1. fundamental safety warnings

Appliances can be used by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or
instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and if they understand the
hazards involved.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
Never clean by immersing the appliance in water.
Do not use the appliance if the cover to protect the rotating part is damaged or ruined.
• This is an household appliance only. It is not intended to be used in: staff kitchen
areas in shops, offices and other working environments; farm houses; by clients in
hotels, motels and other residential type environments; bed and breakfast type
If the plug or power cable is damaged, it must be replaced by customer services only
to avoid all risk.
Always unplug the appliance when left unattended and before assembly, taking apart
or cleaning.
This appliance shall not be used by children. Keep the appliance and its cord out of
reach of children.
Children shall not play with the appliance.
Important: Failure to observe the warning could result in
injury or damage to the appliance.
• Keep all packaging (plastic bags, polystyrene foam) away
from children.
• Do not place the appliance on or near a gas or electric
stove, or in a heated oven.
• Check that there are no foreign objects inside the coffee
• Avoid contact with moving parts.
Danger! Failure to observe the warning may result in life
threatening injury by electric shock.
This is an electrical appliance and may cause electric shock.
You should therefore follow these safety warnings:
• Never touch the appliance with damp hands or feet.
• Never touch the plug with damp hands.
• Make sure the socket used is freely accessible at all times,
enabling the appliance to be unplugged when necessary.
• Unplug directly from the plug only. Never pull the cord as
you could damage it.
• To disconnect the appliance completely you must unplug
it from the mains socket.
• If the appliance is faulty, do not attempt to repair.
Turn it off, unplug from the mains socket and contact Customer Services.
• Before cleaning the appliance, turn it off, unplug from the
mains socket.
2.1 Designated use
This appliance must be used exclusively for the purpose for
which it was conceived. All other use is considered improper.
This appliance is not suitable for commercial use.
The manufacturer is not liable for damage deriving from improper use of the appliance.
Never try to crush ice or use the appliance in a manner different
from that stated in the instructions.
2.2 Instruction for Use
Read this Instruction for Use carefully before using the appliance. Failure to follow this Instruction for Use may result in
burns or damage to the appliance.
The manufacturer is not liable for damage deriving from failure
to respect this Instruction for Use.
Before using the coffee grinder, clean the outer housing and
the container for loading coffee beans with a clean damp cloth.
Wash all the accessories in hot soapy water, then rinse and dry.
The grinder should not be washed and must always be kept
dry. Clean the grinder with a stiff bristle brush.
Please note:
Keep this Instruction for Use. If the appliance is passed
to other persons, they must also be provided with this
Instruction for Use.
7.1 Using the ground coffee container
1. Place the appliance on a flat surface.
2. Screw the coffee beans container turning it clockwise (fig.
3. Remove the coffee beans container lid (fig. 2);
4. Pour the desired coffee beans quantity in the container
(fig. 3);
5. Close the lid pushing it firmly;
3.1 Description of the appliance
(page 3 - A )
A1. Coffee beans container
A2. Coffee beans container lid
A3. Grinding selection regulator
A4. Selection dial for number of cups (MIN=1; MAX=14)
A5. Holder’s accessory housing
A6. Box for filter holder’s accessory
A7. Filter holder’s accessory
A8. Ground coffee container’s tray
A9. ON/OFF button
A10.Ground coffee container’s lid
A11.Ground coffee container’s cap
A12.Ground coffee container
A13.Cleaning brush
Never remove the container if there are coffee beans inside.
6. Plug the appliance into the mains socket;
7. Set the dial (A4) to the quantity of coffee corresponding
to the number of cups for which you want to grind the
beans: the relative number appears on the display (fig. 4).
Use this ratio as a rough guide only, since the amount will
vary according to the taste, type and roasting of coffee
beans as well as the fineness of grinding selected;
3.2 Description of the control panel
8. Push the
button (B2) (fig. 5);
9. Select the grind of coffee by adjusting the regulator (A3)
to the type of coffee desired (fig. 6);
(page 3 - B )
B1. Start grinding in ground coffee container button
B2. Start grinding in coffee filter holder button
After removing the packaging, make sure the product is complete and undamaged and that all accessories are present. Do
not use the appliance if it is visibly damaged. Contact De’Longhi Customer Services.
The quantity of ground coffee varies upon the different
coffee grind.
Adjust the coffee grind according the personal taste.
FRENCH PRESS: when preparing ground coffee for this
kind of coffee machine, it is recommended to set max 8
10. Once the previously selected amount of coffee is reached,
the appliance will stop automatically;
11. If you want to stop the appliance before grinding is fin-
Check that the mains power supply voltage corresponds to
the value indicated on the rating plate on the bottom of the
Connect the appliance to an efficiently earthed and correctly
installed socket with a minimum current rating of 10A only. If
the power socket does not match the plug on the appliance,
have the socket replaced with a suitable type by a qualified
ished, press the
button again;
Nota Bene:
Stop grinding if the ground coffee reaches the max level.
12. Remove the pre-ground coffee container (A12), gently
tap the container, remove the lid and pour the pre-ground
coffee into the filter of the coffee machine. If you don’t
use all the ground coffee, it can be stored in the container,
closing the cap (A11) to avoid loosing aroma.
Always empty the ground coffee container before using the
appliance again.
To ensure good quality in terms of coffee freshness, always clean the appliance after each use. It is not advisable to grind oil beans.
9.1 Programming grinding time with the filter
holder accessory (A7)
7.2 Grinding directly in the filter holder
1. Insert the filter holder accessory;
2. Insert the filter holder of your coffee machine;
3. Push the
button (A1) and keep it pushed: the
grinding starts and the cup symbol flashes fast to indicate
that the appliance is in programming mode;
4. Once reached the coffee quantity, release the
button: the appliance stops grinding and the time for 1
espresso cup is programmed.
1. Prepare the coffee beans container as illustrated in steps 1
to 6 of the previous paragraph;
2. Extract the filter holder accessory’s box (A6) from its
housing (fig. 7);
3. Extract the filter holder accessory (A7) (fig. 8);
4. Insert the accessory to the appliance, pushing it as far as it
goes: the corresponding light comes steady on the display
(fig. 9);
Please note:
• To avoid excessive quantities, the max programmable
grinding time is about 7 seconds.
• It is possible to program the 1-cup quantity: when preparing the quantity for 2 cups, the appliance grinds a double
Please note
• When using the filter holder accessory, you can not
choose the number of the cups: you can only grind coffee
for 1 o 2 cups of espresso;
• When using the filter holder accessory, turn the grinding
selection regulator (A3) to number 1 or 6 of the “ESPRESSO” section.
Note: do not grind beyond number 6 to avoid to overfill
the filter holder.
9.2 Reset to default values
1. Switch the appliance on by pushing the ON/OFF button
2. Extract the ground coffee container (A12) or the filter
holder accessory (A7) (if inserted);
3. Press both buttons simultaneously: the appliance reset to
the default values of display contrast and grinding time
when using the filter holder accessory;
4. Insert the ground coffee container or the filter holder accessory: the appliance is ready to use.
5. Insert the filter holder to the accessory (fig. 11). It is recommended to hold in place the filter holder, as the accessory is suitable for standard dimensions and do not cover
all the models;
6. Push the start button (B1) (fig. 7): to grind the 2-cups
quantity, push two times the start button within 1 second
after the grinding starts;
7. Grinding automatically stops: if you want to stop it earlier,
press the start button once again;
8. Extract the filter holder and proceed preparing espresso
Before performing any cleaning operations, the machine must
be turned off and disconnected from the mains power supply.
Never immerse the coffee machine in water.
1. Unplug from the mains.
2. Unhook the coffee beans container (A1) rotating it counterclockwise and extract it. Ensure it is empty when
3. Extract the ground coffee container (A12);
4. Extract the filter holder accessory’s box (A6);
5. Lift the ground coffee container’s tray (A8);
6. Wash all the accessories with soapy mild water: do not
wash in dishwasher! Dry thoroughly the accessories before use.
Always close the beans coffee container to maintain the
taste and aroma of the coffee beans.
• Only grind the coffee quantity for the single preparation.
• Never overfill the coffee beans container. As a rough
guide, use a tablespoon of beans per cup (e.g. 4 tablespoons of beans for 4 cups of coffee). As you use the grinder, you will of course discover the optimum quantities for
your own personal taste.
• After 2 preparations consequently, wait 15 minutes before next use.
Please note:
Regularly clean the grinders, proceeding as follows:
1. Turn counterclockwise the regulator, to “OPEN” position
(fig. 12);
2. Extract by lifting the upper grinder (fig. 13);
3. Clean the extracted grinder with a stiff bristle brush (fig.
4. Clean the inner grinder with a brush and vacuum up the
residues of coffee with a vacuum cleaner (fig. 15);
5. Re-insert the upper grinder and turn the regulator by
choosing the desired grinding level.
By the time the grinders are subject to wear and the quantity
of ground coffee is reduced. In this case, contact an authorized
service center to buy the new grinders and replace them.
Voltage:...................................220-240V ˜50/60 Hz max. 10A
Abosrbed power: ........................................................... 150W
Weight:..........................................................................3,5 Kg
This appliance complies with European regulation no.
1935/2004 on food contact materials.
The appliance must not be disposed of with household waste, but taken to an authorised waste separation and recycling centre.
The appliance does not work.
Make sure the plug is properly inserted in the socket and that the
socket is working properly.
Nor the ground coffee container (A12) nor the filter holder’s accessory (A7) are inserted. Insert the accessory.
The accessory is not correctly inserted. Extract it and repeat
The coffee beans container (A1) is not inserted. Insert the coffee
bean container.
The coffee beans container (A1) is not correctly inserted. Extract
it and repeat inserting.
The appliance stops during operation.
The appliance is overheating.
The motor thermal fuse has intervened.
Contact the authorised Customer Services.
Poor ground coffee quantity
By the time the grinders are subject to wear and the quantity
of ground coffee is reduced. In this case, contact an authorized
service center to buy the new grinders and replace them ( see
section “10. Cleaning”)
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