it’s time to Enjoy
the real coffee shop experience
Be your own barista
This neat technology is the most cost-effective product in our bean to
cup coffee machine range, enabling even the smallest of organisations
to transform the quality of the hot refreshments they serve.
This machine is designed to be versatile, but not only in terms of
the drinks it expertly creates. The dispensing compartment can
accommodate small espresso cups – thanks to a pivoting espresso
cup holder – plus larger cups, mugs and jugs.
Quick Overview
• Easily capable of brewing up to 200 cups per day
• Authentic coffee shop style layered drinks, unique for
a machine of this size
• Delicious coffee from only 10p per cup
0 drink choices, plus hot water for tea
• Easy clean process
• 3.5 litre water tank if plumbing unavailable
• A perfect machine for client-facing environments,
even those with a tight budget
• Maintenance contracts optional.
RW65 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
Freshly grind the beans of your choice
in seconds, to create the perfect coffee
A clear digital display makes this coffee machine very
easy to operate. An illuminated delivery area enables
users to watch their authentic coffee take shape, and the
menu push buttons light up when the drink is ready to
enjoy – in perfect time for the next selection. If a mains
water supply cannot be plumbed in, a 3.5 litre water tank
means the machine can be hand-filled – we don’t ever
want you to be restricted by your technology.
Like the RW60, this bean to cup coffee machine is also
very simple to clean, ensuring minimal hassle, investment
longevity and great tasting drinks every time.
With up to 10 drink options,
plus hot water for our luxury
tea blends, this bean to cup
coffee machine can serve…
Delicious Americano
A medium capacity machine capable of serving up to
200 cups per day, this stylish technology with branding
potential is great for client facing areas such as car
dealerships, hotels, hospitality lounges, plus offices,
to name just a few.
Optional accessories include:
• Coin mechanism
• Machine fascia tailored to your company’s branding
Café latte
Beautiful espresso and
latte macchiatos – two of the
most authentic coffee shop
style layered drinks, unique
for a machine of this size.
• Base unit for machine.
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