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Electrical Installations and
Maintenance Training (LV)
Trainers, Tools and
Professional Solutions for
Technical Training
Electrical Installations and Maintenance (LV) Workshop
The practical resources available in this workshop have been specifically selected to enable the training of electrical
installations technicians who will work on domestic and light industrial installations. All the practical work is carried
out using special training bays that can be configured to cover different areas of electrical installations.
All necessary tools and test equipment are available in this section. Both eLearning and paper-based instructional
materials are available to support the instructor and the trainee.
Electrical Installations Training Kits:
Electrical distribution systems and equipment must be
correctly installed and maintained in accordance with
accepted electrical engineering standards and practices, as
stipulated in the publications of the International
Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).
All of our products described in this manual are
manufactured and tested in accordance with the relevant IEC
Each kit is complete with cables, clips, screws, joint boxes,
plugs and necessary electrical accessories ready to install.
Installation instruction and circuit diagrams are prepared in a
pedagogical sequence thus ensuring easy installation and
correct function. These training kits are designed to be
installed on assembly boards which are placed in special
Installation Kit, - PVC Conduit
Installation Kit - Surface Wiring
Installation Kit - 3-ph Motor
Installation Kit - Light Control
Residential Wiring Trainer Kit
Electrical Wiring Kits
Assembly Frame System
Office Signalling Installation Kit
Entrance Telephone
Installation Kit
Automatic Fire Alarm
Installation Kit
Installation Training Equipment
Induction Motor 3-phase Squirrel
Cage 50-60 Hz
Some of the electrical components change
design almost every year, so we reserve the right to
amend the content/specification of any of the above
Electrical SystemsTraining Kits:
TSI-EIT12 Electrical Fault Finding Equipment
This unit has been specifically designed to allow students to
trace electrical fault conditions and to assemble control and
safety circuits. It is specifically intended for use in practical
training in in vocational and technical schools.
The equipment consists of contactors, pushbuttons, signal
lamps, time-lag relays and an acoustic signal assembled in an
equipment cabinet. By making a series of connections on the
joint connection block, a number of different functions can
be obtained.
TSI-EIT13 Distribution Protection Trainer
This is a specially designed trainer that allows
students to explore the dangers arising in electrical
installations and equipment used in the protection
against such dangers. The equipment is complete
and includes an earth fault circuit breaker and
motor circuit breaker.
TSI-EIT14 Electrical Safety Trainer
The Electrical Safety Demonstrator is a useful trainer that
enables students to understand the basic concepts and
fundamentals of many electrical safety standards. Before
working with any electrical or electronic device, it is essential
to learn about these electrical safety standards. The trainer is
helpful to learn, how to avoid accidents, that can happen
while handling any electric or electronic device.
TSI-EIT15 Multimeter Demonstrator
The Multimeter Demonstrator is a versatile training tool
specifically designed for use in electronics laboratories.
With this demonstrator students can easily understand the
concept behind the measurement of different electrical
quantities like Voltage, Current and Resistance.
The unit has three measurement sections:
• Voltage Measurement (both AC and DC)
• Current Measurement and Resistance Measurement.
Signal Conditioning
• AC to DC Conversion Sections
An LED Display and Continuity Tester are also available on
this Demonstrator. Rotary Switches are provided for the
Function, Range and Decimal Selection.
TSI-EIT16 Home Electrical Wiring Training System
The Home Electrical Wiring Training System has been
specifically designed to allow students to get familiar with
typical home wiring circuits. This unit provides a realistic
hands-on training environment which is essential for every
electrical engineering student and also for an apprentice
TSI-EWTP0 Electrical Workshop Tool Package
This complete package includes all the tools and
equipment required by students when carrying out
practical activities the workshop.
It includes:
• Measuring Tool Set
• Heavy duty iron for soldering thicker
• Summit 6 Tread Trade GRP Swingback Step
• Soldering Gun Set:
100W instant heat twin probe soldering gun (230v)
with trigger control, spot tip illumination and fitted
30W soldering iron (230v) with "stay cool" moulded
handle, safety stand and fitted plug.
Hands free 2x magnifier with multi positional holding
jaws and cast iron base.
De-soldering suction tool to quickly whisk away
surplus metal.
Multi-purpose scraper/probe for cleaning and
Includes coil or solder, pot of flux and spare
soldering gun tip
• 22mm SDS-Plus Hammer Drill (230V)
• Spirit Level
• 18V Compact Drill Driver Set
• Premium Ball Bearing Tool Chest/Cabinet
Package: Includes Hand Tools:
• Carbide Tip Masonry Drill Bit Set
• Electrical DIY Kit:
Pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutter, crimping/stripping tool,
Voltage tester 120-250V, low voltage test wires
Insulating tapes, wire clamps and accessories
Fuses, cable ties, magic ties and assorted terminals
Cable Rod Set
Set of 1000V Insulated Screwdrivers:
Set of 1000V insulated Slotted Head, Phillips and
PoziDriv Head screwdrivers with 100/500V
Tester Screwdriver.
Slotted Head: 2.5, 3.5, 4 and 5.5mm
PoziDriv: PZ1 and PZ2
Phillips: PH0, PH1 and PH2
Hacksaw Set
12" X 32TPI Hacksaw Blades Pk10
12" X 24TPI Hacksaw Blades Pk10
6" X 14TPI 'Junior' Hacksaw Blades Pk10
File & Needle-File Set
12" Pliers
TSI-EWMP0 Meters Pack
This complete pack provides all the required test and
measurement equipment for the electrical workshop. It
• Ultimate Electricians Kit:
The kit comprises:
• Socket Adaptor,
• Full Function RCD Tester
• Plus Loop Testing Kit
• Checkbox Socket Tester
• Voltage Tester,
• Proving Unit
• Clamp Meter
• Multimeter + Voltage Tester
• Multimeter and Cable Tester
• Digital Mini AC/DC Clamp Meter
Instructors Resources:
TSI-EWES0 E-Strucktor
Presentation Workstation with laptop computer pre-loaded
with eLearning content for Electrical Installations
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