Conventional Fire Panel 500 Series As Easy As ABC

Conventional Fire Panel 500 Series
As Easy As ABC
A Fire Panel That’s Easy to Install,
Configure, Maintain, and Use.
LCD screen with status indication for
Integrated bubble level
all detector zones
For easy installation
Color coding for easy configuration
and use
Self-explanatory buttons for intuitive
Easy for end users to operate with a
minimum of instruction
Ideal for small applications
Ingenious features that save time on
configuration and maintenance
Color-coded user interface
For easy operation
Practically immune to false alarms
Proven Bosch quality and reliability
Icons on buttons
For intuitive operation
The Conventional Fire Panel 500 Series ideally
Save Time and Money
meets the needs and expectations of small shops,
The fire panels of the 500 Series are exceptionally easy
warehouses, production facilities, office buildings,
to install, custom-configure, and maintain with little or
schools, and kindergartens. The series comprises
no training. An extended set of features facilitates the
three different panel types for up to eight zones and
installation and operation in every step: for example, a
256 detectors. The modern, attractive design and
one-man walk test with dedicated test history lets the
small size of these robust panels make them blend
system be easily maintained by a single person. The
discreetly into the decor.
panels are also self-explanatory and intuitive, making it
quick and easy to teach end users how to operate them.
All of this substantially reduces your time investment
and boosts your bottom line.
Modern, attractive design
LCD screen
Blends discreetly into the decor
Displays all important information and
therefore makes the panel very easy to
configure and to operate
Quick reference guide
Explains the most important functions
Quality and Functionality by Bosch
Benefitting You and Your Clientele
The Conventional Fire Panel 500 Series is a family of fire panels you can wholeheartedly
recommend to your customers. Both you and your customers will benefit from the panel’s
versatile advantages.
It is an extremely attractive choice for many
Ingenious Features That Speed Configuration
reasons. Its appealing, modern look & feel, for
and Maintenance
one. For another, its reliability, long life, and
The LCD screen on the color-coded user interface
outstanding quality, backed by a three-year
lets you quickly check the panel’s configuration.
warranty. Knowing that it is from Bosch, is fully
The user interface is separate from the front cover,
certified, and complies with the latest EN-54
so you can remove the cover and still program all
requirements, your customers will feel secure
with it. They will also be very happy with how
A one-man walk test function eliminates the need
easy it is to use, and pleased by the many
for a second person when performing routine
features designed to minimize false alarms.
An integrated test history with up to 1,000 entries
automatically documents all walk tests for future
Event history with up to 1,000 entries.
Alarm counter for up to 999 alarms
Installation as Easy as “ABC”
A. Mount the panel with the help of the
integrated, easy-to-use bubble level.
B. A
n integrated wiring diagram helps you connect
the panel in minutes. The PCB is completely
protected by the user interface, thus avoiding
any risk of accidental damage to components.
C. Important information is immediately displayed
(e.g. if the battery is defective, there is a
ground fault, or a sounder is malfunctioning).
Ease of Use and Safety
for Your Customers
Quick, Intuitive Operation
It takes a minimum of instruction to learn how to use
fire panels or firefighting. The status of all zones
the panels. Operation is intuitive and quick, supported
is conveniently indicated on a single LCD screen.
by a language-independent quick reference guide right
The user interface is color-coded, and LEDs light up
on the panel with explanations of the most important
to indicate active zones, any problems, and status
functions. Users do not need to know anything about
Safety from False Alarms
False alarms are minimized by requiring a fire
In addition, two different automatic detectors
to be picked up by automatic detectors in at
must be in an alarm state before the outputs
least two zones. Alarm verification is also
are activated.
supported: alarms can be delayed so they can
first be investigated and verified.
This 3D example application shows a school with a 500 Series
conventional fire panel, smoke detectors, manual call points,
beacons, and sounders.
Conventional Fire
Panel 500 series
Manual call point
Conventional Smoke
Detector 320 Series
Conventional Smoke
Detector 500 Series
In 2011, the Bosch Group is celebrating
a double anniversary: the 125th anniver­
sary of the company’s establishment,
and the company founder’s 150th birth­
day. This is cause for more than mere
retrospection – it prompts us to show
how the company’s past fuels its future.
The history of the company has had its
ups and downs, but at the same time has
always been vibrant. We see this history
as one that drives us forward to new –
and above all beneficial – achievements.
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