Quick Guide
CVA 407x
This Quick Guide does not replace
the Operating manual.
Please read all instructions, especially
the "Important Safety Instructions",
before using the coffee system.
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Making coffee
2 coffees or 2 espresso
^ Select "2 portions" when displayed.
Cancel the preparation
^ Select "Stop" to cancel the process.
^ Set a mug of
milk under the
intake hose.
^ Set the cup
under the froth
^ Select
and follow the
Setting the serving sizes for coffee, espresso, cappuccino milk froth
^ Press and hold the touch control of the desired drink until "Serving setting" is
displayed under the type of drink.
^ Release the touch control.
^ Select "OK" once the cup is filled to your desire.
Setting the espresso serving size for cappuccino
^ When the request is shown, set the cup under the under the dispenser. Press
and hold "Cappuccino" until the display shows "Serving setting".
Espresso and coffee made from ground coffee
^ Pull out the cover
for the ground
coffee funnel.
^ Lift the funnel lid, a.
^ Place one spoonful of ground coffee
into the funnel, b, (using the
supplied spoon) and close the lid.
^ Follow the display messages.
Cleaning and Care
All parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher, except the brew unit and the bean
Before the first use
^ It is important to program the water hardness. It will determine how frequently
the unit must be descaled. See "Settings - Water hardness".
Regular Maintenance
^ Follow all maintenace requests which show regularly in the display.
In addition please clean regularly
^ The door - See
"Cleaning and
Care" in the
^ The drip parts in ^ The drip tray at
the dishwasher.
the lower part of
the inner door.
^ The interior with
a damp cloth.
Vacuum dry
ground coffee.
^ The bean
manually with a
warm water and
dish soap.
^ The water tank
^ Wipe the connector in the door
between brew unit and coffee
dispenser with a damp cloth.
Lubricate the gasket once a month
with the enclosed silicone.
Message "Cleaning must be started" (= Degreasing the brew unit)
^ Take out the
funnel cover.
^ Insert the cleaning tablet in the funnel,
close the lid. Follow the display
Cleaning the brew unit
^ Press the button
on the brew unit
handle, a, and
turn the handle
to the left, b.
^ Press the brew
unit catch, c,
downwards and ^ Rub off any coffee residue from the
pull the brew unit
filters with a sponge. Dry the funnel.
Cleaning the cappuccinatore
^ Lubricate the
gaskets with the
supplied silicone
^ Turn the cover
above the spout
to the left, a.
^ Pull the froth
dispenser out of
the machine, b,
holding it by the
spout and the
intake hose.
^ Pull all pieces
apart. Remove
the piece with
the gaskets by
turning and
pulling it apart.
Blow the holes
^ Reassemble the
parts. The raised
parts (see arrow)
must point
Descaling (approx. 20 minutes)
Important: Only use the enclosed descaling tablets for descaling. Insert the descaling funnels so that the descaling solution cannot spill and damage the exterior.
^ Fill the water tank
with lukewarm
tap water to the
mark k.
2 descaling
tablets in the
^ Set the descaling ^ Follow the
funnels under the
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