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Instructions for use and warranty details
Capsule Coffee Machine
Model No.: CMBT01N
Dear Customer,
Thank you and congratulations for choosing
Your new appliance has been designed and
meticulously tested to ensure that it meets all your
culinary requirements, and has been carefully
manufactured using top quality materials to give you
years of reliable performance.
For best results, carefully read the instructions on how
to set up your new appliance. Correct set up will avoid
delays and unnecessary service call costs.
Once set up is complete, please read this instruction
manual carefully and get to know the controls and the
features of your new Kleenmaid appliance. These simple
instructions will enable you to ac hieve excellent results
from the very first time you use it.
Again, congratulations and thank you for
choosing The Best You Can Own.
READ THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL CAREFULLY: Read and follow all instructions. Place
instructions in a safe place for future reference. Do not allow anyone who has not read these
instructions to assemble, adjust or operate the appliance.
When using electrical appliances, basic precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of
the fire, electric shock, and injury to persons, including the following
1. Read all instructions before using.
2. In case of emergency, immediately remove the plug from power outlet.
3. Check the voltage indicated on the rating label on the appliance matches that of the
electrical supply.
4. This appliance is not intended to for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience, and knowledge, unless they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance
5. Do not operate the appliance with a damaged cord or plug or after the appliance malfunctions, or
has been dropped or damaged in any manner. Return the appliance to the original place of
purchase or an authorized service facility for examination, electrical or mechanical adjustment, or
6. Always unplug the appliance when not in use or before cleaning. Allow to cool before adding or
removing parts, and before cleaning the appliance.
7. To protect against fire, electric shock and personal injury, do not immerse cord, plug or appliance
in water or other liquid. Never clean the appliance or the power cord if they are wet or humid.
Avoid touching the appliance with wet hands.
8. Do not run cord under carpeting. Do not cover cord with throw rugs, runners or similar coverings.
Arrange cord away from traffic area and where it will not cause a trip hazard.
9. Avoid the use of an extension cord because the extension cord may overheat and cause a risk
of fire. Only use an earthed socket to connect the appliance.
10. Do not place on or near a hot gas or electric burner, or in a heated oven.
11. It is normal for the plug to feel warm to the touch; however, a loose fit between the AC outlet
(receptacle) and plug may cause over heating and distortion of the plug. Contact a qualified
electrician to replace loose or worn outlet.
12. Use the appliance only as the described in this manual. Any other use or accessory
attachments not recommend by the manufacture may cause fire, electric shock, or injury to
13. Do not put fingers inside capsule housing (brewing chamber), due to sharp edges.
14. Do not touch hot surfaces. Use levers or knobs.
15. Indoor & domestic use only.
16. Hot water, steam, spout and capsule holder are hot. Danger of burning injuries. Do not put
steam or hot water towards the body.
17. Heat up drinks: Dip the steam nozzle deep into the liquid in order to avoid hot water or steam
18. Do not operate the appliance when the drip tray and the grille are not in place.
19. Use only water in the appliance! Do not put any other liquids or foods in the water tank
20. Steam nozzle is very hot during and after steaming. Be careful not to touch it by hand except by
holding the rubber handle.
21. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacture, its service agent or
similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
22. WARNING: The water tank (reservoir) must not be opened during use. The sliding capsule
chamber cover must not be opened while coffee or steam are being dispensed.
23. This appliance is intended to be used in household and similar application such as:
- Indoor & domestic use only;
- Farmhouses;
- By clients in hotels, motels and other residential type environments;
- Bed and breakfast type environments;
- Staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and other working environments
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION…… …………………………...… …..…
1. Brewing Chamber
3. Coffee/beverage outlet, hot water outlet(Can be screwed off for cleaning)
2. Front control button espresso & steam
4.Removable drip tray with detachable grille
5. Pre-heating indicator
6. Water tank(reservoir)
7. Coffee/Steam selection control knob
8. Steam nozzle with rubber handle
9. Waste capsule collection container
Guide to Controls
1. Coffee position for beverage dispensing or self cleaning
2. OFF position
3. Steam position for hot steam and milk frothing
4. LED indicator (circle)
a) Steady blue color indicates ready to dispense coffee or steam
b) Red blinking indicates pre-heating for either beverage or steam
c) Blue blinking indicates working for either beverage or steam
5. Button to stop coffee or steam dispensing
1. Start up
Fill the water tank with fresh clean water. Pure water is strongly recommended to avoid scale in
the machine, and the water level should be between the Min. and the Max. positions. Switch on
the machine at the On/Off switch and the machine will then be preheated. Check the following
procedure for coffee/ espresso brewing or system cleaning before first use.
2. Coffee/Espresso brewing
Firstly, insert the plug to an available power socket and it will begin preheating. When the red
indicator is blinking it shows the machine is preheating; when the machine is ready, red indicator
stops blinking and blue indicator is constantly illuminated.
Open the sliding capsule chamber cover and insert the capsule into the capsule holder after
aligning it according to its shape and orientation, then close the cover. Turn the Coffee/Steam
selection knob clockwise to the coffee position.
Turn the selection knob back to “0”position to stop dispensing coffee, and the round blue indicator
goes off.
The capsule will automatically drop into the waste capsule collection container in several seconds
after the selection knob is turned back to the “0” (centre) position.
3. Programming The Volume of Dispensed Beverage
Prepare for brewing as in section 1. above, and insert a capsule (leave the door open)
Press and hold the front control button for 3 seconds. Red indicator will be blinking.
Turn the Coffee/Steam selection knob clockwise to the coffee position. Close the brewing chamber, and
the beverage will begin to be dispensed into the cup.
Release the button when the desired volume is reached. Volume is repeated by a single button press.
4. Steaming and Frothing
Make sure the brewing chamber cover is closed, turn the Coffee/Steam selection knob
counter-clockwise to the steam position, the Coffee/Steam indicator will change into red color.
When the red indicator is blinking shows the machine is preheating;
When red indicator stops blinking and continue to blue indicator blinking, steam begins to dispense
from the steam nozzle continuously, then you can froth milk at your ease with this machine.
Turn the knob to “0”position to stop it. You can also stop steam dispensing by pressing the button,
but always remember to turn back the steam knob to “0”position when you are finished using the
steaming function.
Do not wait too long before cleaning the steam wand. Dried milk deposits are hard to remove.
Once the froth has been made, we recommend placing a cup of water under the steam wand and
starting the steam dispensing function again for a few seconds. This way, any residue of milk will
be easily removed from the nozzle.
5. To dispense hot water
Just repeat the coffee/espresso brewing procedure without inserting a capsule, and hot water will
be dispensed.
6. Important Notes
Do not remove the water tank from the machine when the machine is operating.
The capacity of the waste capsule collection container is limited, please empty the waste
capsule container after a maximum of 12 capsules have been used since last emptying the
Use only water in the appliance! Do not put any other liquids or foods in the Water tank
TROUBLE SHOOTING…………………………………….…
No coffee dispensed
Make sure the capsule is properly positioned, capsule slot not
obstructed, brewing chamber cover properly closed, water tank full
and properly placed. Perform the priming procedure by turning
Coffee/Steam selection knob to the off position, wait a few
seconds, and then turn it clockwise back to the Coffee position.
Repeat if necessary, especially if the tank has been refilled.
Coffee not hot enough
Preheat cup (hot water without capsule), descale if necessary.
No hot water/steam
Remove steam nozzle and clean, descale if necessary.
Milk does not froth
Check the Coffee/Steam selection knob position, and clean
the steam dispenser if necessary. Start with cool or cold milk only.
Milk for cappuccino not
frothy enough
Dismantle the steam nozzle and clean all its parts. Use only cold,
whole milk.
Noisy pump
Make sure the water tank is full and properly placed.
Capsule area leaking
(water in capsule container)
Position capsule correctly.
If leakage persists, contact the retailer or supplier of the machine.
1. System Cleaning
To refresh the inside parts of the system, you can choose to repeat the procedure of coffee brewing
several times and meantime try to brush the inside brewing chamber capsule holder with a soft
brush between different times. Clean the casing, with a soft damp cloth. The water tank, drip tray
and used capsule collection container can be hand-washed in warm soapy water then rinsed
thoroughly. The coffee/beverage outlet can be removed for cleaning by rotating the vertical mark to
the left. It may be placed in a secure place in the upper basket of a dishwasher. The outlet is
re-installed by following the reverse procedure to removal.
Note: Before attempting to clean the appliance, remove the plug from the power outlet. Do not
immerse the machine or its power cable in water or other liquids. Allow the machine to cool before
starting the cleaning procedure.
2. Descaling
When indicated by “TROUBLESHOOTING” above, obtain a commercial decalcifier/descaler
product and apply according to its accompanying instructions. After de-scaling is complete the
dispensed de-scaling liquid should be discarded appropriately, and the machine flushed with
drinking water prior to re-use.
Rated Voltage: AC 220-240V
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Rated Power: 1,400W
N.W. /G.W.: 3.5/4.0kgs
Pump Power: 48W
Pump Pressure: 20 Bars
Water Tank Capacity: 0.8L
Drip Tray Capacity: 350ml
Protection Class: I
Product Size: 34L * 18W * 27H cm
Compass Capital Services Pty Ltd ABN 96 138 214 525 trading as Kleenmaid will provide parts and labour to you
the customer as set out herein.
Kleenmaid’s Products come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are
entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable
loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable
quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
The benefits given to you under this Kleenmaid Warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies to which you
may be entitled under the Australian Consumer Law in relation to the Product to which this Kleenmaid Warranty
relates. Subject to the conditions below, the Product is warranted by Kleenmaid and/or its agents to be free from
defects in materials and workmanship for the Warranty Period for normal Domestic Use.
Product Identification: a. Kleenmaid reserves the right to reject claims for any services or work where you cannot produce for verification
the serial number and a proof of purchase for the Product (including but not limited to the original invoice).
b. This Kleenmaid Warranty will be voided if the serial number for the Product cannot be verified. This is not
intended to exclude, restrict or modify any right or remedy to which you may otherwise be entitled under the
consumer guarantee provisions of the Australian Consumer Law.
c. In the event that a request for repair is made against this Kleenmaid Warranty where the serial number for the
Product cannot be verified or you cannot produce for verification a proof of purchase for the Product (including
but not limited to the original invoice), the repairer will not carry out any repairs on the Product and you will be
charged a service call-out fee.
What is covered by this Kleenmaid Warranty: a. The Product is covered for faulty workmanship or parts that have failed under normal Domestic Use.
b. Kleenmaid and/or its agents will determine by objective testing if there are any defects in the Product and/or
faulty workmanship.
c. This Kleenmaid Warranty is only applicable if repairs on Products are carried out within Mainland Australia.
d. This Kleenmaid Warranty: i. covers a Product purchased as new, manufactured for use in Mainland Australia;
ii. commences from the date of delivery of the Product;
iii. provides for the labour and replacement parts necessary to maintain the Product in good operating condition
as specified in this Kleenmaid Warranty, however, if repair is needed because of Product failure during
normal Domestic Use, Kleenmaid has the option to repair or replace the defective Product or part of the
Product with a product or part of like kind and quality. A replacement part may be new or reconditioned of like
kind and quality and may cost less than the original Product purchased and no charges or refunds will be
made based on the replacement product or part cost difference; and
iv. is only applicable when the Product is used and operated in accordance with the Manufacturer’s instructions.
What is not Covered by this Kleenmaid Warranty (excluded):a. any damage or failure to or of the Product or part of the Product:
i. due to the Product being inadequately serviced to manufacturer’s recommendations;
ii. resulting from environmental conditions including and not limited to dirt, dust, rodents, insects, rust,
corrosion, salt built-up, of or in any part of the Product;
iii. resulting from excessive use but fair wear and tear is excepted;
iv. resulting from poor installation including and not limited to positioning and externally fitted equipment
such as plumbing and drainage, cabling, antennae or due to incompatibility of connected equipment;
v. caused by overheating as a result of sitting or positioning of the Product, where there is no provision for
adequate ventilation or adequate protection from excessive dust;
vi. if the Product has been dismantled, repaired or serviced by any person other than someone authorised by
Kleenmaid or its agents or representatives;
vii. caused by power surges or spikes, including and not limited to, mains power and telecommunications
connections, or to other unspecified sources, incorrect power current, voltage fluctuation, amperage
fluctuation, rust or corrosion;
viii. if the Product is dropped, collision of the Product with another object, use for which the Product is not
designed, damage to the Product caused by your own negligence, accidental or deliberate misuse of the
Product by you, theft, abuse, vandalism, flood, fire, earthquake, electrical storms or any other act of God
or any war related events; or
ix. due to the introduction of abnormal heat loads to the Product;
b. costs of attendance and testing where no fault or defect covered by the terms of this Kleenmaid Warranty is
identified in the Product;
c. initial setup and installation of the Product;
d. normal maintenance costs and costs incurred through the installation of items listed as requiring periodic
e. Products with removed or altered serial numbers;
f. consumables such as but not limited to bulbs/globes, glass, seals, filters, batteries and remote controls;
g. removal and reinstallation of an internal component not performed by an authorised Kleenmaid agent or
representative or authorised service centre;
h. cosmetic or structural items; or
i. any failures due to interference from or with other products and/or sources.
This Kleenmaid Warranty ceases if: a. the Product ceases to carry the original manufacturer’s serial number or is sold at an auction;
b. the Product is rented;
c. damage to the Product has occurred as listed in point 7a; or
d. there is failure to pay monies owing on invoices as a result of non-warranty work been carried out at the request
of the end user as per point 16 below.
Neither Kleenmaid nor its representatives provide loan equipment under the terms of this Kleenmaid Warranty.
Any unauthorised access to the internal hardware of the Product will void this Kleenmaid Warranty.
Repair Notice: Products presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished Products of the same type rather than
being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the Products.
Replacement items are “like for like” and is not “new for old” and does not indicate in any way that a faulty Product
will be replaced with a new part or unit. “Like for like” may either be a quality checked, refurbished or reconditioned
unit of the same or later batch of model/size/specifications
The cost of making a claim under this Kleenmaid Warranty is not covered by Kleenmaid, including any costs of
transportation or travel expenses between your home and your nearest authorised service agent.
Kleenmaid accepts no liability for items that are lost, damaged, or stolen as a result of freight, transport or storage. If
you are required to transport the Product to an authorised service centre, you must ensure that it is securely packed
and insured.
On Public Holidays or other periods when regular business and wholesale operations are temporarily ceased,
repairer availability and warranty response times may extend beyond the standard response times due to the
unavailability of repairers and parts.
For any repair performed on a Product under this Kleenmaid Warranty where no fault can be found, or the item is
deemed by Kleenmaid or an authorised agent, to be not faulty under this Kleenmaid Warranty, or the repair or fault
is not covered under this Kleenmaid Warranty, a ‘No Fault Found’ fee is payable by you. Kleenmaid will advise you
of this cost and seek your agreement to pay such costs before commencing such repairs.
Any repairs or services required that are outside the terms and conditions of this Kleenmaid Warranty can be
carried out at your request at your cost (including where the Product has not been installed or set up correctly).
Kleenmaid will always advise you of this cost and seek your agreement to pay such costs before commencing such
repairs. A credit card may be required prior to the commencement of such services.
Extra charges will be payable by the customer should the Product not be readily accessible without special
equipment, such as but not limited to cranes and lifts or should the Product be installed in a position that service
access is blocked and/or repair work is not possible without uninstalling the Product to gain access.
You, the customer, may be entitled to purchase an extended warranty in respect of the Product. Any extended
warranty will not be issued by Kleenmaid but by a third party. Any extended warranty services will be provided
directly by the third party as principal and not as agent for Kleenmaid, under their extended warranty terms and
conditions and not under this Kleenmaid Warranty.
To make a claim under this Kleenmaid Warranty, please have your proof of purchase and the serial number of the
Product ready and call (02) 9310 1207 during business hours.
This Kleenmaid Warranty is given by:
Name: Compass Capital Services Pty Ltd ABN 96 138 214 525 trading as Kleenmaid
Business address: Level 2, Suite 3, 204 Botany Rd, Alexandria NSW Australia 2015
Telephone: (02) 9310 1207
a. Australian Consumer Law means the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).
b. Domestic Use means use of the Product for personal, domestic or household purposes.
c. Kleenmaid means Compass Capital Services Pty Ltd ABN 96 138 214 525 trading as Kleenmaid.
d. Mainland Australia means the following States and Territories of Australia: New South Wales, Victoria, South
Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, Tasmania, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory.
e. Product means the appliance sold by Kleenmaid to you as evidenced by the original purchase invoice.
f. Warranty Period means the period of 36 months for domestic use, 12 months for non-domestic use or such
alternative period as may be specified.
UPDATE NOTICE: This Kleenmaid Warranty is current as at 7 March 2017 but is subject to variation from time to time.
For the latest version of the Kleenmaid Warranty, please see our website or phone us on (02) 9310 1207.
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