Eden Springs launches workplace coffee machine for the Nordics

17 November 2014
Café-quality coffee at your desk: Eden Springs launches workplace
coffee machine for the Nordics coffee connoisseur
Europe’s leading workplace drinks provider, Eden Springs, has teamed up with coffee machine expert
Animo, to bring café-quality coffee into the Nordics workplace.
The extensive beverage menu that one would find in a high-street coffee shop is now available for
Nordics coffee connoisseurs in their workplace, with the Animo Optifresh machine from Eden Springs.
A choice of up to 12 great-tasting beverages, using fresh bean or ground coffee, are available,
including traditional filter coffee, espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato.
High in environmental credentials, the Animo machines feature an isolated hot water tank to prevent
heat loss as well as an intelligent energy-saving mode that activates when the machines are not in
use. A permanent stainless steel filter replaces the need for filter paper, and a built-in automatic
cleaning function reduces maintenance time and costs for office managers.
Veit Seimann, Managing Director of Eden Springs Nordics Region, says: “At Eden Springs we strive
for both service excellence and a market offer that is in line with the highest quality standards for
coffee taste and usability. The new Animo coffee machine range is tailor-made to suit the needs of
offices requiring 100-200 drinks per day. We’re delighted to be providing our customers with an
environmentally-friendly, stylish and reliable product that makes fantastic-tasting coffee beverages.”
For use in the Animo machine, Eden customers can choose from a selection of premium gourmet
coffee brands including Robert Paulig, Merrild, Gevalia, Arvid Nordquist and Segafredo, to guarantee
café-quality coffee drinks for employees and customers throughout the day.
The Animo Optifresh coffee machine range is now available through Eden Springs in Denmark,
Finland, Norway and Sweden, and is due to be rolled out across Europe in 2015. Eden Springs’ CEO,
Raanan Zilberman, adds: “Eden Springs is committed to meeting the office water and coffee needs of
our customers. We will continue to put them at the forefront of all our new product launches and
activity with great products like Animo Optifresh.”
In the Nordics region, Eden Springs has local water and coffee operations in Denmark, Finland,
www.edensprings.dk, www.edensprings.fi, www.edensprings.no, or www.edensprings.se. To find out
more about Eden Springs, visit www.edensprings.com .
Eden Springs International S.A. • Chemin du Trési, 9A • CH-1028 Préverenges, Switzerland • Tel: +41 (0) 58 404 20 00 • Fax: +41 (0) 58 404 20 01 • www.edensprings.com
17 November 2014
For more information, please contact St John White or Natalia Gameson at nataliag@provapr.co.uk.
About Eden Springs International:
Eden Springs is a leading provider of water and coffee solutions for offices in Europe. Headquartered
in Switzerland, Eden provides high-level service to an installed client base of more than 650,000
throughout 15 countries.
Eden Springs offers a variety of integrated water and coffee solutions designed to cater to a wide
range of tastes and requirements of a diverse customer base. Solutions include a broad range of
stand-alone bottle-fed water coolers, point-of-use plumbed-in water coolers and small pack bottles, as
well as hot beverages solutions including stand-alone coffee machines, high quality coffee, tea and
other accessories.
The Eden Springs Group has more than 2200 employees and manages a distribution network across
the continent, including production facilities, branches and service vehicles. The scale of operations
was achieved through a combination of business entrepreneurship, market expansion, operational
excellence, and the execution of over 80 acquisitions of varying sizes since 1998. For more
information, see www.edensprings.com.
Eden Springs International S.A. • Chemin du Trési, 9A • CH-1028 Préverenges, Switzerland • Tel: +41 (0) 58 404 20 00 • Fax: +41 (0) 58 404 20 01 • www.edensprings.com
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