RI9943/21 Saeco Automatic espresso machine

Saeco Xelsis
Automatic espresso
• Class
• White
Always following your premium taste
The ultimate Saeco espresso machine
Espresso has always been more than a beverage. Its aroma, its intensity, its countless
delicious variations, its joining spirit—a good espresso. The Saeco Xelsis brings this
Espresso Feeling to your very own kitchen.
Perfect espresso
• Ceramic grinders for Aroma preserving
• Multi-dimensional adjustable coffee dispenser
Personalise your beverage
• Integrated automatic milk function
• Milk and foam level selector
• Multi-user, multi-beverage (6 x 6)
• Patented adjustable espresso crema and body structure
Easy to use
• Removable brewing group
• One-touch personalised interface
Automatic espresso machine
Class White
Multi-user, multi-beverage
Six, one-touch beverages that can be personalised by
6 user profiles—every family member gets his or her
favourite customised speciality at just the touch of a
Automatic milk function
Italian taste because of consistent accurate grinding
without overheating, supreme longevity and supersilent operation.
Perfect Espresso
Adjustable coffee dispenser
No matter what your favourite glass or cup is, with
one movement, the multi-dimensional coffee
dispenser is adjusted to its size so the full taste and
aroma is always perfectly captured.
Removable brewing group
• Espresso technology: Saeco adapting system,
Aroma-system: pre-brewing, SBS: creme adaptor
• Milk Variations: Frothing degree adaptor,
Integrated auto milk function, Milk quantity
selector, Removable milk carafe
Easy to use
• Cleaning and maintenance: Automatic coffee
circuit rinse, Automatic milk circuit rinse,
Descaling cycle
• Usage: Adjustable coffee dispenser, Bypass for
grinded coffee, Cup-holding surface, Frontal access
to all functions, Instant steam (2 boilers),
Removable brewing group, Removable water tank
Energy saving
• Energy saving: Selectable Eco-mode
With the integrated milk frother, all you have to do
is fill it with milk and simply press the cappuccino
button. Your drink will be served within seconds as
creamy, frothy milk will be poured automatically into
your beverage.
Technical data
The wide and easy-to-read display allows one-touch
functionality and intuitive handling.
The brewing group is at the heart of every fully
automatic coffee machine and it should always be
kept clean. A task that doesn't get any more
convenient than with a Saeco: remove, rinse and reinsert — finished.
Milk and foam level selector
SBS (Saeco Brewing System)
One-touch interface
For an even wider selection of drinks, the automatic
and integrated milk frothing function with removable
carafe can be set at different levels. It is therefore
easy to get hot milk for a café latte or perfect foam
for a cappuccino.
Weight and dimensions
Ceramic grinders
The Philips Saeco automatic espresso machine
exclusively allows you to adjust your espresso's
intensity, altering the crema and body structure as it
is dispensed. Simply by turning the knob you can
prepare the crema exactly according to your taste. A
little knob that makes a big difference.
These high-tech grinders beat the competition's
steel grinders on many levels: always the perfect
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Boiler: Stainless steel
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power: 1500 W
Voltage: 230 V
Pump Pressure: 15 Bar
Coffee bean capacity: 350 gr
Dump box capacity: 14 servings
Milk carafe capacity: 0.5 l
Water tank capacity: 1.6 l
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