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Thermal Server System
Why choose the Thermal Server System?
• Its narrow, attractive brewer will fit almost anywhere.
• Available in either plumbed-in or pour-over models.
• Brewer features a black powdercoat finish for
long-lasting durability.
• Coffee stays hot and fresh in the server for up to
six hours.
• The fully portable server is easily transported to
remote locations.
• A flow-through lid prevents heat loss and keeps
taste at a maximum.
• Plumbed-in brewing system features hot water tap
for tea, instant soup or hot chocolate.
• A choice of delicious coffee blends and brands.
Coffee - the way
it was meant to be.
Café-quality flavor,wherever you want it,
whenever you want it. Whether it’s in your office,
business, store or cafeteria, Thermal servers keep a variety
of coffee flavors tasting hot and fresh for up to six hours.
Great taste and
convenience too!
With a brewer that makes
up to 3.9 gallons of delicious
coffee an hour, this system is sure to
keep up with your coffee-drinking
demands. Plus, the fully portable
servers can be moved to
any location.
Thermal Server System Technical Data & Specifications*
Overall Dimensions Height 27.6”
Height 28.6”
Width 9”Width 9”
Depth 22.5”Depth 18.5”
Brewing Capacity 3.9 gallons per hour
3.9 gallons per hour
120 VAC, 60 Hz,
120 VAC, 60 Hz,
(p) 608.579.1440 • (f) 608.579.1444 •
14.2 AMP13.5 AMP
84 oz. (2.5L)
*The brewer can either attach to plumbing for automatic water supply, or water can be
poured into the system by hand.
*Technical specifications and options are subject to change without prior notice.
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