z is a special
series of dual-channel
strain gauge amplifiers.
The amplifier can be used
to evaluate two differently scaled measurement ranges with just
one strain gauge sensor
connected. The input signal is switched to both channels simultaneously and separately amplified for each
measurement range. This means that analogue output
signals featuring the highest degree of accuracy and resolution are available for each of the two measurement ranges. In particular these strain gauge amplifiers
are often used for applications where there are predominantly two different operating states, such as high
and low-pressure states, and where both states need to
be monitored and evaluated accurately with one sensor. Due to the small span, the low measurement range
features a higher level of absolute accuracy. Fields of application for this technology can be found in production engineering, e.g. for force fitting processes, machine
construction, test benches and automotive engineering.
Tel. +44-23-80489100 • Fax +44-23-80489109
Tel. +49-6195-70060 • Fax +49-6195-700666
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SKF Microlog
Analyzer GX
See the big picture.
This high performance,
two-channel portable data
collector/FFT analyzer
provides speed and accuracy
for route and non-route
vibration monitoring and
analysis. The modular
platform allows users to add
applications as their needs
SKF Microlog
Analyzer MX
A flexible non-route
instrument, the Microlog
MX is easy to use for expert
or non-expert personnel.
Multiple modules are
available, making it ideal
for machinery diagnostics,
production line quality testing
or as a field service tool.
With the new SKF Microlog Analyzer AX
Maintaining your critical plant assets – and your bottom line – takes more than
just class-leading specifications.
The new SKF Microlog AX takes route-based data collection and
stand-alone analysis to a new level. Delivering four-channel performance,
and the flexibility to choose and add application modules such as Frequency
Response Function and Run-up/Coast down – all in a rugged “go anywhere”
package. But that’s not the big picture.
SKF Microlog Analyzer
The CMXA 51-IS is an
intrinsically safe, rugged
hand-held instrument
that allows for collection
of vibration, process and
dynamic data in hazardous
environments. IS ratings
include ATEX and IECEx
certification for use in
mining and petrochemical
The AX incorporates all the features you have come to expect from an
SKF Microlog. And with over 100 years of rotating machinery knowledge,
SKF knows your assets from the inside out – and how to maintain them.
So look at the big picture – and get the confidence and peace of mind from
working with one of the most respected and widely-used vibration data analysis
and industrial global service brands in the world.
The new SKF Microlog AX – equip yourself with SKF knowledge.
Get full product specifications, and fill out our enquiry form,
The Power of Knowledge Engineering
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Motors, Drives & Motion Control
Issue N°11 • November 2008
Intelligent motor control
reduces failures and boost OEE
Predriver, perfect.
BLDC under control: safe, smart and efficient. Sensorless
with hallFX TM. Consistently application oriented. Quality from
TRINAMIC, made in Germany.
For SLI: enter 21948 at
With motor failures representing the single biggest
cause of downtime across industry, with significant associated costs to business, Steve Pethick of Rockwell Automation describes how an intelligent, data-driven approach to motor control holds the key to efficient,
profitable manufacturing
From the smallest manufacturing line to the most complex production facility, the electric motor is the universal constant on which industry turns – the workhorse of
the manufacturing landscape. On any given production
line there may be countless motors employed in multi-axis motion systems, pick and place operations,
turntables and conveyors. And associated items of
equipment, from pumps and fans to mixers and compressors, are all motor driven.
For many manufacturers, the cost of downtime due to
any given motor failure can be significant, extending
into thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds per
hour of downtime. And the most expensive motor is not
necessarily the most critical: a failure on a single, small
motor on a humble mixer, for example, might be
enough to bring a plant to its knees.
To the many companies coming to rely on analysis of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) as a means of maximising their uptime, the profligacy of electric motors
around the plant must surely be a major worry. The goal
of achieving world-class standards of 70% and higher
OEE scores means minimising not only the stoppages due
to unplanned maintenance, but increasingly those due
to planned maintenance as well. The sad fact, though,
is that most of the ten million motors installed within
industry every year across Europe still rely on traditional control and protection measures that don't contribute in any way to predictive maintenance. The typical bi-metallic thermal overloads and other conventional solutions serve only to switch off the motor in the event
of a problem, and provide no useful information whatsoever to help in the goal of boosting OEE. So how might
a forward-thinking manufacturer go about addressing
this issue to reduce downtime, lower overall maintenance
costs, give greater control of production uptime and reduce motor repair costs?
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/%,2!*&( !&
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Bringing motor control and protection strategies into
the 21st Century, Intelligent Motor Control (IMC) from
Rockwell Automation combines the strengths of the Integrated Architecture infrastructure with a comprehensive range of intelligent motor control and protection devices, and condition monitoring systems. It gives
eyes and ears to the plant floor, using sensors and control devices with a high degree of embedded local intelligence to feed critical data back into PLCs, plant floor
condition monitoring units and higher level monitoring systems. The increased efficiency of motor communication and monitoring allows manufacturers to make
informed decisions about their processes. Rather than
simple on/off information, it gives them the data they need
to help improve production, in terms of preventing
downtime, increasing productivity, and boosting profit.
With all of these systems on common network architecture, everything from cluster of high performance
drives to a single plant floor sensor can be interrogated and tuned from a PC anywhere on the network, or
even in a remote location.
Further, as part of Intelligent Motor Control, higher level controllers and PCs can take inputs from condition
monitoring systems such as Rockwell Automation’s Entek range, while PLCs can take inputs direct from sensors on the plant floor. These might include vibration
sensors that monitor motor bearing condition, and
other down-line sensors whose operation can be indicative of motor condition or whose decline in performance (for example caused by the build-up of dirt on a
sensor controlling a conveyor) might provide an unwanted 'stop' command to a drive. All these inputs can be
combined as part of Intelligent Motor Control, with the
data from mechanical monitoring of the motor transmitted on the same network as the electronic control
information to higher level systems, where it can be interpreted and presented to users as meaningful operational information. That level of integration of the real-time condition monitoring processes can play a key
role in the modern strategic maintenance approach, helping manufacturers to effectively predict, prevent and react to equipment problems to minimise costly downtime.
An Intelligent Motor Control solution can also be expanded over time, either as budget permits, or on an ad-hoc
basis during equipment upgrades and refits, or as part
of a planned, ongoing OEE improvement strategy.
With its tailored approach, a typical system generally costs
10-15% lower than the installed cost of a conventional system, yet offers far greater benefits in terms of improved machine productivity, quality and availability –
all key parameters in boosting OEE. Further, Intelligent Motor Control based predictive maintenance
strategies offer huge benefits over reactive maintenance programmes, helping reduce maintenance times
and costs by up to 50%. It can also play a key role in helping to reduce energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency.
Tel. +44-1908-838800
Fax +44-1908-839696
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Motors, Drives & Motion Control
Issue N°11 • November 2008
High-torque Gearboxes
in high-integrity single-piece housings
The gearbox case is a
single piece casting,
with all bearing seats integrated and machined
in a single process. This
optimises strength and
eliminates sealing surfaces that could deflect
under the effect of torque or radial forces - minimising
the possibility of oil leakage. The resulting high-integrity gearboxes deliver smooth, low noise operation
with a long product life. There are four choices in the
high power Unicase family, offering maximum torques
of 60,000, 90,000, 135,000 or 200,000Nm. Available in
helical-parallel shaft or helical/bevel right-angled drive
configurations, a very wide range of gear ratios can be
specified using two-, three-, or multi-stage reductions.
The gearboxes are suitable power transmission solutions
for material handling and processing equipment in
applications such as steel manufacture, aggregates,
mining and grain handling. The low losses of the helical gearing technology means that these gearboxes can
deliver energy efficiencies of up to 96%-plus.
Tel. +49-4532-4010 • Fax +49-4532-401253
For 8 of 10 leading German machine builders …
… we are the partner when it
comes to couplings.
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Stainless Steel Gears
with integral fastening system
The series of Modules 0.5, 0.8, and 1
spur gears features
the Fairloc integral
hub fastening system which eliminates
shafts. These 20°
pressure angle precision gears conform to JIS N8
Grade standards.
The integral hub
fastener is the suitable choice where phase adjustment, timing, position adjustment and frequent removal of the component are factors in the specific application. In addition, it offers full component support
along the entire hub section. These very cost-effective
gears are compact, self-contained and offer a small
gear hub envelope. These gears are designed to fit
shafts ranging from 4mm to 10mm in diameter. They are
stocked with face widths ranging from 5 to 8mm. Their
sizes range from 14 to 120 teeth.
Tel. +1-516-4376700 • Fax +1-516-3283343
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Linear Motion Bearings
with lubricant reservoirs
The MX ball
bushings feature
a compartment
that deposits lubricant via capillary action across
a fibre pad onto
the friction surface of the ball bearings. The oil film is thus permanently maintained between shaft and bearings. A front
seal on the ball bush prevents lubricant leakage. This
long-life lubrication allows for significantly longer
maintenance intervals - a particular advantage for machines and facilities where access is difficult. Re-greasing within the ball circuit is not necessary. With a precise measure of lubrication on the pitch surface, the soilfree system has been designed to be more environmentally compatible. Due to the low level of lubricant
atomising, the MX ball bushings are also suitable for specific clean room applications. They are available both
with single or double bearings, with or without flange
(recessed, deep recess or centric) as well as with a circular, square or rectangular flange form.
Tel. +49-6196-77460 • Fax +49-6196-7746360
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AUT ING+sensori+sps C.indd 1
18-09-2008 14:03:53
Issue N°11 • November 2008
Motors, Drives & Motion Control
Digital Servo Drive
Motion Control Platform
scalable motion control for up to 4 axes
complete system expertise
The HNC100-3x digital servo drive is a
multi-axis NC controller, with fieldbus interfaces,
specifically developed for control of
drives. Providing
enhanced modularity and flexibility with a more compact equipment architecture, the drive makes installation easier and saves valuable control cabinet space. It
features increased computing power to handle more complex tasks. The drive offers true multi-axis synchronisation. Open- and closed-loop control algorithms, tailored specifically to the unique characteristics of hydraulic
systems, make it easy to achieve the optimum performance of electrohydraulic drives. Up to eleven freely
configurable digital I/Os are available per axis, increasing automation flexibility dramatically. The engineer can
program it via a PC with the WIN-PED software using
the NC programming language.
This electronics motion
control platform provides
a range of motion controllers, position controllers and Gbit realtime communication bus.
UltimET light Motion Controllers control AccurET
Position Controllers in
multi-axis applications to
reach sophisticated synchronisation and complex interpolated trajectory between multiple axes. AccurET Position Controllers are proposed in a modular format dedicated to multi-axis applications where a single power
supply unit is able to power many AccurET units to
minimize the space required for the Electronics. To
communicate between UltimET light and AccurET,
TransnET is the new real-time bus. TransnET is based on
Gigabit Ethernet with a dedicated Motion Control protocol. It manages instantaneous commands transmission
within 100µsec and for up to 63 axes. This platform provides a complete system expertise including turnkey high
precision mechanical systems.
Tel. +49-9352-180 • Fax +49-9352-1840
Tel. +41-32-8620100 • Fax +41-32-8620101
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Conveyor Rollers
Brushless Servo Motors
reduced noise and component wear
in small size
The 1700 Series conveyor
roller comes with the Taperhex Black shaft design. The
shaft design features an easyto-install, double springloaded tapered hexagonal
shuttle that is pressed into the
profile holes of the roller
for a secure and safe fit. The
Taperhex Black is constructed of high-quality electrically conductive technopolymer that has been enhanced for superior noise reduction and wear resistance. The shaft is not susceptible to
any movement relative to the profile, a problem usually associated with torsional forces induced by start/stop
operations. By eliminating movement, the springloaded it provides a solution that reduces noise levels,
component wear, and maintenance, extending the operational life of the roller. Providing a maximum speed
of 360 fpm and a maximum load of 36kg, the series is
suitable for package and parcel conveying technology,
warehouse and distribution, food processing, security,
and pharmaceutical applications.
The JL1 series of
small-size brushless servo motors
is offered in two
different rated
torques of either
0.1 or 0.3 Nm. It
goes well with
the compact servo amplifier JetMove 105. Both
models can be
supplied with or
without a holding brake. Their flange dimensions of 37
x 37 mm and their length of 81 - 111 mm make them
very compact. By standard, the motors comply with
the degree of protection IP64 and can be operated
up to a maximum speed of 12000 rpm. This way, the servo motor line-up in the lower performance range is completed. Typical applications for those drives are found,
for example, within screw capping machines, winding
machines, handling and assembly systems, textile machinery, robots and medical engineering.
Tel. +41-91-8502525 • Fax +41-91-8502505
Tel. +49-7141-25500 • Fax +49-7141-2550425
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$!'! %)#()0"/0-!-*"$%#$,0'%/3'%)!-(*/%*)+-* 0/.
Europe B.V.
Boekweitstraat 21 - 2153 GK Nieuw-Vennep - The Netherlands.
TEL: +31 (0) 252 463 200 • FAX: +31 (0) 252 463 209
E-mail: •
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Rotary Table Units
Cartridge Motors
pneumatically operated
for planetary gearbox applications
The P5W series of rotary table units provide precise control
from 0° to 190° even
under heavy loads, with
specially designed load
fixing and centring capabilities. End stroke
cushioning using adjustable stops or hydraulic buffers offers
dependable linear cushioning enabling objects to be carried and positioned safely and securely. With an aluminium body and stainless steel turntable, the P5W Series
units are highly resistant to corrosion and able to withstand temperatures of between 5 and 60°C. The units
are designed to be fast and simple to install, with air supply ports at each end for easy connection to the compressed air system, a cut through hole for wiring and
piping, and optional sensors that simplify installation
further. The units can be either top or bottom mounted for maximum flexibility. The P5W Series units are available in seven sizes, from 10 to 63mm.
The MSI series
of plug-in type
cartridge motors is designed for optimum integration into a receiving organ,
they are generally used
with a planetary gearbox,
on construction equipment, agricultural machinery, or mining and
crushing equipment. The motors are of bent axis technology with an angle of 40°. They combine high performance and reduced size envelope (power per kilo: over
10 kW/kg; global efficiency over 90%). Models exist from
32cc to 108cc, and all are suitable for operation at
pressures up to 400 bar continuous, and 450 bar peak.
Suitable for use in either closed or open loop systems,
the motors are robust and offer long service life. They
can be supplied fitted with a speed sensor.
Tel. +44-1442-458000 • Fax +44-1442-458111
Tel. +33-3-83767740 • Fax +33-3-83752158
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Motors, Drives & Motion Control
Line Shafts
backlash-free and light-weight
These line shafts
are backlash-free
and available in
two versions - either with metal
bellows or with
elastomeric spiders. The backlash-free couplings guarantee productive
and efficient work processes. Torsionally stiff or flexible line shafts are used where torque or rotary motions
have to be transmitted at the highest possible angle accuracy and where large centre distances have to be
bridged. The shafts are suited for any synchronisation
and positioning tasks. They compensate axial and radial as well as angular alignment errors. For overall
lengths of up to 6 metres neither line shafts with elastomeric spiders nor those using metal bellows require
intermediate bearings. The shafts are made of lightweight
aluminium and feature high rotation angle accuracy. Optionally, they can also be obtained with a CRP pipe
(carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic). These shafts are also
characterised by very good power transmission, high torsional stiffness and an optimum moment of inertia.
Issue N°11 • November 2008
Tel. +49-6022-22040 • Fax +49-6022-220411
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Digital DC Drives
2 quadrant and 4 quadrant options
The PLX range of digital drives offers compact design and powerful software on all
models from 12 amps
up to the new 1650
amps models. All models include 40 character alphanumeric
backlit displays, a
range of software
blocks, and a fully controlled field for extended speed range.
The series is UL, cUL and CE approved and available from
stock. The PLX is part of an integrated range of analogue
and digital DC drives covering both single phase and three
phase, regenerative and non-regenerative applications. Whether in original equipment or in retrofits, DC
drives are being used in many different applications including metal processing, the pulp and paper industry,
rubber and plastic processing, lifting equipment, food
processing, leisure industries and many more.
Tel. +44-1903-730000 • Fax +44-1903-730893
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DODGE® power transmission products offer reliable service and
low maintenance to help reduce your total cost of ownership. Our
innovative bearings, gearing and power transmission products have
solved the toughest applications for over 125 years.
> Unmatched Quality
> Superior Reliability
Our technical sales team can help you with the most challenging
applications, and our worldwide distributor network ensures immediate
When it comes to PT solutions, DODGE is the first name in power
+49 89 90 50 80 (Munich)
+49 2234 37941-21 (Cologne)
> Improved Uptime
> Quick Deliver
+41 91 640 9950
+34 90 2110834
+41 52 647 47 00
United Kingdom
+44 1454 850000
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with 3-phase AC induction motors
These drives are ideal for several applications that do not
need AC synchronous motor and related vector drives
performances or
these are too expensive. At the same
time many inverters are capable only of some speed/torque
regulation without position control. Combining both
worlds makes some previously unthinkable applications possible. This particular technology uses a proprietary commutation algorithm that allows a very accurate speed and torque control of standard 3-phase AC
induction motors. Motors of this type are mass produced
and available in numerous variants for reasonable
prices. These motors can be used in demanding industrial applications where so far this was not possible. By
adding an encoder such systems gain the positioning
accuracy that makes them an alternative to servo drives.
The drive features very fast acceleration & deceleration
times, precise torque control and position detection.
Tel. +386-5-6800001 • Fax +386-5-6874244
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Preconfigured and
Engineered Motion Systems
is a world leader
in innovative precision
motion control systems for all areas
of industry and research.
Our product lines include patented and award winning direct-drive linear and rotary
nano-positioners; airbearings; linear motor gantry systems, linear motor stages and
systems, multi-axis motion controllers and drives. Aerotech also specialises in cleanroom
and vacuum systems. Our ability to customise automation solutions specifically designed
for our customer's applications is unmatched.
Aerotech Ltd - Jupiter House - Calleva Park - Aldermaston - Berkshire RG7 8NN - UK
Tel: +44 (0)118 940 9400 - Fax: +44 (0)118 940 9401- Email:
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Dedicated to the
Science of Motion
Motors, Drives & Motion Control
Issue N°11 • November 2008
Drive Belts
Servo Motors
flat and shaped
The Enitra drive belts, either flat or shaped,
are suitable for drive transmission. High
transmission efficiency is a result of the excellent materials used for friction linings
and modern materials used for tension
members. When the correct tension is chosen, slippage-free operation of flat and
shaped belts (V-, Poly-V and timing belts) is
ensured, and in the case of timing belts, precisely synchronized drive is achieved. The characteristic features of our drive belts include
the transmission of high power (up to 1
MW) and optimal, small sizes.
The SM2A servo motors with integrated
motor can easily be programmed with
Atomic, a Windows-based and userfriendly development environment. The
SM2A series are constructed with a protection degree of IP65 and are equipped
with reliable connectors. Other features
include AC power supply, optoisolated inputs and outputs and an encoder for
the closed loop control of torque, velocity and position (optional). The motor
section is made of magnetic low loss material and has a holding torque from 3.4
to 12.5Nm.
Tel. +48-74-8439124
Fax +48-74-8439140
Tel. +39-0371-412318
Fax +39-0371-412367
it’s time for tomorrow
Unheard of !
ber 20
25.–27. Novem 4-471
Hall 4 | St
Unique smoothness
High radial loads · Unbeatable reductions
Enter 25572 at
Online shop with 3,573 drive solutions,
ready for delivery within 48 hours.
Industriestr. 9 · D-91207 Lauf a. d. Pegnitz
Phone +49(0)9123/945-0 · Fax +49(0)9123/945-145 ·
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ZL_IEN_November_121x175_RZ_1008.indd 1
17.10.2008 15:22:04 Uhr
SIKO Position Indicator AP04 at adjustment axes:
Automated handwork!
Linear Actuators
Wire Conveyor Belts
for demanding environments
leaded with chains
The Electrak Pro
linear actuators
are designed for
demanding environments. Their
highly robust nature, low installation and service costs and comprehensive
control options make them an attractive
alternative to hydraulic or pneumatic solutions. Their compact size and high performance, excellent protection from contamination and moisture (IP66 or IP67 protection) and zero maintenance, make the
models suitable for use in industrial off-highway vehicles and mobile machines. A key
advantage for machine builders is that in
contrast to hydraulic or pneumatic solutions,
which have often been used here in the past,
they are much simpler and-faster to install. There are no pumps, hoses or plumbing to install.
Tel. +49-203-99790
Enter 25446 at
SPS/IPC ooth 441
Hall 4A,
New from SIKO: Absolute values with AP04 – quick,
safe, inexpensive! Axis settings via pre-programmed
values of a PLC replace tabular adjustment with
precise magnetic measurement and a bus connection. Just regulate the display values - that’s it!
Quality pays – Progress made in Germany.
Challenge us and see!
SIKO GmbH, fon +49 7661 394 - 0, www.
These low-carbon steel wire conveyor belts
are designed for applications in forges,
press shops, stamping presses, foundries,
etc. They are suitable especially there, where
the force pulling the belt is larger than the
friction force on the driving drum. They
can be delivered with side limiters with
sealing waved sheet, drivers of different
heights, etc. The wire diameter is: Ø 2.0 5.0mm, belt width: up to 2,500mm. Length
of belt in sheets or rolls is made according
to customer's needs.
Tel. +48-34-3650136
Fax +48-34-3650157
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Voice Coil Actuator
Servo Drive Controller
consistent and precise
delivering up to 5 kW of power
This cylindrical
voice coil actuator
is designed with
high force sensitivity in a lightweight housing,
and provides extremely fast control of valve opening and closing, thereby increasing throughput for
OEMs looking to improve production and
reduce product time to market. Used in
conjunction with a high performance motion controller or other device, the actuator
is capable of providing precise positioning,
velocity, and acceleration in applications
where exacting precision is critical. It is available in small sizes from 1-inch to 1-1/2-inch
OD and features include stroke lengths
ranging from 0 to 1.27mm, force versus
position curve characteristic, continuous
force of 1 to 5N, cog and hysteresis-free
operation, and tight tolerances.
The Solo Guitar
is an integrated solution designed to simply and efficiently connect Guitar Servo Drive
directly to a motion application.
The solution
consists of the Guitar plus a versatile connection interface which can eliminate or reduce
development time and resources when designing a PCB board for a motion control application. As with other SimplIQ digital
products, the Solo Guitar can be easily set up
and tuned using Composer software tools.
It is a ready -to-use servo drive solution that
provides top servo performance, networking and intelligent capabilities in a high
level programming environment. It offers an
attractive miniature space saving answer.
Tel. +1-760-5977042
Fax +1-760-5976320
Tel. +972-3-929-2300
Fax +972-3-929-2322
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Motors, Drives & Motion Control
Rotor Balancers
with integrated controller
for electric motors
The Motomate Brushless
Motor features compact
size, convenience and easy
programmability. Designed
with an integral controller,
the motor provides an allin-one solution for a wide
range of applications
where programmable
movement of simple mechanisms is required. Typical uses include control of automatic doors and door lifts, access barriers, rolling advertisement boards, intelligent conveyor systems, robotic
swimming pool cleaners, and machine subassemblies.
Motomate incorporates a built-in Milleneum2 controller, brushless motor drive, motor, and gearbox in a
compact 2-1/2" x 6" package. The brushless motor features a high motor efficiency of 90% compared to
asynchronous motors of only 40%, and a surprisingly high
starting torque given its compact size. With the power electronics incorporated directly inside the motor, the
need for an external speed controller is eliminated,
optimizing space for tight product designs.
The specificity of CMT
50H2 Elektra type balancers consists in the fact
that a special shape of
the rotor is used in them,
its circular symmetricalness, occurrence of an
inlet, preparation of special places for the mass
distribution such as, for
instance, bolts or channels. The balancers are prepared
for large-scale manufacturing and operate in the general plant management system. They are able to receive
and send the data in the data transmission standard accepted by the client. They are able to read the barcodes
for identifying of rotor. The balancers for small-size electric motors adjusted to manual service have the drives
realised only by means of belts. They are prepared for
a large series of balances. They have compacted position sensors enabling the application of the so called static scale, consisting in the projection of a momentary angular position of the rotor on the screen, after the
power that drives the rotor is switched off.
Tel. +33-475-448844 • Fax +33-475-448126
Tel. +48-52-3631676 • Fax +48-52-3617483
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Brushless Motor
Issue N°11 • November 2008
Zone Industrielle CH _ 2112 Môtiers _ Switzerland
Tel: +41.32.862.01.00 _ Fax: +41.32.862.01.01 _
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Torsionally Soft Coupling
Hybrid Linear Actuators
for diesel drives
size 11 double stack
The Centramax coupling
with high torsional flexibility for diesel-driven engines provides the flexible connection between
engine and gearbox for a
fail-safe operation. Developed especially for drives
subject to torsional vibration, the couplings with
performance ranges of 0.1
to 48 kNm are among the highest torsionally elastic couplings available on the market. As a flexible connection
between engine and gearbox, the couplings shift critical speeds far below idling speed and allow them to utilize the whole engine's working speed without limitation. The drive train is then subjected to very low continuous vibratory torques and stress on the aggregates
is reduced. Another important advantage is the coupling's
fail-safe operation under misfiring conditions. In addition, the coupling offers torsional softness and a linear
characteristic which ensure that resonances are not
shifted by the low load.
The 28000 series
double stack hybrid linear actuators are available
in three designs captive, non-captive and external
linear versions.
They are available
in a wide variety of resolutions ranging from.00317 5mm
per step to.0508 mm per step and delivers thrust of up
to 133 N. These models can also be micro stepped for
even finer resolution. These linear actuators occupy a
minimal 28mm square space and include numerous
patented innovations that provide customers high performance, endurance and new linear motion design opportunities in a small package. The use of proprietary
manufacturing processes which incorporate engineering thermoplastics in the rotor drive nut and a stainless
steel acme lead screw engineered to assure reliability
and performance. Typical applications include semiconductor handling, valve control, X-Y tables, hand
held instruments, telecommunications, and many more.
Tel. +49-2129-9120 • Fax +49-2129-2790
Tel. +1-203-7567441 • Fax +1-203-7568724
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Custom Motion Systems – OEM Solutions – Standard Products
Motion Control Solutions Designed
for Precision, Accuracy & Repeatability
OEM Technology Platform.
Standard Products Assembly.
Fully Engineered System.
Read more about Newport’s capability and solutions in motion control at
Tel: +32 (0)0800-11 257
Tel: +33 (0)
Tel: +49 (0) 61 51 / 708 – 0
Tel: +39-(0)2/92.90.921
Tel: +31-(0)30 659 21 11
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1235 432710
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Brushless DC Motor
Drive Unit
with integral speed control electronics
on the basis of brushless motor
The miniature brushless
DC motor with integral
drive electronics for precision speed control measures just 32mm diameter
with a nominal length of
42mm. The compact BL30
EB delivers an output
torque of 30mNm at
3,500rpm with an 11W
power output rating. The motor's outer rotor design ensures minimal cogging and a high-load bearing system and IP54 protection sealing makes it an ideal
choice for small pumps, laser scanning heads, fans and
other applications where compact design, long life
and high performance is essential. The motor includes
an integrated speed control loop with a speed-set input to adjust the motor speed from 200 to 5,000rpm.
Available in CW and CCW variants with 12 VDC or 24 VDC
supply, a two-wire version operates from a simple DC
voltage and the four-wire alternative includes an 18 pulse
per rev tachometer output for speed monitoring. The
motor fully complies with EN 55014.
The STS-001 motor control unit is made in a
form of a compact set
of three printed circuit
boards situated on the
aluminium base that is
bolted to the housing
base (it performs a radiator role) and the
unit internal connection bundle. The electric drive is executed on the basis of brushless motor, so called torque
motor with a rotor with magnets of rare earths metals.
The motor is characterized by a high torque at low rotational speeds. The winding is three-phase, but the electronic commutation is executed in the motor STS-001
control system. Information about the rotor position is
supplied by means of resolver that is situated under the
motor cover. The motor is equipped with an electromagnetic release that in a currentless condition brakes the
rotor. The power supply board contains a push-pull
24V/120V type converter for producing of stabilized voltage that supplies the motor and a set of control keys
that control the motor operation through DSP.
Tel. +1-303-7998520 • Fax +1-303-7998521
Tel. +48-58-3406747 • Fax +48-58-3443539
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Linear guidance
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Motors, Drives & Motion Control
Issue N°11 • November 2008
Linear Motor
Motor Circuit Breakers
protection up to 100 Amps
The 1FN6 is a synchronous
motor with magnet-free
secondary section track.
The innovative motor concept has all the advantages of direct
drives such as high force density, high dynamic response, good control features and
outstanding precision. As the secondary
section track no longer has a permanent
magnet, the model is very inexpensive,
especially in the case of long traversing
distances. The motor is therefore primarily used for applications in handling
and linked axes or in highly dynamic
and highly precise feeding axes of waterjet and laser-beam cutting machines. It is
therefore an alternative to classic drive
solutions with mechanical transmission
elements such as gear racks or ball screws,
as well as being an alternative to other
types of motor such as asynchronous linear or reluctance motors.
Compact and
high integrity
protection of
electric motors
up to 100Amps,
and 100kA, is
provided by C4
range of motor
circuit breakers. Robust and reliable in operation, the circuit breakers provide optimal motor protection by integrating
the functions of a moulded case circuit
breaker and a thermal overload relay
into a single, highly compact unit. Rated
from 0.16A to 100A, in 4 frame sizes,
the range gives short circuit breaking
capacity of up to 100kA Icu without the
need for back up fuses. In addition, incorporated features such as thermal overloads
and phase failure protection ensure comprehensive protection of the electric circuit and the connected motor.
Tel. +49-911-9783273
Fax +49-911-9783321
Tel. +44-208-4526444
Fax +44-208-4502274
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Motion Controller
Linear Guide
for ceramic servo motors
with a "turn-to-fit" function
The FlexDC Motion Controller is a dedicated single or dual axis control and drive unit
for use with Nanomotion's range of high performance ceramic servo motors and positioning stages. It includes PIV or PID servo control with quadrature or Sin/Cos encoders providing nanometre-level position control
with synchronised I/O and specific ceramic
motor algorithms such as ultra high resolution and dead band compensation to reduce
lost motion during reversals. FlexDC may be
fitted with a choice of Nanomotion's AB1A
or the more powerful AB5 drives and configured for up to 16 elements per axis. The
power supply is included in the 2U high
enclosure which requires 100-240 VAC.
The tolerance
of the maintenance-free
"DryLin W" system can be adjusted over the
whole bearing
surface by turning a knurled
adjustment screw integrated into the
side. Adjustment is in small notched
steps that can be both heard and felt.
Then the bearing fits the shaft correctly and can be moved linearly. If
wear occurs, the system can simply be
readjusted. The system is made up of a
housing consisting of several parts and
a gliding film made of technical triboplastic. As well as the basic structure and
continually tested materials, further
features include a small design height
and low friction.
Tel. +44-1403-755800
Fax +44-1403-755810
Tel. +49-2203-96490
Fax +49-2203-9649222
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We move innovation
Our Commitment is to offer our
customers the best range of
products with the highest quality
of service to all sectors of
automation and industry
By not only meeting our
customers technical demands
and requirements but also
exceeding them we will increase
the level of technology we can
offer to all customers -
Our represented brands
A Delta Line Company
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Disc Couplings
miniature, with zero-backlash
with disengaging torque limiter
Disc couplings are
high performance
motion control couplings with zerobacklash, speed capabilities up to
10,000rpm, strength
and torsional stiffness characteristics, and low
inertia. They are often used in servomotor
and lead screw applications. Two single disc
couplings are often used in tandem when
greater misalignment or a longer distance
is required such as on gantry systems. Disc
couplings are an assembly of two black anodized aluminium hubs; multiple flat stainless steel disc springs to transmit torque,
and a centre spacer for double disc styles. The
discs allow for a substantial amount of misalignment between shafts, and remain rigid
under torque loads. Parallel misalignment
is accommodated by the double disc style or
by two single disc couplings used in tandem.
In the event of a
power cut a safety
gearbox effectively
locks but sometimes
this is a disadvantage. Take for example a motorised factory door, which
could be left stuck open or closed. The
MRV50.LS safety worm gear box with disengaging torque limited is developed for such
applications. A disengaging lever essentially provides a manual override so that the door
can still be operated until power is restored.
The built-in torque limiter comprises a symmetrical cone on the output shaft acting
against a hollow cone on the worm wheel,
all rotating in an oil bath. This gives precise
adjustment and consistency in the slipping
point during torque overload. Disengaging models are available for single-, threephase and DC operation, with 40- 80mm centres; power range is 0.09 – 3kW.
Tel. +1-508-4851000
Fax +1-508-4859000
Tel. +44-1992-501900
Fax +44-1992-509890
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Motors, Drives & Motion Control
Linear Ball Bushing Bearings
Positioning Stages
save space and costs
ultra-low speed scanning solution
The corrosion-resistant version of
its Thomson linear Ball Bushing
bearing have a coefficient of friction of just 0.001,
which allows the
use of smaller and
lower-cost motors,
belts, gears and
ball screws. They also offer continuous travel speeds of
up to 3m/s and acceleration of up to 150m/s2 without
the use of derating factors. Derating factors can lead
to a situation where larger and more expensive bearings have to be used to achieve the same performance that the smaller bearings offer. When replacing simple high-friction bearings, these bearings immediately increase the efficiency and productivity of machines.
The bearings are offered in all standard dimensions and
adjustable, closed and open designs. They are not only ideally suited to new designs, but also for replacing
existing bearings from other manufacturers.
The ALS130H series linear
motor driven positioning
stages have been designed
for ultra high precision
scanning and positioning
applications where subnanometre level resolution needs to be combined with exceptional smoothness,
high traversing speeds and fast acceleration over travel ranges up to 150 mm. The classic two-part stage design outperforms leadscrew driven alternatives with their
inherent friction related stick-slip problems and offers
a far higher load acceleration force than piezo based
positioners. The 'H' stage design brings together the latest technologies, building upon and improving the
performance of the highly successful ALS130 series to
combine a centre driven zero-cogging brushless linear motor, anti-cage creep cross roller bearings and a
4.0 micron glass scale linear encoder with 40MHz encoder
processing when used with motion controls. The result
is a compact and ultra-stiff mechanical system for high
performance test, measurement and inspection applications.
Tel. +49-203-99790
Tel. +44-118-9409400 • Fax +44-118-9409401
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Issue N°11 • November 2008
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Compact controller
with timer and ramp function
Electronic pressure switch
with Display
Comprehensive management
of commissioning
Reliable, individually configured
process control
Active system safety
Freely configurable measurement input
Programmable operator level
Setpoint changeover
2 limit comparators /alarms
Approach suppression for alarms
For SLI: enter 25753 at
Brilliant display
Medium temperature optionally
up to 200 °C
Made of high-quality stainless steel
With switching and analog output
For SLI: enter 25754 at
Paperless recorder
Online process data visualization
Automatic printout via PCA3000
evaluation software
Visualization of customer-specific
process images
Data transfer via USB stick
CompactFlash® card with up to 4 GB
of addressable external memory
Barcode reader connection
E-mail alarms
Nine separate math and logic channels
18 internal analog inputs
for the global
For SLI: enter 25755 at
Visit us at
25 – 27 Nov. 2008
in Bldg 7A, Booth 502
JUMO Wtrans
Wireless temperature measurement for industrial applications
Wireless transmission of measurement
values over 300-m open area
Mobile temperature measurements at
movable measuring points
Waterproof insertion sensor with
integrated transmitter
Operating temperature range
–30°C to +260°C,
Ambient temperature range for
electronics –30°C to +85°C
Analog outputs and RS485 interface
For up to 16 transmitters per receiver
For SLI: enter 25756 at
Transmitter for pH Value/Redox
and Temperature
Two electrically isolated standard
signals 0(4) to 20mA or 0(2) to 10V
One changeover relay integrated for
alarm messages or control
Convenient device programming via
PC setup program
LC display with plain text messages
Enclosure width 22.5 mm for mounting
on a DIN rail
For SLI: enter 25757 at
Temperature Transmitters
Freely selectable measurement range
For resistance thermometer,
thermocouples, and standard signals
detection of probe break and probe
short-circuit as per NAMUR NE 43
EMC to EN 61326
ATEX design
HART communication
For SLI: enter 25758 at
JUMO GmbH & Co. KG
36035 Fulda, Germany
+49 661 6003-0
+49 661 6003-500
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Issue N°11 • November 2008
The best switching
4C Series
Relay interface modules 8 - 10 - 16 A
Higher capacity: - 1 CO 16 A 250 V AC
- 2 CO 8 A 250 V AC
Fast, Reliable
and Secure
Alarm Annunciator
Cable Solutions
with 16 channels
indoor and outdoor
The A16B is a programmable industrial 16
channel alarm annunciator with different
signalization options and compatible with
DIN19235 standards. The alarm inputs interrogated with 24/110 AC/DC voltage. High isolation is provided between input, output and
power supply circuits for maximum safety.
The annunciator is DIP switch configurable
and also programmable via Windows based
software which allows easy and flexible
configuration of input and output characteristics.
This family of cable management extends
from industrial cord grips and cable glands
through to ATEX and IECEx explosion-proof
cable glands. A variety of sealing and cable
retention options are available for both
the cord grips and cable glands to provide
moisture-proof strain relief at the entry of
a cord, cable or other flexible conduit into
electrical equipment. Watertight construction makes the cord grips and cable glands
suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Tel. +90-232-8770800
Fax +90-232-8770806
Tel. +39-02-93254204
Fax +39-02-93254444
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Enter 25513 at
Angled Connectors
Operator Panels
with solder termination
for multiple application
The 768 Series offers angled male and female,
shieldable, field wireable M8 connectors
with solder termination. These versions are
meant to complete the range of the already existing straight versions. The concept
is identical with the one already applied
with the M9 connector families. Soon the 3
and 4 pole versions will be available with a
cable outlet of 3.5 to 5mm for wires with a
cross section of 0.25 mm2. The connector housings are made of die casted zinc. A 360° shielding can be connected with the aid of a
shielding sleeve. IP 67 when mated and
locked properly.
The MT6000 touch panel operator interface is an integrate solution for multiple application such as factory automation, machine
building, information terminal and some others. Powered by XScale RISC CPU and Windows CE OS, the users can install and use various kind of application software on it just
like on a PC. The optional communication
board makes it open and flexible; the user
can choose Ethernet, CAN, Profibus and
some other interface for their specific applications. Other expansion options are available upon request.
Tel. +49-7132-3250
Fax +49-7132-325150
Tel. +86-21-68798588
Fax +86-21-68797688
The power in relays and timers since 1954
10040 Almese
Torino - ITALY
UL Listing (certain relay/socket combinations)
For SLI: enter 22268 at
ISO 9001
catalogue on-line
ISO 14001
Enter 25527 at
Encoder Modules
Stop Module
for position measurement
for rodless cylinders
The new P10210 device consists of a 4 element segmented silicon photodiode, monolithically integrated with a signal processing
circuit, together with a visible (red) LED.
The optical components are housed in a
small plastic housing, less than 1cm in size,
making the device particularly useful where
space is at a premium. The signal processing
circuit gives a 2 phase digital output, which
provides a resolution measurement of 50 microns, with a guaranteed minimum speed
of 50 KHz. The P10210 is suitable for use in
industrial position measurement equipment.
The ZSM intermediate stop module is a
mechanical device that extends and retracts
a physical stop, which provides for a high level of accuracy and repeatability. The simple
pneumatic operation can readily be sequenced using either a PLC (programmable
logic controller) or pneumatic logic. The
ZSM allows movement to the next position without the need to initially reverse stroke
the piston. Shock absorbers integrated into the guide carriage guarantee a smooth
linear deceleration to eliminate shock loading and to optimise cycle times.
Tel. +44-1707-294888
Fax +44-1707-325777
Tel. +49-7158-17030
Fax +49-7158-170370
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MultiMessage advertisement
Issue N°11 • November 2008
Drives and motors
Integrated safety technology
ACOPOSmulti from B&R: Modular cooling system,
simple wiring, trend-setting power supply with power regeneration, extremely efficient, compact and
scalable inverters, high availability, integrated safety
Ethernet POWERLINK: 100% deterministic, precision in the nanosecond range, cross traffic without
higher-level controller, uniformity with standard
Ethernet protocols (TCP, UDP, IP), implementation of
standard Ethernet hardware, used by 230 machine
manufacturers worldwide.
Integrated Safety Technology from B&R: open standard, fastest real-time capable safety bus system
on the market, SIL 3 at bus cycle times of 200 μs,
smart-safe reactions, no extra wiring, remote safety
technology, fully integrated in existing topologies,
scalable solution for simple or complex machines.
Perfection in Automation
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Perfection in Automation
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Perfection in Automation
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Innovative PC technology
Automation PC from B&R: Intel® Pentium® M, Core™
Duo and Core™2 Duo processors, scalable, fan-free,
dual independent display operation, 1 Gbit Ethernet,
integrated UPS, CompactFlash, hard disk, DVD.
Automation Panel from B&R: visualization and operation, display diagonals from 10.4” to 21”, modular
add-ons, illuminated ring keys, operation up to 160 m.
Perfection in Automation
For SLI: enter 25581 at
Continuous architecture for
your machine software.
Automation Studio
I/Os, fieldbusses and controls
X20 and X67 System from B&R: I/O, fieldbus, controller - with IP20 or IP67 protection, powerful CPUs, expandable bus controllers, removable terminal blocks,
unequaled component density, hot-pluggable electronics, seamless integration of IP67 I/O, excellent EMC
properties, fieldbus interfaces for all standard fieldbus
von B&by
R: Programmierung,
Safety, Diagnose
B&R: programming,
und Projektorganisation. Entdecken Sie die Vorzüge von effizienter, integrierter Automatisierung mit einer einsafety, diagnostics and project organization. Discover the advantages of efficient, integrated
zigen Softwarearchitektur.
automation using a single software architecture.
Perfection in Automation
Perfection in Automation
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Issue N°11 • November 2008
RJ45,USB, RJ11/12 & ethernet switch explosion proof solution
Rugged RJ45
Rugged RJ11/12
The new Atex Field Bus range is designed
or device group II category 3 from
om the
EN60079-15 specification.
hey can
used for equipments
d in Class I
zone 2 (EU
(EU) or Class I Division
ion 2 (North
America). Amphenol offerr in this range
RJ45, USB and RJ11 product
oduct version, as
well as ethernet switches.
Marking type : II 3G Ex nA II T4 x
Cable Ethernet CAT 5e
for industrial measurements
The range of standard conveyor system components
is aimed at making life
easy for manufacturers of
conveyor systems, transfer lines and specialist machines. The range comprises high quality feet,
connectors and guide rail
brackets in glass reinforced
technopolymer to suit industry standard tubes of
42mm, 48mm and 60mm.
Tel. +39-039-28111
Fax +39-039-836351
1GHz weighing less than 3.7kg
The SE series cameras are
designed for the most demanding chemical and severe service applications.
For locations that require
visual inspection or verification in corrosive environments with temperatures up to 149°C. This
camera exceeds watertight sealing ratings with
its stainless steel gas tight
TTel. : + 33 (0)1 60 06 69 25
Join our distribution network
All over the worldd
For SLI: enter 19931 at
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for corrosive areas
New Range
Tel. +48-32-2387731 • Fax +48-32-2387732
Hand-held Radio Test Set
Air velocity
Air flow
Air quality
Sound level
The Monitor 2 is intended
for industrial measurements
of following parameters of
water and sewages: dissolved
oxygen concentration in water, pH, redox, conductivity,
turbidity and suspended solids
continuously. This monitor
is used for the quality control of water in the industrial treatment plants, water pollution control stations, power and chemical industry etc. It consists of measurement
converter and appropriate measurement sensors. The
microprocessor controlled transmitter is provided with
a 128x128 mm LCD graphic display for the presentation
of measured values and parameters of the system. A well
designed menu enables total control of parameters
of the transducer and preview of all inputs and outputs.
The instrument is equipped with a 3 fully isolated,
freely programmable 0/4-20 mA current outputs (measured values and temperature), alarm relay, 4 freely
programmable relays. A serial interface RS-485 is optionally available to create a Bus connection (ModBus,
Profibus protocol or other).
for conveyors
For SLI: enter 25636
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Liquid Quality Monitor
Rugged USB-A
Marking type : II 3G EEx nA II T6 x
Ethernet Switch
Tel. +1-225-7519455
Fax +1-225-7519696
For SLI: enter 25633
The lightweight 3500A
1GHz hand-held Radio
Test Set offers lighter
weight, integrated audio test connections
and a new microphone
interface for easier operation. With new cast
magnesium alloy case
and weighs almost
3.7kg. Weight is an important factor for engineers and technicians
when performing radio tests in the field and the set is
the first fully functional 1GHz radio test set this weight.
It includes testing capabilities for AM and FM radio systems including power measurements, RSSI, frequency
error, FM deviation, AM modulation index, SINAD, distortion and AF level. Optionally, the set supports a single-channel scope and a spectrum analyzer for extended testing. The 3500A is P25 ready for support of P25
testing as additional features are added, and is MIL-28800F
Class II certified.
Tel. +44-1438-772084 • Fax +44-1438-727601
For SLI: enter 25556 at
Power Supplies
Discover the IEN Europe product cards at
Dynamically flip the cards, watch videos
and place free documentation requests
with outputs of 48 VDC and 72 VDC
The Super Slim SPH1013 power
supplies offer a wide range threephase input of 340-550 VAC and
also work on IT and Delta networks. Operators of DC drives
with voltages of up to 80 VDC will
benefit mostly from these new
power supplies. To meet high
peak current requirements, a
power boost supplies 200% of the
rated current for 2 sec. The appliances offer feedback protection up to either 63 VDC or 100
VDC, without reverting to cut-off mode. Both wall and
DIN-rail assemblies are available. Operating temperatures range from -25° C to 70°C. Component temperatures of >60°C activate an internal fan, which also allows the power supply to be mounted in any position.
The series has been tested according to EN60950,
UL60950 and UL508 listed. An internal mains fuse, protection against overvoltage and overloading, as well as
an overtemperature cut-off device ensure a high level
of operating safety.
Tel. +49-89-6780900 • Fax +49-89-67809080
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Control System
Hard and software come from one source,
Software LASAL
All automation functions in one package:
which guarantees continuity and optimal
LASAL CLASS: Object oriented projecting
LASAL SCREEN: Visualization
Modular system with a vast number of
standard products
Short development cycles due to object
oriented programming
Issue N°11 • November 2008
Ethernet based and hard real-time capable
Open standard that can be used by everyone:
Bus cycle time < 100 μs, isochronous access time 2.18 μs,
LASAL MOTION: Drive technology
LASAL SERVICE: Service and remote maintenance
jitter < 100ns
Object oriented programming with graphic representation
Protocol implemented completely in hardware
Continuous programming environment
Returned acknowledgement of each instruction within a
Low costs of ownership
Support of numerous programming languages
Numerous tools for servicing, remote
All data is valid at the end of the cycle
Clear organization, quick and easy to learn
Easy implementation and programming
maintenance and update
For SLI: enter 25423 at
bus cycle
For SLI: enter 25424 at
For SLI: enter 25425 at
Complete Solutions by SIGMATEK:
The Whole World of Automation
Wide range of text and graphic terminals
Control and I/O Systems
Industrial PCs
Bus Systems
Motion Control
From two-line text terminals to high
resolution 19 “ TFT color displays with touch
With or without integrated control
Full integration into the system with the
Only ONE programming software for all
Compact design
Comfortable operation
Numerous interfaces:
Costumer-specific design possible
For SLI: enter 25426 at
Drive Technology
Complete motion solutions
Drives, motors and software from one
Ideal interaction with control
Always efficient. Always in operation. Always a step ahead.
Compact design with up to 3 axes in one
solution for your automation task.
with object oriented programming and a handy visualization
Low heat generation
Hardware and software come from one source: All
tool. Highly productive machine concepts can be realized
No unnecessary overhead
components of our control systems are developed and
quickly and easily. The Industrial Ethernet bus system
Fast and easy start-up
produced at our headquarters in Austria. The all in one
VARAN offers even faster and more flexible communication
No additional software tool needed for
software package LASAL makes a convincing impression
with a higher level of integration.
We have the ideal
Programming highly simplified due to
complete LASAL MOTION classes
Error sources during programming are
For SLI: enter 25427 at
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Issue N°11 • November 2008
Waldemar Łoboda,
Waldemar Łoboda, vice-president of
For SLI: enter 22833 at
Relpol celebrates this year its 50th anniversary. What
are the success factors of your business in your opinion?
What meaning have the trade shows for your company and what will the visitors of your stands see in
terms of product novelties?
The fast privatization which opened the possibilities of the close and profitable co-operation with reliable European partners as well as the know- how acquired in R&D and production process aspects allowed
us to create the strong development group which was
able to offer rapidly new products of quality comparable with those of European market leaders.
Fairs are an important marketing element of the
company activity. It allows the direct contact with present and potential customers, opinions exchange and
information about market needs. We have been participating for years in the main European exhibitions.
Can you name retrospectively some milestones of your
company history?
The first step was the mentioned above privatization.
In 70’s we started the license production of the relay
R15, in the late 80’s we developed the industrial relay R4. The next important step was, in consequence
of the co-operation with the European leader of
PCB relays, the transfer to Zary of the automatic
production lines of PCB relays. For us it was an important source of the technical knowledge which led us
to designing of the original new generation of PCB
relays series RM. Analyzing the commercial activity,
our unquestionable success was becoming the relays supplier of electro technical sectors of European
leaders. We also should mention the dynamic territorial expansion of Relpol achieved by creating our
own sale net in eight countries in Europe as well as
two production plants in Eastern Europe.
How does the revenue related weighting look in
your main product groups?
Analyzing the sales structure, we should point out the
increasing sale share of industrial relays and the
steadily sales of PCB relays.
What is your export quota? Which markets are especially interested for your company and why?
We sell 70% of our production abroad and it refers
to our complete products range. Thanks to our quality policy our natural customers are markets in the highest development and quality demand. Geographically our main clients are located in Western Europe
with the big potential and high technology level as
well as the countries of Eastern Europe with rapidly
growing markets.
Please name some interesting applications of your relays in the industrial area.
Our products are used with success due to its reliability in the safe systems among others for elevators, lift
devices and energetic systems. Recently we have also noticed the very quick development of products
related to the pro ecological devices and building installations.
For many companies in the automation industry the
recent years were record years, how was it in case of
your company?
We have successfully increased our production and market share. In consequences of the high demand in 2007
we decided to increase our production capacities.
For SLI: enter 21341 at
In the next fairs Relpol intends to present our new family of modular time relays: 10 functions relays with different function and possibility of the independent time
setting- it is a rare solution in this type of products.
The particular advantage of this design is the possibility of settings modifications without the need to
switch off and on the supply.
Afterwards we plan to introduce on the market the
modular electromagnetic installation relays with one
or two N/O contacts. This solution permits to adjust
one product type to the mostly common on the market groups of products supplying 24V DC, 24V AC lub
230V AC. Contacts are able to withstand very high loads.
The new product will be also the programmable relay NEED with LCD display and keys (keyboard). NEED
in version 8 inputs and 4 outputs will have the
changeable LCD module, whereas NEED- MAX (16 inputs/8 outputs) will have the fixed LCD and keyboard. LCD displays have very good brightness and contrast which will make easier programming in the
strong light exposure of other components. Programming communicates with computer through
USB and RS.
Recently your company opened its new subsidiary in
Germany. What makes this region as attractive location?
The German market has been for many years our
biggest customer, its industrial development is much
higher than on other European markets. Its potential
is very interesting for us and by intensifying our activities in this area we would like to increase considerably our market shares.
What are the company’s plans for the near future?
We would like to focus mainly on the industrial relays
sector taking particularly into consideration the niche
applications. The R&D department will be enlarged
and its main task will be the fast answer on the most
unusual customer’s needs as well as the participation
in the projects on the concept stage.
TEL. +48-68-4790833
FAX +48-68-4790837
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t system
Confocal measuremen
Laser profile sensors
- Measuring ranges from 0.12 to 24mm
- Measuring ranges from 25 to 245mm
- Nanometre resolution
- Lightweight and compact sensors
- Tiny, constant measuring spot 7μm
- Very high measuring rate of 256kHz
- Measure any target diffuse, specular
and liquid
- 3D view of the target
Issue N°11 • November 2008
- Micrometre resolution
Typical applications:
Typical applications:
Measuring of glass and mirrored surfaces
Position and contour measurement,
edge detection, web width, groove width /
depth, welding seam inspection,
welding robot control
Measurements inside bores and holes
One-sided thickness measurement of
transparent materials (e.g. glass)
optoNCDT 2402
The world’s first miniature sensor with
just a 4mm outside diameter
For SLI: enter 25643 at
scanCONTROL 2700
Most compact design with integral controller
For SLI: enter 25644 at
rature sensors
Laser triangulation se
Compact infrared tem
- Measuring ranges from 2 to 750mm
- Measure temperatures from -40 to 1800°C
- Models with integrated controller
- Spot sizes from 0.45mm
- From low-cost introduction models
up to high precision class
- Analogue and digital interface
- Compact sensor heads,
integrated laser sighting optics,
interchangeable heads
- To synchronise for thickness
- Sensor heads can withstand up to 250°C
ambient temperature without cooling
- 1ms response times
Typical applications:
- Analogue and digital outputs
incl. Profibus DP
For measurement in factory automation
and in-process quality control
- Wavelengths from 1 μm to 8-14μm
enable measurements on glass, silicon,
mirrored surfaces, metals, ceramics
optoNCDT 1810 / 2210
Long range sensors for large distances
with high accuracy
optoNCDT 2220
Extremely fast measurement with 20kHz measuring rate
optoNCDT 2200LL
Small laser line for metallic, shiny surfaces
For SLI: enter 25645 at
For SLI: enter 25646 at
ent se
Capacitive displacem
More Precision: www
- Measuring ranges 0.05 - 10mm
- Resolution 0.0000375μm
- Material-independent
for metallic targets
- Excellent stability
- Instant sensor replacement
without recalibration
Typical applications:
For measurements in production
systems and in-process quality
capaNCDT 6350
Super fast - 50kHz bandwidth
capaNCDT 6500
Capacitive multi-channel system
with sub-nanometer resolution
For SLI: enter 25647 at
Sensors, systems and solutions for
geometrical measurements.
displacement · distance · length · position · profile · thickness · temperature
MICRO-EPSILON · 94496 Ortenburg/Germany
Tel. + 49 (0) 85 42/168-0 ·
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Issue N°11 • November 2008
Junction Box
Joining Module
for photovoltaic
1kN nominal joining force
Shieldable M8 angled
connectors with solder
Binder now also offers angled male and
female, shieldable, field wireable M8
connectors with solder termination.
These versions are meant to complete
the range of the already existing straight
The concept is identic with the one already applied with the M9 connector
The 3 and 4 pole versions will be available with a cable outlet of 3,5 to 5 mm
for wires with a cross section of 0,25mm2.
The connector housings are made of die
casted zinc. A 360 degrees shielding
can be connected with the aid of a shielding sleeve.
IP67 when mated and locked properly.
25.– 27.
NürnbergNov. 08
Hall 6 · S
tand 122
11.–14. N
Hall B3 · ov. 08 · Munich
Stand 261
2.–5. Dec
. 08
· Paris · H
all 6
Direct Link:
The CBox12 and CBox15
Junction Boxes have been
developed for applications
on mono silicon and polycrystalline photovoltaic
modules as well as for applications on thin film modules; both for gluing on
standard back sheets and
also on glass. The boxes
are 100% electrically tested prior their shipping.
Tel. +39-039-61001
Fax +39-039-6926079
For SLI: enter 25637
For SLI: enter 22875 at
Europe’s Central Fair for the
Subcontracting Industries
Focusing on Mechanical-Technical Components and System Solutions
18 – 21 November 2008 | Exhibition Center Basel
1 ticket – 3 exhibitions: Your entry ticket is
also valid for the concurrent production
measurement exhibition, PRODEX. The
combination of the two exhibitions means
that you can take a “make-or-buy”
decision when you are there. You can
also visit the PACK&MOVE packaging
and logistics exhibition with the ticket.
with C-Mount option
The POE36U-1AT, a highpower, single-port, Powerover-Ethernet adapter conforms to the IEEE802.3at
standards, also known as
PoE Plus, which enables it
to deliver up to 33.6W of
power on a single Ethernet
port. This PoE midspan
powers a more expansive
range of applications, including IP telephones, wireless.
Tel. +44-1884-849300
Fax +44-1884-849240
This series includes six
monochrome models with
1k and 2k line scan
CCD sensors and screwable RJ-45 connectors for tight connections. The cameras
feature Gigabit Ethernet interface that is
both GigE Vision and
GenICam compliant.
Thanks to the GigE Vision standard, integration is safe
and simple, and camera users can quickly begin seeing
results. Thanks to Gigabit Ethernet's advantages it offers reduced costs and lower complexity compared to
any system based on components designed for Camera
Link. In the line, the frame grabber is eliminated and
converter boxes are not necessary. The pylon driver
package supports both GigE and FireWire cameras. It enables straightforward integration by providing extensive documentation and code samples that can often be
simply cut and pasted into existing applications.
Tel. +49-4102-4630 • Fax +49-4102-463109
For SLI: enter 25553 at
DC Fan
Radar Device
increased airflow
15m measuring range
The “green fan” option
employs a thermistor control circuit that increases
the fan speed only when
the temperature rises
above a determined setpoint, thus reducing the
fan’s overall energy consumption by lowering the
fan speed when temperatures within the enclosure
are below the set-point.
Tel. +1-214-3400265
Fax +1-214-3405870
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Line Scan Camera Series
For SLI: enter 25638
The future is coming to Basel. And along with it, the best of
the European supply industry for mechanical and technical
components and system solutions. Meet industry
trendsetters and take advantage of many highlights
such as the Swiss Skills Championships for young
polymechanics and the Baden-Württemberg day.
Tel. +41-52-2241111 • Fax +41-52-2241414
Franz Binder GmbH + Co. Elektrische Bauelemente KG
Rötelstraße 27 · 74172 Neckarsulm
Telefon +49 7132 325–0 · Fax +49 7132 325–150 ·
With integral piezoelectric force
sensor technology and a nominal joining force of 1kN, the NC
joining module is suitable for
both automated precision mechanical manufacture and also
single workplaces requiring
high dynamics and sensitivity,
and at the same time very compact size. With the a repeatability level of 0.005mm and a
speed of up to 300mm/s, it is designed for the highest precision with fast cycles and short
return strokes. Its small size
makes it possible to condense neighboring stations on
the assembly line. The measuring ranges of 0.25kN,
0.5kN and 1kN meet even the highest requirements, for
example in industrial clock manufacture. The forcedisplacement monitoring system DMF-P A300 NCF Type
4734A displays the force curve graphically and freely programmable analysis windows make it possible to continuously evaluate all phases of an assembly process.
The Micropilot FMR244 radar
device was developed to be an
accurate and reliable alternative to ultrasonics. The device
offers non-contact continuous measurement and complete measurement integrity
during pneumaitc filling. With
a 26GHz frequency, the FMR244
horn antenna is well suited
to a wide range of liquids and
solids applications across the
food & beverage, primaries,
chemical and water industries and is SIL2 compliant to
IEC61508/IEC61511-1 for use in safety-related systems.The
Micropilot M FMR244 also offers a measuring range of
15m in solids and 20m in liquids and remaining fully operational in process temperatures up to 80°C and pressures of 3 bar. It comes with integrated plain English display for simple menu-guided operation and FieldCare
software. The FMR244 also offers HART, PROFIBUS PA
and FOUNDATION Fieldbus connectivity for seamless integration into new and existing systems.
Tel. +41-61-7157348 • Fax +41-61-7157301
For SLI: enter 25503 at
Issue N°11 • November 2008
Enquire before December 31, 2008
Non contacting, non-wearing angle sensors
With its Vert-X exMag rotary sensors, Contelec is offering a range of
non contacting sensors in which the permanent magnet is attached
to the rotating object. The need for mechanical coupling between
the axis and the measurement system is eliminated. Thus, no wear
is generated by axially and radially acting forces. The operation
mode and the benefits of Contelec’s non contacting sensors are
shown in a short video available under
Ten lucky IEN Europe readers will be given the NEED
programmable relay. It
can be used on 230V AC
supply, as well as 12 and
24V DC. The relay is din
rail mounted. Programming is by LAD graphics or
STL text language. All inputs and outputs have
led status indicators. Programming software is
available free of charge
from the manufacturer –
Relpol - one of the largest
electromechanical relay
Phone +41 (0)32 366 56 36, Telefax +41 (0)32 366 56 03,
For SLI: enter 25145 at
New Catalog of precision Dispensers and Metering Pumps
for Laboratory, Industrial, Process and OEM applications.
New products include the “IVSP” Industrial Variable Speed
Pump and the “VMP” Variable Displacement/Speed Dispense
System as well as “Live Online Help”. FMI products features
unique piston-type positive displacement units with No Valves,
Low-Dead Volume, 1% accuracy, a ceramic/fluorocarbon
fluid path, and a range from 500 Nanoliters per dispense
up to 4,600 ml/min continuous metering.
Send an enquiry Now!
To qualify for the reader offer, enquire before December 31, 2008.
Choose 'Reader Service' and enquire online via SLI, by answering
one simple question.
For SLI: enter 21317 at
HaydonKerk Motion Solutions is a leading manufacturer
of stepper linear actuators, leadscrew assemblies and linear
slides. All our products can be customized to suit your particular application requirements.
57 Rue des Vignerons
44220 Coueron
TEL. +48-68-4790833 • FAX +48-68-4790837
For SLI: enter 25762 at
For SLI: enter 24459 at
For SLI: enter 21864 at
Issue N°11 • November 2008
Insulation Testers
Temperature Regulator
rugged construction and compact size
linear control characteristic
The MIT400-range of insulation
testers with their Category IV
600V rating in line with
IEC61010, provide users with
invaluable level of safety. Safe
to use in all normal service
and maintenance operations,
even close to the source of
supply where transient levels
are highest, the testers feature
rugged construction that ensure long reliable service even in demanding industrial environments. Despite their tough construction, the
testers are compact to allow easy one-handed operation with either hand. Designed from the outset to be
fast and easy to use, all models incorporate a dual digital display, plus an analogue arc. The main display
shows the principal parameter being measured - for example, insulation resistance - in both digital format and
as an analogue arc, while the smaller secondary display
shows a related parameter - for example, insulation test
voltage - as a digital value. Users therefore save time by
measuring two parameters with a single test.
The RET-62 is a microprocessor temperature regulator
with a linear control characteristic. Version with 1
relay fulfils the role of an onoff control with hysteresis,
and a version with two relays is a three-state control
or a meter with an independent signalling of overrun of two set temperature thresholds. It measures temperature by means of
a PT-100 sensor attached with a triple conductor. The
control software compares measured temperature with
set points. The results of this comparison are command
signals which switch relays according to the control
configuration settings. When relays are on it is signalled with light-emitting diodes on the control front
panel. The values of temperature and other parameters
are being shown on a three-digit display. The regulator is assigned to control temperature in rooms, cooling chambers, dryers, bakeries, pressure plates etc., or
to signal an overrun the set temperature thresholds.
Tel. +44-1304-502101 • Fax +44-1304-502307
Tel. +48-22-4481970 • Fax +48-22-4481971
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For SLI: enter 21984 at
Ex-Terminal Boxes
Ultrasonic Flow Meters
in customised versions
for compressed air
The explosion-protected terminal boxes are manufactured
to individual specifications. Customised
versions are available with pre-fitted
terminals, flanges or
gland plates, cable
glands, earthing
components, or
breathing glands as needed. The enclosures provide solutions for special applications with demand-ing requirements, e.g. in shipbuilding, or in high voltage
applications up to 10kV, or for extra-wide cable diameters up to 300mm2. A broad range of standard box types
can also be supplied. Dust and gas explosion-protected types are also available for the entire model range.
Ex i terminal boxes are suitable for environmental temperatures up to 75°C. Currently comprising more than
50 stainless steel, sheet steel, or high quality GRP models in 16 sizes, the stan-dard terminal box portfolio is continually extended to meet market demands.
The TRX is a series of integrated ultrasonic flow meters for gases in which the
ultrasonic sensor is integrated into the flow meter. In
some factories, approximately 20~30% of total amounts of
energy used is consumed by
compressors. The ability to
view the amounts of compressed air that have been
used is an all-important first
step towards reductions in the use of energy. The ability to assess accurately amounts that have been used allows one to reduce both the volume of air supplied and
the amount of energy consumed. Additionally, both operations and the numbers of compressors can be optimized. By virtue of integrated battery power, in the series the battery life has been extended to ten years, and
there is no need for wiring for external power sources.
The series is durable because there are no moving
parts, and, thanks to the cylindrical flow route, loss of
pressure has been totally eliminated.
Tel. +49-7942-9430 • Fax +49-7942-9434377
Tel. +81-52-6615150 • Fax +81-52-6616418
For SLI: enter 25463 at
Micro Cylinder
from 25 to 185 mm
with linear motor drive
The body of the AxiClamp connector has a
solid metal cone which
clamps the copper cable
strands against an internal taper on the metal
sleeve. When screwed
tightly together, the resulting connection provides long term contact
resistance equivalent to crimping. Two versions are
available: plug and socket connections that can be
panel mounted using the appropriate accessories, and
in-line versions for back-to-back splicing of cable. A rotation device is included with the in-line connectors so
that cables do not need to be pre-twisted before connection. The uninsulated connectors can be fitted with
a heat shrink insulation sheath after connection if required. The connectors are designed for the electrical
and mechanical connection of copper cables ranging from
6 to 300mm2, class 5 and 6 according to DIN VDE 0295,
IEC 60228. They are vibration tested to DIN EN 600682-6, 10g, 10-500Hz.
The RCL series with
24 VDC linear motor, available as slider and rod type,
were designed for
fast, precise handling as well as assembly of midget
components. The
miniaturised dimensions of the micro cylinder enables the design of a
complete assembly line virtually on the desktop. The linear motor cylinder with its sine-wave drive (3-phase coil)
and compact design (no magnetism leak outside) as well
as the integrated encoder ensures smooth, frictionless
and quiet operation. The three slider types RCL-SA
have dimensions of 20x30, 24x36 and 28x42mm on
the top and can position small workpieces with a mass
of 100g to 2Kg. Various controllers allow positioning up
to 3, 7, 64, 512, 768 or 1500 points with acceleration of
up to 2G horizontal (1G vertical) and a positioning repeatabilty of just 100µm.
Tel. +41-61-3065555 • Fax +41-61-3065556
Tel. +49-6196-88950 • Fax +49-6196-889524
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Issue N°11 • November 2008
KISS – Kontron Industrial Silent Server
The new ultra quiet (<35 dB) Kontron KISS industrial servers offer scalable CPU performance ranging from single core and dual
core Intel® processors up to the Intel® Core™2 Quad processor
running at 2.66 GHz.
Kontron PCI-759 brings Intel® Core™2 Duo processor
to PICMG 1.0 systems
The long time available Kontron PCI-759
PICMG 1.0 slot-CPU board offers outstannding processor performance at an excel-llent price/performance ratio for industrial
grade embedded applications such as proocess control, test & measurement and vi-ision systems.
Performance is boosted even further
by a front side bus of up to 1333
MHz and up to 8 GB of DDR2 DualChannel RAM.
Interface flexibility for the Kontron
KISS PCI 760 industrial servers is
provided by up to 1xPEG, 4xPCIex1
and 1xPCI, 12xUSB 2.0, one parallel and two serial interfaces and 3 x
10/100/1000 base-T Ethernet. Data
storage media are connected via
300Mbps SATA II interfaces and offer
RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10 functionalities.
With a MTBF of
50,000 hours
the extremely robust and shock resistant systems ensure high availability and minimum maintenance.
maintenance Moreover,
Moreover the
temperature controlled and ultra quiet fans are hot swappable for easier servicing.
The KISS systems come with either a desktop housing or a housing for mounting in
a 19 inch cabinet. The high-availability Kontron KISS servers support Windows 2000,
Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server and Vista and are available as preconfigured
standard systems or can be customized as needed and delivered as tested and independently certified solutions.
or up to
Based on the Intel® Core™2 Duo processor
the E6400 (2 x 2.16 GHz) and a TDP of only
nly 65Watts,
applications benefit from double the per
rformance with
power consumption similar to a Pentium-4.
m--4. Support for up
to 4 GByte of DDR2 dual channel RAM
M boosts performance
even further. Since the Kontron PCI-759 conforms
orms fully to the PICMG 1
specification, upgrading existing systems is quick and easy.
Application flexibility is provided by a full range of I/O interfaces: 4 x 3Gb/s SATA II for
fast hard drive access, 2 x GbE (internally connected via PCI Express x1 to the southbridge for optimal data throughput), 7 x USB 2.0, one parallel and two serial inter faces.
Additional interfaces can be implemented via the mini-PCI Type IIIA connector.
For SLI: enter 25593 at
For SLI: enter 25592 at
V Box Express II
Industrial Box PC – Industrial capability and
high processor performance with compact
Kontron’s V Box Express II is a
powerful and robust industrial
box PC, designed especially for
rugged use in close proximity
to machinery. RoHS-compliant, equipped with a scalablee
ETXexpress module and high-performance processors up too Intel®
he new Intel®
Pentium® M 2.0 GHz or with the
Core™2 Duo it is optimally equipped
ed for every task in
measurement, controls, operation and visualization.
The integrated innovative cooling concept realizes a passive
and fanless cooling.
¬ A¬CLEAR¬VIEW Compact Size: HxWxD: 235x330x130 mm wall mount or desktop
DRAM: up to 2 GByte SDRAM
Drives Internal: 1-2 x 2.5" removable HDD SATA optional
(PCI slot mounted), 1-2x CF
I/O Standard: 4-6x USB 2.0, 1x LAN 10/100/1000, 2x RS232
(opt. +2x RS232/422/485), 1x DVI-I (opt. 2nd DVI)
Expansion Slots: 2 x PCI Half Size, ExpressCard slot instead of CF slot
For SLI: enter 25594 at
PCCM – PC Condition Monitoring
The Kontron PCCM directly accesses the
condition of the boards, systems and
servers and delivers that data to service
technicians as user-defined text messages
(GSM, SMS), e-mails or on-site audible or
visual signals.
V Panel
Panel Express
OEM Panel PC
© 2008 Kontron AG. All rights reserved. Kontron and the Kontron logo and all other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective
respecttiive owners
ownerrs and
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Revv. #G076
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It directly accesses sensor and hardware data via its own API.
Thus, the Konton PCCM solution is unaffected by software or
driver updates and therefore is highly reliable.
The Kontron PCCM replaces preventative maintenance by
“repair on demand”, greatly reducing the costs of on-site troubleshooting service calls. Required hardware maintenance can
frequently be diagnosed early and carried out during planned
shutdown times. In addition, system availability increases, since
most failures of monitored components can be detected in advance and thus prevented.
Temperature monitoring (e.g processor, chipset, HD)
Fan speed monitoring (e.g. processor,graphics card, housing)
Hard drive monitoring with S.M.A.R.T.
(defective sectors, spin-up time, etc.)
Integration of vendor-specific additional hardware
Individual expandability through plug-in interfaces
Monitoring of the supply voltages
In the event of malfunction, notification of the user /
administrator (acoustic, optical, by e-mail or SMS)
Display of data and logs via standard HTML browsers
Micro Client
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Ou r wide
wi de range
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of HMI
HM I products
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blee way.
V Panel
nell Express
p es
OEM Panel
Panell PC
o Client
Supreme computing performance
in harsh environments
Semi- and full-custom HMI
Cost conscious and compact
High performance with embedded
multicore processors up to Intel®
Core™2 Duo
Fanless cooling
Scaleable display sizes: 12.1",
15.0" and 17.0"
Low power consumption at max.
processor performance
Engineering partnership
Fanless cooling
Global service and support
Full system responsibility
Scaleable display sizes: 7.0",
10.4", 12.1" and 15.0"
Market specific certifications
High quality and innovation
Ideal for use as web client, thin
client or terminal emulation
Long life time support
Small depth: max. 56 mm
Mass production experience
Short time to market
Halle 7 - Stand 306
Free info - hotline : + 4 9 ( 0 ) 8 1 6 5 7 7 7 7 7
w w w . ko n t ro n . c o m
If it‘s Embedded, it‘s Kontron.
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Issue N°11 • November 2008
American and British
inch sized screws
USA - fasteners
Screw thread types:
Over 30 years experience in trading and in supplying
customers with inch sized fastening items.
Don´t hesitate to ask us – We shall be pleased
to help you.
Peter Schröder GmbH
Silcherstr. 38 • D-74172 Neckarsulm
Telephone: +49 (0) 71 32/99 60-0
Facsimile: +49 (0) 71 32/99 60-60
Embedded Motherboards
Time Relays
stay cool while handling workloads
settings modification while the circuit is working
The embedded motherboards offer the 45nm
Intel Core2 Quad
processor Q9400 and
the Intel Q45 Express
chipset on the ATX and
Flex-ATX form factors
with 7-year long lifecycle support. The motherboards push the performance
of compute-intensive applications such as medical, test
and measurement, industrial vision, control systems
and security and video surveillance systems while enabling
cooler and quieter system designs. The ATX and Flex-ATX
motherboards are equipped with the Intel 82Q45
Graphics and Memory Controller Hub and Intel I/O
Controller Hub 10 for 7-year long lifecycle support for
embedded systems. Furthermore, the KTQ45/ATXE and
Kontron KTQ45/FLEX motherboards support the latest
Intel Active Management Technology 5.0 (Intel AMT 5.0)
and an integrated Intel Trusted Platform Module (TPM
1.2). In addition, the integrated data protection engine
ensures hardware encryption of all transferred data without affecting system performance.
The multifunction time relays
MT-TUA-17S-11-9240 and MTTUB-17S-11-9240 offer possibility of various functions to choose
from, i.e. : measuring one set
time value "T" or seven different relays - each with different
function having the possibility
of setting two independent
times T1:T2. Such solution is
rather rare in similar products.
Among others in the new product family, there is also MT-TSD
time relay designed especially for
controlling contactors in "StarDelta" sets used for switching
3-phase electrical engines. Outputs of the time relays are designed to bear high loads, for example - in Category AC1,
the load for single contact will be 16 A / 250 AC. The advantage of new time relays is the possibility of time settings modification while the circuit is working without
switching off /on the supply voltage.
Tel. +49-8165-770 • Fax +49-8165-77219
Tel. +48-68-4790833 • Fax +48-68-4790837
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11:33:33 AM
Wheel Grinders / Disc Sanders
Built-in PC
with powerful air motor
for flexible IPC solutions
The 1.3 hp
Grinders &
Disc Sanders
are suitable
for various
namely weld
removal in
stainless steel fabrication; finishing in ornamental ironwork; maintenance and repair in material removal
jobs. The side handle is specially designed to reduce vibration transfer to the operator, is removable and can
be configured for left or right hand use. The rotational exhaust system ensures that the exhaust is directed
away from the operator. The lever has no sharp edges
or "pinch points" and includes a safety-lock preventing
any accidental start-up of tool. All models include powerful 1.3 hp air motor running at either 12,000 RPM or
13,500 RPM. Grinders accept Type 27 depressed centre
wheels and abrasive flap discs. These wheels are easy
and quick to change thanks to the spindle lock. Sanders
are supplied with locking-type backing pad.
The C65xx series is
designed to be installed in control cabinets or in the rear
panel of a control or
console housing. By
integrating the IPC
into an existing housing, this solution is
compact and, in addition, enables highly flexible push-button configurations and extension options at the front of the console
housing. It features a heat sink for external cooling that
reaches ambient temperatures through a suitable cutout in the panel of the control cabinet. Integrated
seals provide a water- and dust-proof IP 67 design.
The series offers users flexibility in terms of Control Panel configuration. The IPC can be chosen independent of
the number and type of control keys or switches on the
control cabinet front. The compact, slimline housing with
integrated IPC connections at the rear enables a flexible number of buttons in the cabinet front panel, depending on the application.
Tel. +352-768494 • Fax +352-768495
Tel. +49-5246-9630 • Fax +49-5246-963198
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Insulation System
Turbine Flowmeters
for clean environments
for neutral and corrosive liquids and solvents
The T-Tubes is an
FM 4910 approved,
advanced insulation system specifically developed
for stainless steel
process lines in
clean environments. It comprises pipe insulation for a wide range of sizes and custom
moulded components to insulate joints and fittings. It
is claimed to offer savings in both installation and
long-term ownership costs. Each component in the
system is thermoformed from closed cell, cross-linked
PVDF foam. The closed cell nature of the foam inhibits
moisture and vapour ingress while thermoforming
provides a durable, cleanable, puncture resistant skin.
For these reasons, they do not require the expensive to
install, PVC jacketing that many of the competing
open-cell or fibrous insulants need. Individual components are fitted quickly and secured and sealed with an
overlapping, polyethylene, self-adhesive tape, saving up
to 50% on initial installation time.
The PFA flowmeters in
ranges from 0.06 - 40
litres/minute is suitable
for neutral and corrosive liquids, fuels and
solvents. The Equflow
flowmeters provide
flow measurement capabilities in a wide variety of OEM and end-use applications. The digital/pulsed
output signal has a high resolution of over 100,000 pulses per litre. Other important properties include high accuracy, chemical resistance against very corrosive liquids,
and disposable wetted components. The on-board electronics makes it possible to change the function of
the sensor to a flowswitch with programmable limits,
or to a batch controller with preset value. The k-factor,
or number of pulses per litre are programmable to
suit lower speed counters. The models with interchangeable/disposable flowtubes are excellent for sanitary and hygienic applications and meet the USP Class
VI requirements. In the near future, there will be a
exchangeable/disposable PVDF versions available.
Tel. +44-20-86641600 • Fax +44-20-86641616
Tel. +31-24-3792666 • Fax +31-24-3739383
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MultiMessage advertisement
Issue N°11 • November 2008
Intelligent drive concept
for automotive production
Decentral drive SK 200E:
cost-efficient integrated unit
Series of compact inverters
with scalable functionality
A major German automotive
manufacturer employs a transport
system on the factory floor to
move containers with car parts
from station to station. Based
on an intelligent drive concept
from NORD, the system consists
of a chain conveyor and hoisting
gears. The drive solution is an
intelligent combination of motormounted and wall-mounted frequency inverters as well as enclosure-mounted units. Decentral
technology for the chain conveyor includes fully integrated
type trio SK 300E units as well as type SK-DA 130E field distributor boxes supplying motor and maintenance switches,
plug-and-play connectors (Harting) and additional interfaces for inverters mounted near the motor. The plant's
hoisting gears are controlled by enclosure-mounted SK 700E
inverters. These systems are capable of ensuring precise dynamic positioning even in complex traversing applications. The
inverter-controlled drives are comple-mented by geared motors with electronic motor starters which can perform simple
actuation tasks (SK 140E) and, to some extent, soft starts (SK
150E) or reverse starts (SK 160E).
Type SK 200E frequency inverters introduced by NORD
earlier this year are
designed to be
mounted atop a
motor's terminal
box, giving users
combined, fully integrated drive units
for decentralized
applications in the
field. The robust
systems ensure reliable and price-efficient operation. Suitable for use in wide-ranging plants, e.g. in conveying systems, they have been optimized for price-sensitive market
segments. SK 200E drives feature sensorless current vector
control, an integrated brake chopper, and a control module for an electromagnetic brake. Configuration and programming are especially user-friendly. Despite their focus
on cost-sensitive applications, the units are not limited to
basic functions, but actually provide the same wide functional range as the compact enclosure-mounted SK 500E inverters. Even faced with higher requirements, users can therefore install SK 200E units throughout a plant and benefit
from unified drive handling.
NORD’s SK 500E line of frequency inverters for the 0.25
to 22 kW range comprises
various models that provide
selective extra functionality
as needed. All types feature
seven parameterizable control inputs, two digital
inputs, and one analog output. Clip-on control and
technology boxes give users
comfortable handling and
flexibility. Even the base
type SK 500E has a brake chopper and line filter, and provides functionality such as sensorless current vector control
and a PID and process controller. Other inverter models add
various combinations of advanced features, including e.g.
the safety function “Safe Stop” according to EN 954-1 Cat.
4, an onboard CANopen interface, a TTL encoder input,
extra I/Os, or the integrated POSICON position controller.
Larger models starting at 11 kW are equipped with an
external 24 V supply for the control card, which allows for
special functions such as emergency evacuation of elevators and enhances online availability. All inverters are also
available as cold plate versions or with a cooling element
outside of the enclosure (through-hole technology).
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Giants in a UNICASE housing:
industrial gear units up to 200,000 Nm
NORD has extended its
range of industrial gear
units, adding new models with maximum
torques of 60,000 Nm,
90,000 Nm, 135,000
Nm, and 200,000 Nm.
NORD is the only supplier worldwide to
make UNICASE gears rated 90,000 Nm and above. The UNICASE design ensures optimal resistance against radial and axial loads. All bearing seats are integrated into a single-piece
gearcase, thereby eliminating all sealing surfaces that could
deflect under the effect of torque or radial forces. Narrow tolerances are ensured by machining the gear units in one setting, which results in smooth operation and extremely long
lifespans. The gear units feature a modular design which enables a quick and precise adaptation of gear configurations
to suit individual requirements. The units also offer high
flexibility in choosing the transmission ratio and the position
of the motor shaft. Users may use six sides and an optional
flange for mounting. Additional equipment options include,
amongst others, disk and drum brakes, a Drywell solution with
an additional oil drip plate, an oil leak display or oil sensor,
and several cooling systems. The gear units can adapt a maximum output of 1 megawatt.
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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS proposes integral equipment configurations to drive users
in all sorts of industries. Comprehensive know-how, varied experience and the
fact that the majority of system components – gearboxes, motors, frequency
inverters, servo controllers and peripherals – is readily available from in-plant
production enable us to provide any drive solution the customer has in mind.
Whatever configuration is selected, the drive set up will be one of supreme
technical and economic efficiency.
Stronger, lighter, more compact:
NORDBLOC type UNICASE geared motors
NORD has enhanced its
NORDBLOC line of compact
UNICASE geared motors to
support the integration of
larger and stronger bearings,
which results in a higher capacity for overhung and thrust
loads or a longer bearing
lifetime. At the same time, the drive units are lighter owing
to FEM-optimized aluminum diecast housings, which also
provide robust, natural corrosion protection making a paint
finish unnecessary. For the current series, new features have
been added to supplement proven UNICASE characteristics. E.g.,
the drives can be installed more efficiently – the new models
allow for direct and cost-efficient motor mounting, but also
enable the attachment of very short, space-saving lightweight IEC adapters. Since the fitting dimensions remain unchanged, new generation models can easily replace older
geared motors from the same product line. Available in seven sizes of two- or three-stage gearboxes, NORDBLOC drives
are suitable for rugged environments and a host of demanding applica-tions. Proper ventilation of the housings is ensured
in all mounting positions. All NORDBLOC geared motor types
are also available as ATEX drives for hazardous environments.
➤ Reducers/Motors
➤ Electronic drive
➤ System configurations
➤ Automation
CUSTOMERS' BENEFIT is our major objective. As one of the leading drive
specialists providing high-technology and high-quality products at short notice,
along with universal project support and reliable service worldwide, we use our
know-how to help our customers to be successful in their markets.
➤ Global services
Electric Automation
Nuremberg 25. – 27. Nov. 2008
NORD: Hall 4, Stand 4 - 261
Getriebebau NORD
*HWULHEHEDX125' · Phone +49 4532/401-0 · Box 1262 · D-22934 Bargteheide/Hamburg
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Issue N°11 • November 2008
BellowsTech has perfected the manufacturing of edgewelded bellows, delivering ultra-precise, reliable, high
performance products to meet custom requirements for
almost any application and industry. For more information,
we invite you to contact us.
Screw Jacks
Single-phase Filters
corrosion resistant
for all single-phase applications
The Z-Series of Screw
Jacks that is corrosion resistant. The
range also introduces
several new features
that enhance the
performance of this
design and encourage its wider application. The series is subject to no less than 8 patents either registered or pending. The jack design also has cooling fins to improve heat dissipation. From an installation point-of-view the series is flexible. It is more lightweight than its forerunners and comes with several mounting options to increase its application potential. A pivot bearing integrated into the gearbox housing allows the unit to be orientated to its optimum position
through 360°. The jacks are available in a variety of sizes
for lifting requirements up to 25kN and in four standard
variants. As well as the TR model with trapezoidal
thread, a KGT version with ballscrew is also available to
reduce friction. The AB Anti-Backlash version is suitable
for low duty applications.
The EMC filter is a new highperformance, universally applicable single-phase filter
for current ratings of up to
30A. Due to its two-stage
construction and use of highquality components, this compact dual-circuit filter series
delivers high common mode
and differential mode attenuation over the entire frequency range of 100KHz to
30MHz. The filter is ideally suited to all types of singlephase applications, which require high attenuation to
reduce wire-induced interference to within required limits. The filter can be used in a wide range of devices, both
in consumer electronics and in industrial single-phase
applications, such as motor drives and switch mode
power supplies. The series is available with Faston terminals, as well as screw-type and cable terminals. The
unit is fastened using surface screw mounting and,
due to its compact design, has very low space requirements.
Tel. +43-5577-8060 • Fax +43-5577-80660
Tel. +44-20-89542356 • Fax +44-20-84208087
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Autec Safety Remote Control
Flow Meter
Vacuum Chuck
withstands corrosion in harsh conditions
with integrated touch valves
The V-Cone flow meter is
designed for high accuracy
measurement with virtually
no maintenance and long
life under the most challenging conditions. Prolonged
equipment exposure to water, acids, fuels, solvents,
high temperatures and high pressures creates a constant
corrosion problem in many process industry plants.
Ammonia, chlorine, cyanide, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen sulfide, methane and other harsh substances cause
corrosion that requires extra maintenance or reduces
the life of instrumentation, pumps, valves and piping.
Corrosion-related maintenance activity shrinks plant product throughput and increases operating costs. The flow
meter not only provides precise flow measurement in
liquid, steam or gas media, but it also requires virtually no maintenance in the most demanding processes where
corrosive conditions exist. It is ideal for use in a wide range
of industries that include chemical, electric power generation, food/beverage, oil/gas production and refining,
pharmaceutical, pulp/paper and more.
These grid vacuum
chucks, used vertically on sawing machines with graphite
parts, are equipped
with 9 touch valves
which enable secure
positioning of parts
with different dimensions. The valves eliminate the process of having to constantly replace and
reconfigure the layout of O-shaped seal according to workpiece contour. The seal for all part sizes can be laid once
and left in place. Parts to be machined are simply
pressed down covering one or more valves, which activate the pre-set clamping area/s enclosed by the seal.
This type of chuck can also be used for other machining jobs like milling different dimensions of aluminium
profiles. The valves help make the generally fast vacuum clamping process even faster. Further processes using touch valve plates are possible due to the universal design and configuration possibilities of these spring
loaded vacuum valves.
Tel. +1-951-6526811 • Fax +1-951-6523078
Tel. +49-5854-890 • Fax +49-5854-8940
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2008_ieneurope_79x114.indd 1
Thermal Deburring Machine
Air Nozzle
flexible and compact
for blowing heavy materials
The TEM S-250 thermal deburring machine is designed to be flexible and compact and provides
solutions for small batch production as well as volume production. The machine is available
with different chamber diameters and chamber heights. It can
be supplied to meet the individual requirements of the customer.
The combustion chamber is supplied with a height of
150mm (standard) or optionally as an "extended chamber" with a height of 300mm. This offers the possibility of machining larger workpieces, thus providing
high flexibility and economy in operation. Deburring
chamber and closing plate are totally water cooled, enabling the system to be used in continuous operation.
It is also easy to integrate it into a linked production line.
The machine frame is stable and is designed to give long
lasting fatigue strength and performance. The closing
pressure of the combustion chamber is 2,250kN and the
maximum chamber fill pressure, depending on the
chamber diameter, is between 19 and 27 bar.
The 1-1/4 NPT Super
Air Nozzle delivers
force more than 12
times that of ordinary
air nozzles, making it
well-suited for blowing heavy materials or
for applications where
the air nozzle can not
be mounted close to
the surface to be blown
off, dried or cooled.
The compressed air is
ejected through a series of holes located in recessed
grooves on the nozzle surface. The aerodynamic design
of the 1-1/4 NPT Super Air Nozzle directs the air to a single point of convergence, delivering a concentrated stream
of high velocity airflow with hard- hitting force. This assures safe operation since the airflow that exits the nozzle can not be blocked, as required by OSHA standard
1910.242(b). At 80 PSIG, the air consumption is 188
SCFM. The typical sound level reduction from ordinary
open pipe is 27dBA.
Tel. +49-8336-8005207 • Fax +49-8336-8005551
Tel. +1-513-6713322 • Fax +1-513-6713363
6-08-2008 11:40:15
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Issue N°11 • November 2008
Small Operator Panel
Solenoid Valves
with large visualization screen
directly operated
The Simatic HMI TP
177B 4" has a fully
graphical 4.3 inch
touchscreen and
four tactile function buttons. The
new product from
the 170 family of
panels is notable
for its compact format and a visualization screen that is
one third larger than that of comparable devices on the
market. The LED backlighting of the display can be
dimmed to 20 % of its normal brightness and can be
switched off completely by means of the integrated screensaver. It also features interfaces for Profibus DP and Profinet
IO, as well as terminals for connecting mobile data
carriers such as USB sticks, SD cards or MMC cards. The
operator can use these to create a backup of configurations, programs or recipe data, for example. The
new panel is configured with the aid of the "Simatic
WinCC flexible 2008" engineering software.
The ZE series solenoid valves
are directly operated and
can be used to control the
flow in a positive, fully closed
or fully open mode for refrigeration, hydraulic or pneumatic systems. They may be
operated by a variety of
electrical switches. Among
them are temperature or
pressure controls and time or
manual switches. These valves
are normally closed. When energized, the solenoid
coil provides a strong magnetic force which pulls a
plunger up into the plunger tube. This opens the valve
orifice permitting the flow of medium. They cannot be
operated manually. The valve body is made of forged
brass. The remaining parts are made of stainless steel
and corrosion-proof metal alloys. The gaskets are made
of rubber resistant adequately to the media the valves
are provided for. The ZE-1,6 valve head is made of
teflon. There is only one type of water-proof, fully encapsulated coil.
Tel. +49-911-9783273 • Fax +49-911-9783321
Tel. +48-33-8522580 • Fax +48-33-8521085
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Measuring Instruments
for ventilation and air conditioning
The THM1176-PDA
device, which consists of a high-performance PDA and a
precision, non-directional probe connected via USB, can
be used as a standalone hand-held unit
or in conjunction
with a PC. It measures magnetic fields having flux densities of up to 20Tesla in the frequency range from
0Hz to 1kHz. The THM1176-PDA can be used anywhere
where high magnetic field strengths need to be measured and monitored: on scientific and medical equipment, such as magnetic resonance tomographs; in industry on equipment for smelting metals, or on transformer stations and large-scale electric motor drives, such
as railroad locomotives. It offers non-directional measurement thanks to isotropic, 3-axis Hall-effect probe, so
the result is independent of the probe direction relative to the field. Operation is simple using the PDA touch
screen or Windows software.
The range of measuring
instruments for mandatory filter monitoring in
ventilation and air conditioning systems contains two products: the
mechanical differential
air2guideP and the mechanical differential pressure gauge with analogue display and analogue output signal air2guideP+E. The instruments
were developed in response to a wide-ranging analysis of market and customer requirements. The differential pressure gauges are available for filter monitoring
in the following standard measuring ranges: 0 … 250
/ 500 / 750 / 1000 / 1500 / 3000 / 6000 Pa. All devices can
be installed and dismantled easily without the need for
tools. The measuring instruments offer a time saving of
up to 50% during installation compared with conventional models. They are designed for dry, clean, nonaggressive and non-combustible gases, mainly air.
Tel. +41-22-8843310 • Fax +41-22-8843311
Tel. +49-9372-1320 • Fax +49-9372-132406
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Field Effect Transistor
Combustible Gas Detector
protection against explosive hydrocarbon gases
NE55410GR combines
two field effect transistors with 2 and 10W
power output on one
die, manufactured using Newmos technology. The N-channel power FET, designed as a
driver device for power amplifiers in the frequency range from 0.1
to 2.6GHz, features high thermal stability, a supply
voltage range from 3 to 32V and integrated ESD protection. The linear gain is 13.5dB typical (2W) and 11dB
typical (10W). With a voltage of 28V between drain and
source, a frequency of 2140MHz and an operating current of 20mA, the efficiency of the smaller 2W FET is 52%
typical - with the same voltage and frequency and an
operating current of 100mA, the efficiency of the 10W
FET is 46% typical. The NE55410GR, which comes in a
16-pin plastic HTSSOP is well-suited as a preamplifier for
base stations and UHF-band applications.
With its advanced point infrared combustible gas sensing element, the IR400 Combustible Gas Detector delivers reliable protection
against explosive hydrocarbon gases with a low power design that installs in
minutes and features heated optics to eliminate condensation and includes a
dirty optics indicator for fail safe operation. The model continuously monitors combustible gases in the lower explosive limit (LEL) range and provides a 4 to 20 mA
analog signal proportional to the 0 to 100% LEL concentration. The detector also monitors other conditions
such as supply voltage and optical path integrity. It is
designed to assist with operational efficiency and system problem-detection capability. The detector, for
example, uses only 4.8 W of power and with its advanced
diagnostics helps to prevent unplanned plant shutdowns. Additionally, the detector requires no routine
calibration, a feature that reduces demand for field technician time.
Tel. +49-211-65030 • Fax +49-211-65031327
Tel. +1-949-5814464 • Fax +1-949-5811151
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• Ethernet-toRS232/485/422
• Configuration
using web
SNMP, or
• One or
two COM ports
• Galvanically isolated
model version available
• All protocols supported:
• Redundant power supply
Hall 9.0, Stand 9-430
For SLI: enter 20756 at
See or request further information at:
Issue N°11 • November 2008
th patented
t t d technology
t h
like EZ-Coil® controlled
retraction that safely
recoils up to 80% slower
than conventional spring
driven reels.
Safety Makes $ense
professional grade steel
construction, CPCTM powder
coat, CNC robotically spun
discs, industry leading
2-year warranty & USA
y support.
made, q
100% pure Coxreels qualityy
Intelligent Touch Panel
Ultrasonic Leak Detector
with 5.7" colour VGA TFT display
cuts cost of gas leaks
The compact ETV 0501 control
panel combines control, operation and visualization in a single
unit. The 5.7" colour VGA TFT display (640 x 480 Pixel) with touchscreen provides optimal operating
comfort, flexibility and high-resolution visualization. The integrated interfaces such
as the VARAN bus, CAN bus, Ethernet and USB enable
the simple integration of the panel into the machine
design. Decentralized and local I/Os can be connected
through the integrated real-time Ethernet bus. The
user is therefore not bound to a single topology when
designing the system. The available interface connections can be freely programmed from the application.
With a universal and fully integrated software tool is
provided for programming and visualizing functions. The
internal Compact Flash card serves as a storage medium for the operating system, application and application data. One of the two USB connectors is placed directly in the front of the terminal. Peripheral devices,
such as a keyboard, mouse, notebook or external storage media, can be connected easily.
The ultrasonic leak
detector is designed
to offer a quick and
simple way for maintenance engineers to
pinpoint gas leaks in
industrial applications.
The simple to use TMSU 1 can reduce maintenance expenses and can help to
improve plant and operator safety by enabling fast
and accurate detection. The instrument uses proven ultrasonic technology to detect leaks. This is achieved by
the use of an integrated piezoelectric crystal sensor, which
is tuned to recognise the high frequency sounds that are
generated by turbulence from high pressure gas leaking into a low pressure environment. The sensor can be
used to guide the operator to the loudest signal point,
enabling the exact position of each leak to be easily identified and the necessary remedial action to be taken. The
unit is lightweight and compact, making it a highly
portable and simple to use maintenance tool, with a
sensor mounted on a flexible tube, for use in restricted
Tel. +43-6274-43210 • Fax +43-6274-432118
Tel. +44-1582-496364 • Fax +44-1582-504203
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1:53:17 PM
Control Cables
Management Controller Hub
for industrial electronic applications
switching for up to 12 modules
The Technotronik LiYY is a control cable intended for
control and instrumentation circuits, for signal, monitoring and data processing systems and for analogue or
digital data transmission, all for industrial electronic applications. The cable is designed to offer high flexibility and small outer diameter combined with tensile
strength. The cable can also be used for power supply
to small auxiliary devices on condition that current-carrying capacity limit is not exceeded. The cable is suitable
for indoor installations connecting fixed and movable
equipment. Cable outer sheath is oil-resistant. The
polyurethane sheathed cable of enhanced protection
against mechanical damage, particularly to abrasion and
tear, also resistant to oils, petrol, bacteria and ultraviolet radiation.
The Management
Controller Hub
provides system
management and
Ethernet switching for up to 12
modules. Unlike the telecommunication segment,
where advanced feature sets require managed switches with complex control software, such features are not
required in most industrial applications. The AM4901
contains an unmanaged BCM5396 Ethernet switch,
which simplifies designs and improves costs (lower cost
components, no switch controller, no software for
switch controller). Among the typical applications are
image processing in the industrial, control systems, information systems for trains and simple communication
systems without need for managed switches. The hub
is a single PCB solution with only one MCH tongue. It
provides one GbE uplink on the front. On the edge connector there are 12x GbE for AMCs plus 1x GbE for MCH
interlink. In addition to the standard LED indicators, there
are status LEDs for 12 AdvancedMC modules.
Tel. +48-22-5169777 • Fax +48-22-5169787
Tel. +49-8165-770 • Fax +49-8165-77219
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See us at Swisstech,
Stand 2.2 D25
Process Analysis System
Air Filter/Silencer
ensures optimal operating safety
reduces air flow restriction
The Stratos Pro transmitter
measures pH, redox potential (ORP), conductivity,
toroidal conductivity and
oxygen concentration values, eliminates this drawback thanks to a completely new, colour-based operating concept, ensuring
intuitive operation. Its
widescreen display indicates operating modes in
six different colours. The standard measuring mode, for
example, has a white backlight, while displays in the information mode are displayed in green. The diagnosis
menu, maintenance requirements and the HOLD mode
are also indicated by specific colours. The alarm status
was assigned a deep shade of red, and invalid input and
wrong pass numbers are signalized through a flashing
red display. Additionally, concise, self-explanatory pictograms facilitate operation. Equipped with universal
connection options, the new product family also ensures
flexibility in measuring electrochemical parameters.
The AF M701212 heavy duty
air filter/silencer has been developed to reduce air flow restriction by 20% compared to
previous models, providing effective air filtration for the latest high performance marine
engines, and resulting in more
reliable, and noticeably quieter performance. It is able to
remove contaminants that are introduced into the air
supply from both outside and inside a vessel. The filter's
specially designed oil-impregnated media can remove
sand, salt and other contaminants effectively, preventing them from degrading the performance and reducing the service life of the engine. Furthermore, the filter housing features an integral hose connection, which
routes clean blow-by gases from the CCV back into
the engine, increasing efficiency and enabling the latest environmental regulations to be met simply and cost
effectively. It is designed to reduce turbo noise, resulting in a noticeably quieter engine room, and helping
to ensure the health and safety of operators.
Tel. +49-30-801910 • Fax +49-30-80191200
Tel. +44-1442-458000 • Fax +44-1442-458111
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Issue N°11 • November 2008
for convenience
The non-contact, multi-channel capacitive
measurement system
offers sub-nanometre
resolution, temperature
stability and rapid changeover of sensors without any
re-calibration required. The capaNCDT 6500 Series is available as a benchtop or 19-inch rack-mounted unit. Modular in design, the system can accept up to eight measuring channels to suit individual customer requirements. Due to its resolution and flexibility, the system
is suitable for high-accuracy R&D applications, test laboratories, quality assurance, academic institutions and
also semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace and defence applications. It uses an active-driven, hermetically sealed, triaxial RF cable, in combination with an active guarded three-electrode sensor. The system is
therefore electron leakage-proof, creating a protected
and homogenous measurement field. This means the
user obtains stable, precise, interference-free measurement data. The system comes with an Ethernet port
with 24-bit resolution, so that measured data can be easily output with no loss of performance (error-free).
Tel. +49-8542-1680 • Fax +49-8542-16890
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Finned Stud Caps are an
product range providing
protection for both threaded and non-threaded studs.
One cap fits multiple studs,
thus reducing the number of different caps required by the customerwhich facilitates a simpler
process and reduced inventory levels. The design
also incorporates a protruding flange
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with remote adjustable emissivity setting
reaches µ resolution
Tel. +44-1525-373178 • Fax +44-1525-851319
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In some applications the level of reliability requested leaves no room for improvisation. In all these
cases the balance achieved from both experience and innovation leads us to think of the best solution,
the only one capable of satisfying the most demanding expectations and anticipating the future
requirements. With the guarantee of the quality which always distinguishes the production at SIRAI®.
Tel. +44-1865-841100
Fax +44-1865-844488
Infra-Red Temperature Sensor
The PyroEpsilon series is
a range of compact sensors
which measure the temperature of inaccessible
or moving objects and materials. They can measure
temperatures from -20°C to
500°C, accurately and consistently, with an outstanding response time of 240ms. These sensors provide a linear 4 to 20mA output representing target temperature
plus a 4 to 20mA input to control the sensor's emissivity setting. This method of emissivity adjustment is far
more accurate and repeatable than a built-in potentiometer, much easier to access and less prone to drift through
vibration. The sensor's emissivity setting can be adjusted from 0.2 to 1.0 to cope with different target materials and presents the opportunity for automatic control using a programmable logic controller (PLC). Alternatively the emissivity setting can be adjusted manually using the optional PyroTune module. If the 4-20mA
input is left open or short-circuit the emissivity setting
defaults to 0.95.
offers extreme resolution
Stud Caps
SIRAI® ELETTROMECCANICA Srl - Bussero (MI) Italy - Tel. (+39) 02950371 - E-mail: -
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OPC Software?
This is the
Place to Stop!
OPC Servers
• Easy configuration via
Excel import
• Web-based monitoring
and diagnostics options
• Extremely quick installation
If You’re Looking for OPC
Software, Softing is the
Place to Be.
The SX20MD integrates a
digital core that allows
temperature correction
and linearity enhancement.
The micro-processor corrects non-linearity error,
zero and sensitivity drift according to the temperature variations, over the
sensor's full scale. Output
signals are available in 3
formats: Modbus RS485,
0-10V and 4-20mA.
Tel. +33-4-50954370
Fax +33-4-50954375
User and system integrators
get exactly the OPC Software
they require. For example,
servers for optimum access
to S7 or S5 SPSs, CAN,
Modbus or PROFIBUS
devices. Or the OPC Easy
Connect Suite for saving
both time and money.
OPC Easy Connect Suite
• Secure OPC communication – even beyond
• No DCOM configuration
• Save OPC data directly
in databases
• The complete OPC
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Microscope Digital Camera
Air Hammer
for high speed and clarity
balanced design
The DP72 digital camera is
highly flexible and features advanced image processing capabilities, making
it ideal for pathology applications, where faithful
colour reproduction is essential for clear and consistent diagnoses. The remastered pixelshift technology provides high-definition images with the single click
of a button. Capturing a 12.8 megapixel (4140 x 3096
pixels), full-resolution image with excellent clarity and
detail is achieved in under 2.5 seconds. This best-in-class
camera provides a range of image resolutions to suit all
magnifications and experimental requirements. In livemode, 1360 x 1024 pixel images can be displayed at 15
frames per second (FPS) without any colour shift during sample movement, making it suitable for live imaging documentation. Even if a specimen is wholly or
partially dark, the flexibility of the camera allows it to
record black and white images with exceptional sensitivity and low background noise.
Tel. +49-40-237730 • Fax +49-40-230817
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Capacitive Measurement System
The APP500 Air Hammer is
a piece of kit for busy
workshops. Its balanced
design provides the user
with a tool which is comfortable to use and offers
good performance too.
With a quick change retainer and swivel inlet allowing optimum air flow, it
comes complete in a hardened plastic carry case with
a range of chisels.
Tel. +44-114-2482712
Fax +44-114-2478342
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Issue N°11 • November 2008
Gigabit Ethernet Switches
Multi-axis Accelerometers
five Twisted-Pair-Ports each
highly accurate and robust
The unmanaged SPIDER II Giga 5T and SPIDER II Giga 5T/2S
switches support Gigabit Ethernet have five Twisted-PairPorts each. The SPIDER II Giga
5T/2S also has two Gigabit-Ethernet-SFP-Slots. Both switches
are designed for a temperature
range of -40°C to +70°C and
meet all the relevant industrial standards. They are
therefore suitable for use in smaller data networks in
which the high bandwidth is more important than extensive management functions. The Twisted-Pair-Ports
which have RJ45 sockets support autocrossing, autonegotiation and autopolarity. The two SFP slots can be
equipped with Gigabit transceivers for fiber optic cables.
Distances of up to 120 km can be bridged depending
on the version. The switches can be mounted on DIN rails
and operated by the plug&play principle. Thanks to their
compact housing which measures 35x38x121 millimeters they can also be installed easily in junction boxes.
Information about device and network status can be read
from the LED indicators on the front panel.
The A545 range of highly accurate and robust multiaxis linear accelerometers
measure vector acceleration and are available in
either bi or tri-axial variants. Highly accurate piezoresistive strain gauge technology is utilised which,
unlike fluid damped devices, employs air damping so that
accuracy remains essentially independent of temperature. The transducer has been engineered for harsh environments and is packaged in a robust aluminium alloy housing incorporating positive mechanical stops
that confer excellent shock resistance and overload
protection. It is also fully compensated for the effects
of temperature on both sensitivity and zero outputs. Typical applications include biomechanical investigations,
data acquisition systems and more severe uses such as
crash test, impact, shock and vibration analysis. Acceleration ranges are from ±2 to ±500g and for customers
with specific applications, the accelerometers can be supplied with different acceleration ranges in each axis.
Tel. +49-7127-140 • Fax +49-7127-141214
Tel. +44-1908-673868
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PyroPen U
Handheld Infrared Thermometer
with USB Interface
Clips into your pocket just like a pen
Wide temperature range; -20°C to +500°C
High accuracy and repeatability
Laser sighting
Built-in Data Logger for up to 100 readings
PC-based Data Acquisition via USB interface
Supplied with software, cable and hard case
Calex Electronics Limited PO Box 2, Leighton Buzzard,
Bedfordshire, England LU7 4AZ
Tel: +44 (0)1525 373178 Fax: +44 (0)1525 851319
Lo-call tel: 0845 3108053 Web:
Insert Orifice
Buffer Module
saves weight and space
Reducing weight
and saving space
whilst lowering
overall design and
assembly time are
often among the
key objectives for
designers and machine builders, so
sourcing components to meet these objectives is critical. The IMH 2.5mm orifice is designed for liquids and
gases and is claimed to be the smallest, self-retained restrictor available helping designers to achieve the benefits of less space, less weight. The orifice is 100% flow
tested on water (on Nitrogen for the gas version) to ensure that every part is within ±5% of its nominal flow
rate. This ensures a more consistent system performance
and reduces the need for system rework. Flow tolerances
as tight as this are only possible if entrance and exit conditions of the orifice are closely controlled. This ensures
far more accuracy than an orifice specified by hole tolerance, because an ordinary hole held to a very tight tolerance, will not result in a tight flow tolerance.
The buffer module is an
alternative concept for accu-operated uninterruptible power supplies. The
SSE05 buffer module, simply connected in parallel to
the load circuit, supplies
stand-by voltage as soon as
the load voltage of the
power supply drops under a specific value, and
these without generating
an undesired wiping-impulse. By having a wide voltage range, the usage with
a unregulated power supply is possible. The ridethrough time is at 10Amp. and 22,5Volt 0,6Sec, with
1,0Amp. 18Sec. and with 100mA ca.85Sec. This means,
most of all line interruptions or fluctuations are recovered with such a system. In order to increase the buffer
time or and the load current, unlimited numbers of modules can be connected in parallel. The structural design
of this buffer module is especially made for a space-saving mounting onto DIN-rails.
Tel. +44-1753-886664 • Fax +44-1753-889588
Tel. +49-4102-42082 • Fax +49-4102-40930
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Dispensing System
Power Entry Module
uses precision stepper motors
for the wide range of applications
The PDS-100 has a range
from 500 nanoliters per
dispense to 2 liters per
minute continuous flow.
It will accommodate all
FMI pump sizes in both
fixed and adjustable displacement configurations.
The pump heads are integrally mounted to the control unit which is housed in
rugged anodized aluminium enclosure. The control
unit includes the stepper motor drives as well as programmable driver electronics. The front face of the enclosure
has an LED readout used to display menu driven programming, as well as membrane switches for navigating through the programming steps. It can be configured to control either one or two pump heads. In configurations with 2 pump heads, each pump can be
controlled independently for dual proportional dispensing & metering or synchronized to produce a
smooth, pulseless flow.
The P series module is a
multifunction power entry
module for the wide range
of applications, with current ratings of up to 10A.
Many optional features
are available in addition to
three different mounting
options (screw-mounting
on the horizontal or vertical side and snap-in mounting). Depending on the user's requirements, the modules are available with or without mains switches and
in various voltage options. Furthermore, there is a
choice of either one or two fuses to meet the requirements of both European and US standards. Depending
on the application, customers can choose between
universal filters, medical filters and high performance
filters for general or medical applications. The medical
versions feature a maximum leakage current of 5µA, and
therefore comply with the UL/IEC Guidelines for medical and dental equipment. If no filter function is required,
the modules can be assembled without a filter or with
an interconnection block, removing any need for cabling.
Tel. +1-516-9226050 • Fax +1-516-6248261
Tel. +44-20-89542356 • Fax +44-20-84208087
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Issue N°11 • November 2008
Robotic Routing System
Compact Voltage Transducer
offers compact footprint
for high and medium voltage measurements
The RoboTrim FT-502
is a small footprint robotic routing system.
Whilst offering a very
compact footprint that
takes up less space in
the plant, it still provides manufacturers
with the flexibility
they need to trim a
wide variety of parts, including thermoformed, blowmoulded, rotationally moulded and composite products.
It provides increased productivity compared to traditional five axis CNC systems. Like the larger models in the
range, it is an enclosed robotic router trimming system
with manual front doors with a single-base system
structure that simplifies installation and built-in fork lift
pockets that enable the unit to be moved around easily. It features a wall-mounted, six-axis AccuTrim R-44 robot, its R-30iA robot controller and a colour teach pendant. Parts up to 915 x 1525 mm in size can be placed
on the stationary fixture table in the centre of the system's steel enclosure.
The DV model is a voltage transducer for insulated voltage measurements from 12004200 VRMS. Featuring
patented insulating
technology, the transducer is significantly small, measuring only 134 x 54.22
x 147.25mm. The product is well adapted for the industrial markets for high and medium voltage measurements.
With a low current consumption of 19-23 mA, a large
frequency bandwidth of 12 kHz, and safety insulation
voltage of 18.5 kV, the DV voltage transducer fulfils all
new EMC requirements. Other key features include a high
level of partial discharge extinction voltage, adherence to safety standards, high quality and long life, together with low weight and flexible mechanical and electrical output to adapt to customer needs. The DV is Class
1 certified and therefore ideal for applications such as
energy metering. The materials utilized comply with the
fire and smoke requirements, which are mandatory in
railway applications. The DV is CE marked and is supplied with a five-year warranty.
Tel. +44-161-3740734
Tel. +41-22-7061111 • Fax +41-22-7949478
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Hygienic Hoses
Wireless Bore Gauge
strong and light
no need for cables
The RX range of hygienic hose assemblies is certified ADI (Animal Derived Ingredients) Free,
thereby totally eliminating any risk of BSE prion
contamination. The range
is suitable for all commercial cleaning products, making them an ideal choice
for use in hygienic applications in the food, beverage
and pharmaceutical industries. RX hose is supplied in the
form of ready-to-use assemblies, which are produced to
meet the customer's precise requirements. The range
incorporate odourless and taste free inner liners, available in a range of colour coded outer covers, with
light weight and heavy wall designs and working pressures up to 18 bar. In addition, improved tough liner components resist nicks and imperfections, thereby helping
to reduce bacteria risks at the end connections that are
specifically designed to remove all bug traps. The innovative liner and special spiral construction also mean that
RX hose assemblies offer substantially longer working
lives than conventional assemblies.
A wireless bore gauge is
set to change the design of manufacturing
workstations. By eliminating the need for cables to download the
measurement data, the
new Wigauge wireless
bore gauge (WBG) offers manufacturers greater freedom in workstation design and practice. The use of precision hand-held electronic gauges in post process
gauging is not new, but the cables connecting the
tools to the receiving SPC system, printer or data logger have long caused problems. Downtime due to cable damage and tangles has been all too common,
and cable length and routing have often dictated the
design of the gauging station, leading to loss of efficiency. This class 1 Bluetooth gauge has a range of 15m or
more for data transmission, even in the hostile environment of an engineering machine shop. Up to seven gauges
can be linked to a single system. The rugged, high
precision, IP65 rated gauge is compatible with industry
standard M6 and M10 gauge head threads.
Tel. +44-1753-570863 • Fax +44-1753-824141
Tel. +44-1243-833333 • Fax +44-1243-833332
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Grinding Machine
Gigabit Ethernet Bridge
high-precision and compact size
with two SFP slots
The Dominator 624
CNC machine offers
all the functionality
of a high-precision
grinding cell in one
compact machine. It
offers creepfeed, surface and profile grinding in a multi-axis configuration and the intelligent terminal CNC
control from a
diminutive 2,025 x 1,500mm footprint. The highly compact size makes it suitable for use in busy machine
shops where space is at a premium, but precision, easeof-use, and high productivity rates are still paramount.
The compact dimensions are achieved by using a cuboid
machine bed design and mounting the wheelhead on
a carrier assembly to provide the 'Z' axis, the work
table then moves vertically to provide 'Y' axis. In addition to retaining the maximum grinding dimensions within a confined machine envelope the cuboid machine bed
also contributes toward a very rigid machine platform.
The two ports of the
bridge are coupled
via a high-performance switching chip
so that, in addition
to media conversion,
a speed adjustment
of 100Mbps to 1Gbps is possible. This permits a simple
and rapid migration from Fast Ethernet (100Base-FX) to
Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T or 1000Base-X). The SFP
slots permit the accommodation of different SFP optical transceivers freely available on the market. For the
user this means the greatest possible flexibility during
network configuration. Due to the special construction,
the installation can even be performed during ongoing
operation ("hot swap"). The configuration of the
bridge is carried out automatically by auto- negotiation,
but may also be performed manually by DIP switch. The
Gigabit Ethernet Bridge is primarily deployed in corporate networks in order to universally combine different
types of fibre optic cable, to extend existing fibre optic segments and to operate legacy Fast Ethernet equipment in fibre optic-based gigabit networks.
Tel. +44-116-2013000 • Fax +44-116-2013002
Tel. +49-2381-94520 • Fax +49-2381-9452100
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Issue N°11 • November 2008
Photo courtesy of
National Instruments
Measurement &
The event showcases:
Information processing systems
Automatic data acquisition
Applications for control
Co-located with:
Co-located with:
Clamp-on Bimetal Thermometer
Pressure Switches
measurement in insulated pipes
certified for hazardous areas
The TB-Fix is a clamp-on bimetal thermometer suitable for
temperature measurements
of liquids and gases in insulated pipes with maximal 2 inches diameter. The thermometer
is especially suitable for heating, ventilation and air-condition. It is able to measure a
temperature range from -20°C to up to 160°C. Special
bases in four sizes for insulations from 30mm up to 110mm
enable a perfectly fitting installation at the pipe. The
bases are mounted with an adequate hose clamp. The
bimetal thermometer with the appropriate length can
be plugged in the base. The mounting parts allow a preinstallation during the construction whereas the thermometers are mounted into the base at the end of the
process to avoid damages during the construction
phase. Due to a special calibration process to adjust it,
the accuracy class 1 according to EN 13190 can be guaranteed in spite of the difficult heat transmission. The
housing and the front ring are made of solid stainless
The 901 range of ATEXcertified pressure
switches are suitable
for monitoring overpressure, vacuum or
differential pressure of
both liquid and gaseous
substances, including
aggressive media, in hazardous environments. The
switches can be used to monitor fluid levels and filters,
as well as excessive or inadequate pressure and pressure
differentials in closed systems. The switches are available in a factory-set version, in which the pressure setting and switching differential are set by the manufacturer, or an adjustable version, the 901 Prescal, where
the customer uses a scaled adjustment knob to alter the
trip and reset pressure, without having to use a screwdriver. A range of switch options are available, including pressure connections in various materials, shapes and
sizes. Customers can also select from a diverse range of
materials for seals and diaphragms. All switches are intrinsically safe and have been categorised as Temperature Class T4 and Explosion Group IIB or IIC.
Tel. +41-31-7649955 • Fax +41-31-7649966
Tel. +44-118-9817980 • Fax +44-118-9817990
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Capacitive Touch Demo Board
Diaphragm In-line Seals
no need for external components
with all aseptic process connections
The PICDEM Touch Sense
2 Demo Board for capacitive touch-sensing applications comes with the
royalty-free mTouch Sensing Solution Software
Development Kit (SDK)
and is populated with a
16-bit PIC24FJ256GB110 microcontroller (MCU), which
features an integrated Charge Time Measurement Unit
(CTMU) peripheral for fast capacitive touch sensing. This
is also the world's first 16-bit MCU family with USB
On-The-Go (OTG). The board and supporting materials
provide a complete platform for implementing capacitive touch-sensing interfaces, without the need for
external components. Additionally, with the
PIC24FJ256GB110 family's rich peripheral integration and
256 Kbytes of Flash memory, and Microchip's broad portfolio of free and low-cost software libraries, embedded
designers can use a single MCU to cost effectively implement a wide variety of additional user-interface
functions, including QVGA touch-screen displays, speechbased audio prompts and USB connectivity.
The WIKA 981.51 diaphragm in-line seal is
designed for applications needing to fulfil
the highest hygienic demands. In addition to
both threaded pipe and
flanged connections,
sterile, standard-compliant connections for
instruments are now also realisable in the form
of a clamp connection.
The diaphragm seal is particularly suited to applications
in the pharmaceutical and food industries as well as for
painting lines. This seal is notable due to its circular cylindrical construction, enabling it to be mounted directly into the pipeline and making it self-draining. With the
sterile connections, and in conjunction with the measuring instrument, a dead-space free and crevice free measurement is possible. Both this concept, and the materials used have been certified by the EHEDG (European Hygienic Equipment Design Group).
Tel. +44-118-9215800 • Fax +44-118-9215820
Tel. +49-9372-1320 • Fax +49-9372-132406
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Digital Single-axis Inclinometer
Air Shut-off Valve
resistant to extreme mechanical impacts
protects engines from runaways
For advertising,
please contact your local representative or
Karoline Bruse:
The AIDSI inclinometers are
used wherever the exact
alignment of a defined angle to a reference angle in
slow motional processes is to
be measured and controlled.
They are used in industry
for the levelling of plane-tables and rotary tables as well
as for applications such as monitoring cranes and hoisting platforms for safety or for the exact positioning of
working platforms and satellite dishes. The innovative
digital servo inclinometers measure the inclination of
an axis with continuous zero point monitoring. Installation is stationary and complies with protection class
IP65 making them suitable for use in rough ambient conditions and outdoor areas. The acceleration sensor
that is used works on a servo principle and includes a
pendulum-rotary system with taut strip suspension in
the hermetically sealed housing. In principle this method
is used to measure the deviation of the sensor position
from the acceleration of gravity direction. The analogue measured data of the sensors are converted to digital data with 19-bit accuracy.
The SpeedTrap valve range
now includes an ATEX approved electric 250mm
(10in) hazardous area Model 4261 emergency engine
air shut-off valve, protecting bigger diesel engines
from the risk of dangerous
and damaging runaways
when they burn hydrocarbon vapours or other combustibles, even after their fuel source has been closed. ATEX approved to EX II 3 G
EExn IIC T4, zone II, the valve is fully controlled by a custom electronic control module preventing the solenoid from generating excessive surface temperature. Solid
state sensing and control have increased reliability and
robustness allowing easy interface to other controllers.
SpeedTrap valves can be used stand-alone or in complete
runaway shut-down systems. They have a compact
design with easy low-cost installation and a remote reset facility for flexible control. An O-ring seal ensures
positive shutdown of the air supply to an engine as required for safety.
For editorial,
please contact Piotr Gaber:
Tel. +49-6195-70060 • Fax +49-6195-700666
Tel. +44-1284-762222 • Fax +44-1284-760256
Coming up
in the next issue
Issue Focus
Industrial Safety
Special: Italy
SCS Automation
& Control,
Paris, F
Frankfurt, D
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Issue N°11 • November 2008
19-Slot PXI Chassis
High Thrust Jets
remote status monitoring and flexible mounting
more air, less noise
The RoHS-compliant 3U 19slot PXI chassis
- the PXIS-2719
- features one
system slot and
eighteen peripheral slots,
an innovative
cooling mechanism, a flexible rack-mounting design, and
smart chassis management for both bench-top and
rack-mount test & measurement applications. It features
an innovative design for even and efficient heat dissipation: the fans are located in the rear section of the
chassis to pull cool air in from the bottom, though the
PXI modules, and out the rear. This new design provides
uniform air flow between slots with only a maximum
10% difference in temperature measured on load
boards during testing. When this chassis is installed in
a rack, this cooling design significantly minimizes the
drawing in of hot air from the rear area of the rack where
all other devices exhaust to maintain a steady temperature inside the chassis.
Energy saving
High Thrust Jets
provides companies with a
high power
blast of air,
whilst reducing
compressor demand and lowering noise levels. Designed
to improve quality in applications such as swarf removal, product drying and material conveying, the
high thrust jets are ideal for companies looking to reduce energy bills while increasing performance. The jets
use a minute amount of compressed air to generate a
high power blow-off force. This is achieved by forcing
compressed air through an adjustable internal circular
slot. The innovative design means that the high velocity air stream generates an area of low pressure at the
rear of the jet that entrains ambient air at a ratio of 4:1.
This maximises high power blow off force, whilst complying with health and safety requirements.
Tel. +886-2-82265877 • Fax +886-2-82265717
Tel. +44-1993-706700 • Fax +44-1993-776977
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Triple Offset Valve
Low Pressure Couplings
ellipsoidal sealing geometry
maximize safety and convenience
The TT2 triple offset valve is based
on the proven
torque sealing-friction free sealing
design and features the latest advanced technology
and improved performance including ellipsoidal sealing geometry that guarantees zero leakage and bubble-tight shut-off. It has been stringently tested and, with
a fire safe certification to API607 4th edition, is designed
to meet the high performance demands of applications where long life and positive shut-off under arduous conditions is essential. Suitable for all process applications, Tomoe's new valve has a fully field-replaceable seat and seal design and is extremely proficient in
increasing plant efficiency and minimising running
costs. Available in wafer, lugged and double flanged type
body styles the triple offset valve is inherently safe for
high risk industry applications.
The BreakAway
coupling provides safe and
easy fluid transfer and protection from costly
product loss and
equipment damage.
heavy duty industrial versions
of break-away couplings exist, there have been few options available for low pressure applications in plastic
materials. These high quality, leak-free connectors allow the user to break the connection without depressing a latching mechanism for rapid, automatic disconnection when needed. These couplings are available in
acetal with Buna-N o-rings, 316 stainless steel valve
springs, and automatic shutoff capabilities. Available in
in-line and panel mount styles with 6.4mm and 9.5mm
hose barb terminations, the coupling's maximum pressure rating is 1.4 bar and the temperature range is -18
to 66°C.
Tel. +44-1633-636801 • Fax +44-1633-292605
Tel. +1-651-6450091 • Fax +1-651-6599642
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Pushbuttons for harsh environments
IR series - bushing Ø 16
Standard or microswitch technology
Sealed to IP67
Illuminated or non-illuminated
Wide choice of bezel and actuator colours
Optional marking
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Flow Meter
Test Leads
for tight-squeeze plant retrofits
fused 1,000V leads assist operator safety
The V2 System Flow Meter
offers superior accuracy
and can be installed in
close proximity to pumps
in crowded plant retrofit
projects by reducing up
to 70 percent the straightpipe runs required by other meters resulting in real
estate, pipe and labor cost
savings that can exceed
the cost of the instrument. The precision meter operates over a wide flow range of 10:1 with low head loss
and supports line sizes from 4 to greater than 18 inches. Accuracy is +1% over a 40 to 7500 gallon per
minute liquid flow rate, depending on the line size. The
space-saving instrument reduces flow meter straight pipe
run requirements by up to 70 percent or more and
needs only 0-3 straight pipe diameters upstream and 01 downstream to operate effectively. It is especially useful in plant water intake systems, cooling water lines,
wastewater effluent treatment lines, filter galleries
and recycled water management.
Testing high power
distribution systems
and panels can be
safely carried out with
new leads rated for
use at voltages up to
1,000V CATIV. Incorporating an integrated high capacity fuse
holder, these high flexibility leads accept 6.3
x 32mm UK style fuses. The UL approved leads are terminated with 4mm diameter plugs, for connecting
standard safety test clips and probes to enable safe, fuse
protected measurements. Available with PVC or silicone
insulation, the leads are fitted with Multilam plugs
with rigid insulating sleeves. Two HRC type fuses can be
supplied, rated at 0.5A or 1.6A, both with a breaking
capacity of 50kA. The leads are designed for 1,000V CATIV
operation in accordance with IEC / EN 61010-031, which
allows safe use in appropriate environments provided
suitable high capacity fuses, probes / clips and test instruments are used.
Tel. +1-951-6526811 • Fax +1-951-6523078
Tel. +44-1908-265544 • Fax +44-1908-262080
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Microswitches and sealed position switches
Temperature resistant
Long life
IP67 sealed
Microprecision Electronics SA is a swiss
manufacturer of mechanical position switches
for industrial applications.
Visit us at
P.O. Box 160 Route de l’Industrie 27
CH –1896 Vouvry Switzerland
Tel: +41(0)24 481 43 43 / Fax: 60
Halle 4 – Stand 234
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Issue N°11 • November 2008
Inductive Components
Cable Tie Cutter
easy to fit
leaves flat cut without spikes
These inductive components – chokes and filters – are
available for frequencies up to 200kHz and current
ratings up to 1000A, with component sizes ranging
from 36 to 300mm diameter and weights from 50g to
130kg. The components can be used in a temperature
range up to 180°C. They are easy to fit and numerous
mounting options are available. To allow for a wide range
of requirements, components can be made to all common standards, including protection type IP20 and
The Xuron Model 2275 Quick-Cutter provides a full cutting
capacity along the entire length of the blades to let users
cut cable ties fast; especially in tight spaces with limited vision. Featuring the Micro-Shear bypass cutting technology
that square-cuts cable ties rather than pinching them and
leaving spikes, it produces flush cuts with a smooth, flat finish. Developed for wire harness applications involving the
cutting of many cable ties, the cutter is ergonomically designed with soft rubber cushioned hand grips, a LightTouch return spring, and no finger loops.
Tel. +49-7255-7160 • Fax+49-7255-716160
Tel. +1-207-2831401 • Fax +1-207-2830594
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Magnetic Lifting System
with double-magnet circuit
Progressive Manufacturer of The Year
project te a
+ Showcase a marquee project
to your industry peers.
The MaxX Lifters range consists of 8 models available
with lifting capacity from 125kg up to 2000kg. The
3:1 safety factor, compact dimensions, low weight,
monoblock construction and great power provided by
double-magnet circuit (rotor and stator) without any electrical feeding, make these lifters suitable for handling
workpieces in machine tools and oxygen cutting operations, for plates, sheets and iron blocks in steel structural works and shipyards as well as in steel industries
and distribution centres. They are the solution for moving ferrous loads in an economic, easy and safe way.
Tel. +48-85-6783400 • Fax +48-85-6627877
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Thermally Conductive Substrate
for high power VLED applications
+ Get editorial coverage in Managing
Automation print and online.
+ Be recognized among top
manufacturing companies from
around the globe.
+ Be identified with the thoughtleading PM concept, a pro-growth
agenda for manufacturing
+ Contribute to the manufacturing
industry's success by the example
of your accomplishment
The OptoTherm OCB201 Series thermally conductive aluminium substrate feature high thermal conductivity, creating a
superior means of efficient thermal management for visible LED assemblies. It features a high isolation voltage,
with a dielectric breakdown of 4KVDC. Thermal conductivity is 1.1W/m-°K and thermal resistance is 1.8°C/W. The
substrate meets UL-94 V0 flammability specifications. Maximum substrate panel size is 18 x 16.5 inches, with available
thicknesses of 0.97mm, 1.78mm, and 3.38mm.
Tel. +1-972-3232200 • Fax +1-972-3232316
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Issue N°11 • November 2008
Perforation Detector
Coupling Chip Antenna
detects the perforation on any material
Materials Testing:
So that they
keep flying
Knowledgeable people
trust themselves and
the safety reserves of
the materials.
Destructive testing of
materials shows its
limits, making safety
The Puls perforation detector is used to detect the
perforation on any material in packaging industry. It is
especially used in bag making machinery to count the
bag number by accumulating the perforation quantity. Its detection capacity is 900 pcs/min. Perforation
detector provides an economic solution for detection
of the very thin holes on silicon tubes that causes
chemical to be frozen. The unit has an advantage in dusty
environment and for very thin holes. It can be connected to any PLC or system very easily by its floating transistor output.
The 5320 Coupling Chip Antenna requires barely 3 to
5mm in clearance on motherboards. In addition to its
feed design which effectively reduce product testing lead
time by less stray capacitance and minimizing the consideration of environmental interference, Yageo's 5320
Coupling Chip Antenna supports bandwidths of 2.4
to 2.484GHz, Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11bgn applications,
with an average gain of -5.6dBi, 50Ω impedance and a
maximum power of 1W.
Zwick GmbH & Co. KG
August-Nagel-Straße 11
D-89079 Ulm / Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 73 05 - 100
Fax: +49 (0) 73 05 - 1 02 00
Tel. +90-212-7982094 • Fax +90-212-7982629
Tel. +886-2-29177555 • Fax +886-2-29173789
Intelligent testing
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Testing machines and
systems: we have the
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Thermocouple Module
Workholding System
also as I/O-solution
fast, easy setup
The VersaMax Micro Thermocouple (Type K, J, E, S, T, B
or N)/Millivolt (-/+50 or 100mV) Expansion module can
be used together with the VersaMax Micro controller
in a wide range of temperature monitoring and controlling, as well as weighing applications. Two module
types are available, a four thermocouple inputs and two
analogue outputs expansion module, and a four thermocouple inputs and no analogue outputs module.
The modules can also be used with the QuickPanel
control as a low-cost I/O-solution.
The Hydramax Workholding System for Kurt 8 inch
vises is capable of holding 5 or 8 parts in a single
clamping. This expands the Hydramax line to include systems for the widely used 4, 6 and 8 inch Kurt vises. The
patented system features a common channel that
equalizes pressure against all of the individual pistons
so equal pressure is applied to all parts. Operation and
setup is fast and easy.
Tel. +352-267-22344 • Fax +352-267-22351
Tel. +1-763-5724593 • Fax +1-763-5748368
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MGS18. The state of the Art
among full stainless steel
construction gauges.
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DC-DC Converters
Heavy Duty Wash Down Gun
for simple voltage conversions at low power
from light weight glass reinforced plastic
4-20 mA vibration monitoring
Continuous monitoring of critical
assets and balance of plant
4-20 mA data is a standard input
for a PLC, DCS or SCADA system
Ideal for real-time monitoring,
alarming and simplified analysis
The DC-DC converters in a range of output power levels from
0.25W to 25W are designed for customers who want an inexpensive converter to perform simple voltage conversions at low power. There are 7 Series of DC-DC converters
available, the output power determining the package series and size - E400, E500, E700, E800, E900, E1200 and
E1600 - in a wide range of input voltages. For example, E7125.06U is a 700 Series DC-DC converter that converts a 12 VDC
input voltage to 500 VDC@6mA, unregulated.
The light weight wash gun from glass reinforced is built to
the same high standards as the metal guns, but is almost 50%
lighter. It has a fully adjustable water beam. All moving parts
are made of Stainless Steel, with VITON and EPDM seals (FDA).
All existing spare parts can be used with this wash down gun,
incl. the robust rubber covers. The reduced weight is much
more comfortable to use and reduces operator fatigue
when used over long periods. Maximum pressure and temperature are: 12 bar and 50°C.
Tel. +1-607-7549187 • Fax +1-607-7549255
Tel. +31-313-472822 • Fax +31-313-479321
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Makes distributed condition
monitoring cost effective and scalable
Wilcoxon Research Inc
20511 Seneca Meadows Parkway
Germantown, MD 20876
Tel: 301 330 8811
Fax: 301 330 8873
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Issue N°11 • November 2008
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Adlink Technology . . . . . . 39
Aeroflex Test Solutions. . . 22
Aerospace New Material . . 6
Aerotech . . . . . . . . . . . 15, 19
Aichi Tokei Denki . . . . . 6, 28
AKBO Handelsmij . . . . . . . 41
Allied Motion Technologies .17
Althen . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10, 38
Amot Controls. . . . . . . . . . 38
Amphenol Socapex . . . . . 22
Industrial Operations . . 20
Apem . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39
Aplisens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Arex . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
ATech elektronika . . . . . . . 15
Autec . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
Avery Weigh-Tronix . . . . . 43
B Baldor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15
Banner Engineering . . . . . . 5
Vision Technologies. . . . 26
Bass VRI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Bourdon-Haenni . . . . 8, 38
Baumer Hübner . . . . . . . . 18
Automation . . . . . . . 6, 30
Bei Kimco Magnetics . . . . 16
LLC/PMG, LLC. . . . . . . . . 32
Bernecker + Rainer . . . . . . 21
Boker’s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Bosch Rexroth . . . . . . . . . . 14
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the power to innovate
C Calex . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35, 36
Carr Lane . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
C-Cubed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
CEAST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Celduc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
Antriebe Kirschey . . . . . 17
Cherry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Chian Cheng . . . . . . . . . . . 34
Cimat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
CLPA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43
Colder Products . . . . . 30, 39
Compel Electronics . . . . . . 26
Contelec . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
ContiTech. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43
Coxreels. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34
Crouzet Automatismes. . . 17
D Danaher Motion . . . .16, 19
Datalogic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Dawid . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
Spray Technologies . . . . 10
Delta Line . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
Dynabrade. . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
NEW: EasyTrax
with advanced
The Advantage of
Innovative Design, innovative
KABELSCHLEPP GmbH I Marienborner Str. 75 I D-57074 Siegen
Fon: +49 (0)2 71 58 01-0 I
For SLI: 23877
E E.T.A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
EADS Nucletudes . . . . . . . . 5
Laboratories . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
ELESA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Elmo Motion Control . . . . 16
Research Group . . . . . . . 41
Endress + Hauser. . . . . . . . 26
Enitra . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
Equflow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
Esit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42
Etel. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14, 17
Ever Elettronica. . . . . . . . . 16
EXAIR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
F FACH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33
Fandis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
FEAS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36
Finder . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Fischer Elektronik . . . . . . . 37
Flexible Hose Supplies . . . 37
Flexicon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Fluid Metering . . . . . . 27, 36
Fluke . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Framo Morat . . . . . . . . . . . 43
Franz Binder . . . . . . . . 20, 26
G GE Fanuc Automation . . .41
Gefran . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
General Monitors . . . . . . . 33
Geneza . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
GERWAH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
Getriebebau Nord. . . . 13, 31
Gimatic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
Globtek . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5, 24
H Hamamatsu Photonics . . .20
Hannay Reels . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Hansford Sensors . . . . . . . . 4
Haydon Motion . . . . . . . . 27
Switch & Instrument . . . 17
Heason Technology . . . . . 18
Hirschmann . . . . . . . . . . . . 36
Hi-Sun . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Hoerbiger-Origa . . . . . . . . 20
Holystone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Horst Witte Gerätebau. . . 32
Huco Dynatork . . . . . . . . . 18
Hydro Leduc . . . . . . . . . . . 14
I IAI Industrieroboter . . . . .28
igus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
Imo Precision Controls . . . 18
Sensors & Systems . . . . . 38
Interroll . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
item . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27, 43
J Jetter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
Jones & Shipman
Precision . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37
Jovean & Rogy . . . . . . . . . 36
Jumo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
K Kabelschlepp . . . . . . . . . .42
Extrude Hone. . . . . . . . . 32
Kimo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Kinco Electric. . . . . . . . . . . 20
Kistler Instrumente . . . . . . 26
Klemsan Automation . . . . 20
KMT Robotic Solutions . . . 37
Knick . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4, 34
Kontron. . . . . . 29, 30, 34, 43
Kurt Manufacturing . . . . . 41
L Lee Products . . . . . . . . . . .36
LEM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37
Lika Electronic. . . . . . . . . . . 6
MMagna . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30
Managing Automation . . 40
Maxon Motor . . . . . . . . . . 44
mbo Osswald . . . . . . . . . . 28
McCrometer . . . . . . . . 32, 39
Meech Air Technology . . . 39
Megatron . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Megger . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
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Stromversorgungen. . . . 22
Michell Instruments . . . . . . 5
Microchip Technology . . . 38
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Microprecision . . . . . . . . . 39
Microsens . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37
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Mini Motor . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
MISUMI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
Moss Plastic Parts . . . . . . . 35
Mtec. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
MTS Sensor
Technologie . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Multi-Contact . . . . . . . 28, 39
N NB Europe . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
NEC Avio Infrared
Technologies . . . . . . . . . 39
NEC Electronics . . . . . . . 8, 33
Newport Spectra
Physics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
Nexans. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Nuova Fima . . . . . . . . . . . . 41
O OK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
Olympus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
Ondrives . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Optek Technology . . . . . . 40
Orion Fans . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
P Parker Hannifin . . . . .14, 34
PC THERM . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
PCL Air Technology. . . . . . 35
Peter Schröder . . . . . . . . . 30
Phihong . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
PROMOTECH . . . . . . . . . . . 40
Puls Elektronik . . . . . . . . . 41
Q Quality Transmission
Components . . . . . . . . .13
R R.Stahl . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28
relpol . . . . . . 7, 24, 27, 30, 43
Resolve Optics . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Riko . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
RLS Merilna . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Rockwell Automation. . . . 12
Rohde & Schwarz . . . . . . . . 5
Ruland Manufacturing . . . 18
S Santest . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32
Schenck RoTec. . . . . . . . . . 19
Schmidt-Kupplung . . . . . . 13
Sensor Technology . . . . . . 43
Sensorex . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
Servometer/PMG, LLC . . . . 6
Sferax . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Sherborne Sensors . . . . 6, 36
Siemens . . . . . . . . . 10,18, 33
Sigmatek . . . . . . . . . . . 23, 34
Siko . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
Sinwa. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36
Sirai . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
Sisel-Enda . . . . . . . . . . 10, 20
SKF. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11, 34
Smalley Steel Ring . . . . . . 34
SMP Sintermetalle
Prometheus . . . . . . . . . . . . 40
Softing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
Solartron Metrology. . . . . 37
SPG . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Sprint Electric . . . . . . . . . . 15
Swisstech . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
• Automaticon
3 – 5 March
Kielce, Poland
• Pack & Move
• Qualitec
18 – 21 November
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Jonkoping, Sweden
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18 – 21 November
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18 – 20 March
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24 – 27 November
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25 – 27 November
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2 – 5 December
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Prague, Czech Republic
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26 February – 1 March
Istanbul, Turkey
• Control
5 – 8 May
Stuttgart, Germany
T Technokabel . . . . . . . . . . .34
Tomoe Valve . . . . . . . . . . . 39
Trinamic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Tyco Electronics. . . . . . 32, 36
• Process Management
U Uniprod . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22
Unitronics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Düsseldorf, Germany
Academy Europe
20 – 23 May
Nuremberg, Germany
2 – 4 March
• Sensor + Test
26 – 28 May
V Vision Components . . . . . .2
Nuremberg, Germany
WW.L. Gore . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
Weidmüller Interface . . . . 33
Welco. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
Wiesemann & Theis . . . . . 28
WIKA Alexander
Wiegand . . . . . . . . . 33, 38
Wilcoxon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41
X Xuron . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40
Y Yageo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41
Note: Dates and descriptions of events have been
Z Zeitlauf . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16
Maschinenelemente . . . 32
Zotefoams . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
Zwick . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41
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advertising in this issue
therefore, cannot be held responsible for errors,
changes or cancellations.
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Issue N°11 • November 2008
Speed Link Infoservice
Easy - Instant - Informative
A CC-Link based control
system has integrated
eleven boreholes in the
West Jutland region of
Denmark, so that the ondemand water supply can
cope with the increasingly variable daily demand
brought about by the
growth of tourist visitors.
Rural West Jutland has
long been a magnet for
tourists, but a concerted
promotional effort has
built visitor number to
the point where...
Three additional Railweight APC4000 automatic passenger-counting system from Avery
Weigh-Tronix are being
installed to help South
America's most extensive
metro system optimise its
service. With seven systems already installed on
busy sections of the Metro
de Santiago, the system
has a proven repeatable
accuracy and provides data in real time about passenger usage to...
To protect Sweden's many
lakes from the increasing
risk of silt-up, Bengt
Eckerblom AB, the domestic producer, has developed a reed cutter that
can work both on land
and in the water. Conveyor belts from the ContiTech Conveyor Belt
Group have proven to be
particularly helpful and
efficient in this case. To enable the mighty vehicle
(weighing 2,200 kilograms
and hydraulically...
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A semiconductor manufacturer in Plymouth, UK is
saving over £30,000 a year
in energy costs, since installing six, 37 kW ABB
HVAC drives on its three
cooling towers. The
£15,000 installation is set
to give a payback in only
six months. The drives
were installed by the local ABB HVAC partner,
Drive Control. X-FAB UK
Ltd is one of the largest
semiconductor makers in
the UK...
Research at the University of Manchester has
demonstrated servo systems with vastly improved
dynamics with the most
challenging of loads. The
key to the increased performance is a torque transducer from Sensor Technology employing Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)
techniques to deliver highbandwidth, non-contact
solution. The ease of setup of modern servo drive
systems, combined...
By their very nature mobile satellite uplink systems have to ultra-reliable and be ready for action at a moment's notice. Holkirk Communications is a respected specialist in this field. Its products
are characterised by their
compact nature, light
weight and ease of use. A
recent decision to include
a Framo Morat Compacta
slip-on geared motor from
has certainly enhanced
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Kontron's embedded computing technology will
again be integrated into
another one of Bombardier's rail system designs being developed to
answer transportation
needs throughout China.
This is the latest development in an ongoing
long-term design relationship between Kontron and Bombardier, the
number one designer and
manufacturer of innovative transportation...
To "make living and working on the moon" a reality, NASA is planning a
manned mission to the
moon to build runways
using high-tech equipment. The Orion crew vehicle succeeds the space
shuttle and in 2020 will be
the first spaceship to take
humans to the moon for
more than 40 years. MB
Kit Systems, Inc., the US
distributor for item Industrietechnik based in
Solingen, Germany...
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It is enough to have a
simple automation system based on voltage
monitoring, switching to
a reserve source of electricity on power failure and
returning to the mains
supply on power return.
In such systems, the NEED
programmable controller
from Relpol can be a perfect solution, as it is simple to program and is reliable in service. When a
significant drop in voltage or a total loss...
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