ROTARY SWITCH SPECIFICATION The rotary switch module is

The rotary switch module is certified by UL Demko to EN61058-1 with Cenelec Certification
Agreement (CCA) and the 1A contact rating is only available when mounted on the ECO
potentiometer. NOTE This is a European and NOT an American certification.
1A Contact Rating:
Note: The 1A contact rating is NOT available for mounting on the P16 or P20 potentiometer.
1A/250Vac 2.5A/12Vdc
Surge rating (0.01 seconds): 20A
Contact gap: 3mm (Full mains separation of contacts)
4A Contact Rating:
4A/250Vac 10A/12Vdc
Surge rating (0.01 seconds): 80A
Switch contacts: Silver tin oxide
Contact gap: 2mm (Micro disconnection of switch - micro separation of contacts)
COMMON features:
Housing material: Glass filled polyester (UL 94 VO)
Initial contact resistance: 20 milliohms
Insulation resistance: 50,000 Megohms
Life (operations at full load): 10,000 minimum
Operating temperature: -25°C to +70°C
Operating torque: 4.0 cN.m maximum
Mechanical rotation: 300°
Proof voltage: 3kV minimum
Diagram as viewed on the rear of the switch module: (Potentiometer terminals at the bottom)
SPST (1S) - Single pole, Single throw
DPST (1S) - Double pole, Single throw
SPDT (2S) - Single pole, Double throw:
(NOT certified)
DPDT (2S) - Double pole, Double throw:
(NOT certified)
1. Moving contact(s) shown when the potentiometer shaft is in a counterclockwise (CCW) position.
2. 'Ordinary Wiring'(OW) or 'Printed Circuit'(PC) terminals can be requested on the switch.
3. Terminals 1 and 3 are only fitted for the DT ('2S' or 'CH') versions which are NOT UL Demko
This information is supplied in good faith but the customer is politely reminded that it is their responsibility to
check the suitability of our products for their particular application. Please note that all dimensions are for
reference purposes only and, as it is the Company's policy to continuously improve our products, we reserve
the right to incorporate changes without notice.
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