5600 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
Thank you for your purchase of the 5600, please follow this guide to ensure that you
get the maximum usage and efficiency from your machine for many years to come.
In addition to the training you received upon installation, please also read the
guidelines given in this document with regard to the cleaning procedures for your
We cannot stress enough the importance of cleaning the machine correctly and on a
daily basis in order to ensure it’s continuing performance and efficiency. It is a fact that
95% of the breakdown calls we receive are due to improper or lack of regular cleaning.
If you have any queries/problems with anything in this guide, please call our helpdesk on 0845 4500 498.
Failure to clean your machine properly will invalidate your warranty in the event of a breakdown.
General guide lines
C A U T I O N - Drip Tray Full
Carefully remove the drip tray and empty, this is a good time to give it a quick rinse.
Replace and the caution will clear.
C A U T I O N - Grounds Drawer
Open the door and remove and empty the grounds draw. Replace the grounds draw,
then press the top red button inside the door labelled cleaning, this will reset the
grounds counter and clear the caution.
C A U T I O N - Out of Coffee
The machine is out of coffee, refill the coffee bean hopper and the caution will clear.
5600 Cleaning Guide
Page 1
5600 Cleaning Guide
Only use HLF approved cleaning products.
Only use non-corrosive, non-abrasive household cleaners.
Only use non-abrasive cloths.
Do not use any of the normal (rapid) decalcifying agents.
Do not use boiling water for the cleaning process.
Make sure that all tubes and components are properly back into their original position
before turning the unit back on.
Daily Cleaning (done at the end of the day - approx 5 mins)
Cappuccino clean (fresh milk version only)
Open the front door and insert the door pin.
Press and hold the red cleaning button (inside the door at the top) for 5 seconds, the
display will show ‘Cleaning cycle’, then scroll through ‘Press key 1 for total cleaning’ ‘Press 2 for powder cleaning’. Press key 1, then do the following steps:
1 - Place a empty container, minimum 2 litres, under the drink dispenser point. (The
drip tray can be removed to help fit the container underneath if necessary.)
2 - Place the milk tube into a jug filled with 1 litre of Fresh cold water and a 50ml of
cappuccino cleaner.
3 - Press the red cleaning button.
Once finshed the machine will display cleaning cycle, refill the jug with fresh cold water
only and repeat steps 1-3 with out adding the cappuccino cleaner.
Finally remove the door pin and close the front door.
Cleaning Button
5600 Cleaning Guide
Page 2
Machine clean
Turn OFF the 5600 coffee machine.
Open the front door.
Remove the drip tray and the coffee grounds container then clean both with hot soapy
water and dry thoroughly.
Wipe the outside of the machine with a cloth and dry.
Replace the grounds draw and drip tray.
Close the front door.
5600 Cleaning Guide
Page 3
Remove and clean the milk frother (fresh milk version only)
Turn OFF the 5600 coffee machine, then open the front door and then the lid.
Disconnect the grey tubes (marked green) from the milk frother but leave them attached
to the body of the machine. Remove the clear pipes (marked red) completely and remove
the milk frother.
Open the milk frother as shown below.
Place the milk frother and tubes (marked red) into a container filled with 1/2 litre of
Fresh cold water and a 50ml of cappuccino cleaner. Leave for 10 minutes.
Remove the frother and tubes from the cappuccino cleaner and rinse thoroughly with
warm water.
When finished, dry, re-assemble the milk frother and place back in its original position.
Close the lid first then the front door.
5600 Cleaning Guide
Page 4
Remove and clean the mixing bowls
Start by disconnecting the pipe connected to the mixing bowl from where it meets the
drink dispenser.
Push the locking lever located at the bottom of the mixing bowl to the right. (Shown
Carefully pull the mixing bowl away from the machine. (Shown bottom right)
Wash the mixing bowl in hot soapy water.
Dry thoroughly before replacing to ensure any instant drink powder doesn’t stick to it.
Replace the mixing bowl and lock in place by pushing the locking lever back the left.
5600 Cleaning Guide
Page 5
Machine Requested Cleaning (approx 30 mins)
N.B. The machine will request that the coffee group is cleaned after every 1000 cups*
*The coffee group may need cleaning earlier dependant on machine usage, coffee type used and humidity.
. The
machine will request that the coffee group is cleaned after every 1000 cups.
Coffee sticking and not dispensing correctly is a usual sign that the coffee group needs cleaning.
Remove and clean the coffee group
The coffee group is located internally on the right side of the 5600 coffee machine. This
process needs to be carried out at the end of the day as it should be left over night.
Turn OFF the 5600 coffee machine and disconnect from the mains electricity.
Open front door.
To remove the coffee group simply disconnect the hose attached to front of the coffee
group from the coffee dispenser, then unscrew the two fixing bolts (marked with red
arrows) and then pull the group away from the machine.
The group needs to be submerged in hot water for 20 minutes, then thoroughly rinsed
to remove any coffee grounds.
The group then needs to be dried thoroughly before replacing, preferably left to dry
over night.
Once dry, work backwards through the steps to reassemble the machine.
5600 Cleaning Guide
Page 6
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