# 40A
espresso grinder
# 40A
(Grey model)
Internationally patented models
Silent espresso
L o n g l i f e, d e s i g n a n d s i l e n c e …
Fresh ground coffee gives the best espresso served in bars, hotels, restaurants. This table top machine sits beside a 1, 2 or
3 group traditional espresso coffee machine.
2.2 kg (5lbs) hopper
for coffee beans
Removable, unbreakable lid
The most silent grinder
Hopper shutter
Dispenser cover
Starts and stops automatically to keep the portion
dispenser full.
Adjusting screw for precise
grinding (from very fine to
Thermal protection
High precision portion
dispenser - adjustable
between 6.5 to 9 grams.
Santos grinding disks,
high resistance, long life
Powerful, reliable
commercial motor
310 to 360 watts
Tamper holder
Painted aluminum body
(different colors available)
Universal tamper diameter
55mm for all filters (simple,
double espresso..)
Pull handle
5 digits counter
Filter holder fork, fits to all
types of filter holders
Removable tray
Lit waterproof on/off
Easy to adjust dosing
(from 6.5 to 9 grams)
Non skid rubber feet for
high stability
Coffee grinder # 40A
Coffee since 1954
The European experience of SANTOS on its local espresso market is the warranty of the best results in terms of quality of grinding. Since 1954, we have
made the grinding disks ourselves for our grinders.
The "silence" grinder gives the best :
● Constant and fine grinding
● Constant portion dispended
● Large hopper
● Easy to adjust (grinding and dosing)
● No "burn coffee" effect while grinding
● Easy to maintain (changing the grinding disks is very easy)
● A commercial, reliable tool (aluminum casting and asynchronous motor)
● Very silent.
Silence : 63dBA
"3 times more silent than the other grinders", that was achieved by our design department - "Silentbloc" mounted motor,
rubber gasket… The noise level is very low.
For silence :
For performance :
Hopper gasket
You can adjust the plate after changing the
grinding disks
Head gasket
Screw for adjusting the grinding, but also
dissipating heat (no "burn coffee" effect.)
Coffee outlet gasket
SANTOS grinding disks ø63.5 mm. heat
treatment, long life, easy to change by 3
Grinding body
"silentblocs" mounted motor
For maintenance :
Commercial asynchronous motor
220-240V 50/60Hz - 360W
100-120V 50/60Hz -310W
All the electrical components are on one
plate. No need to disassemble the machine to repair.
Over-current protection
High precision portion dispenser
One action on the handle gives a precise dose for one espresso :
The portion dispenser had been studied to achieve a dose to dose
regularity : smooth surfaces, strong aluminium handle with precise
N° 40A (Grey model)
The coffee dose dispensed can be easily
adjusted from 6.5 to 9 grams, turning the
The amount of coffee in the portion dispenser is constant, refilled
automatically after dispensing (automatism starts and stops the
This amount of coffee is :
● Low enough to keep fresh ground coffee (grind on demand coffee gives the best quality espresso)
● High enough to serve as many espresso per hour that you need,
even at rush hour.
O p t i o n : W i t h m o b i l e c o f f e e t a m p e r, # 4 0 A P P M
The mobile coffee tamper gives a more regular tamping, with an easier movement.
Then you can get a constant creamy
Universal Tamper Ø 55 mm
Longer fork maintaining the filter
holder while tamping
# 40A PPM exploded view
Coffee grinder # 40A
Range of colors
3 SANTOS standard colors
Other colors on demand
Te c h n i c a l s p e c i f i c a t i o n s
Asynchronous motor
Single phase 220-240V - 50/60 Hz - 360 W
100-120V - 50/60 Hz - 310 W
average output 8 kg/hour
14 Kg (30
16 Kg (35
580 mm (23")
190 mm (8")
390 mm (16")
Shipping cube : 0.074 m3
580 mm (23")
1500 rpm at 50Hz
1800 rpm at 60Hz
Shipping (box)
660 mm (26")
250 mm (10")
450 mm (18")
190 mm (8")
390 mm (16")
TO GRIND THINER : Screw the 40202 screw. Screwing can also compensate the long term wearing of the grinding disks.
TO CHANGE THE GRINDING DISKS : Unscrew 40202 and change the 2 grinding disks, after cleaning all surfaces and threads. Then
re-adjust plate 40207.
TO RE-AJUST THE PLATE 40207 : Unscrew the 4 screws, get the 2 disks just touching each other by screwing 40202 screw, put the
Zero of the plate in front of the index, then re-screw the 4 screws.
TO ADJUST THE DOSE DISPENSED : Unscrew the button 40774 to higher the dose - screw to lower the dose.
Safety and regulations
This appliance has been designed to comply with the most severe international safety and hygiene regulations in conformity with the
standards, especially :
Machinery directive 98/37/EC
Electromagnetic compatibility 89/336/EEC
Electrical equipment designed for use
within certain voltage limits "law voltage" 73/23/EEC
Electrical safety
- On/Off interlock switch is waterproof
- All mechanical parts are ground (earth) connected
- All equipment is perfectly controlled after assembly (special
electrical testing bay)
RoHS directive 2002/95/EC
Harmonized European standards :
EN 12100-1 and 2 : 2004
EN 60204-1 : 2006
EN 60335-1 : 2002
Acoustic safety
The asynchronous motor particularly silent is fitted on silentbloc
All removable parts can be put in a dishwasher or easily cleaned
with hot soapy water.
140 - 150, AVENUE ROGER SALENGRO - 69120 VAULX-EN-VELIN - LYON - FRANCE - TEL. 33 (0) 472 37 35 29 - FAX 33 (0) 478 26 58 21
primerie Ferréol 09-07 - V2
Silent espresso coffee grinder # 40A
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