JURA WE6 piano black
Technical overview
JURA standards
Variable brewing unit
Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System
Intelligent preheating
High-performance pump
Thermoblock heating system
Monitored drip tray
Maintenance status display
Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling
Adjustable water hardness
One or two espresso in one brewing operation
JURA hygiene: TÜV-certified
CLARIS filter cartridge CLARIS Pro Smart / Smart
Zero-Energy Switch or power switch
5 - 16 g
15 bar
Specific benefits
Number of individually programmable specialities
Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®)
Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®)
Compatible with JURA Connect App
Compatible with JURA Coffee App Professional
Compatible with the JURA Coffee Application
Multi-level AromaG3 grinder
The benefits at a glance
Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) optimise extraction time to
guarantee professional quality, barista-style coffee
The Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®) automatically detects
the filter while the CLARIS Smart and CLARIS Pro Smart ensure
perfect water quality
Buttons on the front of the machine and a modern TFT display
operation incredibly simple even for inexperienced users
Eight classic specialities can be prepared with ease at the touch
of a button
Settings and programming options
Programmable amount of water
Amount of water adjustable for each preparation
Programmable coffee strength
Coffee strength adjustable for each preparation
Programmable brewing temperature
Hot water temperature can be programmed
Programmable amount of hot water
Resettable day counter
Programmable switch-off time
Shows number of preparations for each product
Water filter display
8 levels
2 levels
2 levels
In figures
Height-adjustable coffee spout
Height-adjustable hot-water spout
Water tank capacity
Bean container with aroma preservation cover
Coffee grounds container (servings)
Stand-by power
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Color / Article Number
65 - 111 mm
65 - 111 mm
3.00 L
500 g
approx. 25
230 V AC 50/60 Hz
1,450 W
10.0 kg
29.5 × 41.9 × 44.4 cm
Piano Black / 15114
JURA SEA (Pte.) Ltd.
25 International Business Park, German Centre #01-01/10, Singapore 609916
Tel.: +65 65628853, Fax: +65 65628854, Email: info@jura-sea.com, Web: http://www.jura.com
WE6 For lovers of classics
Coffee classics for the workplace
Purest Espresso
Intelligent Fresh Water System with RFT
Sealed Bean Container 500g
Espresso without P.E.P.©
Espresso with P.E.P.©
P.E.P. Brewing System
Wherever customers, staff and visitors can enjoy superlative coffee, the atmosphere is
relaxed, communicative and productive. Coffee frees the mind and stimulates creativity. It follows that no workplace should be without it. The new WE6 expertly prepares
the full range of coffee classics from ristretto and espresso to café crème. A water tank
with a 3-litre holding capacity, a bean container for 500 grams of coffee beans and a
coffee grounds container with a capacity of 25 portions make the elegant professional
coffee machine the ideal solution for locations where around 30 speciality coffees are
consumed per day. Innovative technologies revolutionise the enjoyment of coffee. Buttons on the front of the machine and a modern TFT display make operation incredibly
simple even for inexperienced users.
State-of-the-art technologies for perfect enjoyment
The WE6 offers 8 different specialities. JURA has perfected the complete brewing process for short speciality coffees, allowing the WE line to make them to professional
barista standard every time. The six-level AromaG3 grinder ensures that the coffee is
optimally ground. It always grinds the beans fresh, quickly yet gently to preserve the
aroma. The variable brewing unit has a capacity of 5 to 16 grams and ensures the ideal
brewing conditions at all times. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) developed by
JURA optimizes the extraction time. To make a ristretto or espresso, it forces the hot
water through the ground coffee at short intervals.
TÜV-certified hygiene guarantee
Cleanliness and hygiene are essential in the workplace, so integrated rinsing and cleaning programmes combined with specially developed cleaning products for JURA coffee
machines ensure perfect hygiene at the touch of a button – it is even certified by TÜV
Rheinland, makes the WE6 an excellent choice for premises which operate an HACCP*
As individual as your requirements
Because requirements vary from one situation to another, the WE6 comes with many
options for programming and customizing. The amount of ground coffee and water
can be adapted to suit personal preferences. It is also possible to give preference to certain speciality coffees by disabling others. Various modes are available on request that
only allow pre-settings and cup volumes to be changed after entering a certain key
combination. This prevents any mistakes from being made.
* Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points
Preparation times
2 ristretto
30 seconds
2 espresso
45 seconds
2 coffee
1 minute
Hot Water (200 ml)
45 seconds
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