the 9th Annual Halloween Beer Festival, 18th in our

Welcome to the 9th Annual Halloween Beer Festival, 18th in our series of
twice yearly beer festivals. (March and October) There is a massive
selection of new, hard to find, and genuinely unique beers this time round.
Big thanks go to our sponsors Downton. There is a special selection from
Wantsum near Canterbury. The catchy name is derived from the nearby
Wantsum Channel and has moved to new larger farm premises following a
cash injection from two disgruntled former Greene King employees who
have pooled their redundancy money to go their own way. Be sure to check
out the Montgomery Ale a SIBA winner in its class.
About the building……
This stunning building was started in 1857 and completed in 1859. And was
officially opened by Queen Victoria just over a 150 years ago. Originally a
purpose built orphanage for dependants of servicemen lost in the Crimean
war the building was requisitioned in 1914 becoming the 3rd London General
Hospital. Between the wars the orphanage re-opened before finally closing
down on this site in 1938. But as one chapter closed another opened.
The Second World War saw occupation of the building by M.I.5, M.I.6 and
M.I.9.and use as a detention and interrogation centre. In all, 20,000 refugees
fleeing Northern Europe passed through on their way to a new beginning in
Britain. Most were genuine but in amongst them were spies and 5th
Rudolph Hess was kept for several days in the cellars below Le Gothique
following his ill-fated attempt at brokering a cease-fire.
In the 1950’s the building was bought by the London County Council for
use as a school, but despite it’s grade II (star) listing it fell into disrepair. The
present re-birth with mixed use and residential occupancy is entirely the
result of entrepreneur Paul Tutton who bought the building in the 1980’s and
renovated and restored the building after purchasing it for just £1.. Today,
the building is primarily residential with 25 luxury apartments, a drama
school (ALRA) and 29 assorted business lessees of which Le Gothique the
long established free house and restaurant is the most well known.
About the food……..Affordable and very tasty food is available throughout
the festival from the kitchens of Le Gothique.
About Health & Safety…….. Please ensure that the corridors (cloisters)
surrounding the garden on three sides are clear at all times. Furniture and
seating may not be brought in from any part of the premises and placed in
2:21 PM
the corridors. Please assist staff at all times to keep fire exits and entrances
clear. Please remember that the Royal Victoria Patriotic Building is mainly
residential. Please drink responsibly and leave the building quietly both
outside and through the estate all the way along to the main road.
About the entertainment…… Playing on Saturday from 6pm will be The
Jo Burt Experience with Blues & Blue Grass virtuoso John Crampton from
7pm on Friday
About the beers……. This festival is once again a beer tickers paradise
with so many new, obscure and hard to source beers. There are 100 cask
beers and there will be at least 25 ciders.
As is our tradition ALL the cask beers is available on the first full day,
Thursday. They will all be available throughout Friday. But as Saturday
approaches the list will begin to contract as I am sure you will realise and
understand. By Saturday night it may prove a better idea to speak to the
servers before deciding as they will advise on availability.
About the ciders….. We have doubled the cider order this year. The
emphasis is on new wave fruit ciders. And the word on the street is that craft
cider will be the next big thing. So enjoy!
Lord Battersea (aka Mark Justin)
Another in our series of articles from beer writer Benjamin Nun his previous
Halloween programme piece was nominated for a Beer Writers Guild award.
Beer Poetry 101
If you’re a teacher, especially one of my old English teachers, you might
want to look away now. I not only managed to pass my English Literature
A Level, but achieved an ‘A’ grade – without even reading any of the set
books! Consequently I was able to spend much of those two years in the
pub, learning about IPAs and Old Ales instead of Ibsen and Orwell.
Here’s the trick: you read a couple of reviews of the book, learn three
famous quotes and three obscure ones (opening on a random page usually
does the trick) and spend half an hour or so skimming through while
enjoying a pint. Oh, and if there’s a TV or film adaptation, watching it will
do no harm. That’s pretty much enough to pass any Eng Lit exam – you
2:21 PM
really don’t need to actually read the book.
I’m not sure what that says about education in Wandsworth, but in a way
they must’ve done something right as, 25 years later, here I am writing about
stuff for a living.
Another little trick for any English students – wherever possible, choose
poetry rather than plays or novels. Plays and novels are long and
remembering stuff about them will take up too much space in your brain,
whereas most poems consist of only a few lines. Easy!
Again, the key is mastering a relatively obscure sub-topic – such as beer
poetry – so that you can make oblique references that make you appear well
read. People tend to assume that if you know the obscure stuff about a
subject, you must’ve spent hours reading through the mainstream stuff,
when the truth is, you can get away with skipping it altogether and going for
a pint, a far more effective use of your precious time.
Edgar Allen Poe put it rather magnificently:
“Fill with mingled cream and amber, I will drain that glass again.
Such hilarious visions clamber. Through the chamber of my brain.
Quaintest thoughts — queerest fantasies. Come to life and fade away;
What care I how time advances? I am drinking ale today”
While Charles Baudelaire, who incidentally translated much of Poe’s work
into French, took a rather blunter, but no less philosophical, line:
“Get drunk!
Stay drunk!
On beer, virtue, poetry, whatever!”
Irish poet Flann O’Brien, on the other hand, was adamant that only the black
stuff would suffice:
“When things go wrong and will not come right,
Though you do the best you can,
When life looks black as the hour of night –
A pint of plain is your only man.”
‘Plain’ in this instance referred to plain porter, as opposed to the stronger
‘Stout’, which would come to dominate Irish brewing by the second half of
the 20th century.
Pointing out metaphors is always good for a few scholastic brownie points here Scottish poet and satirist William Aytoun uses ale as a metaphor for
“Ah, liberty! How like thou art
To this large bottle lying here,
Which yesterday from foreign mart,
Came filled with potent English beer!”
2:21 PM
Trust me - just knowing a few words like this will have people thinking
you’re an expert on beer poetry! And I’ll leave the last word to the great
John Betjeman, whose description of ‘The Village Inn’ dryly juxtaposes the
philosophic with the mundane to comic effect:
“Hurrah, hurrah, for hearts of oak!
Away with inhibitions!
For here's a place to sit and soak
In sanit'ry conditions.”
Now who said you can’t learn anything at a beer festival?!?
Share your views by tweeting @BenViveur and be sure to check out
1648 Brewery, East Loathly, East Sussex
Britannia 3.8% A golden beer. The first brewery in the Good Beer Guide
and the first beer at our festival. Brewery name derived from the
dethronement of Charles 1
Arbor Ales, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Devil Made Me Do It 5.5% A velvety speciality beer. Floral and citrus
hops in the aroma, coffee and toffee flavours. Sweet but with a bitter finish
Breakfast Stout 7.4% Creamy strong stout. Coffee notes with bittersweet
B &T Brewery of Shefford, Bedfordshire
Shefford Plum Porter 4.5% A dark robust porter, mashed with amber and
brown malts and hopped with Challenger and Fuggles. A strong fruity plum
aroma is present
Bays Brewery, Paignton, Devon
Bays Breaker 4.7% A fruity malty golden brown coloured beer. Lovely
autumnal warmth from the crystal and chocolate malts. Great beer.
Devon Dumpling 5.1% Strong golden ale with hoppy character. Smooth
balanced sweetness throughout.
2:21 PM
Bexley Brewery, Erith, Kent
Bexley's Own 4.2% Bexley’s Own Beer is a deliciously smooth pale ale.
This ale is made with a combination of Crystal malts together with UK and
New World hops, giving a floral aroma with a well balanced flavour of
gentle bittering and a lingering subtle sweetness.
Big Hand Brewery of Wrexham, Clwydd, Wales
Polygon Wood 3.9% A malty amber beer brewed to commemorate the
100th anniversary of Passchendale.
Bingham’s Ruscombe, Berkshire
Hot Dog Chilli Stout 5.0% First developed for Bonfire Night 2011, this
stout has a warming chilli afterglow. It aims to have just enough chilli to
produce a pleasant aftertaste, without having so much that it will have you
dashing for some water to put the fire out on your tongue!
Black Hole Brewery, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire
UFO 3.9% Brown bitter with a hoppy finish
Box Steam, Trowbridge, Wiltshire
Ghost Train 4.8% Full bodied, ruby bitter with a delicate blackcurrant
aroma. Initially bitter with spicy notes but opens up into sweet fruity finish.
Derail Ale 5.2% A proper IPA. Vibrant and hoppy.
Burton Bridge, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire
Sovereign Gold 4.0% A golden bitter brewed with Cascade and
Northdown hops. Slightly citrus but with a lingering bitterness
Thomas Sykes 10.0% Rich, fruity and dangerously drinkable barley wine.
At £6 a pint but 10% strength this is the best value beer at the entire festival.
Think about it!
Chimay, Notre Dame de Scourmont, Belgium
Chimay Gold 4.8% known in Belgium as Chimay Dorée (Dorée meaning
Golden) has been brewed at the Notre-Dame de Scourmont Abbey, home of
the Chimay Brewery, since 1862. Draught Chimay Gold has never been
available in the UK until Fullers secured the sole marketing rights. The beer
was originally reserved for members of the Abbey monastic community
latterly being made available to guests of the community and to staff
2:21 PM
members working for Chimay. This Trappist beer balances sweet and bitter
in an intriguing way. Watch out for the fruity bursts of ripened apples,
oranges and grapes.
Daleside, Harrowgate, North Yorkshire
Poppies Ale 4.0% Refreshing golden ale with a burst of floral and citrus
aromas that give way to a zesty flavour.
Devon Earth, Buckfastleigh, Devon
Lost in the Woods 5.2% A dark full favoured porter with roasted malt
flavours and a touch of liquorice.
Drop the Anchor Brewery, Christchurch, Dorset
Ducking Stool IPA: Floral on the nose, mixed with a blend of 3 hops,
Calypso, Cascade and Bravo.
Silent Stones: This Traditional Indian Amber Ale is a well-balanced & BIG
flavoured Ale, rich with malt complexity, flavours packed with Fuggles and
Cascade hops & tinged with the sweetness of crystal malts.
The Priest Hole Porter: A real Christchurch Porter. The Priest Hole Porter
is rich and black in colour. This unique brew blends different grains,
including Chocolate Malt and Mocha Turtle’s award winning coffee which
helps to create a devilishly delicious chocolate finish with a velvety mouth
Fusee Chain An American pale packed with Ekuanot Hops balanced with
Crystal malts giving an indescribably unique berry and fresh pepper
Downton Salisbury, Wiltshire
Pumpkin Ale 4.2% Flavoured with pumpkin flesh and only brewed in
October each year.
Nelson’s Delight 4.5% Lest we not forget the Battle of Trafalgar. A well
hopped, yet mellow amber bitter. The subtle aroma and flavour of dark rum
adds sweetness to this well balanced premium brew. Rich & Sweet.
Mint Chocolypse Stout, 4.9% Two new wheat stouts brewed just in time to
feature at this festival
Coconut Milk Stout, 5.0% A new brew with 25% wheat and 75% barley
2:21 PM
Dark Delight 5.5% An Old Ale. A style of beer which is disappearing but
which is of exceptional quality. MUST TRY
Chocolate Orange 5.8% Consistently one of the most popular beers at
every Festival. Each brew benefitting from a bottle of Cointreau and a
Terry’s chocolate orange. Must try.
Roman Imperial Stout 9.0% Abundance of chocolate and roasted coffee
aromas. Rich, malty flavour balanced by powerful presence of hops
Endeavour 10% All Australian hops (Galaxy, Topaz, Summer and Ella)
combine to give a mind blowing mix of passionfruit, mango and lychee
aromas - and add a powerful hoppy bitterness to this surprisingly drinkable
double I.P.A.
Elland Brewery of Elland, West Yorkshire
White Prussian 3.9% A pale lager style cask beer with German malt &
hops, Fruity, floral, spicy and citrussy.
Fat Belly Brewery, Lynton, Devon
Carver Doone 4.7% A very well balanced creamy Stout brewed at Cottage
Inn a 17th century pub. The beers are principally brewed for the pub only.
First time ever in London.
Guzzler 3.8% A traditional English amber coloured bitter
Franklin Brewery,
Resurrection EPA 4.4% Hoppy Extra Pale Ale American style oatmeal
pale full of big hitting tropical hop flavours. Refreshingly bitter, with
Galaxy, Centennial and Citra providing a fruity aroma.
Fuller Smith & Turner, Chiswick London
London Porter 5.4% London Porter bears outstanding depth of flavour.
The blend of Brown, Crystal and Chocolate malts provide earthy
character and creamy delivery, while hints of coffee and chocolate carry
through onto the tongue.
Golden Pride. 8.5% This golden barley wine is described as the “cognac of
beers” Rich, malty aromas lead to a similarly styled palate, with sweet and
2:21 PM
bitter flavours expressed in good balance. There’s sweet orange oil, toasted
grain and spicy fruit cake flavours and an intense, lasting finish.
Vintage Ale 8.5% An Old Ale first brewed in 1997, Fuller's Vintage Ale is
brewed in limited batches. And though it's released each year as a separate
vintage, the recipe is only slightly tweaked from year to year, while the
ABV remains at 8.5%.
Black Cab Stout 4.5% AVAILABLE ON THE BAR INSIDE Keg stout
that aims to produce a softer less bitter finish than Guinness. If you like
creamy stout drink the small batch brew.
Frontier Lager 4.5% AVAILABLE ON THE BAR INSIDE Another small
batch “craft brew” from Fullers. The only UK brewed lager that I am
consistently impressed by.
Grafton, Worksop, Nottinghamshire
Pasha Passion Fruit Beer 4.0% A golden ale with the delightful taste of
passion fruit followed on the finish with a gentle bitterness.
Greenjack Brewery, Lowestoft, Suffolk
Orange Wheat 4.2% Marmalade aroma with mixed bag of fruit flavours in
the aftertaste.
Jenny Morgan 4.0% Copper coloured bitter. Fresh fruity hop character
Lurcher Stout 4.8% Dark and smooth with chocolate and mocha coffee
favours. Top class stout but still retains some happiness. As with everything
form Green Jack MUST BE TRIED.
Hambledon, Melmerby, North Yorkshire
E.P.A English Pale Ale 3.9% Citrus, orange and blackcurrant flavours from
the Admiral, Bramling and Endeavour hops.
Gulping Gold 4.8% Golden ale. Thirst quenching. First Gold, and East
Kent hops
Harveys, Lewes, Sussex
Old 4.3% A dark, warming brew. Burnt sugars and roasted malts
compliment the premium Maris Otter barley, supplanting the light bitterness
of aroma hops. With hints of dried fruit and dates. It was Harvey’s
Brewery’s first beer to win a National Award in 1952 and has won many
2:21 PM
other accolades since, including World’s Best Mild at the World Beer
Awards in 2015.
Star Of Eastbourne 5.5% No, its not a curry house. This is a strong, old
style India Pale Ale reminiscent of the beers exported across the globe by
British breweries during the early nineteenth century. Gold/Amber in colour
with a full hop aroma. The bitterness lingers on the on the palate giving a
dry finish. Bold but balanced. Available in October only.
Elizabethan 7.5%. A rare cask outing for this normally bottled barley wine
first brewed to commemorate our Monarch in 1953. Could be the best beer
at this festival. MUST TRY
Hop Studio, Elvington, Yorkshire
Barolo American Red Ale 3.8% Red ale with tropical fruit flavours.
Ilkley Brewery, Ilkley, West Yorksire
Fireside Porter 4.2% Dark intense silky smoky with intense spice from the
American hops then rich fruit from the UK varieties
Itchen Valley, Alresford, Hampshire
New Hampshire 4.3% An American Pale Ale. Very intense hop character
from the “Humulus Lupus” hops.
Lytham Brewery, Lytham, Lancashire
Crafty Devil 5.2% Ruby red beer. Malty, fruity with a toffee apple twist.
Perfect for Halloween.
Kennet & Avon Brewery, Melksham, Wiltshire
Bruce 4.8% A dark porter with liquorice flavours coming through the
expected coffee & chocolate.
Kettlesmith, Bradford upon Avon
Plotline 4.4% Dark chocolate, rich coffee and roast barley flavours
Fogline 4.7% Belgian style beer with hints of clove & honey
Ridgeline 5.0% A red rye US style of beer. Peppery & nutty.
Skyline 5.6% A Belgian saison style. Spicy, earthy with hints or orange and
lemon following through to a terrific tart finish
2:21 PM
Meteor, Alsace, France
Meteor is the largest family owned brewery in France. The beers benefit
hugely from their use of locally sourced hops and water from the Vosges
Meteor Blonde 5.0% The top selling Meteor blonde is quite malty for a
blonde lager style beer. Very crisp finish. Excellent real European lager taste
Grand Malt 5.5% Amber colour, powerful and malty. The recipe takes its
character from the mix of summer and winter barleys used in its malts.
Winter Spiced 5.8% This is also marketed as “Bière de Noel” Christmas
Ale come December. An excellent winter ale.
Wendelinus Abbaye 6.8% Dark and intense. Only available on draught
here and at selected high end restaurants like Colbert on Sloane Square.
Mordue, North Shields, Tyne & Wear
Five Bridges 3.6% Golden session ale with citrus notes and floral aroma
leading to a dry finish
Naylors, Crosshills, West Yorkshire
Trick 3.7% Trick is a light coloured beer with a cheeky bitter twist.
Pheasantry, Newark, Nottingham
Black Pheasant Dark Ale 4.2% What this festival is all about. Dark black
malty ale with velvety texture.
ExCitra 4.5% Golden ale, obviously citra hopped.
Pitchfork, Somerset
Old Slug Porter 4.5% Pitchfork is a new brewery rising from the demise of
the much loved RCH Brewery. Using the same equipment bought form the
receivers and made by the ex brewer. This was a favourite beer and a
favourite brewery of mine. So hoping the same quality will show through.
Purple Moose, Porthmadog, Gwynedd, Wales
Chocolate Moose Stout 4.5% Pours a very dark brown, small pale tan head.
Aroma is promising with nice dark chocolate mouse notes. Lighter style than
some other chocolate porters at this festival
2:21 PM
Ralph’s Ruin, The Royal Oak, Bath,
Serious 4.6% This is a beer brewed specifically for the Royal Oak pub and
has never been sold outside. We have sent a van to collect. But if he’s had a
busy weekend there may be none for us to collect. So ask server if it arrived
St. Peters Bungay, Suffolk
St.Peter’s Grapefruit 4.7% A premium golden beer combines with a light
natural grapefruit flavour, producing a subtle citrus aftertaste. Brewed with
skill and patience in one of Britain's finest small breweries.
Sambrooks Brewery, Battersea, London SW11
Russian Imperial Stout 10.4% Special cask from Duncan Sambrook for
this festival.
Sarah Hughes Brewery Sedgley, Dudley
This Black Country brewery is of traditional tower construction. The unique
character of the beers is derived from the use of a rare Victorian open
topped copper. Unable to fully supply its own brewery tap, the legendary
Beacon Hotel, the beers are hard to come by and unavailable to source
through the usual wholesalers. The ONLY way to get some is to go up there
and collect it yourself. And take back the empties!
Dark Ruby Mild 6.0% Regulars at this and other festivals will be aware of
this wonderfully eccentric extremely drinkable 6% mild . Uniquely
flavoured due to use of a Victorian open topped copper.
Hedgerow 7% A new beer from our friends in Dudley. A sweet, hoppy
barley wine brewed with Brambling Cross and Admiral hops
Snowflake 8.0% Snowflake is the ultra rare seasonal ale from the Beacon
Hotel in Sedgley. Rarely sold outside the homebrew pub. Barley wine style
with a hint of coconut. Matured in cask for one year.
Sierra Nevada, Chico, California U.S.
Every empty keg of Sierra Nevada is re-filled with London Pride and
returned to California. And in this way the reciprocal arrangement works
well for the transatlantic brewery.
Settle Brewery, Settle, North Yorkshire.
2:21 PM
Ribblehead Bitter 3.8% Copper coloured best Yorkshire bitter. Brought to
you via the famed Settle - Carlisle railway.
Slightly Foxed, Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire
Flying Fox Apricot Pale Ale 4.5% A pale ale laced with apricots
Spitting Feathers Brewery, Waverton, Chester
Old Wavertonian 4.4% A robust dark stout with coffee and chocolate
aromas and flavours.
Repetitive Strain Injury 5.6% A top notch IPA
Tiny Rebel, Rogerstone, Wales
Cwtch 4.6% The 2015 Supreme Champion beer of Britain in 2015 and 3rd
this year in 2017. So if you haven’t ever tried it this is your chance to find
our what all the fuss is about. Red coloured with caramel and malty flavours
plus a citrus zing.
Titanic, Burslem on Trent
Cherry Dark 4.4% Another amazing beer from Titanic. One of my
favourite breweries. Beautiful tipple that I happened upon quite by chance
after an away Spurs match. Dark, almonds, fruity. A real speciality beer.
Chocolate & Vanilla Stout 4.5% Not many brewers get this right. The
chocolate flavour is immense without being cloying. The vanilla is there but
without overpowering the beer. Described by GBG as “Heaven in a Glass’
…and I cannot better that description. All three Titanic brews presented at
this festival are well worth sampling.
Raspberry Wheat (Naturally Hazy) 4.7% Wheat beer brewed by Titanic
as an Witbier style beer with added raspberry juice.
Wadsworth, Devizes, Wiltshire
Treacle Treat 4.2% The perfect dark Autumnal ale sweetened with a little
black treacle and liquorice. Must Try.
The Bishops Tipple 5.0% Had a barrel of this at my 21st birthday party 37
years ago. Its a more golden colour than I remember. But then again my
memory is a bit fuddled from that night. Full bodied, malty and with a
wonderfully intriguing aroma.
Wantsum, Canterbury, Kent
2:21 PM
Black Prince Mild 3.9% A rich, full bodied Kent mild, smooth on the pallet
with subtle hop notes. Gold Medal at the South East Regional Championship
Montgomery 4.0% Amber best bitter exploding with citrus aromas and
using exclusively American hops. Named after the SS Richard Montgomery
which sank off Sheerness during WW2 whilst full of explosives. National
champion Best Bitter at SIBA 2017
Black Pig Porter 4.9% Adapted from an imperial Russian porter recipe,
this beer is incredibly smooth with burnt chocolate and smoky malt notes
mixed with delicate hop bitterness and floral notes.
Golgotha Stout 5.5% A rich, deep and broad malt base gives this stout a
very long smooth finish. Hops are prominent on the nose with blackcurrant,
liquorice and cedar. “Place of the skull - named after an ancient burial
ground and tunnel in Shepherdswell”
Grim Reaper 5.5% A fine strong ale. Rye red beer
Ravening Wolf 5.9% A strong New Zealand pale ale. Toasted biscuit and
rye malt flavours support a pine lemon hop crispness with a hint of vanilla.
Wildside Brewery, Manchester
Wildside Coffee Stout 4.8% Wildside is the sister brewery of Brightside
producing one -off brews. This is a jet black stout with espresso coffee and
dark chocolate smokiness. More hoppy than is usual for a stout.
Wimbledon Brewery, London SW19
XK Mild 3.5% This is Derek’s first Mild from Wimbledon. A must try beer
which interestingly is the base for their soon to be available Barley Wine.
Ask at front desk if the barley wine has been delivered after this programme
was printed.
Windsor and Eton Windsor, Berkshire
Canberra Autumn Plum 4.0% Autumnal cask ale produced with plums
and Galaxy hops.
Irish Conqueror 7.5% A black aged IPA with a full bottle of Irish whisky
in every brew.
Conqueror 1075 7.4% Vintage 2016 limited availability supplied in 32 pint
pin for this festival only. Aged for over one year in Oak Cask
Uprising Wasteland Double IPA 10% Limited availability double IPA
from Uprising the experiMENTAL arm of Windsor & Eton.
Wolf, Besthorpe, Norfolk
2:21 PM
Poppy Ale 4.2% Pale golden ale infused with honeyed well hopped. Very
All cider is just £4 a pint/ £2 half
Beard and Sabre (Glos) - Apple Smuggler 5.5%
Virtual Orchard (Bucks) - Hard Core 6.5%
Napton Cidery (Warwickshire) - Red Devil - single variety 7%
Gwynt Y Ddraig (Wales) - Happy Daze 4.5%
Tutts Clump (Berks) - Royal Berkshire 7%
Broadoak (Somerset) - chilli and pear sweet 4%
Seacider (Sussex) Blood Orange medium 5.2%
Seacider (Sussex) White Peach 4%
Seacider (Sussex) Marmalade 4%
Mr. Whitehead’s (Hampshire) Strawberry Cider 4%
Mr. Whitehead’s (Hampshire) Blackberry Cider 4%
Cockeyed (Devon) - Monkey Mango - sweet 4%
Garden Cider Co (Surrey) - Raspberry and Rhubarb 4%
Bottle kicking Cider (Leics) - Raspberry and Pomegranate 4%
Harry's (Somerset) - Prince Harry med sweet infused with ginger 4%
Mr. Whitehead’s (Hampshire)Toffee Apple 4%
Mr. Whitehead’s (Hampshire) Rum Cask Cider 7%
2:21 PM
(Please order and wait to receive all food from inside
main bar.)
Half pound Cheese Burger, gherkin, salad served with
Spicy chicken burger, chorizo, tomato, bap
BBQ Pulled pork, with coleslaw in Bap
Cumberland sausage and onion Bap
Chilli & Rice , sour cream
Roast Pumpkin & Carrot soup (V)
Melton Mowbray pork pie + coleslaw
English farmhouse cheese plate (V)
Stilton + Brie + Cheddar with apple chutney & grapes
Thick cut chips (with cheese + 50p)
Filled Baguette, various fillings (in box on bar)
Pickled Eggs/ Pork scratchings/ Crisps
2:21 PM
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