Coffee Hour Instructions for 11 AM Service

11:00 a.m. SERVICE
Coffee hour supplies are kept in the cabinet to the left of the sink and in
the drawers below the coffee maker.
1. Following the instructions on the Bunn-O-Matic Coffee Maker, Make enough to
have two pots of Caffeinated Coffee and one pot of Decaffeinated. Use tap water.
2. If needed, add tap water to the electric hot water pot on tea table. Press the
“Reboil” button.
3. Make sure the tables are tidy and that the following are on the tables:
Spoons and saucer for used spoons
Tray of coffee cups
Glass bowl filled with sugar
Glass bowl with sweeteners
Signs for REAL, DECAF, SOY MILK (if available), and MILK
Sign and bowl for contributions
Individual teas
Spoons and saucer for used spoons
Glass bowl filled with sugar
Glass bowl with sweeteners
Sign for MILK
Sign and bowl for contributions
4. If necessary, add milk to the 2 large clear glass pitchers in the refrigerator.
During 11:00 a.m. Coffee Hour
1. Head back to fellowship hall at last hymn
2. Put milk pitchers on tables
3. Keep an eye on the tables making sure they are tidy and that coffee, milk, and
cups are replenished as needed.
4. Wash dishes by following the posted instructions above the dishwasher. Be sure
to remove any food debris before loading face-down onto the racks.
5. Place clean cups face-down on racks
After 11:00 a.m. Coffee Hour
1. Count donated money from bowls and previous coffee hour. Record on white
envelope provided in large manila envelope in instruction binder.
2. Return unused sugar to white sugar container in cabinet.
3. Clean debris from all used dishes, pitchers, etc. And wash in dishwasher.
4. Rinse out airpots. They should never be submerged in water
5. Return supplies to their places
6. Put recyclables in proper containers
7. Empty trash in kitchen and hall and take to dumpster. Put new trash bags into
trash cans
8. Please take home and launder the dirty dish towel(s)
9. Please take home any unused milk
10. Unplug coffee maker
11. Turn off dishwasher
12. Return coffee hour tables to their original locations, according to diagram on the
plastic cabinet just inside the storage closet door.
Thank you for your help!
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