36” Gas Range w/6 Burner and Oven
Black Diamond’s 36” gas range is constructed of a stainless steel front, backriser, shelf and feet. Each
28,000 BTU burner has its own 12”x12” removable cast iron grate with standing pilot light and individual control knob for quick, instant lighting. The standard oven measures 26.75”W x 25.75”D x 14”H
and has a total BTU output of 28,000 BTU/hr. The interior of the oven is constructed of all steel with a
porcelain oven liner. The oven thermostat adjusts from 200°F-600°F and is equipped with a flame failure safety device. Overall dimensions are 36”W x 32.5”D x 60.75”H including 6” stainless steel legs and
24.75” high backriser. ¾” rear NPT gas connection.
• Stainless steel front, backriser and shelf
• 28,000 BTU/hr top burners with lift-off heads
• 12” x 12” cast iron removable top grates
• Individual pilot light for each burner
• Spring loaded door with cool to touch s/s handle
• Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning
• 6” stainless steel adjustable legs
• 3/4” rear NPT gas connection
Oven Features
Oven cavity measures 26.75”W x 25.75”D x 14”H
28,000 BTU/hr total output
Flame failure safety device
Adjustable thermostat from 200°F-600°F
Steel liner on door and sides with a porcelain oven liner
Includes 2 removable and adjustable oven racks
Cool to touch stainless steel oven door handle
Top Burners
• Six cast iron burners each giving off 28,000 BTU/hr for
a total output of 168,000 BTU/hr
• 12” x 12” cast iron top grates are removable for easy
cleaning and maintenance
• Each burner has an individual standing pilot light and
control knob
Black Diamond warrants this product to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for
period of 1 year from the date of original installation.
36” Gas Range w/6 Burner and Oven
Plan View
Model Number
Total BTU/hr
Gross Weight
Net Weight
36” Gas Range w/6 Burner NG
456 lbs (207kgs)
390 lbs (176kgs)
Model Number
Overall Dimensions
Oven Cavity Dimensions
36”W x 32.5”D x 60.75”H
26.75”W x 25.75”D x 14”H
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