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Any coffee you choose
With an ENA machine, you can use any type of fresh coffee
beans you like. Whether you go for the exclusive blend from
your local roaster or a special-offer multipack, the ENA is designed to get the optimum enjoyment out of any blend or
Technical Data
Key technologies
Coffee grounds container, (portions) approx. 10 Programmable switch-off time
Connector System©
Programmable coffee strength
Easy Auto Cappuccino Frother Programmable water quantity for coffee
Professional Cappuccino Frother accessory Programmable brewing temperature
Two-speed frothing nozzle accessory Separate hot water nozzle Facts
Rotary Switch
Water tank capacity Three-colour clear text display
Bean hopper with aroma preservation cover
Height-adjustable coffee spout
65–111 mm Cable length
Rotating coffee spout 1 cup / 2 cups Voltage
Powder recognition for second, pre-ground coffee blend
Adjustable coffee strength
3 settings Intensity of current Weight
Amount of water adjustable
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Steam/hot water function
Energy Save Mode (E.S.M. ©)
Milk container
accessory Swiss made
Selectable coffee strength
Like all JURA bean-to-cup automatics, the ENA also features
the patented variable-volume brewing unit, which prepares
between 5 and 16 grams of coffee under ideal conditions. An
advantage you can taste, cup after cup after cup.
Separate filler funnel for second pre ground coffee
Key Features
Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System© (I.P.B.A.S.©)
Two cups in a single brewing operation
CLARIS plus filter cartridge ENA Variable brewing unit
5-level high-performance conical grinder
High-performance pump, 15 bar
Thermoblock heating system
Additional pre-ground coffee powder
Integrated rinsing/cleaning/descaling programme
Adjustable water hardness
Automatic recognition of filter change
Automatic recognition of maintenance programmes
Automatic ‘replenish beans’ display
Zero Energy Switch From the bean to perfection
Mother Nature in person has given us the ideal form of packaging to preserve coffee aroma to perfection: the coffee
bean. Locked away inside the bean are over 1000 different flavours, which are released during the brewing process. Freshly
ground and extracted coffee is your guarantee for a fabulous
2 strengths
1.1 l
125 g
approx. 1.1 m
230 V AC
1450 W
6.3 A
9.3 kg
23.8 x 36 x 44.5 cm
5–16 g
Art. 68124 – 02/08
n Sky
Blue Mountai
Coffee Leaf G
Coffee Cherry
Espresso Brow
Ristretto Blac
Blossom Whi
Roger Federer,
world’s no. 1 ranked tennis player
Blue Mountain Sky
Multicolour clear text display
The world’s slimmest bean-to-cup machine ...
Lively colours
The ENA features a three-colour clear text display. The colours indicate the machine’s status and have the following
If you want
the freedom to choose any coffee bean you like
the genuine flavour of the bean in your cup
the option to adjust the strenght of the coffee to suit your taste
a product that’s environmentally friendly and economical to use (compare the cost per cup with any portion system!)
a machine that’s not only compact but child’s play to operate
Our passion for fresh, unadulterated enjoyment is also expressed in the ENA colour concept, which transports us to
distant, high-lying climes where coffee is cultivated. Here,
under a brilliant blue sky (Blue Mountain Sky), the coffee
plants flourish and develop their lush, juicy green leaves (Coffee Leaf Green). The snow-white blossoms (Blossom White)
mature into coffee berries (Coffee Cherry Red), which are
then handpicked, dried and roasted. In the cup, they develop
their intoxicating aroma and the mere sight of them awakens
a longing for their fresh flavour (Ristretto Black, Espresso
Brown) and the soft, velvety crema (Crema). Green
Your ENA is ready to operate and you can make coffee.
The ENA requires an action from you.
You are in programming mode.
Coffee Leaf Green
then look no further. Make ENA, which comes from the
Greek meaning number ONE, your first choice!
only 23.8 cm
Ecological intelligence
In situations where the ENA is infrequently used, the Energy
Save Mode can be switched on to reduce power consumption by up to 40%.
Energy consumption
Warm-up tim
Energy saving potential approx. 40%
Coffee dispen
Coffee prepar
This innovative piece of technology, registered for patent by
JURA, does not interrupt any process already started. Any
coffee being made will be finished before the automatic preswitch-off rinse takes place. Finally, the switch disconnects
the machine completely from the mains and the ENA uses
no standby energy.
Energy Save Mode (E.S.M. ©)
Zero Energy Switch
Coffee Cherry Red
13.5 Wh
8.0 Wh
Coffee spout
Rotating, height-adjustable coffee spout
As a genuine two-cup fully automatic coffee machine, the
ENA can prepare either one cup or two cups simultaneously.
To guarantee the perfect crema every time, the coffee spout
on the ENA5 can simply be rotated to dispense one cup (Fig. 1)
or two cups (Fig. 2), just as you choose. And, as you would
expect, the height can be infinitely adjusted between 65 and
111 mm to fit any cup.
Espresso Brown
Ristretto Black
Blossom White
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