RI9125/24 Philips Maintenance Accessories

Philips Saeco
Maintenance Accessories
Brewing Unit Clean Tablets
Coffee Clean - Cleaning product
Removes coffee oil for a perfect brewing unit
Removes coffee oil and grease perfectly inside the brewing unit. From your FullAutomatic Espresso machines. Clean your appliance every month or after 500 cups of
Sensational coffee quality
• Regular cleaning improves the taste of your coffee
Effective protection of your espresso appliance
• Protects Espresso Machines against coffee residue clogging
Maintenance Accessories
Brewing Unit Clean Tablets
Coffee Oil Remover
• Quantity: 10 tablets of 1.6 gr.
The Saeco Coffee Oil Remover Tablets remove all
coffee oil residues, while keeping your espresso
machine working efficiently for best results.
Better testing, better coffee
Use the the Brewing Unit Clean Tablets regularly to
enjoy the best taste of your coffee.
Issue date 2014-07-08
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