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B 3 0 0 0 S i n g l e - C u p C o m m e rc i a l B re w i n g S y s t e m
Brewing Excellence One Cup at a Time ®
Allows the user to self select 3 languages and 4 brew
sizes including a Hot Water Only feature, provides
important brewer messaging, and walks you through
the brewing process in easy to follow steps.
Complete brewing process in English
Service message:
First Step in French
First Step in Spanish
LCD Screens above are graphically simulated
Ask your authorized distributor for more details
Keurig’s Most Advanced Brewing System for Large-Size Offices
For more information, visit us online or call toll free • 888.CUP.BREW • (888.287.2739)
101 Edgewater Drive • Wakefield • MA • 01880 •
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Gourmet Coffee One Cup at a Time with No Mess or Cleanup
“With Keurig it’s as easy as Choose...Brew...Enjoy”
Enjoy Coffees and Teas from the Premier Growing Regions of the World.
Only Keurig offers you access to an entire world of inspiring options. That means
single-origin coffees from Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Columbia, Brazil,
Kenya, Ethiopia, Sumatra, and Hawaii. Whether you have a taste for bold, mild, exotic,
fragrant, dark, or light, with a Keurig System in your office each person’s own perfect cup
is available in under a minute.
ver 130 varieties of gourmet branded
coffees and teas are available with the
Keurig System, including hot cocoa.
he secret behind the Keurig Brewed ® sensation —
our Patented K-Cup ® portion pack.
An airtight lid and cup lock out oxygen,
light, and humidity, locking in freshness
and flavor.
• Hot water flows
through the
K-Cup at perfect
temperature under
precise pressure.
Thanks to our new
Keurig Office Brewer,
I now have the luxury
of choosing whatever flavor
of coffee or tea I want,
when I want,
and it’s always fresh.”
– Rovena
“I love our Keurig System. And the
incredible choice of gourmet coffees and
teas blows our old system away!” – Curt
Step 1.
Lift the brew handle
• The ideal grind
and measure in
every K-Cup for the
coffee variety you
choose. The freshest
100% Arabica
gourmet beans or
tea leaves.
• A sophisticated
filter assures
superior brewing
ourmet coffee with no mess or cleanup.
The Keurig Brewing System is the perfect solution for everyone in your office.
Step 2.
Step 3.
Place K-Cup
Select one of four
and close
cup sizes and
the handle
press the button
• Freshly brewed
inside so no residual
taste is left behind
to spoil your next
Not only will they be able to satisfy their individual tastes, but they’ll also enjoy
the convenience of having the gourmet experience of the B3000 available from
large break rooms to cafeteria settings.