Turntable & Cassette Player
BT-17TBC 33/45/78 RPM Belt Drive Turntable
General Safety Instructions
Read this manual thoroughly before first use and keep it in a safe place for
future reference, along with the completed warranty card, purchase receipt
and carton. The safety precautions enclosed herein reduce the risk of fire,
electric shock and injury when correctly adhered to.
Follow all instructions and take notice of all warnings to reduce the risk
of fire or electric shock.
Electrical safety and cord handling
• Before installing this equipment, make sure your outlet voltage corresponds
to the voltage stated on the appliance rating label.
• To prevent contact with high voltage components inside, do not attempt to
open the equipment.
• When connecting the equipment, align the plug properly and insert it fully to
prevent electric shock.
• Only use this equipment with the cord and plug supplied, and do not overload
the power outlet.
• If the power cord is damaged, do not use the equipment. The cord must be
replaced by the manufacturer or similarly qualified personnel in order to avoid
a hazard. Contact the after sales support line for advice.
• CAUTION: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this
equipment, the power supply cord and plug to rain or moisture; do not use it
anywhere near water or where water splashes or drips; do not touch the
power plug with wet hands. In the event that water or other liquids enter the
device, unplug the unit immediately and clean and dry it as best as possible.
Then have it checked for damage by a qualified technician. Contact the after
sales support line for advice.
• Do not repair the unit yourself. Only have it serviced by qualified personnel.
Contact the after sales support line for advice.
• Unplug the unit from the power outlet after use to avoid possible damage
during electrical storms, or when the equipment will be unattended or unused
for a long period of time.
• Do not let the cord hang over the edge of a table or counter, or touch any hot
surface. Do not allow anything to rest on or roll over the power cord, and run
any cords so that no one steps on or trips over them.
• Do not run the cord near heat-producing appliances such as radiators, stoves
or irons. The excessive heat could melt the insulation and expose live wires.
• Always grasp the plug, not the cord, when disconnecting the unit. Pulling the
cord can damage the internal wires and may cause a fire.
- 21 -
• When installing the unit, make sure to place it:
• Away from heat sources, radiators or other products that produce heat.
• Away from areas with high temperatures, high humidity or direct sunlight.
• Away from excess dirt and dust.
• Away from open windows and any place where water may get into the unit
and damage it.
• Make sure there is free circulation of air around the unit. Do not place it on a
thick carpet, bed or any place where ventilation holes are obstructed. Leave
at least 10cm clearance around the unit.
• Make sure the mains socket is readily accessible at all times.
Usage conditions and restrictions
• Openings on the cabinet are provided for ventilation and to protect the unit
from overheating. To ensure proper operation, do not cover them with things
such as newspapers, tablecloths, curtains etc.
• Do not place heavy objects on top of the equipment or step on it.
• Do not place objects filled with water (such as vases) or any naked flame
sources (such as lit candles, incense sticks or cigarettes) on top of the unit.
• The equipment is not intended for use by persons (including children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and
knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
• Young children should be supervised to ensure they do not play with the
equipment. Close supervision is always necessary when an appliance is
used by or near children.
• Unplug the unit from the power outlet before cleaning.
• Clean the unit only with a dry, clean cloth. Do not use liquid or aerosol
• We assume no liability for any damage caused by non-compliance with these
instructions or any other improper use or mishandling of the equipment.
- 31 -
1 Dust cover
8 Power / Volume knob
2 Stylus
9 Cassette / Tape
3 Tone arm
10 3.5mm headphone socket
4 Speed selector (33/45/78 rpm)
11 Line out sockets
5 Auto stop control
12 FM wire antenna
6 Lift lever
13 AC power cord
7 Right speaker
- 41 -
Getting Started
Before first use
• Remove all packaging and protective materials from the appliance and dispose of them
responsibly. Plastic wrapping can be a suffocation hazard for babies and young children,
so ensure all packaging materials are out of their reach.
• Inspect the cord and plug for damage or wear before each use. Do not use the equipment if it
or its cord have been damaged or are not working properly.
• Read all instructions in this manual and make sure you understand all warnings.
• Refer to the Parts List on pages 7 to 8 to familiarise yourself with the product and identify all
• Do not connect the unit to the mains before checking the mains voltage and before all other
connections have been made.
• Do not cover any vents and make sure that there is a space of several centimetres around
the unit for ventilation.
Usage of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified in
this manual may result in hazardous radiation exposure. This unit should not be adjusted or
repaired by anyone except qualified service personnel.
In case of damage, or if service or repair is required, contact the after sales support line for
• Connect the power cord to a properly earthed AC outlet.
• Move the function selector. The backlight on the LC display should light up, indicating the
power supply is working properly.
• Your USB Turntable with Cassette Deck and Radio is now ready for use.
• To connect a headphone to this equipment, use a 3.5mm headphone jack and plug it into the
socket at the front of the equipment.
• To connect an external device (e.g. amplifier or speaker), use the LINE OUT sockets at the
back of the equipment.\
- 51 -
• Variable turntable speed (33, 45, 78 rpm)
• Automatic/manual stop turntable
• Cassette player with Fast Forward function
• Belt-driven system
• 45 rpm adaptor included
• RCA line-out
• Built-in speaker with 2 x 1.5W output
The record player
When using the turntable:
• Make sure to remove the stylus protector, as illustrated on the right. (It should easily slide off
the stylus assembly.)
• Make sure to unclip the tone arm lock before use and to secure it again after use.
Playing a record
1. Open the dust cover and turn the volume knob clockwise to turn the equipment on.
2. Use the function selector to select PHONO mode.
3. Set the speed selector to the appropriate position: 33, 45 or 78, depending on the record to
be played.
4. Set the auto stop control to ON if you want the turntable to stop turning when it has reached
the end of the record. If the switch is set to OFF, the turntable will continue turning at the
end of the record.
5. Place the record on the turntable (use the 45 rpm adaptor, if required).
6. Move the lift lever towards the back to raise the tone arm from the arm park, then slowly
move the arm to the record, as illustrated on the right. The turntable will start rotating.
- 61 -
7. Move the lift lever towards the front, the tone arm will gently drop onto the record and
playback will start.
8. To stop playback, move the lift lever towards the back to raise the tone arm. The turntable
will still be rotating but the record will stop playing. To continue playback, move the lift lever
towards the front.
9. To play a different piece on the record, move the lift lever towards the back, move the raised
tone arm to the start of the piece and then move the lift lever towards the front to lower the
tone arm and start playback.
10. To adjust the volume level, turn the volume knob to the right or left.
11. At the end of the record, move the lift lever towards the back to raise the tone arm and
move it back to the tone arm park, and then move the lift lever towards the front to lower the
arm onto its rest.
12. Alternatively, lift the tone arm off the record and return it to the arm rest manually.
13. When you have finished playing records, engage the tone arm lock to protect it from
accidental movement. Turn the volume knob in a counterclockwise direction to switch the unit
off. Unplug it from the power supply if you are not going to use it for a while.
NOTE: Should your record stop before the last track finishes, set the auto stop control to OFF.
Your record will now play to the end, but you will have to stop the turntable rotation manually.
(Return the tone arm to its rest manually and if the turntable is still rotating, switch off the unit
by the volume control knob. Then set the auto stop control back to ON.)
If you are experiencing problems with your USB Turntable, check in the section below whether
there are any quick and easy checks you can do that may help you solve the problem. If you
cannot solve the problem by yourself, contact our after sales support line for advice. Do not
attempt to open, repair or modify the equipment yourself.
Problems with sound
• Clockwise rotate the power/volume knob to increase the volume.
• Make sure the unit’s power cord is connected to an appropriate electrical outlet.
• Make sure the wall socket is switched on.
• Make sure the function switch is set to your desired function: PHONO, TAPE
• When playing records, make sure you have selected the correct speed (33, 45 or 78 rpm).
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