FD 8204CC Operator Manual

Overload Protection
IMPORTANT! Oiling Instructions
After 15 to 30 minutes of continuous use, the cutting cylinders must be oiled. To do this,
run the shredder in reverse and squirt oil the length of the cutting cylinders twice. Oiling
and Reversing the cutting cylinders is critical to maintain life expectancy and sheet
capacity of the shredder. Contact your Formax Dealer to order shredder oil, part #8000-10.
Overload Protection
To prevent damage of the shredder, the motor has been equipped with a thermal overload
mechanism. This makes the unit inoperative for a short period of time if it becomes too
warm. If this occurs, it is necessary to turn off and unplug the unit for at least 20 minutes
before using it again.
FD 8204CC
Cross-Cut Deskside Shredder
Safety Precautions
To avoid personal injury, and damage to the shredder, observe the following safety
precautions. Please keep these instructions for future reference.
• Keep hands, long hair, clothing, ties, jewelry and other loose items away from the paper
entrance and shred outlet.
• Do not use the shredder for anything other than its intended purpose. Never use it to shred
cloth, plastic, cardboard or any hard material that will cause damage to the shredder blades.
• Do not allow children to use the machine.
• Do not operate with a damaged power cord or plug, or when the machine is damaged in
any manner.
• Unplug the shredder when it is being moved, or if it is not in use for an extended period of
• Do not disconnect the power by pulling only the cord. Hold the plug when disconnecting.
• Keep the shredder away from direct sunlight.
• In case of emergency, push the OFF button, or pull the plug out of the wall outlet.
Cutting Style:
Cross Cut
Shred Size:
5/32” X 1 3/8” (4 X 35mm)
Sheet Capacity:
Up to 17 sheets, 1 CD, 1 Credit Card
Up to 7.5 feet per minute
Feed Opening:
9” (228.6mm)
15” W x 12.75” D x 22.75” H
Bin Capacity:
7.1 gal (26.8L)
35 lbs.
Security Level:
Power supply:
115V, 60Hz
Waste Bin
Cutting Head
Infeed Slot
Control Panel
Main Power Switch
Base Cabinet
Press the power button on the control panel. The power button, forward and reverse selector
buttons will illuminate.
Insert paper into the infeed slot. Do not feed more than 17 sheets at one time. The cutting
blades will stop automatically when the paper has been shredded.
To shred a CD, DVD or credit card, insert through the same infeed slot. Insert only one (1)
CD or DVD at a time.
After shredding, press the control panel power button to turn off the shredder.
The FD 8204CC is equipped with jam-alert technology. If a jam occurs, the Jam-Alert
icon will blink. Reduce the number of sheets and re-insert into infeed slot.
Emptying the Waste Bin
When the waste bin is full of shredded material, the Full icon will flash. Power OFF the
shredder, slide out the waste bin and empty. Replace the bin, power ON and continue.
Energy-Saving ECO Mode
1. Unpack and set the shredder upright on
a level surface.
2. Be sure the waste bin is properly
inserted into the base cabinet
Control Panel
Waste Bin Full Indicator
The FD 8204CC is designed with an energy-saving ECO Mode. If the shredder is idle
for 30 minutes or more, it will go into zero-energy standby mode. To resume shredding,
press the power button
3. Plug in the power cord to an appropriate
outlet. The outlet should be near the
shredder and easily accessible.
Forward/Reverse Indicator
Jam Alert Indicator
Power Button
Turn on main power switch on rear of shredder.
Jam Clearing
Parts Identification
No LEDs are
shredder will not
Be sure shredder is plugged in to an appropriate power source. Be sure
main power switch is in the ON position. Press “Power Button’ on the
control panel.
Paper jam
Press and hold the Reverse button to clear the jam. Press the power button
and continue shredding.
If the jam cannot be cleared with this method:
a) tear or cut the remaining paper just above the shredder infeed,
b) press the power button to switch OFF,
c) press the power button to switch ON,
d) repeat steps c and d until the paper is cleared.
NOTE: Do not reach underneath the cutting head to remove jammed paper.
Serious injury may result due to sharp cutting blades.
Shredder stops
in the middle of
Switch off the main power switch at the rear of shredder, and unplug from
the power source. Plug into the power source, turn ON the main power
switch and press the power button on the control panel.
For additional assistance, contact your local Formax Dealer.
Forward Selector Button
Reverse Selector Button
Be sure the waste bin is fully inserted into the base.
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