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Model: KA3032
Using the appliance
Cleaning and care
Always follow basic safety guidelines when using electrical equipment. In order to avoid the risk of burns,
electrical shocks, fires and/or bodily injury, please read these instructions for use carefully before setting up
and using this appliance. When using the appliance, please follow all of the instructions.
Keep these instructions for use in a safe place for future reference.
If you pass this appliance on to a third person, please also pass on these instructions for use.
• Only plug the appliance into a properly
installed plug socket. Do not use a multiple
socket outlet or an extension cable.
• The voltage stated on the specification plate of
the appliance must match the voltage of your
mains supply.
• Please ensure when using the appliance that the
power cable cannot pose a tripping hazard.
• Keep the appliance, power cable and plug
away from hot surfaces, open flames and sharp
• Never touch the appliance, power cable or plug
with wet or damp hands.
• Never submerge the appliance, power cable
or plug in water or other liquids. Danger of
electrocution and death!
• When unplugging the appliance, always grip
the plug and not the power cable.
• Do not use the appliance outdoors.
• Only use attachments designed for use with this
• Please take note of the level indicators
(maximum and minimum) on the appliance. If
the water level is too low, the appliance can
overheat. If the water level is too high, the
excess water may spill out of the machine.
• Please ensure that the machine is never
unintentionally switched on without any water
in it. When not in use, please remove the plug
from the plug socket.
• Never use hot water to fill the water chamber,
and do not fill the water chamber when the
appliance is still hot. (Leave to cool for at least
15 minutes).
• Electrical equipment must not be left unattended
while in use.
• If you use the automatic timing function on the
appliance, please take note that the appliance
does not turn itself off automatically after coffee
making is complete. Please ensure that you
deactivate the automatic time function and pull
out the plug if you are going to be away (e.g.
holidays, etc.).
• During operation, parts of the appliance and
the coffee pot can become very hot. Only
touch the appropriate attachments and handles.
Danger of burning.
• In order to ensure that the drip system functions
correctly, be careful to ensure that the jug is
placed correctly underneath the filter outlet and
that the filter cartridge is correctly inserted and
not misaligned.
To ensure that the anti-drip system functions
correctly, please make sure that the lid of the
coffee pot sits correctly on the pot itself and
is locked into place. Also make sure that the
coffee pot is correctly positioned beneath the
filter outlet.
Please make sure that the lid of the water
chamber / filter is correctly closed during coffee
making. Danger of burning.
Please ensure that the openings on the
appliance and the spout of the coffee pot are
not located near people or objects as hot steam
is emitted from these openings during coffee
Before cleaning the appliance, always remove
the plug from the plug socket and leave the
appliance to cool completely.
Children do not understand the dangers which
could arise from using electrical appliances.
Keep children away from the appliance. Please
be especially careful when using the appliance
if children are nearby.
Do not use the appliance if there is any sign of
damage, if it has been dropped, or if it does not
work normally.
Check the appliance, power cable and plug
regularly for visible signs of damage. Do not
under any circumstances use the appliance if
you have noticed any damage. Do not try to
repair the appliance yourself.
Repairs should only be performed by a
qualified professional.
Only use the appliance on heat resistant
surfaces. Do not place the appliance near
sources of heat or open fires.
The removable plastic parts must not be placed
on hot surfaces, as this could cause the parts to
Only use the appliance and its attachments for
the purposes for which they are intended. Only
use water in the appliance. Do not operate the
appliance with any other liquid. Do not use the
appliance to reheat coffee that has already
been prepared, or to pass coffee through the
machine for a second time. Do not use the
heating plate to warm up objects. Do not use
the glass coffee pot in or on other sources of
heat, and do not use it in a microwave.
• The appliance is only suitable for use in private
households and is not suitable for commercial
(1) Cover for reservoir and filter cartridge
(2) Reservoir
(3) Water level indicator (4 – 10 cups)
(4) Unit base
(5) On/off switch
(6) Filter cartridge
(7) Filter holder
(8) Thermos jug lid
(9) Dispensing lever
(10) Thermos jug
Important note:
Before using the appliance for the first time, we
recommend that you follow these instructions for
use, but without using any coffee, and that you
then throw away the water that has passed through
the machine. This should clean the appliance and
remove any possible dust or impurities that may
be left over from the manufacturing process. The
thermos jug should be rinsed before being used for
the first time.
• Place the appliance on a stable, flat and
heat resistant surface. Please ensure that the
appliance cannot be knocked and cannot tip
• Open the lid of the water chamber / filter, and
fill the chamber with clean, cold water. The
quantity of water must be between the maximum
and minimum water level indicators (minimum
= level 4 / maximum = level 10). If the water
level is too low, the appliance can overheat. If
the water level is too high, the excess water may
spill out of the machine.
• Be careful to ensure that the filter cartridge
is correctly positioned in the filter holder.
Subsequently, place a paper filter of size 1 x
4 into the filter cartridge. Fill the filter or the
filter paper with the desired quantity of ground
• Close the lid of the water chamber / filter
and keep this closed during the coffee-making
• Place the empty thermos jug without the lid on
the unit base and be careful to ensure that it is
correctly positioned under the filter outlet.
• Switch on the device by pressing the on/off
switch (I = on / 0 = off).
• Remove the thermos jug and unscrew the lid.
Position the dispensing lever of the lid exactly
in line with the outlet of the jug and then gently
turn the lid one and a half times in a clockwise
direction. The dispensing lever should now
be positioned over the rectangular slot of the
thermos jug edge.
• To pour out the coffee, pull the dispensing lever
downwards. To finish pouring, allow the lever to
go back up, whereupon the jug is sealed.
• Wait until approximately 1 cup of the vinegar
mixture has passed through the machine and
into the glass pot, then switch off the machine
by pressing the “AUTO ON/OFF“ button.
• Leave the vinegar mixture to work in the
appliance for approximately one hour.
• Next, switch the appliance back on and allow
the rest of the vinegar mixture to run through
the appliance. Throw this water away.
• To subsequently rinse out the device, you should
allow the maximum quantity of clean cold water
to run through it 2 or 3 times.
Before cleaning the appliance, always remove the
plug from the plug socket and leave the appliance
to cool completely.
• and plug must not be submerged in water or
other fluids. Clean these parts with a dry cloth.
• If very dirty, the exterior of the appliance can
be carefully wiped down with a damp cloth and
then thoroughly dried. Be careful to ensure that
no moisture can penetrate inside the device in
the vicinity of the on/off switch.
• Do not use any abrasive substances, abrasive
sponges or strong detergents, as these can
damage the surface of the appliance.
• The removable parts of the appliance, e.g. the
glass coffee pot, the lid, the filter insert and the
filter, are not suitable for dishwashers.
• Clean the filter insert immediately after use
under warm running water, and wait for the
insert to be completely dry before placing it
back in the coffee machine.
The appliance must be de-scaled regularly. The
frequency of de-scaling depends on the hardness of
the water in your area and on how frequently you
use your appliance. If you use your appliance on a
daily basis, we recommend the following intervals
for de-scaling:
• Soft water: every 6 months
• Medium-hard water: every 2-3 months
• Hard water: every 6-8 weeks
In order to guarantee the safe operation of your
appliance, you must de-scale the coffee machine,
in particular if you notice clear signs of limescale
(visible limescale, increased noise during coffeemaking, longer run-through times). To de-scale the
appliance, use a mixture of one part vinegar (not
flavoured vinegars) to three parts water.
• Fill the water chamber to the maximum level
(level 12) with the vinegar and water mixture
and switch on the appliance by pressing the
“AUTO ON/OFF“ button twice.
220 - 240V H฀50 Hz
Rated output:
850 - 1000 Watts
4 – 10 cups
• Electrical appliances should not be disposed of with household rubbish. Legislation
requires that old appliances must be disposed of at local public collection points, or by
bulky refuse collection.
• This is the only way to ensure that used appliances are disposed of and re-used
The guarantee period is 3 years and commences on the day of purchase. You must keep your receipt for
proof of the purchase date.
The guarantee is valid for appliances purchased within Germany. It covers defects and failures arising
within the guarantee period as a result of normal use and which are the result of material or manufacturing
In the event of a valid guarantee claim, you will incur no costs for the repair of your appliance.
The guarantee shall become null and void in the event of damage and amendments to the appliance, and
in the event of incorrect use of the appliance, to the extent that this lies outside the scope of responsibility of
the guarantor, in particular in the following circumstances:
• Intrusion into the appliance by an unauthorised person.
• Amendments to the exterior or interior of the appliance, removal or permanent obscuring of the serial
number, and removal or amendments made to the official seal of the appliance.
• Damage caused by knocks, being dropped or external influences.
• Damage resulting from incorrect use and misuse.
• Damage from external causes, e.g. power surges, lightening strike.
• Commercial use of the appliance.
Your legal rights in the event of a defect (additional delivery, collection, loss, compensation, all according
to § 437 of the German Civil Code) are not affected by this guarantee.
Please keep the original packing in case it is necessary to send back the appliance for repair.
Repaired or exchanged components shall in general be subject to the remainder of the guarantee period.
If you have any questions about the product or these instructions for use, or if you notice any possible
damage to your product, please call our service hotline directly to ask about what steps you should take
Please do not send your appliance to our address unless asked to do so. You must first contact our service
hotline. Costs and liability for unrequested sending shall be the responsibility of the sender. We reserve the
right to refuse appliances returned to us unbidden, or to return them to the sender at his/her cost.
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